How to view FPS in the game CS GO

Under the reduction of FPS, the concept of personnel frequency is assumed (from the English Frames Per Second). In fact, FPS is an indication of how often frames are changing for a certain unit of time (in our case, per second) in computer games.

Many gamers are interested in how to see FPS in CS GO Although very often do not represent that it is exactly that this characteristic and which indicator is optimal. In our material we will try to show and tell you all the subtleties of display and tracking this indicator.

How to find out the FPS in the COP And why is it needed?

Tracking your FPS value during the game is an important stage of the selection and settings of the equipment and, directly, the CS GO itself for a comfortable gameplay. Unlike ping, the higher the FPS message - the better. A higher indicator means that the frames of the game varies more often, so the picture for our eyes is moving more smoothly. With a low FPS indicator, the entire image in the game can literally "sail", interrupt, move with noticeable frames.

The command for displaying the FPS in CS GO is important because the game is an active shooter and the smallest braking here are simply unacceptable. That is why players seek to get the highest possible value that allows you to play comfortable. How to find out this indicator right in the game?

Display FPS. in Game

In total, there are several ways to find out the current FPS indicator directly in the game, without using third-party software. To do this, you need to know special commands for FPS in CS GO. They are used in the same way as other commands introduced into the developer console. We have already written about how to open the console and start working with it.

The game provides for two different commands displaying this indicator.

  • Cl_Showfps 1. - A command used to display only one FPS parameter. After switching on, it will be displayed in the upper left corner. Value 1 - Enable, value 0 - Disconnection.

  • NET_GRAPH 1. - Another team for FPS in the COP with a wider functionality. In particular, on your screen, a number of technical designations that are necessary for players will be displayed, including the Tick Server Tick Values, Ping, SV, Var Indicators and others. Value 1 - Enable, value 0 - Disconnection.

Both teams give reliable numbers, so you can choose the most comfortable option for you.

What FPS. Is optimal?

For novice players, it is difficult to understand which indicator can be optimal for the game. In fact, there is no clear table with definitions and comparisons of the FPS value and the quality level of the game. However, this approximate table can be made independently:

  • Up to 30 FPS is a low level that practically does not allow steadily to play CS GO.
  • From 30 to 40 FPS - permissible low level at which you can play in CS GO. There are braking, it is inconvenient to play, difficult.
  • From 40 to 60-80 FPS - a comfortable level in which hangs practically does not occur.
  • Above 80-100 FPS is the most comfortable level of the game when the gamer does not prevent anything in high quality situations.

If you have a low value of this indicator, you should find out how to make the FPS in the COP higher using various manipulations with settings, additional software or ironing of your computer.


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How to raise FPS in the COP

In this guide we will give the answer to the question how to raise the FPS in the COP. We provide the necessary startup parameters to enhance the FPS. And be sure to give all the necessary commands that will allow you to increase FPS in CS: GO. All advice are relevant both for 2018 and for 2019. Apply the recommendations presented below can be both on Windows 7 and Windows 10 on a weak PC and on a laptop.

What is FPS and why worries about him?

FPS is a frame rate, which is an important characteristic for video games, especially for dynamic multiplayer adventures. The characteristic of the "Frames per second" exactly corresponds to the sound - how many frames (or images) will display your monitor every second.

The increase in FPS in the COP CE creates a more beautiful picture. To feel the difference, you can watch videos or play with standard 30 FPS quality, and then with increased 60 FPS.

Many games about beautiful virtual worlds. For example, when you explore CS: GO, it would be nice to see the depth of flowers and shapes on the images of various cards. For multiplayer games, FPS is an important characteristic. Something can happen for the fractions of a second, so players must react immediately. To find out the FPS in the COP on your computer or laptop, do the following steps below.

How to increase FPS in the COP

Low FPS in CS: GO is the result of computer weakness. The best solution for increasing the frame rate in the game can be the purchase of a better PC, but it is not always possible.

You can customize the game in accordance with the real possibilities of your device, reducing the video quality, which will increase definitely FPS.

Console Commands of the COP TO increase FPS:

  • To disable particles and small objects - R_DRAWPARTICLES 0 and FUNC_BREAK_MAX_PIECES 0;
  • Remove flash and additional light effects - muzzleflash_light 0, R_DRAWTRACERS_FIRSTPERSON 0, R_DYNAMIC 0 and MAT_DISABLE_BLOOM 1;
  • FPS_MAX 60 - change the value according to the actual power of your computer;
  • Use the FPS_MAX 0 command to disable any FPS restrictions.

