How to draw a bowtie: step by pencil

рисуем бабочек
Deciding to write about how to draw a butterfly with a pencil stages, I realized that there should be no simple instruction with photos of the master class of other people or their video. In parallel, I will show how together with you will perform recommendations for beginners so that we have the most beautiful of the beautiful, the most winged of the winged, and the most unusual of the original, floral moths! Go! Читать далее »

Yandex Dzen.

Mol, molar mass and grams - are these concepts somehow connected? Let's deal with this and shake the tasks on Molar Mass . To begin with, remember that mole - This is the amount of substance that contains 6.02 * 10 in the twenty-third part of the part (this is the number of Avogadro). Читать далее »

Yandex Dzen.

The cultivation of asparagus in the garden is common. If we grow this useful, but so far a very exotic vegetable, then in large farms and agrofirms for sale. The thing is that the cultivation of this long-term culture is quite troublesome. First of all, you need to find a suitable planting material, wait for a couple of years of stable harvest and be sure to observe simple, but specific rules of agrotechnology. Читать далее »

HCG test: Norma during pregnancy by day and weeks from conception and table with decoding analysis results - Family clinic Support Yekaterinburg

Pregnancy in gynecology involves many analyzes and diagnostic studies. They help control the intrauterine state of the embryo and the future mother, and also identify pathologies in the early stages. One of the most important tests, which is planned by all future mothers, is to determine the concentration of hCG. Читать далее »

Digital Soldering Station do-it-yourself / Blog of SkillFactory / Habr

In this post we will do at home inexpensive digital soldering station Hakko 907! It is capable of maintaining a variable and a constant temperature (up to 525 ° C). To create a solder station, you will need several components with a total cost of only $ 7 (not counting the power supply unit, but you can use an existing power supply). I could not find detailed instructions for creating such a station, so I decided to prepare my own tutorial with a detailed description of the process. Читать далее »

How to change the IP address of the Internet: Special programs or sites anonymizers

Conventional Internet users and beginners do not think about what the IP address is. Many do not know about his existence at all, not to mention, why should it be changed. Many in news and detectives know that this is such an identification address of the computer through which the special services calculate users and learn all the necessary information about them. If a person just communicates in social networks, watching the video and listens to music, then you don't have to think about changing the IP address. However, the network is much greater and may occur when the address replacement is simply necessary. This is about this today, which will tell how to change the IP address of the Internet, which types of addresses are and what methods of changing the IP address is. Читать далее »


In Russian, quite a lot of borrowings from French. What is Perron? In the literal translation, the concept indicates the porch (Perron - with an emphasis, by tradition, on the last syllable). Thus, it entered Russian. At first - under this name it could be implied and an open staircase, the outside adjoining the structure. Or an open area with columns and a canopy, which was arranged in theaters at the station. And in a wide use, of course, the meaning of the word is associated with the railway. And then with the development of air services - in connection with the appearance of airports and aircraft. Читать далее »

How to celebrate your birthday: where cheap will celebrate, original ideas for the birthday, how to organize a holiday at home.

Как отметить день рождения
Each person's birth approach is a desire to receive extraordinary impressions from him, make this holiday unforgettable, bright, interesting. The bustle of everyday life, intense, dynamic rhythm of life does not leave time for calm reflections, the development of a creative project for the upcoming event. If there are no specific plans, you do not know how to celebrate your birthday, it is worth considering the finished tips, perhaps among them there is an option that matches your wishes, opportunities. Читать далее »

What does earth look like from different points of the solar system: Kiri2LL - LiveJournal

For a long time, people always wanted to look at our planet from a height. The appearance of aviation gave humanity the opportunity to climb over the clouds, and soon the rackety development of rocket technology made it possible to obtain photos with truly cosmic heights. The first snapshots from the space (if taking the FAI standard, on which space begins with a height of 100 km. Above sea level) were made in 1946 using the FAu-2 trophy rocket. Читать далее »