How to transfer money from megaphone to megaphone?

Now you will learn that there are no hopeless situations, as you transfer money from Megaphone to MegaFon is one of the ways to stay in touch with relatives and loved ones.

In situations where the subscriber is in dire need of stable mobile communications - the balance of the balance is the best solution to this issue.

Information about the features of the mobile translation posted on the website of the MegaFon.

4 options to replenish another subscriber in Megaphone

Not only is the operator made a service for the transfer of funds from the account at the expense of the subscribers available for its subscribers, and has developed Several ways This:

  • Service "Mobile translation" .
  • Money transfer via SMS messages .
  • Transfer money to another number Through personal account .
  • Service team to share money.
Top up the balance of the phone on the megaphone with a bank card
MegaFon offers various ways to replenish the balance of the phone, including a bank card.

In order not to be asked by unfounded by each of the processes.

Mobile translation from Megafon or how to throw money through USSD request

The subscriber can easily share the balance with another mobile network user - just execute the command: * 133 * The amount that must be transmitted * Recipient subscriber number # And at the end of the challenge.

Required when you enter the recipient's number in the line, check that it starts with 8-ki. This is a prerequisite for translation from the phone to the phone.

How to transfer money from megaphone to megaphone?
Request for translation.

After executing the request and administration of the test password, the sender will receive a notification as a text message on the status of the funds made.

Not all subscribers use the Mobile Translation service regularly and disconnect the option as unnecessary. It is easy to resume using it enough - just send an SMS request with the text "1" to the short number 3311. .

Help a friend by SMS

Another way that does not differ in particular complexity. Throw money on a mobile account megaphone with your loved ones using SMS to a short number - 3116. . In the text of the letter you need to specify the recipient's phone number as usual - without "8" or "7" , and followed, through the space, indicate the amount of enumeration.

SMS request for money transfer.
Confirmation of translation.

After sending this message to the sender number, the verification code will come to which the transfer of money is confirmed - usually this is a number from one to nine.

At the end of the operation, the final stage will be notified of successful shipment.

Help a friend by SMS # 2

In order to make a transfer from the account of your number, you need to send the usual message to the recipient, however, the text of the letter must begin in this way: #transfer amount . And already through the gap, you can print the message - something like "happy birthday" or "Thank you, helped out."

Description Options "Mobile Translation by SMS"

Also there is a way to throw a request for a mobile transfer of money, only a combination in SMS should look like this as follows - # The amount of translation?

Interesting video:

Is it possible to translate money through a personal account?

Today, the Internet hurts very tightly into our lives. Now even in order to put money on the balance of another subscriber, it is not necessary to attend the service center - just look into your personal account.

You can transfer funds from your SIM card to another number through the "Services" section in which a whole list of available sections will open to your attention. The section we need is called "Mobile Translation". After that, you will automatically be thrown onto the page, on which it will be sent to the means, after filling out all the necessary data.

Select the section "Top up the account of another subscriber"
We enter the recipient number, maps data and the amount of payment.

In addition to the transfer of funds between subscribers Personal Cabinet boasts the following services who will significantly save user time:

  1. Checking the status of the account .
  2. Connecting and disable additional options or changing the tariff package.
  3. Via user profile Pay for various plates .
  4. Connecting the Autoplating service, with which you can install not only the account of the account, but also on time to list a certain amount on the friend number.

Basic conditions and translation limitations

All services work as a clock, but without complying with some requirements, this order can break. When choosing a better service, you must first get acquainted with its terms. Well, and in this we will help you.

Mobile translation

  1. You can do if you wish to send the amount up to 50 rubles.
  2. The minimum amount you can throw to another account is 1.00 ruble.
  3. For a month, you can carry out transactions on transfer of no more than 5000.00 rubles.
  4. After the operation is completed, the sender's residue should remain at least 30 p.
Pay attention to the terms of refusal to execute the services posted on the MegaFon website.

SMS or Internet translation to another subscriber

  1. The minimum enumeration is 1.00 p.
  2. The maximum translation value is 15000 p.
  3. The limit for the month on translating operations is 40 000 r., And the daily - 15 000 r.
  4. The non-burning residue of the sender must be 10 rubles.
When making a mobile translation, there are restrictions on its sum.

Question price

We are accustomed to the fact that only cheese can be free in the mousetrap and for everything you have to pay. The question is only in price, usually people choose what cheaper. In this case, we propose to use the Mobile Translation Service, where you can transfer money only for 5 rubles. Regardless of the amount.

