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If briefly, Zrade is failed because of the Muscovites of Peremog.

The fundamental element of "Peresogi" is a specific Ukrainian worldview, absolutely incompatible with reality. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the final and inevitable part of any Peremii is "Zraday" (in Russian - betrayal), when a subtraction reality, not wanting to fulfill the roles put to it, betray Ukraine, self-sufficiency, unfortunately, cherry tincture, European integration and landed and becomes on Side Moskale.

For example, two more than a dozen years old we are observing a strange, but the life of the neighboring state, most of all reminiscent Circus. We look, baptized and rejoice that it is all not with us. Sympathize. Terrify. Smile.

Oh, these gopaciform demarchas! Oh, these shy "technical" gas fences! Oh, this gentlemanship in combination with the Kozatskaya Organizations! Everything, decisively everything is fine in you, Ukraine! And if in Russia, the riddle is where we undermine our bird-triple, then the mystery of Ukraine is how it still has not collapsed and has fallen into Tartarara with such symptoms and with such luck ...

Europeanized dill

Europeanized dill

Love for Ukraine in Russian lawyer Evgeny Arkhipova was very colorful: at first he announced the creation of the "Russian Republic" in Domodedovo, choosing the flag of the Ukrainian rebel army as a flag, then installed the stone of "Memory of Victims of Moscow occupation" in the Domodedovo forest with Ukrainian TRUZUB. The Ukrainian blogosphere met these events with delight - was made forecasts for the imminent decay of Russia, about the role of Ukraine as a lighthouse of freedom for all Russians, who squeezed out of themselves "Moskal / Katsapa". Then the archup lawyer declared himself to Transgender. The Ukrainian blogosphere was puzzled. This is "Peremog", which has become "zrade".

Another example: Not so long ago, the Ukrainian press reached the fact that the Ukrainian military-industrial complex managed to press Russian through the conclusion of a contract for the supply to Iraq BTrov. But instead of the victorious procession in the deserts of Iraq, 42 lightweight tribes for three months were frightened in the Persian Gulf, and then they were arrested off the coast of India and sold on scrap metal. This is also "Peremog", which has become "Zrade".

Another stubble is the "long-awaited reunification of Ukraine and Europe" in the form of signing the Association Agreement. The problem is that such a contract Europe does not conclude with countries that consider both European:

Algeria. Egypt. Israel. Jordan. Lebanon. Morocco. Mexico. Palestine. Tunisia. Chile. SOUTH AFRICA. This is a complete list of countries that have signed the Association Treaty with the EU.

Do you see here Europe? So do I.

Hi, Ukraine. You here.

What is "Zrade" for Ukrainians and when "Peremog" - "Facts" found out why Ukrainians in social networks so unequivocally perceive the news of political and public life and does this mean the immaturity of society

According to the "Dictionary of Ukrainian in 11 volumes", "Zraday" is:

Articles 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine State treason determines as:

The editor of the online publication "Kpіshnik" and the radio host on Radio KPI "Andrei Brodetsky says that the tendency in the Ukrainian Facebook to use terms # Zrade and # Peremoga appeared for a long time.

- jokes about "stump", "Zradu" and "Ganube" began to appear in social networks from about from the times of Euromaidan, when the information space became sharply politicized. Then many actively immersed in the events around the Euromaidan, became retransherators of news, theses and slogans associated with it. Political and public activists in their public speeches and posts in social networks often exaggerated with Paphos, so it looked pretty funny - when someone proclaimed a victory every day, just as people could hardly be a daily one who can be accused of treason. In response to this, some people began to ironize - snatch funny news, and overpower them with the signature of "Tse Zapog", "Zraday" or "Gang". For example, during the events in the Donbas, there was news that the herd of cows passed the border with Russia and ran away from Ukraine - of course, this betrayal - writes Andrei Brodetsky.

Andrei embodied the triad "Zraday", which his friends invented in the winter of 2015. At the same time, notes that over time, the ironic use of these words markers has become more popular, and politicians and public figures that began to seriously take these markers in their pathoral speeches, began to look ridiculous.

