How to remove mail on Mail.Ru

Now every person who works or spends his free time at the computer, necessarily has a mailbox. People who are e-mail are needed to work every day. And what if the mailbox needed only once for a specific purpose?


Nothing terrible will happen, the mail will be registered, but you will not attend it. In this article, we consider mail Mail.Ru, but we will tell you how Remove the mailbox on mail ru.

Mandatory conditions for removal

Удалить почтовый ящик на майл ру - руководство.

To delete the mailbox, it is required to have access to your account. If you forgot the username or password, then you have to restore the entry data.

When registering the system asked you to specify the secret word to be used to access the account if you forget the entry data. You will not be able to get rid of the mailbox if there is no access to it.

Manual mailbox removal

No matter how strangely sounded, but the preparatory process will last longer than the removal process. To Delete mail on Mail.Ru First of all, we enter your account.

  • In the top panel of the site we find the settings tab.
  • To remove the box, select the appropriate item. The system will re-request login and password to make sure your personality.

Removal by direct link

Users who did not exit from their account can delete the mailbox by clicking on the following link:

Удаление аккаунта

Mail.Ru will tell you that all personal data will be deleted: letters, photos, music, video. Confirm and click the Delete button.

Как удалить почту на - инструкция.

Automatic removal

If your active mailbox does not interfere with you, you can simply visit it. After a while there will be automatic removal of your mail. It is worth noting that if you use the social network Mail.Ru, you cannot delete mail, because your profile in and the mailbox are one account.

Among the backs of mail deletion can be noted that all information, including photos, audio and video are removed from your pages. Before removal, be sure to think. If you deleted mail manually, you will have a chance to recover the page for 90 days. With automatic removal, the account disappears forever.


If you do not use the mailbox on, you can get rid of it. Today we learned how Remove mail to mail ru For a couple of clicks.

How to delete email Mail.Ru

In this lesson, I will show how to remove my mail on forever. She will erase with all the letters and settings. Also, cloud will close, my world and other services will close.

Mail Mail Removal Instructions

Your mail on Mile can be completely removed from the Internet. To do this, you need to delete an account on Then the box is blocked, and letters will be stopped. All settings will also be erased and all site services will be deleted: cloud, my world and others.

Right now I will show how to delete mail from a computer. From the phone, this is done about the same as I will tell further.

On a note : If this mail address you used to register on other sites (for example, in Skype), then problems with access to them may occur.

1. We go into the box, in the upper part, click on the item "More" and from the list, choose "Help". Or in the lower left corner of the page, click on "Settings" and select "Help" from the list.

2. A new tab opens, where in the "Account" section (lower) click on the "All Articles" item and select "Delete Account". There will be a reference to a special form. Click on it.

3. Another tab with the warning is opens, which together with the mail will erase and everything else. Click "Delete".

4. Next, the site will ask to specify the reason why we destroy email, as well as enter a password and verification code. We print it all and click "Delete".

5. The box is blocked and all content is erased out of it. Now you can close all tabs and forget about this address.

In the event that someone sends a letter to it, it will not be delivered and the sender will receive a notice about this.

How to erase mailbox from the phone

1. In your smartphone browser (program for the Internet), go to

2. Enter your box. To do this, click on the Inscription "Mail", type a login / password and click "Login".

If the "Mail Application" window is popped up, click "No, thanks."

3. Follow the link and click on the Delete button.

4. Print any reason for deletion, enter the password from the box, code from the picture and click "Delete".

A message appears that email is destroyed. That's all! Now you can close the tab - the mail is already blocked.

How to remove the application

Android : Settings - Applications (Programs) - Mail Mail.Ru - Delete.

iPhone. : Click on the application icon and hold until the cross appears. Then click on the cross and select "Delete".

How to remove mail if you forgot the password

It happens, you need to destroy the box, from which you do not remember the data for the login - login and password. In this case, you first need to try to restore access to the profile.

The first thing you need to know is the exact email address. After all, the address can be both the end of @ and with other endings: @, @ or @ And it will be different boxes of Mail.

In addition, if in the title to the sign @ to confuse only one letter or digit, it will also be another box - not yours.

An example of an email address

And the second that you need to know is an accurate password. It consists exclusively from English letters, numbers can be used. What size letters (large or small) is also important.