Mobile translation from megaphone to megaphone.
Mobile translation from megaphone to megaphone.

If you do not want to bother with long USSD teams, then other services will be suitable, but along with this you need to be ready for the payment to depend on the amount of translation. Basically, commissions in different regions have a different interest ratio, but nowhere pay for the service does not exceed 7%.

The cost of the service "Mobile Translation by SMS".

We want to focus the attention of users on the fact that in the Internet service replenishment services, fraudsters are often found, which lure the gullible citizens, sulu them is cheap account replenishment or even without commission. Very often, in a similar way, people lure their identification data, and then money disappears from bank accounts. Therefore, be vigilant and trust only verified services.


Support a friend and a loved one can not only with a word, but also a matter - megaphone is an example. For ease of use of mobile communications, subscribers were provided with several tools for transferring funds between telephone numbers. Which one is more convenient to solve you.

Translation within the network

Mobile operator MegaFon provides a convenient possibility of transfers from your personal personal account, telephone balance to other subscribers within the network, as well as networks of other mobile operators.

Mobile translation service allows you to perform the following transactions:

  • Sending from phone to phone subscribers MegaFon, MTS, Tele2, Beeline and Motive;
  • Translation into bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and the accounts of individuals and legal entities;
  • Conclusion to cash receipts as well as transfer to e-wallets.

To make the transfer of funds to another subscriber, you do not need to connect before the service.

How to use

Make a listing between MegaFon subscriber phones is in three ways: through the transformation form on the operator's website, through sending a text message from the phone, send a USSD request to perform operation. Consider each way of details, let's start with the most convenient.

  1. The easiest way to use the SMS feature is the easiest way. To transfer, you need to send an SMS to the Subscriber who want to make a listing in the message text you need to write # sum and send. For example # 300 in this way we will transfer 300 rubles to the person's account who left SMS. After specifying the amount, if you need to write a comment, for example, "# 300 on chocolate".

    In addition, the subscriber you want to translate myself can send a request to that you transferred it a certain amount. For example, you need to transfer money to Lena, and you forgot about it, and Lena remembers and scored SMS # 500? And sent you. You only have to confirm write-off from your account.

    The Commission for the transaction within the network is not charged. The numbers of other subscribers will write 5%, but the minimum size is 10 rubles.

    Restrictions: one-time translation from the ruble to 15 thousand rubles per week and a month 40 thousand rubles.

  2. The second for convenience you can highlight the translation through USSD commands. To perform operation, type from your phone a combination * 133 * Amount * Subscriber number # and click Call. Wait for a transaction alert and confirm the operation.

    For example, if you want to transfer 150 rubles to another MegaFon subscriber to the phone 8937055-55-55 you will need to dial the following command: * 133 * 150 * 89370555555 # and click the call, then confirm.

    Hold for carrying out translation in this way will be as follows: - if you enumerate inside the network, from a megaphone to a megaphone, then 6% is charged - sending to the numbers of other cellular operators 8.5% of the transfer amount.

    Restrictions: To make a transaction, the balance must be more than 0SUMM one payment should be from 1 ruble to 15 000 rubles. Maximum total amount per week and month no more than 40,000 rubles.

  3. The third way to transfer money from the phone to the phone is to use the official website of MegaFon. By filling out the form where it is necessary to enter a subscriber's phone to anyone, your phone and the amount of enumeration will be subject to SMS with information about the payment and the amount of the commission, if everything suits you confirm the translation.

    Form of transfer

    Go to the filing form of details to translate through the official website can be link

In addition to these methods, you can use the personal account of the subscriber and make a translation through the functionality of the site, or you can contact the communication salon, where you will help make a payment.

In order to learn more about this transaction option with MegaFon to MegaFon, you can contact customer support by numbers 8-800-550-05-00 or +7 921-111-05-00, calls for these phones are free. When you are in roaming, use the second number.

If you want to find out how to make output from your balance on a plastic card, a bank account, or on the electronic wallet QIWI, webmoney, then go to the "Balance" section on our site where there is a detailed article.

In this article, all possible ways are dismantled in detail how to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon, as well as several other most frequent financial issues, the answers to which you need to know any network subscriber.

Translation of money from MegaFon on MegaFon, by SMS without commission

There are two ways to make money from MegaFon, to MegaFon, with SMS.

