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Hey everyone A small rush (up to 5 cm) is stuck with a "liquid wagon" or a special junction for PVC materials, for example, suitable for rubber boats.With the coming holidays, withdrawn salutes and, as a result, with a new one who came to us in winter !!! The plot is cleaned of dirt and degreases with acetone, similar actions are made with a patch. Then you need to warm the hairdryer of both sites and only then glue. Leave per day. The patch in size should be more slot 2-3 cm so that it completely closes the break, the rounded form is preferably. It is necessary to glue it from the inside of the cover.My Master Classic for those who know where the sewing machine is on / off and can schedule an elementary straight line on it. If you are incredibly lucky and an ordinary camera from the car was lit in the garage, or someone could send it to you completely or someone from your relatives works in a tire fitting (then I am friends with you at all), then you just shame not to follow My example. We will sew a tubing !!!

That's what we need:

1. Camera car (13, 14, 15, 16 radius (185))

2. Thesis fabric (in Moscow 180 r. For a meter is sold in the special stores on tourism (for example, the shop "Turin" - the PR CT of the world, 186/2 - at the end of the tunnel opposite the VDNH in the direction of the region)

3. Pig - 2.5 meters 4. Tape for edge processing (I buy a soft kiss tape and folding fourwise adjusting as oblique beyk) 5. semiring and carabiner (you can do without them) 6. A piece of cloaks (can be without it) (but preferably) GO! I inflate the camera - let the dad and sonologies help (although I have shut down on the interruption). The camera should be solid! There is one point here - the size of the future Tubing depends on how much effort you have attached to pumping. The chamber 16 radius rocks up to the size of the kamaz wheel and the tubing will be sooo large, but! The stronger the camera is pumped, the faster the hernia will pop up. Therefore, do not try much. We produce measurements: Larger breaks can be stuck1. Soft to seam through the center 2. Inner diameter Cuts out of thesis 2 circles with a diameter equal to our first measurement + 2 cm. The first circle is the bottom, the second round is the top. In the second round, in the middle, cut the hole equal to our second measurement - 6cm. We get a bagel (in the hole we will plant a question). . If some kind of trimming remained, and they must remain, we do ulita under the handle. Showing on contrasting colors to be clear.  White is our bagel, yellow - strengthening (just put a bagel on trimming and locked everything that looked)  Sut off the sling on the handles (6 cm is more than the width of the bagel) and under the semiring (for it we will be clinging the carabiner with a leash) We collect from the rest of the slurrow leash Customize the strengthening on the bagel (it is better to lean them) and customize the slings like this: under the semiring (center) and handles (first on one side at a distance of 4-5 cm from the edge, then equal to the opposite slice with the edge of the bagel and adjust similarly) Larger breaks can be stuckFurther, opiration can be missed to those who are already sick, but I would still recommend If you are a physicist-nuclear, mathematician, etc., we do this: We measure the radius of the inner hole of our bagel and according to the formula L = 2Pr, calculate the length of this hole itself, if you do not have a calculator, and from the birth of matenetic critinism , then we do so in full width of the crying cut off the strip of 30 cm wide (for physicists and mathematicians - a strip of 30 cm wide, long - which one you counted there + 2 cm.)  Send this strip by folding it

Incounter to the wrong way!

Long cut to the hole of our bagel. (Once again, read this line) (For those who used the formula - your spnachk will end where you started to take it off (we stride in a circle))) (For such as I - a rag, your on it will not end, so we take Scissors and cut everything too much, leaving the allowance to steal the ends of our rectangle (1-2 cm)), like this:

Now height our rag at the short ends, folding their face to face - it is possible and on the contrary - now we are fashionable to the seams.

