How to delete all photos VK - Saved and personal photos

Many concerns the question of how to remove the photo in VK all at once. This is relevant if the album has hundreds or even thousands of photos. Let's deal with how to do it.

Editing a personal page on a social network VKontakte business is completely usual for any user. You can change the basic settings, contacts, interests, add new wall entries and delete old. In one of my articles, I wrote how to quickly delete all the entries from the Wall VK. I advise you to get acquainted.

Now it's time to affect the theme of photos and pictures in a personal profile. All of them are stored in the albums, the names whom the user will lend himself. No matter how you downloaded a photo on a social network: using built-in features or third-party tools. The removal process is always the same - on one photo.

How to delete photos of the VK standard means of the site

This is the easiest way to remove photos from the social network. You need to go to a personal page, and then go to the section "Photos" .

All the images you add to the wall, or through the photo section will be stored here in different albums. And to remove all photos, do as follows.

  • You are displayed in the photo in order from new to the old. Select the option to be removed. The photo will open in full with additional parameters below. There will be a "Delete" button. How to remove photos in VK all and immediately from all albums
  • After pressing it, the photo will be deleted, but immediately the "Restore" button will appear above, if the user suddenly changed over. How to delete photos of the VK standard means of the site

Of course, if you do not want other users to see certain photos, but also to delete them there is no desire, then hide them will be the best option. First, images can be downloaded to a computer, and remove from the social network. Secondly, move them to an album that is closed by privacy settings. That's how to do it.

  • Go to the "Photos" section.
  • Choose at the top "Create Album" option.
  • Give the name and description album, and in the two lower points, mark the parameters "Only I" .
  • Click "Create an album". How to delete photos of the VK standard means of the site
  • Open the photo you want to transfer and send the mouse cursor to the "still" item.
  • Select the "Transfer to the album" option. How to Delete Photos VKontakte Standard Tools

That's all.

How to remove a whole album in VK with all photos

For multiple deletion of photos of VKontakte, you can not spend your time cleaning files one by one, and delete a whole album or albums. All images that are stored there is destroyed without a trace.

So, how to remove all photos at once? It is safe to delete albums and that's what you need to do.

  • Open the section "Photos" VKontakte.
  • Click on an unnecessary album.
  • Select the "Edit Album" item. How to Delete Photos VKontakte Standard Tools
  • At the top of the right find a button "Delete album" . How to remove a whole album in VK with all photos
  • Confirm the action.

The disadvantage of this method is that to return remote photos will not be released, as is the deletion of one file.

And what to do if there are important photos in the album and clean the album in this case simply no desire. In this case, there is also a solution.

  • Open an album where there are photos to delete.
  • Click on item "Edit album" .
  • A selection circle will appear above all the photos.
  • Select those photos you need to delete.
  • Slightly we find the "Delete" option.
  • Confirm the action.

How to remove a whole album in VK with all photos

In the same way, several files can be transferred at once to another album.

How to quickly delete saved photos in VK

With the preserved photos, it would seem that everything is more difficult, because the album cannot be removed there, and the number of elements can be calculated by hundreds and thousands. But there is a way out.

Go to the album with saved photos and click on the link "Edit album" .

A circle will appear on all elements, by pressing which the photo will be marked. So you can select multiple files and delete. Just right at the top will appear a reference "Choose all photos" What will save a bunch of time if you decide to clean the entire album.

How to remove saved photos in VK

If you do not want to delete saved photos from VKontakte, you can hide the album in privacy settings.

Cleaning the album of saved photo by the application

In the "Games" section of VKontakte, there is a photo transfer application. It helps manipulate photos of the entire profile VK.

For example, if for some reason it is impossible to delete all saved pictures, they can be moved to the album you created using the application. That's how it works.

  • In the "Games" section, enter the key phrase and run the application "Photo transfer" .
  • We look at the "where" block. Here you choose the album from which the photo will be transferred, for example, "saved".
  • In another block "Where", choose the album we created.
  • Click Ctrl and choose the items you want to transfer. You can click the "All" button.
  • Press the "Move" button.