  1. In order to translate the desired amount enough to send another person a message with the text according to the scheme: # Amount of translation_Bell_information for the recipient , for example, SMS # 100 as a gift On the number of the subscriber who want to send money. After that, you will need to confirm the translation.

For money transfer from the iPhone, you must first turn off in the iMessage settings.

Commission for such a translation is not charged!

Subscribers "MegaFon" can not only send money, but also to request them. To do this, you need to send SMS to the recipient with the text. # sum? (for example, # 100?).

  1. Translate money to a friend or near SMS by SMS and simply sending the recipient number and the required amount on the number 8900. . Funds will be enrolled within a few minutes. For example, to send 100 rubles to the number 89370000000 you need to send an SMS with the text 89370000000 100. on the room 8900.

How to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon using a USSD command?

To transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon through the USSD command, only two simple steps are required:

1. Dial the command * 133 * Translation amount * Subscriber number # . For example: * 133 * 100 * 89210000000 #.

2. Confirm money transfer via SMS message.

Cost of services:

When transferring a megaphone number with SMS 0% commission
When transferring a megaphone number using a USSD command 6% commission
When transferring in any way to the number of another operator from 5% commission

How to transfer money from MegaFon to MegaFon without registration through the site and without a commission?

Money from MegaFon on MegaFon without a commission can be translated through the site You need to fill out only three points: the sum of the translation, your number and recipient number, and after put the mark in the "I'm not a robot" column. The latter automatically confirms consent with all the terms of translation and processing personal data. Funds will be enrolled in a couple of minutes.

Transferring money from MegaFon to MegaFon through Personal Cabinet

Money can be transferred from the Personal Cabinet on the MegaFon website. This is a free service that is available to any owner of the SIM card. To enter the office you need to go to the page, enter your username (your phone number) and password. At the same time, the number can be entered both with "8" and "+7". Password from a personal account can be obtained in two ways.

1. Dial USSD command: * 105 * 00 # .

2. Send SMS message "00" on the room 000105 .

After they entered the office, you need to go to the "Top up the account of another subscriber" and click on the item "from the phone to another phone". Transferring money through personal account

A special window will open, where necessary:

  • Enter the number of the human phone number you want to transfer money;
  • Specify the amount;
  • Put a tick in the field "I am not a robot";
  • Press "Translate".

If the phone number is wrong, how to return the money?

MegaFon is not a participant in the transfer of money, therefore it is not responsible for the consequences of its conclusion, that is, in the case of translation by the wrong number, returning money with the help of the company will not work. However, you can contact customer support through a specially designed feedback. For this you need:

  • Go to the feedback page;
  • Specify the name, surname, the phone from which the money was written off through "+7";
  • Choose one of the four reasons for the appeal;
  • Put a tick in the column "I am not a robot";
  • Press the "Send" button.

If you wish, you can describe the problem in a special square window in more detail.

How to find out what money from the MegaFon account was written off

To find out where money from the account was written off, you can order detail. For this there are two ways.

1. Dial from the phone USSD command * 512 # And get sms with detail.

2. Go to your personal account on the MegaFon website and choose a section called "Costs, Details and Replenishment". The information you need is in the "Expenditure" tab. You can also order a detailed account for the desired period or only for the last month.

In addition to the above, you must not forget about the basic conditions for the transfer of money between MegaFon subscribers.

1. The maximum amount that can be translated at a time, 15,000 rubles.

2. The maximum amount of payments that can be listed per day / month 40 000 rubles.

MegaFon subscribers can carry out operations to transfer funds from their account to their other account or account of another megaphone. This option is available to everyone. Funds are credited quickly, within a few minutes.

Methods for transferring money from megaphone to megaphone

The variants of the transfer of funds are several. The user can always choose for itself the most acceptable and simple:

SMS and USSD commands. The most common way is to transfer funds using an SMS or USSD command. To do this, the subscriber must form the following command on the phone: * 133 * 0000 * Xxxxxxxxxxh, where 0000 is the amount of translation, XXXXXXXX - the recipient's phone number.

After the operation on the telephone phone will receive the corresponding SMS notification.

Also, the payer can send an SMS to the recipient with the text # 0000, where 0000 is the amount of translation. Before the grille, you can write a short message.