Remember that FPS obsession can distract you from the very essence of CS: GO - fun in the game. Perhaps it would be better to attach all the necessary efforts to improve performance, and then remove the FPS indicator and enjoy the game process.

How to see FPS in the COP

Viewing the actual frame rate helps a lot when setting up a game for better performance - you should see if there is a problem.

  1. Open the Steam application.
  2. Click in the "Steam"> Settings menu.
  3. In the window that opens, select the Tab: "In the game" (in-game) in the left menu.
  4. Find "Displaying frame frequency" and set its position on the screen (from top to bottom, from left to right);
  5. To clearly see the FPS indicator, mark the "high contrast of the frame counter".
  6. Click the "OK" button. Now everything is ready and figures displaying the frame rate will be output in green in the location you specify on the screen.

How to see FPS in the COP

Find a "frame frequency display"

Find "Display Frequency Frames" Mark the "High Contrast of the Counter of Frames"

Figures displaying frame frequency will be output with green

This is the easiest way to Steam Show FPS for each game. See Data in the game online game.

Console team to turn on the FPS counter in the COP

  • Cl_Showfps 1 - The indicator will be displayed in the game. Use numbers from 2 to 5 as values ​​to see additional information;
  • Cl_Showfps 0 - command To remove the indicator;
  • NET_GRAPH 1 - Alternative CS GO FPS (NetGraph CSGO), which automatically includes additional technical data on the indicator. Again, the value 0 disables the counter (NET_GRAPH 0);
  • Tie cl_showfps 1 and cl_showfps 0 commands with buttons to activate them at any time.

To do this, add the following code to the autoexec.cfg file:

  • Bind + "Net_Graph 1";
  • Bind - "NET_GRAPH 0".

Change - and + using your buttons on the keyboard. Examine what AUTOEXEC.CFG file is.

This is the easiest way to enable FPS in CS: GO or view using the developer console.

Another way to show the FPS in the COP

If you have a video card from NVIDIA Install the GeForce Experience software. Next, follow these steps:

  • Go to "Settings";
  • Find the Inexper Overlay item;
  • In the menu that opens, select "HUD Location";
  • Next, click on the Personnel Counter.
  • To the right, specify the location on the screen in the "Location" menu, where the FPS indicator in the COP;
  • Even the right there is visualization in the form of a monitor.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Find the item "In-Board Overlay"

Choose "HUD Location"

Click on the Personnel Counter

How to remove the indicator of the FPS in CS: GO

Do reverse steam or NVIDIA GeForce Experience, as shown below:

  • In Steam, in the "Display Frequency Display" settings, select "Disabled";
  • Click on the button "OFF. »In the" Frame Frequency Counter "menu NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

How to remove the indicator of the FPS in CS: GO

Click on the button "OFF. »In the" Forecheter Counter "menu

How many FPS is enough to play in CS: GO

Let's not talk about the ancient devices where the game in CS: Go rather resembles a slideshow. High-level computers are correctly triggered by CS: Go, so their happy owners can forget about FPS and enjoy the game.

Examine the system requirements CS: Go, as far as the parameters of your PC correspond to this game. It would be nice to check the frame rate CS: go, if you have a middle class computer, like most players;

  • 0-30 FPS - Such characteristics are too low for a normal game. You will experience lagows that poorly affect the results of matches;
  • 30-60 FPS - Basic frame rate, allowing to play normally. The graphics will be quite simple, but the multiplayer interaction will be fairly fast;
  • 60-100 FPS - medium and even good level. You will not have any obstacles to the demonstration of your gaming skills. Weak computers may have performance problems if you push them to such a frequency of frames;
  • 100-300 FPS - very good performance, with excellent graphics and practically impeccable synchronization with the server.

If you want to improve your CS: GO rank, make sure your computer is capable of something more than 30 frames per second. Play CS: GO with low FPS can be difficult, and your results may not fit your real skills.

Using the instructions from the SkinKeen command, you quickly turn on or turn off the FPS frame meter in the COP. The main thing is that this figure can only distract you from the match. We recommend focusing precisely on the game with the cool CS: GO skins, and not on the numbers in the corner of the screen.

CS: Go To date, one of the most popular online games in the world and rightfully deserves our attention with you. But, unfortunately, a number of players have problems with FPS. In this article, we will deal with how to fight the FPS on your computer in the KSGO. Consider the startup parameters and climb into the video card settings.