That's what we did:

The sinking looks so-so ... we proceed (not for beauty, and for the fortress, so that there will fall there a slightly larger size, your child did not scream on the whole slide - "Mom, you have been touched !!!" Processing braid, which We were already dreamed of such a line (or just zigzag):

Freely speaking edge of our rags process in the bending, inserting a tie laugh there

Well, it's time for the assembly. We climb on the floor of our tubing with an outstanding up (the iznanka of the Teza, where the larger grain is) and we put our stipulated top on it (it turned out to be offended).

  • Be sure to spin everything in a circle
  • !!! Otherwise there are no bad words to avoid, and we are almost cultural people. Clean the cry: - "Switch someone to the camera, and it does not fit into tubing !!!" And they went to scribble - who is not very friendly with the car, he first steps the details in a circle, and then processes the baker who, with the car on the "you" immediately proceed. This seam with a trigger - on him when riding all the load on the gap is coming, so we put a direct line on the bay, and then Zigzag - now exactly under us will not burst! We cling to the semir karabin with a leash and head to the place of the main deployment of our chamber.
  • Insert the dutched camera into our hole
  • And again, forcing men to work until the formation
  • On the cries of the husband - "right now burst!" We answer the calm cap and continue to download further, from time to time straightening the camera inside. Tighten the laughs and put inside the template for which everything washed.
  • That's actually all. Tubing will save me (85 kg of live weight) and me with a child together. The first tubing was sewn 2 years ago and allocated fire and water, but it was brutally cut by iron sticking out of the snow at the end of last winter. The radius chamber 15 was used here, there was up to 86 cm of external diameter. She sews tubing this morning in 2.5 hours and after lunch passed a career test.
  • Good luck and creative success!

PS Cost Tubing: Theza - 1, 5 m. With a width of 1.3m - 270 rubles., Straight 30 rubles * 2.5 m = 75 rub, Carabiner and semiring - 50 rubles, 4m * 15 rub = 60 rub. Total 455rub (the cheapest in the store I saw for 1600). Hurray, I earned myself for ice cream !!!

  1. Good day! In the yard of winter, which means it is time for skating on sledding, skiing, skates and of course the cheeks. It was decided to buy a cheesecake, but after hiking to the store and search on the Internet, everything wish immediately. The cost of a normal cheesecake, which can withstand a mass of 150 kg., From 2000r. and higher. Without how long thinking it was decided to make it himself, there was nothing difficult there is no ordinary camera in a case. A piece of old banner was found in the garage, the camera from the Niva and the ribbon, and then the case is the case of a couple of evenings and the Watrushka is ready. The size turned out to be a meter in diameter. After the test, they were delighted with her, our family of three people with a total weight of 175 kg. It is easily going on it from a slide. Vatrushka turned out to be just super, by the way everyone thinks that she was bought in the store, but actually made with their own hands and it is very pleasant and the price has been released 0 rubles.
  2. What is the smallest and popular game in children in winter? Of course, riding a slide! Children are looking forward to when a snow-white blanket will tighten the slopes and hills and it will be possible to get their snow scooters, sledges, ice and other means for fun and quick descent from the mountain.
  3. Today we offer you with your own hands to make a popular children's transport for skating - a tubing that will like to children.
  4. Tubing ("Watrushka") do it yourself
  5. You will need:
  6. Car chamber with a radius of 13 cm - 1 pc.
  7. TENT TARPAULIN - 90х150 cm
  8. Tight fabric "Oxford" - 50x150 cm
  9. Tape belt (string) - 250x3 cm
  10. Treads Lavsanov №100 - 1 pc.
  11. Needle for sewing machine №120 - 1 pc.
  12. Universal sewing machine
  13. Manufacturing process:
  14. Measure the full girth of a punched chamber (in our case it is 170 cm).
  15. We divide the resulting digit in half and on the awning material measuring two circles with the same diameter.

In one of the circles, we draw a circle with a diameter of 40 cm. It turns out the ring that will be the top item.

Cut the ring and bottom circle.