Through "Mobile Translation". With this option, you can quickly and easily conduct an operation. This service becomes in demand in the following cases:

  • When it is necessary to replenish the balance of the account of a relative, a familiar who are also subscribers MegaFon.
  • The payment can be made both within the home region and beyond.
  • If the user has two numbers, one of which needs to be replenished or when changing the packages of using the company's services.
  • In addition to transfers within the network, you can replenish the accounts of the Beeline operators, MTS, TV2.

The operation is carried out using the SMS command with the text: * 133 * The transfer amount * account number #. The phone can be entered in any format - +7.8, without specifying the Code of the Russian Federation.

After the operation on the phone, the payer will receive an SMS notification if the payment was carried out within the home region. If the recipient number is registered in another region, then the SMS will be the following content: "Waiting for the operation of the operation", after receipt of funds, an additional notification will come.

To confirm the operating on the payer's phone must come the code with the instruction that it sends to the specified number. If there is no payment confirmation, the operation will be interrupted.

Mobile translation service is automatically connected upon receipt of the number, so it is not required to connect it yourself. If the subscriber disabled the service, you can re-connect it using the command on your phone: * 105 * 220 * 0 # or send an SMS message to number 3111 with text: "1".

The service works on smartphones, push-button phones. You should only take into account that in connection with the iMessage closed protocol, the function must be temporarily disabled before sending money transfer to the iPhone.

Translation of money on the megaphone site. Via the Internet can translate any users, not even registered on the company's website.

You can transfer money as follows:

  1. Go to the site, the contribution of the "Services".
  2. Find the "Money Transfer to another Phone" key.
  3. Enter the translation parameters: the amount, the recipient's phone number, starting with +7, the own number from which the payment will be made.
  4. Confirm "I'm not a robot" and click "Translate"

After confirming the operation, the payment will be performed and the money will instantly go to the recipient's phone.

Additionally, payment from the personal account is possible to make it necessary to do the following:

  • Go to your personal account.
  • Enter the tab "Top up the account of another subscriber."
  • Next, press the "Money Transfers" and "From Megaphone to another Megaphone" keys.

other methods

You can translate funds using the Mobile Megaphone application. This is done from the Translations tab. You must first find the phone recipient's phone number (you can enter yourself or select from the phone book). Next, the amount is entered and after the operation is confirmed, the money comes to the phone.

You can carry out the operation using the megaphone operator. You can contact him directly in the company's office or call the support service for the phone 0500 and then follow the instructions that will be obtained.

Limits and Commission

The fee for mobile translations from megaphone to a megaphone is 6% of the amount of payment. Translation of translation subscriber MegaFon with USSD commands are free.

The following payment restrictions are established:

  • The minimum can be sent 1 p.
  • Maximum 15 thousand p.
  • Maximum per day 40 thousand rubles.
  • Just a month can be translated 40 thousand rubles.
  • After transferring funds, the balance on the account should not be negative.

The maximum limit is set when transferring funds on the MegaFon website. (minimum 1 r.)

If you have any questions when performing operation, the subscriber can call the support telephone number 0500.

The penetration of contactless payments to the financial market of Russia is rapidly. Cellular operators with their services to carry out money transfers have already fastened banks, which require passports, commissioning of details to carry out operations. So, over 30% of the megaphone clients prefer to pay utility, penalties, online purchases from the phone account. And this is just the beginning. According to experts, the activity of Russians in the mobile payment segment will grow. Thanks to the simplicity and convenience, to transfer money from megaphone to a megaphone, including the sims of other operators, each user is capable of.

How to transfer money from megaphone to megaphone through "Mobile Translation"

The operator offers many services to its customers, one of them - "Mobile Translation", which allows you to transfer money from the phone MegaFon on the subscriber's balance sheet both inside the home network and beyond. In addition, his clients have the ability to carry out a transaction:

  • from the phone to any card payment systems world, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro;
  • on a bank account from mobile;
  • With card on a card (MasterCard, Visa).
5 ways to transfer money from megaphone to megaphone without terminals

PJSC MegaFon, JSC Moby.Dengi and Inplant LLC are responsible for providing technological means for remote payments and translations, and for the commission of settlement operations, the Bank Round LLC is responsible. The service is provided regardless of purposes. Those. It is possible to transfer money from the megaphone, for example, the mother for making a monthly fee for the tariff, or to a friend who has 0 rubles on account, at least a stranger as charity. The main thing is that no fraudulent action is made.