Without a password, delete your page on the mail it is impossible, because at first it will need to restore it. To do this, in the login window, click "Forgot your password?" And follow the instructions.

Read more about access recovery in the "My Mail" lesson.

And what to do if the box does not work? Then you just need to wait: when the address is not used for more than six months, the administration has the right to destroy it.

If you have not used a box for a long time and you cannot enter it, most likely, it is already removed.

Check it easy: Send an email to your old mail. If notification is notified of the lack of message, it means that the box is closed. Its in the system simply does not exist.

Or you can try to register this address. If this username is free, then the box was automatically deleted.

Is it possible to recover mail?

You can return the box only for three months after it is closed. But all that was in it, it will be irretrievably destroyed. Restore deleted letters and files can not.

To restore the remote mail, you just need to open the Mail.Ru website, and in the input window, specify the correct address and password.

The box will open without any problems from the system (even confirmation will not need), but it will be empty.

Alternative to removal

Deleting mail is a very responsible step. After all, together with her, all letters and services are erased. It is not always suitable, and now I will tell you about more gentle ways to deal with my address.

Exit from drawer

It happens, a person just needs to close the box on a specific device. For example, you went to your personal mail on the work computer. And now every time you enter the Mail.Ru website, the box opens automatically.

To this not happened, you just need to get out of the account. Then it will remain in the mail system, but it will not be automatically loaded on this computer.

To exit your mail on the computer, open the Mail.Ru website and in the input form, click on the door icon.

Or click on the "Exit" link in the upper right corner of the site.

Sending letters

It often happens that a person by mail on Mile does not use for a long time: he had another address on another site. But before he left his old box with different people. And I don't really want to delete it - suddenly any of them write.

Or it happens that you do not want to delete mail on Mail.Ru, because all kinds of services are tied to it. For example, Skype registered, a social network page or a questionnaire on a dating site. And if the mailbox is closed, you can lose access to these services.

In this case, instead of deletion, it is better to adjust the sending of letters. Then, when the message arrives at the old address, it will be redirected to a new one. And it does not matter, on which site a new address: on Yandex, Google ( or some other.

1. Go to the box on Mail.Ru, from which You need to redirect letters. Click to its address in the upper right corner. From the list, select "Mail Settings".

2. Next, select "Filtering Rules".

3. Click on the "Add shipment" button.

4. Specify the address on which You need to send letters, and click "Save".

5. Next, the system will ask you to specify the password from this box on the mail. We print it and click "Continue."

6. After that, the shipment is added, but that it starts to work, you need to confirm. To do this, go through the relevant link and follow the instructions.

If everything is done correctly, the "confirmed" will appear in the "Filtering Rules". But besides this, you will need to put the switch to "on" - just click on it.

That's all! Now all letters will be automatically redirected to another address. If you wish, you can turn off this setting at any time.

If the letter confirming does not come, check the Spam folder. I, for example, it fell there.


If you decide to retire from the Mile because you get unwanted letters to the mail (spam), then this can be solved through filtration. Just note those messages that you would not want to receive, click on the "More" button and select from the "Create Filter" list.

Next, the filtering settings will open where you can specify the folder where letters from these addresses will be automatically placed. For example, you can send them immediately to the "basket".

Or you can generally choose the item "Delete Forever". The main thing is not to forget to save the settings and check that this filter is with the "On" mark.


  • To close the box, you need to know its exact address and password. This data can be restored. And you can just wait - after six months, the mail is most likely closed.
  • In addition to removal, there are other ways to get rid of the box: sending letters, filtering. And if you just need to remove it from someone else's computer, click on the "output" in the upper right corner of the site.
  • You can return the remote box, but only for three months after it is closed. 90 days he will finally erase, without the possibility of recovery.

Author: Ilya Krivoshevoved: 03/19/2020

Any mail service allows you to delete unused email along with all information due to unable. This options are available in Mail.Ru, which will be discussed further. Consider the procedure for deleting an account from the system and browser.

Through the official website

To delete email through the official website, follow the instructions: 1. Follow this link And log in to the account from which you need to get rid of.

2. Now go to the "Help" section. You can do this using the link at the bottom of the main page or through the Personal Cabinet of the mailbox.

