Hypertonus uterus - causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Гипертонус матки
Hypertonus Mattik - Pathological condition accompanied by an increased reduction ability of the myometrium, which appears a previously established date of birth. Among the clinical signs there is a visible voltage of the anterior abdominal wall, pulling pain at the bottom of the abdomen. To diagnose the hypertonus of the uterus, an objective examination of a woman and ultrasonic scanning is used. Additionally, blood tests can be performed on the definition of hormones. The treatment is to ensure complete rest, the appointment of sedatives, antispasmodic drugs, vitaminotherapy. Читать далее »

How to choose a steel door to the apartment?

защита от злоумышленников
So the moment came when you need to choose the entrance door to the apartment - moved to a new home, make repair or need to replace the former door. The question arises, to pay attention to when buying and what model to give preference. The entrance door is a complex design in which each element performs its mission. How to choose an entrance door correctly taking into account all technical features and your needs - learn in the article. Читать далее »

Where the ginger grows in Russia and what looks like: Description of species and cultivation with photos

The leaving from Asia is ginger, today is increasingly found in the diet of every person. As a medicinal product, immunomodulator, spice and just to improve appetite and taste. This unique plant is cultivated in almost all countries, there are farmers who grow culture and in Russia. Some housewives learned to grow a miracle root on their windowsill, not knowing all the nuances of its origin and conditions of growth. To fully understand what kind of flower, it is possible only after you know his story and where Ginger grow. Читать далее »

Kidnepping - What is it, or how to protect your child from serious trouble?

It is quite obvious that this is the most insidious and low, but at the same time, the most effective crime. Why? Yes, because Kidnepping in a very broad sense is the abduction of a person (from the English word Kidnap - abduct), but because of the Kid root (child) the meaning of this concept was narrowed to the abduction of children. And what could be for parents more expensive than children? All the infinitive labor of parents (apartments, cars, cottages, mink coats, jewels, stocks, furniture and other material goods) will never be compared with the fact that it is simply impossible to measure with monetary signs - with the life of his own child. A loving parent who could surrender to a harsh test of physical pain, will never endure torture the threat of his child's life. The goal of Kidnepping Banalna - on-line. Читать далее »

How to score rabbit - basic ways and step-by-step instructions

Rabbit breeding is a profitable business for a farmer. The animal meat is characterized by a good taste, has dietary properties. The skar is in demand for skin and fur products, decor. You can get high-quality meat and skin only observing the rules of slaughter. The process can cause unpleasant emotions in theory, but is not so complex in practice. Without him, no one breeder who wants to sell with rabbit products. So how to score rabbit? Читать далее »