- The same fate has suffered a triad of Victory, treason and shame. It is difficult to name the exact period, but in about the winter of 2015, these jokes began to go to the mainstream, "Andrei notes.

To understand the nature of # Zraqa, Andrei, the same winter, conducted a slight study using Google Trends - a service that shows the popularity of requests in Google search engine. The blogger traded when the term "victory" of "treason" and "shame" Ukrainian users were looking for the most.

- Google Trends shows that since November 2013, the word "stump" is found in the news and search queries often (this is logical, because the "victory" is often used in sports news). Peak "Peresogi" on the Internet, despite new laws that rethink on May 9, it is necessary to celebrate the Victory Day. Peak "Zraday" - military failures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. August 2014 - Environments, February 2015 - Surroundings under Debaltsevo. The Peak "Gants" came to Debaltsevo, "says Andrei.

The blogger also noted that the popularity of these definitions actively affect the agents of political and military propaganda - both internal and external. Propaganda publics who sympathize with Novorossia, happily place news about any failures of Ukraine with the ironic asscription "next victory", or "treason!"

Community on Facebook, which characterizes itself as "News of Novorossia"

Psychologist, business consultant Oleg Homak suggests that such a polar position regarding the events that arise in political and military life, throwing out of extreme to extremes, the cries of "treason" and "victory" are a manifestation of society infantality. In part, information policy is to blame for this - due to the filing of information about constant heroism. This, according to the specialist, raised a radical position on the Internet and characterizes the immaturity of society.

- maturity appears after pain and hopeless experiences. This process is happening, just we are inside, these moments we worry right now. All these topics that "Donbass surrendered" and that he will "get some kind of special status" - exactly such experiences and losses, contribute to the fact that people begin to turn around, become mature, because they have injury behind them. Only against the background of disappointments, a person begins to form some kind of mature position, "the specialist reflects.

The psychologist also noted that the shocks in Ukraine had not yet passed to the end, despite the revolution and war.

Messages that an audience perceives like "betrayal" or "victory" usually concern the actions or inaction of the country's politicians and leadership, manifestations of the pro-Russian position, corruption, the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here are a few messages that can be found by hashtega # Zerad in Facebook:

A blogger, a correspondent of online publication "Letters" Peter Terentyev, in turn, notes that there is no "Zraqa" for him.

- I did not have illusions about this power and these political forces. I noted that they did not allow the country to fall asleep finally, supputed the pro-Russian foci and kept power throughout Ukraine as a whole. After a sharp jump in inflation, they could still hold the hryvnia towards the dollar on the figure 20, stop large-scale fighting. So, as for me, "treason", as such is not. There is a populism in which many for some reason believe, but I am not, "Petr noted.

Words markers "Zrada" and "Peremoga" spawned communities in which the trend towards total "granting" is ridicule. For example, the Ministry of the Treaty is stably equipped with a portion of "Zraday" with its "minister"

And the zrademeter will help any information to check for the subject of treason, victory or shame.

Alina Shvydko

Photo: vk.com.

The discussion of the Ukrainian themes very often makes the discussion participants face with words, the meaning of which they do not always fully understand. In the new Ukrainian reality there are many terms that often do not correspond to the initial meaning of words.

AIF.RU offers to your attention 7 Ukrainian words, the meaning of which you need to know for a better understanding of what is happening in the neighborhoods.

"Peremoga" - Translated from the Ukrainian "victory". In the Soviet period in Ukraine there was a huge number of settlements and collective farms with such a name, which was associated with the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

After "Euromaidan" "Peremog", first of all, began to designate the victory over the regime Yanukovych . Following this "stiff", they began to call the real and imaginary successes of the Ukrainian forces in the conflict in the Donbas, in confrontation with Russia, and in a broader sense - all the successes of the new authorities of Ukraine.

Due to the fact that the Ukrainians themselves admit that the regime Peter Poroshenko Often, it is trying to give a very dubious property for the "stress" of the phenomenon, in the Internet space "Peremog" began to be perceived in the ironic veneer, as well as "Zraday".

"Zraday" - Literally in Russian, the word is translated as "treason", "betrayal." The active use of this word in the Ukrainian political life began during the "Euromaidan" period. Initially, it was used to designate attempts to one or another opposition group to conclude an agreement with the regime of Viktor Yanukovych.