How to open the launch parameters in CS: GO

In order to open the startup settings window in the COP go, you need to open Steam -> Click on CS: Go Right-click -> Select Properties -> Set the startup parameters and specify the parameters published below.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

How to Show FPS in the COP

In order to show the FPS in CS: Go there are several ways. The first one is like through the game console. Just make sure that it is turned on. This can be done in the settings of the game itself. Open the console, as a rule, the letter of the Russian letter "E" and in the window that appears, enter the first "CL_SHOWFPS 1" command. Accordingly, to disable the counter you want to enter the "cl_showfps 0" command.

The second command "Net_Graph 1" shows not only FPS, but also other counters, such as ping and packet transmission, etc. Disable also by writing "NET_GRAPH 0". Many professional players use the second team, but the choice of taste and color.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

In addition, the FPS display can be enabled through Steam. Steam -> Settings -> in the game -> Display Frequency Frames -> Set Corner

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

In fact, the option that the developers provide is not so bad, I would say it is optimal, since inconspicuous and nothing stands out, and when you need to see, you will always notice him.

Let's go now to how much time to raise performance in CS: GO. One option is to work with the launch parameters.

Run 2020 startup parameters

+ FPS_MAX 0. - removes frame limit per second. -D3D9EX - Allows the player to quickly turn and deploy the game. Reduces the load on the processor by 40%. -Novid. (disables the screensaver when you start the game) -High (Specifies high priority for CS: GO) + Mat_Queue_Mode 2. (Multi-core) -Freq 144. (Your monitor update rate) -Refresh 144. (the same as -freq) - Threads 2. (Number of your nuclei) -Noaafonts. (removes font smoothing) -Noipx (Disable LAN) -Nojoy (Turning off Jostka) -Nosync. (Turning off vertical synchronization) -Disable_d3d9ex (for 2 GB RAM) the parameters of the start of the COP of which few people knew .- wavonly (Disables the DirectSound and causes the engine to try to play all the sounds in PCM format) -limitvsconst. (Limits the number of vertex shaders maximum 256) -SoftParticlesDefaultOff (Maintains visualization of particles without decisive) -32bit (Forcibly starts the engine in 32-bit mode) -Noasync. (Disables asynchronous file system access) -NomessageBox. (Stop displaying different error messages) -Nosteamcontroller (Disables Steam Controller) -NO_Compressed_Verts. (Disables the compression of the vertices for shaders.) -MoniTeterTuresize 0. (Set the texture size used for visualization) -ReflectionTexturesize 0. (Become the size of the texture used to display the reflection and refraction of the Water Shader in real time) -PrimarySound (Forced uses the main sound buffer )+ CL_UPDATERATE 128. - Maximum number (per second) of the requested package updates from the server + CL_CMDRATE 128. - Maximum number (per second) shipped to the server packages

Setting the startup parameters may look like this:

-Novid -D3D9EX -Threads (Number of your kernels) -tickrate 128 -refresh (Your cleanliness of the monitor update) -High + Cl_Updaterate 128 + Cl_cmdrate 128 + EX_INTERPRATIO 1 + RATE 128000.

Game Settings CS: GO

If you have a weak computer, it is recommended to set the following settings:

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

NVIDIA setup instructions for CS: GO

We go to the NVIDIA settings. To do this, follow: Start -> Control Panel -> NVIDIA Control Panel.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

We choose in the left corner "Adjusting the image settings with viewing" and set the circle to the "Custom Settings" item: And in the menu that opens, pull the tongue to the end to the left.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

Next, click on the "Manage 3D Parameters" item.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

Open the "Software Settings" tab and select a program to configure, select the file. CS: go.exe.

Then simply exhibit the values ​​that are presented in the image.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

AMD Setup

It's still easier. Come in the Radeon settings and set the same settings as screenshots and the game will play with new colors and FPS.

You can enter the program as follows: By right-clicking on the desktop and select "Radeon Settings", or go to Start and enter "AMD Radeon Setting" in search.

How to increase the FPS in the COP GO 2020

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The most important parameter for a comfortable game.

Playing CS: GO with a low FPS indicator is very difficult and uncomfortable, because the picture in the game ceases to be smooth. Because of this, many players are interested in how to find out their FPS in CS: go. Today we will tell you all about FPS in the shooter and show how to see how much FPS gives CS: GO.

FPS is an indicator that demonstrates the number of frames per second, which displays the game. The larger the FPS in the COP: th, the more pleasant the game and the easier it is to fill a lot of frags. However, the FPS in the COP: the card is not always stable. Sometimes it falls due to problems with the performance of the computer or because of the large number of models on the screen, so the FPS is better to follow as often as possible.