  • We celebrate the place of attachment of the handles and loops.
  • We make the inner part of the Oxford fabric cover. In the finished form, it looks like a truncated cone.
  • We draw two trapezes with a base of 75 cm and a height of 25 cm.
  • We fold them together and sew on the side lines, leaving the gap 2-3 cm for fastening the cord. It should be a detail resembling a pipe.
  • We fold in half and along the upper border we make seam for the cord, retreating 2 cm from the edge.
  • We sew a cone into a ring of tent tissue.

Make a handle and ring from tape and sew.

We close the belt ribbon seam and spend. The upper part is ready.

We sew the upper part with the bottom so that the seam is inside.

  • Soak the cover and refuel the camera in it.
  • We pump the camera with the pump - and the tubing is ready.
  • If you have any questions, see this video design to create Tubing:
  • We remind you of the main condition of any active security games. Talk to children on this topic, tell us about important moments.
  • Inspect the track before riding, make sure there are no deep holes and branches.
  • You can ride inflatable sledding sitting.

Do not overload tubing, not to plant several children at the same time.

Ensure that there was enough place for braking.

Do not allow a collision, follow the movement on the hill.

Do not tie a tubing to other vehicles: a snow scooter, sledding.

See also:

Make a domestic tubing - the task is very simple. It is even the one who barely knows how to build an ordinary line on the sewing machine. We offer you detailed instructions.

We need:

Car chamber (perhaps you or your acquaintances, she was lingering somewhere in the garage);

Rubberized fabric (any PVC fabric is suitable, you can also use old banners, awnings, vinyl skin, leatherette, etc.)
Rubberized fabric (any PVC fabric is suitable, you can also use old banners, awnings, vinyl skin, leatherette, etc.)
2 metal semir and carabiner
2 metal semir and carabiner

braid to strengthen the seams

2.5 meters slings (for handles and "leash")

Fabric for "Sidushka" (better cloak)

Step No. 1.

Pump the car chamber and let's start measurements. Because The diameter may be different, do not specify the dimensions. So, we will need 2 measurements. External and internal diameter of the camera.

Measurements produce from the middle of the outside the camera until the middle of the opposite side. To the resulting size add 3 cm (inserts on the seams).

Step number 2.

We cut two circles from PVC fabric. One circle is postponed (lower), and second to lay twice, then four thousand and find the middle. From the angle with submachine 1/2 -3 cm. Cut the circle under the "Seat".

Step number 3.

From the slings, prepare handles and mount for a leash. To do this, measure the distance from the inner circle to the outer and add to this size 6 cm. In the middle of one of the fixtures of the wicked semir. 4. Needle.

Place the handles and fastening on the front of the top circle and feed them, as shown in the photo below.

Fastening for a leash


Step number 4.

It's time to take a "seat". We measure the internal circle around the circumference, we add 3 cm to the result. Cut the rectangle from the cloak 30 cm wide, and the length of the size that we measured just that. We sew the short sides of the rectangle together. One wide edge is processed by additive so that in the future insert a gum or braid for tightening. The second wide edge is sewn through the inner circumference of the top of the Tubing.

One wide edge is processed by additive so that in the future insert a gum or braid for tightening. The second wide edge is sewn through the inner circumference of the top of the Tubing. Fix the seam well, having duplicated it additionally with a dense tape for consolidation.

Step number 5.

4. Needle.

It remains to connect two circles (top and bottom). We fold the circles with the invalid side inside, fasten with needles, so as not to be shifted and it was more convenient to sew. Step circles together with a simple line. This seam necessarily requires consolidation, because The greatest load on the gap will be on this seam. Therefore, we deposit on the outer seam of the braid, bending it from two sides and bonding with needles. Next, we flash the tubing around the circumference again together with the braid. Better the line "Zigzag".

Well, our tubing is ready! It remains to insert the camera into the case, pump it, insert and tighten your braid or a rubber band in the scene on the "seat". With respect to the remnants of the sling. On the one hand, we bring the carbine, on the other we will make a loop.

4. Needle.

It's time to slide!