A 24/7 service is available to each who has a SIM card of this operator. These can be individuals, and corporate clients who have connected the "personal budget". List finances through "Mobile Translation" is much easier than in the bank. Because the service is particularly useful to people who are not involved in the exchange operation, purchase / sale, do not have any reasons for the certifying document, or financially limited: pensioners, adolescents up to 14 years, etc.

Please note that the operator's clients will not be able to use the service abroad. Block the ability to translate money: service on a credit system of calculations ("promised payment", "pay, when convenient"), activated service "Prohibition of mobile payments", lack of funds in the account.

The service is prohibited and for those who have a number blocked who is trying to financially help another, using a megaphone bonus. If you need to transfer money from the number to the megaphone number, you will not need to go to the nearest salon. The operation is carried out remotely. The model of the mobile device does not matter, whether "Chinese", working on the Android OS or the last iPhone.

Limits and prices for "Mobile Translation"

Before transferring money to know how much the provider takes for the service. Prices depend on the megaphone method chosen to transfer money to another subscriber, the size of the operation and the specific operator. If you resort to MegaFon money service, the Commission will be 0%. There is a free process of internal 1translation when the SMS method is selected.

Tariffs for Mobile Megaphone Translations

Users of tele2, biline and other operators, with the exception of MTS, the monetary translation by SMS will receive on the payment of 5% (at least 10 rubles). When using the USSD command, you must pay 6% of the amount listed. In the case of external 2There is no transaction on the USSD request to the MTS number of cash flow. Translate money through a megaphone to the accounts of subscribers of other operators should be charged with a surcharge of 5 to 8.50%. At one time, the provider can list a minimum of 1 rub., Maximum 15 thousand rubles. During the month, no more than 40 thousand rubles are allowed. The translation leaves for a few minutes.

Method Direction direction Commission
SMS between "your" is free
Other 5%, minimum 10 rubles.
USSD team between "your" 6%
Other 8.50% between "your" is free
Other Calculation individual
Personal Area between "your" without a commission
Other Calculation individual
Mobile app between "Nash. is free
Other Calculation individual
  • 1- translation between megaphone subscribers;
  • 2- Translation to any Russian number.

How to transfer money from a megaphone to a megaphone using a message

The service works without connecting on any phone. If you intend to translate money from the iPhone, you first turn off the iMessage in the smartphone settings and do not forget to re-enable after the translation. Need to type # summary comment . The amount is prescribed by numbers without rub. Between her and the comment should be a space. Example: # 300 for payment of goods .

To another person to ask for an account replenishment, send him an SMS with content # 300? .

How to transfer money from megaphone to megaphone thanks to a special team

Another megaphone subscriber is guaranteed to receive money at the expense of his phone, if the first will get a combination of numbers * 133 * Amount * Recipient number . Confirmation of payment - mandatory action.

Online way to transfer money from megaphone without commission

For money enrollment, you can use a computer and the Internet. Open the website In the form "Translate Money", enter the number of the to whom the means will be sent, and then the amount in the range of 1-13 820 rubles. And your mobile. Click on the "Translate" button. At the last stage, confirm the payment of the message.

Translation of money on the megaphone site

How to translate money from a megaphone in a personal account or mobile application

It is easy to make money transfers and through my personal account, who has it. If you do not yet use it, visit the official website.

Entrance to My Account MegaFon

Specify the phone number, and order the password by running the command * 105 * 00 # . The input in the LC can still be performed by SMS. In the menu that appears, click on the "Top up account" section, and there - "Top up the account of another subscriber." It will remain to enter the recipient's number and the amount of payment.

Consider, in this case, the transaction is carried out from the card. You can instantly open virtual or come to the salon per plastic. For active users of smartphones, Megaphone Bank application will be useful, which can be downloaded to Google Play Market. The interface it resembles a megaphone money, because difficulties with the translation will not arise. The operation between the subscribers of the operator takes place without commission.

Translations through Mobile Application MegaFon Bank

Possibilities of the Personal Cabinet MegaFon (Video)

For reference

At the time of writing the article, the Megaphone passes the action, which allows without the commission to transfer money to the MTS account. Such a privilege he gave about a year ago. Because the service is attractive. Overpayment of 20-30 rubles. For such operations, it is noticeable, and here it is proposed to make transactions for free. Usually the operator system is working smoothly. If there are problems, with claims you can contact the office, call center - 8 800 550 05 00 (the call is free).

