How to draw a bowtie: step by pencil

рисуем бабочек
Deciding to write about how to draw a butterfly with a pencil stages, I realized that there should be no simple instruction with photos of the master class of other people or their video. In parallel, I will show how together with you will perform recommendations for beginners so that we have the most beautiful of the beautiful, the most winged of the winged, and the most unusual of the original, floral moths! Go! Читать далее »

Watch your own hands - DRIVE2

Hello everyone! I decided to write my first feedback. Well, experience with work on aquappite, so do not judge strictly)))) So closer to the topic, in Vladivostok, the Aqua Print service is very common, but this is not very cheap)))) and I decided to do it myself for a small experiment, I didn't find the film in Vladik and I didn't find the activator for her, too, so if anyone knows where to buy a film in Vladivostok, please write, I ordered a film from Peter Читать далее »

Yandex Dzen.

Mol, molar mass and grams - are these concepts somehow connected? Let's deal with this and shake the tasks on Molar Mass . To begin with, remember that mole - This is the amount of substance that contains 6.02 * 10 in the twenty-third part of the part (this is the number of Avogadro). Читать далее »

Itching in the rear aisle - why it begins how to get rid of whether prevention is symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prevention

From itching in the back passage suffers a large number of people, but few people speak about him. The phenomenon has various reasons - from hemorrhoids to problems with hygiene. Diagnostics and treatment are necessary if complaints are preserved for a long time and violate the quality of life. Therapy depends on the causes of itching and implies the prescription of drugs such as local and systemic effects. Читать далее »

Yandex Dzen.

The cultivation of asparagus in the garden is common. If we grow this useful, but so far a very exotic vegetable, then in large farms and agrofirms for sale. The thing is that the cultivation of this long-term culture is quite troublesome. First of all, you need to find a suitable planting material, wait for a couple of years of stable harvest and be sure to observe simple, but specific rules of agrotechnology. Читать далее »

Theater Square

Dear friends! You, of course, know that for productive work it is necessary to relax. One of the pleasant and cultural ways to rest has long been considered to visit the theater. But for the first doors, in the lobby, we fall into the world full of secrets and mysteries. In the literal sense of the word. We are captured by the stream of strangers, and often incomprehensible words: foyer, administrator, parquet, belt ... What to do? Where to find administrators? Where better to take a ticket: to parquet or belt? Where to find a foyer? Let's try to figure it out. Читать далее »