After the victory of Evromaidan, "Zrade" began to call very many phenomena, which, according to political activists, diverge with the fact that Maidan stood. "

Former Janukovych's comrades in the political life of Ukraine, the staff of power structures, avoiding lustration, Minsk agreements, the widespread use of the Russian language in everyday life and official speeches - all this "Zraday".

"Zrade" explained all defeats of the Ukrainian army from the militia forces. Also, Zrade is called the rest of Ukrainian tourists to the Crimea.

As a result, Zrade became an Internet meme, with the help of which all the failures in the life of Ukraine of the postmiden period are ironically played.

"HANDER" - Translated from the Ukrainian "Shame". Cuts "Gang!" They are part of the street protests, as well as the parliamentary confrontation in Ukraine from the moment of independence. "Gang!" Actively used during the periods of the "orange revolution" and "Euromaidan" as one of the main slogans of protest actions.

In the postmiden period, political activists in Ukraine declare "Ganube" any actions of the new government, which, in their opinion, disagree with the ideals of "Euromaidan".

In the Internet space "Gang" creates a "Greater Triad" with "Zrade" and "stimple". In the ironic presentation of Internet users, the essence of modern Ukrainian politics is to transform all the "Peresogi" in "Zradu" through "Ganube".

"Paint" - Translated from Ukrainian means "improvement". In the Ukrainian political life, this word appeared in 2010, when it was used in the presidential campaign of Viktor Yanukovych in the slogan: "Painting of Livya Vzhzh Sudzhnі" - "Improvement of life today!"

However, becoming the president, Yanukovych in one of the first performances said: "The company expects that today will be much better than yesterday. Of course, if we knew how it could be done, we would do it. But there is no such recipe. "

Yanukovych's opponents began to use "painted" in a satirical sense, calling so destroyed roads, critical state of utilities and so on.

The fall of Yanukovych did not lead to the disappearance of the term "painted": now it is so determined by the increase in tariffs, a decrease in the income of citizens and other negative phenomena in the life of Ukrainians after Euromaidan.

"HOLDERS" - Translated from Ukrainian means "predecessors". In the political life of Ukraine, the active use of this word began to thanks to the minister Nikolay Azarova . The head of government, describing the complexity in the economy, referred to the fact that their cause is the legacy of the "Holders", that is, managers of the period of the Board of the "Orange" team of the President Viktor Yushchenko .

After the overthrow of the Yanukovych regime, the studies began to call the figures of his team, including Nikolai Azarov himself. They are imposed on the heavy state of the economy now postmidden authorities.

In the Internet space, the word "studies" is used in an ironic key, they are called peculiar Ukrainian "scapegoats", blamed in everything.

"Svidomo" - Translated from Ukrainian means "conscious". The word "Svidomo" in Ukrainian political life began to enter the end of the eighties, when the period of the rapid growth of nationalist sentiment in Western Ukraine began. Under this term, "National Consciousness" was meant, the choice in favor of the whole Ukrainian as opposed to "alien" Russian.

In the period of "Euromaidan" and after him, "Svidomy" began to refer to its most radical followers, supporters of all sorts of restrictions of the consumption of Russian languages ​​in all spheres of public life, the most fierce fighters with "Russian aggression". The definition contains an ironic shade.

"Sobatchanin" - Translated from the Ukrainian "visiting workers", "Labor Migrant". This concept has become the Ukrainian analogue of the German word "Gastarbaiter" who has consolidated in Russian.

In the 1990-2000 years, the number of Ukrainian labor migrants, traveling to earnings both to the West and east, was calculated by millions.

The deterioration of the economic situation of Ukraine after the victory of Euromaidan, as well as the civil war broke out in the east in the east caused a new outflow of the workable population.

According to the estimates of Ukrainian experts, today "Sobatchanians" are from 6 to 8 million citizens of the country: this is a third of the entire workable population. Over the past five years, according to the National Bank of Ukraine, they were transferred to their homeland through banks and international payment systems about 30 billion dollars. About 5 billion were imported into the country in the form of cash.