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MegaFon offers its subscribers three ways to transfer money from megaphone to MegaFon, Beeline, MTS and Tele2. These methods are characterized by the Commission's size and the limit of the translated amount.

1. Mobile translation

This method allows you to transfer money from a megaphone to another subscriber's phone in a short time. Enrollment of money for the service "Mobile Translation" is made quickly. This method allows you to translate funds both subscribers MegaFon and other operators: MTS, Beeline, Tele2.

To transfer money, you must dial the USSD command:

* 133 * Amount * # number number 

For example, to translate 200 rubles to number 8-917-123-4567, you must dial the type command: * 133 * 200 * 89171234567 # call. You can use any convenient number format: without the first digit, with a number 8 or +7 at the beginning.


  • Commission. If you are in Moscow, the Commission for Mobile Translation MegaFon will be 5 rubles, if you translate funds in the regions, the Commission will range from 5 to 15 rubles. Additional commission 5-7% is charged if you translate funds to other operators.
  • Limit. You can translate 15,000 rubles at a time and no more than 40,000 rubles during the calendar month.
  • Restrictions. The service only works in the Russian Federation. Subscribers with corporate tariffs, as well as YUR. Persons cannot take advantage of this service. You can send funds only when you have at least 30 rubles on your account (including all commissions). You can not translate the amount less than 1 ruble.

Mobile translation MegaFon allows you to translate funds to another subscriber up to 5 times a day. This service is absolutely free, it is connected to all default subscribers, but if you for some reason abandoned it, then to connect the service again, you need to send an SMS to the "1" text number 3311.

2. Transfer of money from megaphone via SMS

Transferring money from a megaphone through sending an SMS message, this is the second possible transaction option.

To translate money, you need to send SMS to a short number 8900. , with the following content:

  • "Recipient's number" (space) "Required amount" (without quotes)

Example. If it is necessary to translate 200 rubles to number 8-917-1234567, the message will have this type: 89171234567 200. SMS with such a content is sent to the specified number (8900). Money for the shipped number will come almost immediately.

Limits and restrictions:

  • Commission. The amount of translation and direction do not matter, the Commission will be 8.5%. That is, it does not matter where you are and the subscriber of which operator translate money.
  • Limit. The restriction on one-time translation is 5000 rubles. A day permissible to carry out an unlimited number of translations, but their total amount should not exceed 15,000 rubles. Monthly limit - 40,000 rubles.
  • Restrictions. With this service, it is possible to transfer funds to subscribers who use the services of mobile operators of the CIS countries. For the subscriber of the Russian Federation, you can minimally transfer 1 ruble, for another country - 20 rubles. Upon completion of the translation, you should stay at least 10 rubles on your wallet.

However, the transfer of money from a megaphone to megaphone, Beeline, MTS, tele2 via SMS has one important reservation. The money you transferred can be spent by the recipient only for mobile communications. That is, the funds received it cannot withdraw on the map, pay them some goods or third-party services.

3. Translation MegaFon via the Internet

Sometimes transferring money from a megaphone to megaphone (Beeline, MTS, TV2) via SMS and a set of short commands, may be uncomfortable, especially if you are sitting in front of the monitor or tablet screen, and you have access to the Internet.

To translate the tenge from MegaFon to another subscriber, you need to go to the official website "MegaFon" on the link:

To transfer money from a megaphone to megaphone, Beeline, MTS, TV2, you don't even need to enter your personal account, as it was before. Now everything is in the introduction of the necessary data into the appropriate fields:

  • transfer amount;
  • recipient data;
  • Sender data.

Please note: your number and subscriber number must be specified in a 9-digit format, because the figure +7 is already in the field. That is, for example, you need to sequentially enter the data in the field: 200 (sum), 9291234567 (own number), 9171234567 (the number of the one who is translated).

The transfer date is a few minutes, but the transfer over the Internet has the following restrictions:

  • Commission. Using the Internet service megaphone for translation, you can translate funds to subscribers of other operators in any regions of the Russian Federation, the value of the Commission will vary within 5-7%. The accurate value of the commission will be indicated on the screen when you enter the recipient number and the transfer amount.
  • Limit. On the day via the Internet, it is impossible to transfer to the amount of more than 15,000 rubles, while the maximum payment is also equal to 15,000. The number of payments per day is not limited, but in a month you cannot translate more than 40,000 rubles.
  • Restrictions. It is very convenient to translate money through the Internet, because this method has only one limit - the minimum amount of translation should not be below 1 ruble. You can translate the amounts you need to the numbers of different operators.