4. Needle.

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DIY DIY / 12-Dec, 2018,22; 34 / 4. Needle.


As soon as cold came, I thought the thought of making inflatable Sanki-Watrushku in the people also referred to as a bagel and tubing. But after I saw the prices of these Sanks - I came to confusion. Regardless of whether these are new sleighs purchased in the store or on the Internet, even if it is a device in a used state - prices are equally biting, and my "inner frog" would not allow me to buy them. Therefore, it was decided to do everything yourself and sew a bagel personally. 4. Needle.

For this we need:

1. Tire from the Zhiguli.

2. A piece of banner.

3. Cronon threads.

4. Needle.4. Needle. 4. Needle.4. Needle.

After carefully studied all the ideas and options provided on the forums, I chose a favorite for myself. What happened to me - I will write further.

To begin with, we need to inflate the camera, then put it on the banner. Then we need to cut two completely identical circles. To do this, from the edges, 15 cm retreat and cut the circles you need.

I got here such a couple. It is important that the size of your chosen camera will depend on the size of the circle. Therefore, believe me my own experience, it is better to use cameras, much more than from Zhiguli.

I apologize in advance, but the next stage I simply forgot to take a picture. Very carried away the case, and it turned out what happened. So, what is the essence of this stage? To begin with, measurable the inner diameter of the camera. Then, in the center of one of two circles, cut the hole corresponding to the internal diameter of the chamber.

Here such a hole should get you:

Then using the remains of the banner, we need to cut a strip (rectangle) width of 15 cm. The length of this rectangle will depend directly from the length of the circle. In order to do not cut anything anywhere, and not add - you need to produce well, for I missed a little in this regard. Next, we take the strip, which we turned out, and sew it to the edge of the inner circle. Be prepared for the fact that you have to sweat, because this fabric is very thick and therefore is quite bad.

That's what you should get:

It is worth noting that it is possible to sew these two circles when you want, at any stage. Personally, I sewed them immediately. Do not forget to sew the handles to be, for what to keep during fascinating riding. Such pens will also be useful if you want to tow. For the handles of your device, I used a handle from my old sports bag. In order to be able to cling and disable towing straps - you need to sew a metal ring to one of the handles.

The next stage is the bottom of the bottom (we will sit on it in the future). For the bottom, I used the circle that cut out at the beginning. The main thing is not to sew until the end, or you can entertain zipper. With it, it will be possible to install, as well as extract the camera from our cheesecake. The final stage is the pumping chamber.

So, everything is ready. Now boldly look for the most attractive snow slide and ride with pleasure.

So, everything is ready. Now boldly look for the most attractive snow slide and ride with pleasure.

Another coat for a slide, made by hand Cheerbanks for riding from a slide with your own hands Video. Good day!

Once I watched the guy for 10 years, moving from a slide on an iceman, caught "a fossa and complained to the father of a strong pain in the spine (to put it mildly, it fell on the snow and screamed - I broke the spine !!!). He said, Ski, son (What did you shoot like a girl !!! Getting up and not good!) But analyzing the situation, I understand that the physics of the process is as follows: the blowing in a fossa or a hill at the speed, the blow is transferred from the ass straight on the spine, the legs here do not amortize, suspension ( As in the car at the race at the "Police Lying") is not. It is possible to get injured.