Cleaning the album of saved photo by the application

Thus, you can carry pictures from the album to the album almost instantly. And then delete them.

Removing photos VKontakte using the script

On the Internet, you can often meet the scripts written by enthusiasts that simplify work with the social network. In this case, there is a script that helps you remove photos from VC. Take one popular code.

  1. Go to the "Photos" of the social network.
  2. Being on this tab, press the CTRL + SHIFT + I key combination to open the code editor.
  3. Go to the "Console" tab.
  4. Choose an album that I want to clean.
  5. Open the first photo.
  6. Insert the following code into the console and click the Enter key.

setinterval ('a = 0; b = 1; while (a! = b) {photoview.deletephoto (); a = cur.pvindex; (false, cur.pvindex + 1, null); B = CUR. pvindex;} ', 3000);

How to remove all photos in VC using the script
Click to enlarge

We are waiting and do not touch anything. So I thought it turned out to remove all photos from the album. With the stored photo, by the way I did not try, but it can work.

If an error is triggered after re-action, it means that automatic removal of photos turned on in VKontakte. You need to wait a few hours or even a day. Then the action can be repeated.

How to remove photos from albums in VK from phone

Whatever client VKontakte for Android or IOS you have had there is a function of deleting and downloading a photo and video. Delete photos of VKontakte from the smartphone is easier than simple. I'll show you on the example of two applications - the official client and Kate Mobile.

Instructions for the Official Customer:

  1. Open the section "Photos".
  2. Open any photo and click on three points on the right above.
  3. Select the "Delete" option.
  4. Confirm deletion on the point "Yes".

How to remove photos in VK from the phone

Albums can also be deleted here. If you create some kind of album you created, the delete option will be located in the same section where three points at the top on the right on the screen.

To transfer an item to another album, open any photo, press three points, tap your finger on the Edit item, and then select the "Move to the album" option.

Instructions for Kate Mobile:

There are many different versions and modifications of this client for VKontakte. Nevertheless, the functionality is practically no different. I use the last at the moment version 52.4.

  1. Open the application and go to the "Profile" section, and then in the "Photo" subsection.
  2. Open some item.
  3. On the right there will be three points - click.
  4. Select "Delete".
  5. Confirm the action.

How to remove photos in VK with smartphone

Here, when you click on the "Edit" option, there is the possibility of transferring photos to other albums.

Unfortunately, applications can only work in one image.

How to remove all photos in the VKontakte dialog

There are personal dialogues and conversations in the social network, where people exchange not only text messages, but also images, video files and music or voice messages. All this can be deleted, but there are several nuances.

First, VKontakte does not have a functionality that would remove only multimedia data in the correspondence. You will need to do it manually and one file. Secondly, remote files will disappear only with you, but the source will remain.

For the first day, you can delete any message or photo from you and the interlocutor, but then it is impossible to do it (messages are removed only with you). In Messenger Telegram, now there is no such problem, since you can delete any types of messages from both interlocutors for any time.

How to remove all photos in the VKontakte dialog

Look at how many files in attachments are in dialogs with your friend. For several years, many hundreds of hundreds may be gained, if not thousands. If you want to get rid of them, you will have to remove completely dialogue both and a friend.

That's all. Now you have learned how to remove photos in VC immediately or one by one, figured out with albums saved by photos and dialogues.

It is also worth remembering one small internet commandment - "Once that the Internet remains there forever" .

Due to the fact that many users in the social network "VKontakte" constantly post their photos here and share them with other people, the site developers try to add various interesting features that expand working with images. For example, here you can celebrate your friends in the pictures, pointing to a specific area where the user is located so that in the future the people see this photo, they knew exactly who is located on it. Sometimes these marks are left mistaken, or the user can simply want to remove the mark with themselves on a specific photo.

In this article we will tell you in detail about how you can quickly remove such a mark with the photos in this social network.

How to delete photos with me "VKontakte" on your computer?