How to disable mobile translation

If you need to disable the service mobile translation, then simply enter a short USSD command * 105 * 220 #. Turning off the service will occur instantly. Alternative - Send to the number 3311 free SMS with a number "2". After that, your number will be sms with a notification that the service is disabled.

Additional Information

Convenience of MegaFon services and a variety of mobile transfers MegaFon allows you to list any amounts at any time. All services are 24-hour, using them is free (only the Commission).

Nowadays, the mobile phone has every person. In some cases there may be several, for each operator. Often there are cases when money on balance suddenly end. Consider how to transfer money from megaphone to any other phone.

MegaFon Translation - Beeline

The balance of the mobile phone stopped serving only to replenish the account. To date, with it, you can do a lot, for example, order some service, pay for goods or replenish someone account. At Beeline, money can be translated in several ways:

  • SMS;
  • USSD request;
  • Website MegaFon.

Mobile transfer of money with megaphone to another phone

Using the SMS message

Any subscriber of MegaFon can replenish the Beeline account with personal funds from his account. This can be done using SMS messages. To do this, do everything according to the instructions:

Create a new text message> Enter the phone number to which the phone should be done> Space> Payment Amount>

The created message must be sent to the number 3116. After a few seconds, the funds will be written off from your personal account and delivered to the subscriber. After that, you will receive a notice of how the operation has passed. The recipient will also receive a notice of enrollment of funds to his account.

Using USSD request

If you have difficulty enrolling the means using an SMS message, you can try to send a USSD request. To do this, dial the following combination on your phone:

* 133 *> Translation amount> *> Subscriber number> #> Call

The recipient number is better to specify in international format, starting to enter from + 7. After the operation, you will receive a notification of the operation.

Official site MegaFon

If you have a computer with an Internet access, then you should use this way. On the official page, MegaFon has a special form for transferring money. In the window that opens, enter the subscriber's phone number and click the "Get Password" button. After all actions, the specified number will receive an SMS notification with the code that must be entered into the second field. After that click the "Login" button.

After that, the site will translate you to your personal account. Here you can make money transfer to the desired number.

Translation of money from the megaphone account - MTS

Translate money from a megaphone to MTS can be as three ways as on Beeline. Consider all the commands in more detail.


If you have only a mobile phone at your hand, you can replenish the balance with another subscriber using an instant message. To do this, you need to execute the following command:

Create a new text message> Enter the number 94011> MTS subscriber phone number

After performing the operation, you will receive a notification of the operation. The Commission for the service will be about 4.95%. This amount is added additionally from your mobile phone balance.

USSD request

This is another simple way to replenish another subscriber with your mobile phone. To do this, you need to execute the following command:

* 133 *> Translation amount> * Subscriber phone number> #> Call

After successful operation, you will be informed using an incoming SMS notification. This service is subject to the Commission. Its cost depends on the transfer amount and from the operator of what the phone you want to replenish.


  1. Replenishment of the megaphone phone - 6% of the amount;
  2. MTS, Beeline, Yota, Tele-2 and other operators - 8.5%

On the official site

If you want to replenish the account using a computer, then take care of the connected Internet. Through the browser, log in to the Official Megaphone page and press the Enter key. On the page, enter your phone number and click on the "Get Password" button. After a few seconds you will receive an SMS notification in which your password will be specified. Enter it in the specified field and click the "Login" button. Thus, your authorization will be held on the site. You can immediately follow the link:

Translate money from MegaFon to another phone online on the official website

After that, you need to fill out the form in which the subscriber's phone number is indicated and the transfer amount. Fill out all the fields carefully, checking all the data. If all details are specified, right, then click on the "Translate tools" button. The service is taxed, which is 6.95% of the amount of payment.

Conditions for transferring money from megaphone to another phone

There are several important conditions that must be completed:

  1. On the balance of your mobile phone there should be a minimum amount that is 10 rubles.
  2. The maximum amount of funds that can be translated by the Subscriber for one day is 15,000 rubles.
  3. The number of operations is not limited, but they should not exceed a monetary limit in the amount of 15,000 rubles.
  4. The amount of maximum means that can be translated in one month is 40,000 rubles.