Here are the most popular ways to find out your FPS in the CS: go.

Register the FPS command in the console

In order to enable the console, you need to go to the settings and click on the game tab. In the very top of this type of settings, the "Enable Developer Console" parameter will be in which you need to put "yes". After that, you can go to the console, which opens by default when you click on the letter "E" on the keyboard.


Once you have enabled the console, open it and write the NET_GRAPH 1 command in it, which will add a special window to an interface with important information. ONL will help you constantly control the FPS in the COP: th, even if you are not on the server. The amount of FPS in the window is changing in real time and is shown in the lower right corner.

Set the parameter in the settings of the style

FPS in CS: GO can also be checked using the style settings. To do this, go to the Steam settings where you can get through the menu in the upper left corner of the program.


In the settings you need to select the "in the game" tab, and then enable "Display Frame Frequency". You can also set the location where the amount of FPS will be displayed.

That's how it will look like.

Using third-party programs

You can also check the FPS in the COP: go through special programs. The most popular of them are FRAPS, which is used by many to record video. To find out your FPS indicator through this program, you must start it and go to the FPS tab. After that, you can simply run CS: GO - the number of FPS will be displayed in the corner.

You can also use the FPS MONITOR program, which not only allows you to see the amount of FPS in CS: Go, but also displays other important performance indicators. The program will also work after the first launch - it will be enough to go to the COP: go.

All these methods differ in each other, but each of them is able to show your FPS to the CSD: go. The easiest way will be a special command in the CS: GO console, but all other methods will also show you the correct amount of FPS.

How to see FPS in the COP

FPS is an important indicator reflecting the number of frames per second. With its low value of the COP, it will be lagged all the time, so killing opponents will be extremely hard. After reading this article, you will learn how to enable the FPS counter in the COP at least 7 ways.

7 ways to check the FPS in the COP

1 Method - Command NET_GRAPH 1

Go to the COP go and open the console.

Go to the COP go and open the console

Dial the NET_GRAPH 1 command and press ENTER

We write Net_Graph 1 and see your FPS

As you can see, the FPS is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

P.S. You can adjust the height of the FPS display using the NET_GRAPHHEIGHT 64 command

2 way - command cl_showfps 1

Go to the COP go and open the console.

Go to the COP go and open the console

Dial the Cl_Showfps 1 command and press ENTER

We recruit CL_Showfps1 and enjoy your FPS

Cl_Showfps 1 shows the FPS in the upper left corner of the screen

3 Method - Using Steam

Methods described above, allowing FPS to learn using the console. We now turn to other methods. We will consider the built-in function in the style. Open Steam, go to the settings

Open steam and go to settings

Go to the "In the game" tab and find the "Frame Frequency Display" option. Choose a place where you would like to see FPS.

Click in the game and then mapping frames

Now run the game and look at the FPS.


4 Method - FRAPS Program

Download the FRAPS program from the official site, install it and turn on -

Download Fraps from the official site

Click the FPS tab and assign a hot key.

Put yourself a hot key to display FPS

Open the COP go and look at the right upper angle. If you do not see FPS, then press your hot key.

Go to the game

5 Method - FPS MONITOR program

Download and install FPS monitor - (Official site).

Download FPS monitor

Launch the COP go.

See FPS using FPSMonitor

P.S. FPS Monitor is a paid program, but you can use a demo version with limited functionality.

6 Method - Playclaw Program

Download and install the PlayClaw program -

Install Playclaw

Look at your FPS

We learn FPS using Playclaw

7 Method - MSI AfterBurner

Download and install the MSI Afterburner program -

Install the MSI Afterburner program

Go to the Monitoring tab, find the "Frame frequency" and select OED

. Turn on OED

Open the COP go and check if you have an FPS indicator

. We look at FPS

Bonus (only for owners of NVIDIA video cards)

Download the NVIDIA GeForce Experience -Https: //

Click the settings icon

Download NVIDIA GeForce Experience

Click Overlays.

Click Overlays.

Click on FPS Counter, choose a convenient angle.

Choose corner

What kind of FPS is considered normal?

What FPS can be played

Modern monitors (usually) support or 60 or 75 Hz per second. Based on this logic, 75 FPS should be more than enough. However, I was convinced of the practice that it was not. I do not know exactly how it works, but the difference between 80 FPS and 200 FPS is simply huge (with a 75 Hz monitor).