3. From the list of questions, select "How to Delete Account?".

популярные вопросы

4. A step by step instructions for removal will appear. In the first point, click on the "Delete Form" link.

5. The warning will be loaded that, together with the account, letters, folders, addresses, photos and videos from "My World" will forever be deleted. You will not be able to use the agent, cloud, answers, dating and other company services. If you agree with these changes, click on "Delete".


6. Now enter the reason for the deletion, enter the password from the account and confirm the code operation from the picture. Complete the procedure with the "Delete" button.

форма для удаления

Now you will not be able to log in in Mile (none of the services and sites) using old login and password.

To the same procedure, you can go through the mobile version of the Mail.Ru website:

  1. Open from a mobile browser.
  2. Click on the Mail button and log in using the login and password from the account.
  3. On the main page with letters, open the optional menu and select the "Help" section.
  4. Expand the "Settings" subsection and click on the "Delete Mail" item.
  5. The same page will be loaded as when the account is deactivating the computer. Click on the link to go to the removal form.
  6. Fill out the questionnaire with a password and code from the picture.
в мобильной версии

Go to page to eliminate the postal address, you can directly link - .

In mobile application

You can open the account destroying page through the official application for the phone. To do this, first install the Android program ( ) or iOS ( ). Then follow the manual:

  1. Log in the application.
  2. On the main page, click on the "Account" icon in the lower right corner.
  3. Go to the "Settings" section and scroll to the "Help" item. Choose it.
  4. A page with reference information in the browser will be downloaded. In the Account Assues block, click on the link to delete.
  5. Do all the same steps that are presented in previous instructions.
меню приложения

Features of recovery

Within 3 months you can restore your mail (the same login and domain). However, all letters, contacts, archives, saved data, pages in services and any information can not be returned - they are destroyed completely at the time of deleting an account.

If you need to return only login, and the remaining data does not play any role, then use the recovery function:

  1. Open the link .
  2. In the input panel to the account, click the "Forgot Password?" Button.
  3. Specify email, which was deleted earlier. Click "Continue".
  4. If the address was not destroyed after 3 months, you can choose between several ways to recover: code per mobile number, backup mail, mobile application or application support.
способы восстановления

Deleting data from browser

So, you deleted the account, but the username and password are still automatically appear in the browser on the entrance page in To remove this information, you need to use the browser settings. Consider the process on the example of Google Chrome (similarly procedure is performed in other popular browsers):

  1. Open the main menu of the browser and go to the settings.
  2. In the "Auto-Complete" settings, click on Passwords.
  3. Find position in the list. For convenience, use the search by the site name.
  4. Open the optional menu (three-point button) and click Delete.
  5. If the list is a few saved passwords to the same login, then check the protective combination by clicking on the eye icon. After that, instead of points, the password symbols will appear.
удаление записи в менеджере

If you have not rebooted or did not close the page with the saved passwords, you can return the data back by the "Cancel" button.

Before you get rid of email, copy contacts, important letters, files and other information, because they cannot be restored. You can return my login within 3 months, after which this account will be destroyed from the system irrevocably. You can delete an account from any device connected to the Internet.

Как удалить почту в Mail

Many users create an email in order to simply register on several sites and forget about it. But that such, once created, the mailbox no longer bothered you, you can delete it. It is not difficult to do it, but at the same time, many do not even know about such an opportunity. In this article we will tell how to get rid of unnecessary mail.

How to delete an account in Mail.Ru

To forever forget about email, you need to make only a few clicks. Deletion does not take much time and everything you need - just remember the login and password from the box.

Attention! Removing your email, you also delete all the data on other projects. If necessary, you can restore the box, but the information that was stored there, as well as information from related projects is not subject to recovery.

  1. First of all, you need to go to your email from Вход в аккаунт

  2. Now go to the profile deletion page. Click on the button "Delete" . Страница удаления почтового ящика

  3. In the window that appears, you must specify the reason you delete the mailbox, enter the password from the mail as well as captive. After filling out all the fields, click on the button. "Delete" . Причины удаления

After completed manipulations, your email will be deleted forever and will not bother you anymore. We hope you learned something useful and interesting from our article.

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