As you can see, the balance of third-party subscriber is not difficult. The main thing is to know the commands or have a computer with a connected Internet at hand.

With megaphone on tele-2 and any other phone

You can also use the "Mobile Translation SMS" service - for this you just need to go to a friend or relative, whose phone account you want to replenish, SMS-message # 300 for lunch - Here # - Team for Megaphone on the transfer of money, 300 is the sum of mobile translation, and "for lunch" - a comment to the recipient. He is not required.

By the way, if you want to ask to translate you money, you can send a subscriber a megaphone message # 300? - This is a request to replenish your account for 300 rubles.

Commission for replenishment:

  • If you translate money to the MegaFon subscriber - only 1%
  • If another operator is 5%, and at least 10 rubles.

In this article, we will look at how to transfer money from a megaphone to megaphone by all available ways that you need to do for this. We give detailed instructions for each method, we will describe the terms of service and cost. This information will be needed to each subscriber to be able to quickly transfer funds to the balance of other users within the network if the account is zero. All services allow you to pay quickly and conveniently, without searching the terminal or using a bank card.


Let's start with the megaphone from megaphone with a short service team. The operator provided such a service as "Mobile Translation". You must do the following:

  • Open a smartphone keyboard;
  • Enter a combination * 133 * Amount * 89xxxxxxxxx # ;
  • Press the call button;
  • Confirm payment code in SMS.


  • Translate money to another number can be free for the recipient, the money will spike from the sender's account;
  • Commission - 6% of the amount ;
  • Minimum payment from the number on the number - 1 ruble ;
  • Maximum - 15 000 rubles ;
  • Norma per day / month - 40 000 rubles ;
  • Account balance after surgery - 0 rubles .

Now consider how to translate from megaphone to MegaFon funds via SMS service.


Transferring money from megaphone to a megaphone through messages is very simple, there is no need to memorize complex teams. Enough do the following:

  • Create a new message;
  • In the text field, write "# 100" (where 100 - the desired amount);
  • Send SMS to the recipient's recipient.

You can supplement the translation by a brief comment, which is indicated through the gap after the amount.

The phone users of the iPhone must be pre-disabled emissage sending in the settings.


  • Transferring money from the phone to the phone is completely free;
  • The Commission is absent.
  • Transfer from the account does not require connection and activated when used.

Restrictions are:

  • No more than 15 000 rubles и at least 1 ruble for one transfer of funds;
  • Maximum amount per month / day - 40 000 rubles .

Next, consider how to transfer money from a megaphone and replenish the balance to another subscriber through a special service from the operator.

Translation service

You can transfer money from megaphone to a megaphone on a special site. This is a convenient service that allows you to manage payments and transfer funds from a mobile account. You need:

  • Open service site by clicking on the button;
  • Enter the desired amount;
  • Specify your mobile and phone recipient;
  • Press the "Translate" button;

  • On the page that opens, confirm the data to the "Continue" button;
  • Enter the code from the received SMS to complete the transaction.

Money transfer from Megafon number to MegaFon is carried out without a commission. You can see the size of the commission of remuneration (if available) on the data confirmation page, after filling the required fields.

Also sending funds from your mobile to another number with this service can be implemented by reference

  • Open the website address;
  • In the window presented, type your mobile;
  • Specify the phone of the recipient;
  • Write the number of translated means;
  • Click the shipping icon.

Service "Money" - Convenient alternative to banking operations, all transactions between mobile accounts are successfully protected by the operator. Now consider whether you can make a transfer through your personal account and how to do it.

Personal Area

You can cross the funds from your balance to a friend or relative - the operator's subscriber through the "Personal Account" application. To quickly send the desired amount, you need:

  • Open your user's account under its login and password;
  • On the main page to select the "Translate Money" block;

  • Select a translation method - "to the phone account";
  • Next, enter the number of the mobile recipient;
  • Specify the desired to send the amount;
  • Press the translation button;

  • Confirm the operation code from the SMS message.

Personal account is a convenient service installed for each subscriber, which allows for free to use a multitude of communication functions.

Finally, it will be mentioned the possibility of using the Bank's service. It implies binding to the balance sheet of the mobile virtual card payment. Card and your phone have a single account from which you can pay any services, including to translate the necessary amount of money to another user of the operator.

Now you know how to replenish another subscriber and you can transfer funds in a few minutes if necessary.

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