A visa-free regime with the EU, which was one of the main "gingerbread" "Euromaidan", many Ukrainians consider how the opportunity to go to work in more prosperous countries.

According to TNS Online Track's survey, in 2016, 65% of the surveyed Ukrainians indicated that they would like to leave the country, and 20% want to go abroad to permanent residence. Sociologists note that in the last two years the number of people who wanted to leave the ride doubled. How ironically noted on the network, this is the process of the evolution of "Svidomo" in the "Sobitchan".

View topic - State - who to put instead of Lenin?"The fundamental element of the" Peresogi "is a specific Ukrainian worldview, absolutely incompatible with reality. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the final and inevitable part of any Peresogi is" Zraday "(in Russian - betrayal), when a subitance reality, not wanting to fulfill the roles put on it, Poses Ukraine, self-sufficiency, unfortunately, cherry tincture, euro integration and sacrifice and becomes on the side of Moskal ... "http://www.politforums.ru/ukraine/13822 76863.html.

... In general, the theory of replacement was formulated by the so-called. Collective Svidomo through Ukrainian media, social networks and a totality of actions that can be called "Extended Maidan" (where, in addition to the Maidan itself, there are various kinds of public events, marches, rallies, and so on.). The theory of replacement is the result of the generalization of not only the experience of Svidomo movement in Ukraine, but also the experience of world Svidomo movement as a whole, discloses common patterns and the specifics of the approval of absolute Peresogi. The most comprehensive expression of the theory of replacement is the following:

Nothing in Ukraine makes sense, except in the light of constant rear over Moskali.

In order to reveal the essence of the Peresogi, it is necessary to give it to define.

Peremoga - there is an event, in one form or another that approves the superiority of the Ukrainian National Sweetheart (ONS) over Moskali.

Since the ONS has superiority over Moskali by default, any occurrence of the Event is the essence of Peremog. However, this statement needs a clarification because there is a so-called. "Paradox Klyachih Moskaliv". In order for the disclosure of this topic to be possible, it is necessary to introduce an additional concept of the zraq.

Zrade is failed because of the Muscue of Peremog

Zrama is determined by the formula:

S p + km, where

Z - Zradap - Plogach - Klyati Moskali

Thus, based on the definitions, the zrade is also stiff, although failed (this often leads to confusion in specific cases: what did the place - tolery or the zrade?). Ultimately, the entire Zrama has a rational explanation with thedz. OTP, since, by eradicating the moskale factor, it becomes standard. These provisions allow you to introduce the concept of absolute ingredients.

Absolute stamp is a combination of all reasings, including zraks, of which the Factor of the Moskaliv Klyatih factor is excluded.

In other words, the absolute stamp essence is the ideal to which collective Svidomo strives. From the definition, it is inevitably it follows that to achieve absolute Peresogi, all the zraqs should be translated into the category of standard reasings, which is possible only after complete removal of the moskali b factor.

At the moment there are many methods for removing this factor (knives, gillyak, execution of atomic weapons, etc.). However, dear colleagues, I will not more take your time, I will only note that the overall theory of replacement is quite promising and has many private issues requiring grant financing.

Mandatory components of absolute Peresogi:

1. Each Svidomo Ukr is rich. All neighbors of Svidomo Ukra is poor. There is no one in Ukraine, except for Svidomo Ukrov, especially Jews and Moskalei.4. Ukraine is a tolerant European country.5. Moskali completely destroyed .6 Moskali pay to Ukraine repair and give gas. Kolomoisky hero, because liquid breeder.8. Kolomoisky is hanged, because liquid breeder.9. Donbass and Crimea are not needed, because they are subsidized, but only alcoholics and drug addicts live there. Donbass and Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine. Poroshenko sits in prison as the minister for Yanukovych, oligarch and founder PR.12. Poroshenko Father Nation as president of Ukraine.13. The Ukrainian army does not shoot in civilians.14. Excellent, colorates fought! 15. The Ukrainian army is fighting with the Russian army.16. There are no losses for the Ukrainian army.