We look at what kids ride from the slides - 1. Looks (plywood under the ass) plus - the price of 30 p. Low center of gravity, little space when stored, minus - I told. 2. Sledge. Plus - a universal agent, the price is from 700 p. Minus the same, plus high trauma in the collision. 3. Controlled tricycles skiing and so on. Plus - handling. Minus - price, high gravity center, size. 4. Inflatable Tubei and Wathers. Plus, due to depreciation, they give protection to the spine and in a collision. Price in the store 7200 R (I'm in afica!) So. We make tubing. We take 1. The camera from the car (from the Gazelle will be more, from Matiz - smaller). 2. Design and color? Inet to help you. 3. Material for slipping - Banner vinyl fabric (ask the exhaust banners in an advertising agency). The fabric of the vertex is any early (density of 200 g. I recommend, the cloak or the same banner) 4. Tape or rope for capturing. 5. Reflective elements or thermal blocks. We do. 1. Slightly influence the camera. 2. We put it on the banner and supply approximately size. 3. Select the model - out of 3 parts (VERZ bottom of the rim) or two (top bottom) 4. Remember mathematics and give letters to the volume and seams. I recommend a circle or oval form, but it is possible to play - a square, triangle and so on. 5. Cut the details. 6. On the upper coal tape or rope for capture, we enhance the bottom semitting firming fabric. We form in the center of the hole for turning and getting the camera. We are climbing lights or non-slots. 7. We collect VERS and bottom. Threads Choose type 45l or thicker. Make 2 seams. 8. Soak, insert the chamber, inflation. 9. Still cook the rope to carry or clutch the steam locomotive. Delivered traggars on the carbines - they break on the frost and interfere and can scratch. Non-slip fabric is not always bad - does not allow the child to crash into the fence or go on the road and the speed of the descent slow. We have 3 Tubiga - one fast, 2 preferred.

  • Time for manufacture 2-3 hours. The service life depends on the banner, pumping force tires and thread strength - 1-3 season. Repaired (glowing, handle) from 05 hours
  • Hi everybody. The photo will introduce where it is unclear to cover the letters.
  • Tubing

How to make a tubing for riding with your own hands? Tubing - Special tool for rolling rolling. In appearance reminds the cheese, for which he received the corresponding nickname. it

Excellent alternative to sledding and icecalls. P

This costs tubing is expensive. However, the budget model can be made with your own hands.

What do you need?

The homemade chest for riding in the snow is made of a car chamber. For a child older than three years Recommend tubing with a diameter of at least one meter. Therefore, only the car chamber is suitable. In addition to it, you will need: PVC material or waterproof polyester, you can use an old advertising banner or cloak;

strong kapron threads, better than №10; Synthetic ribbon for the processing of seams. It is necessary to take care in advance

About handles To hold on for them when riding a slide. They are made from synthetic braid, or you can cut them with an old sports bag. So that the cheese can be taken on a tug, you can sew a metal ring to the handles. Make a tubing with your own hands is not difficult, but some skill will be required.

Teach that the material for the cover is tight and it is difficult to flash. Stages of manufacture Material for Czech

You need to fold together the face side inside to cut two identical circles at once. Top plays Inflated camera.

It is necessary to circle it in the external diameter. The main thing is to make the calculation correctly, taking into account the allowance, approximately 15-20 cm. Then

In one circle, it is necessary to cut the middle - on the inner diameter of the chamber.

This circle does not need to throw out, it will be used for the bottom. It is also necessary to cut a strip of 15-20 cm wide and a length of equal circumference of the cut circle. Sew on the outside of two circles

. Seams should be durable. Processing them with synthetic braid. Sew knobs.

To the carved "hole" to sew around the circle

Banner strip. Since the material is dense, not every sewing machine can flash it. Perhaps you have to sew your hands. The last stage is sewn bottom

. Seam should not be solid. It is necessary to leave the gap to freely remove the drop-down camera and shove it back. At the same time, it is easier to shake up with such a chewing - for these purposes you can put a zipper or just to pull the lace. Tubing with your own hands ready.

It remains to pump chamber

- So that it is an elastic, but not tough, and you can ride a slide. You can pump up at home yourself with a compressor or in tire terminal. Useful recommendations

The speed of the fabric depends on the speed of the cheese . If the material is non-slip, then the tubing will go slower, less risk to enter at high speed into the fence or go on the road. And for the child to be clearly seen in the evening, you can arrange special reflective stickers on the cheese.

If the case has broken during operation, it is easy to repair it.

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