To remove such a mark, you must first go to the full computer version of the site and continue to open directly the photo on which the mark was left. You can find all these snapshots quickly through a special album "Photos with me". While in viewing this picture, on the right side you need to hover the mouse over the link to your page, after which the special cross will appear, to which you need to click so that the mark is retired. Immediately after removing this mark, the user mention will disappear from this picture.

It is also worth noting that before reference to the user will be added to the picture on which it was noted, the user will receive a special notice in which it can immediately reject the possibility of adding his page as a mention of this picture.


In addition to simple removal of the mark, the user can also remove the picture itself from his album "Photos with me" so that this picture is no longer met on his personal page.

At least once in life, each of us discovered himself in a snapshot, which is better to hide from prying eyes. Let's deal with how to delete photos with your participation.

Methods for removing the mark

  1. Do not confirm your belonging. Ways Removal Mark
  2. If the first point is non-compliance, go to the "Photos with me" album, select the desired image. On the right above comments published a list of people in the frame. In blue, those who agreed with the label are displayed, their profile can be viewed. Mouse over your name and click on the cross. Update the page. Ready.

Check mark


  1. Remember that even when performing both conditions, you get rid of the photo only at home. It will still continue from a friend. Therefore, better ask to remove the snapshot forever.
  2. As a last resort, contact technical support. However, the reason "dislike as I look" will not pass.

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How to delete photos with me VKontakte

In the social network of VKontakte, each user, if desired, can apply in the photo and just pictures special marks speaking your or whose presence in the picture. Each such card later automatically falls into a special album, but can be removed. As part of this article, we will tell how to remove similar photos.

Removing a photo with me VK

To date, the procedure under consideration is possible by two methods to clean the photo or in removing only marks. At the same time, only the author of the picture and the label is available to the full way, since otherwise the rights to edit will otherwise be strongly limited.

Method 1: Removing the mark

The present solution can be called the most secure and affordable, allowing you to get rid of photos from you without removing cards and all the associated information like likes. In terms of implementation, the approach is almost completely similar to the considered procedure in another article. In addition, this is the only method that does not require the author of the snapshot or mark.

Read more: How to remove VK mark

  1. Open site VKontakte and through the main menu. Go to page. "Photos" . Here you need to find a block "Albums" and choose a folder "Photos with me" .

    Go to the album photos with me on VKontakte website

    In this folder, all images are automatically located where your page was marked, including other people's marks and your own. Deleting an album occurs automatically in the absence of appropriate cards, because each snapshot will have to be removed manually.

  2. Selection of photos with me on VKontakte website

  3. Click on one of the photos in the album and look at the right side of the image viewing. Next to paragraph "In this photo" There must be a number of marks, but, as a rule, no more than 50 pieces.
  4. View marks to photos on VKontakte

  5. To get rid of the label, click on the icon with a cross next to the name, and on this procedure can be completed. The action will be available only for your mark, that is, if there is someone else's photo on someone else's photo, you can remove only a link to your page.
  6. Removal marks to photos on VKontakte

  7. For some time after deletion, the link will be available. "Reestablish" allowing you to return the mark. Get rid of it, as well as apply the changes, you can, moving into another section of the site or updating the page.
  8. Ability to restore marks in the photo VKontakte

Note the method is available only in the full version of the website when both the album is implemented in the application and in the mobile version. "Photos with me" and labels on the images. Thus, in any case, you will have to use a browser on a PC or regime "The full version of the site" In the mobile version on the smartphone.

Method 2: Deleting Photos

An alternative solution is to delete directly the images themselves using standard social network tools. Available similar exclusively to the author of the image, downloaded the image to the site, and it was described in detail in detail in another instruction.

Example of deleting a photo with a mark on VKontakte

Read more: How to remove a photo VK

Due to the specifics of the album "Photos with me" Here it is unlikely to complete the mass removal of pictures, since the algorithms of special applications this folder is ignored and the editing itself does not themselves. In this regard, the implementation will have to perform all actions manually.

Despite the high requirements for time costs, both methods allow you to achieve the desired goal by completing the photo removal.

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