Quantum polar theory

The quantum theory of Peresogi is built on a number of principles, absurd from the point of view of the classical or general theory of replacement (OTP) and common sense. The KTP applies to the micro level in the information space, it provides only a statistical impact on the real world. These are these principles (for the convenience of readers, formulas are not given):

Principle of quantization replacement: There is no infinitely low ground. The minimum unit of Peremogi is one tweet.

Checked Corollary 1: The energy of the reinforce depends not on the number of information and the applied effort, and on the frequency of the twittees. Checklifiable Corollary 2: Endless, it is also an absolute stamp (AP) is achieved only with the infinite frequency of twittes.

Ban Pauli: There are no two identical reasings at the same time. However, there may be the same twittes corresponding to different swing.

The principle of uncertainty reinforcement: no tolerant can not be exactly positioned in any space, nor in time or in information content at the same time. The higher the accuracy of one of the coordinates, they are lower in two others.

Checked Corollary 1: The Pads, confirmed by a large number of text, photo or video relate or to another country or another epoch. Checked Corollary 2: None of the stir cannot be distinguished from the zrake by measurement and analysis.

The principle of confusion: random fluctuations of the information space always give birth to a couple of staring-zrade. In this case, any attempts to influence the progress in the same way affect the Zrade tangled with it.

The principle of corpuscular-wave dualism: Peremog can go into any gap. If the slots are somewhat, the stamp passes in all the cracks at the same time, and even where the gaps would seem not.

The verifiable consequence: if the rejection eating 2 apples, give a whole bag, it will eat 2, and the rest is per capita, giving birth a unique interference pattern.

The principle of superposition: In the absence of observation, there is a possibility of implementing absolutely any of the moves and even everyone at the same time.

Checked Consequence: In the presence of the observer, the collapse of Peresogi occurs.

The existence of a special observer: if the observer from the OSCE - the Collapse of Peresogi does not occur. If the observer from the Muscovites - Peremog is degenerated into Zrade.

Copenhagen Interpretation: Under Collapse, the universes are repeatedly copied, and each of the copies occurs one of the possible implementations or regeneration of Peresogi.

Copenhagen Interpretation Copulation: 1) There is an universe, consisting exclusively out of rebound) There is an universe, consisting exclusively from Zrad3) There is an universe without moskale4) Poops can randomly tunneling into neighboring universes.

By analogy with the SI system, I propose to introduce the SU system. When mentioning the SU system, the audience is obliged to respond "GS".

As an example, I propose an elementary unit for measuring the influence of the Moskaliv swinging, leading to the appearance of the zraqa - 1 emery (1 H).

1000 emery 1 kilochetack (1 kN) 1 Moskal (1 m) 1000 Moskale 1 kilometer (1 km) 1 Putin (1 P)

I ask to offer measurement options for Peresogi (more precisely, different types of rear, as even the stamps in the bandars and stumps in Killomchuk - these are different movements, not to mention 1 fat), as well as possible amendments to the Factor of the Moskaliv swatter and generally to the SU system ( GS) in general.

... I think 1 Putin is equal to 1 Thermospalku IMHO that and 1.5 or 2 - 2.25 giga churkin or the same gig Lavrov ... Some of the Peresi can be measured in parats:

For example, dropping hryvnia from 15 to 16 is a total of 1 painted. And here is a 100 green discount. This is a whole 1500 painted! Or even 1600! Watching when it happens. ... oh! Amendment ratio! 1 Putin 143 666 931 Muscovites * 0.84, which is a muroskal. "But so well" (C)

Calculate the formula of the mois, in the coordinate system of Zraday, Klyatih Moskaliv and Peremogi:

P (UKR) Democracy - Curseyatiranyanukovich + AmericanAnPomogi - Tymchuk "LOSS NO" + CrimehchoChtukhoica - Winter + Free Russian Gas

"In all phenomena taking place in Ukraine, the stamp does not occur and does not disappear, it only turns out of one species in another, while its importance is preserved. There are two types of replacement. Thus, over time, the PPCs turn into the zradays and back to the ground, while the value is preserved. It should be understood that the total replacement consists of the amount of kinetic movements and potential PEMs (Zraqa). Tinetic stamp is equal to the brain mass of the brain of the galloping individual presidents. "

Author: Kukarek. Styuto from here: http: //owap.so/one3008264/#nav

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