I would allocate gradation as follows:

  • The value of the FPS is less than 40 is a low level, it is impossible to play;
  • About 60 - the level is weak, it is possible to play with difficulty;
  • 80-100 - you can play;
  • 150 FPS - a comfortable game, but sometimes it can fraud (for example, in smoke);
  • 200-300 FPS is a good level, a comfortable game.

By the way, if your PC pulls 200-300 FPS and allow financial capabilities - take a monitor of 144 Hz - Believe me, it is worth it.

How do Professional players know the FPS?

Tips Prof.

CEH9. The once-known Navi player, and now a popular streamer and a counter-strike commentator, prefers to check the FPS to use the old good team NET_GRAPH 1. On his streams I have seen many times as he enjoys it.

Zeus. Captain Navi prefers to use CL_Showfps 1. In principle, everything is the same, only the FPS indicator is located in the upper left corner.

From myself I will add that they usually use these two teams. It makes no sense to complicate my life when there are built-in tools in the COP itself, perfectly showing FPS.

What else shows the NET_GRAPH 1 command (except for FPS)?

What else can you see with NET_Graph

Let's see with you, what other data allows us to learn the Console team NET_GRAPH 1:

  • FPS - number of frames per second
  • Ping - Your Ping
  • Tick ​​is the timing tikes
  • Up - Number of packages you send (per second)
  • CMD - Number of packages you take (per second)
  • Loss - the percentage of lost packages (the more, the worse)
  • Choke - percentage of packages that are not received from the server (the more, the worse)
  • SV - number of milliseconds which is spent on the processing of your packages
  • + - This is the error of the SV parameter.
  • var - fps server

How to assume future FPS, if you do not have access to a computer.

Suppose you are going to buy a computer and would like to know what approximately the FPS you will have after it acquisition. In general, the task is not easy. I propose to follow such items:

  • Watch the recommended requirements for the COP go and find out whether your future computer will pull out. If so, with a probability of 99% of the FPS, there will be more than 150 and play will be quite comfortable.
  • On YouTube, you can also find a lot of video with testing of various processors and video cards. It is enough to drive into the search for something like "FPS in the COP GTX 970" and see if someone shot video

Why check your FPS?

Why look at FPS

Check FPS allows you to understand whether lags are connected in a low FPS game or not. Because it happens that the user has one of the newest video cards, and the counter strike lags. This, of course, is not normal, but the reason is clearly not in the weak configuration of the computer. Well, the reverse situation: if the COP is very slow and the FPS is low, then try twisting the settings to a minimum, and if it did not help, it means it's time to think about buying a new PC.

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FPS, FRAME PER SECOND or FPS is the reference frequency of frame changes on the monitor. What it will be higher, the more comfortable will play. Accordingly, the low FPS leads to freezes and, in general, seriously complicates the gameplay due to the constant twitching of the picture.

For any player to follow this indicator critically important. That is why it is worth knowing how to see FPS in the COP: go.

How to find out the FPS in the COP: go and why it is needed

FPS is a key parameter that determines the comfort of the game. High value means frame change frequency, which ensures smooth picture. When everything around moves naturally, the aiming becomes much easier. In the case of a low FPS indicator, everything becomes sad. Permanent brakes and hanging will make a picture of Dergani, so getting into the enemy with the same AVP will be almost impossible even if the ping to the server is 0 ms, since the FPS is a more important part of the gameplay. And although both of these parameters are inextricably linked to the gameplay, it is the frequency of changing the frame that becomes defining everything, including the need for a computer upgrade, if its characteristics are not enough for the FPS to be at an adequate level.

Get acquainted with how to find out the FPS in the CS: it is necessary for all players. For this, the developers have provided an excellent way - console commands.

The command for displaying FPS in the COP: go

Thanks to the console, the player can enable the FPS counter in the game without the use of other programs or launch commands. The game is not even needed to restart, only the working console is needed. It is called by default on the hot key "~" in the main menu, or during the match.

There are two teams in total:

  1. CL_SHOWFPS 1. Includes in the upper left corner of the screen FPS. Nothing else shows. If you mean 0, the command is turned off. How to see FPS in CS: GO
  2. NET_GRAPH 1. Functional is a broader team. Accordingly, it is intended for technical debugging when several parameters should be taken into account at once, by type of ping, tikreyte and other things. Naturally, together with FPS. Setting the value 0 will disable the command.

In fact, the COP command: only one should be used to display the FPS. More does not need. FPS numbers in them are the same. Therefore, the first can be used in the "household" situation when it is necessary to monitor the level during the match, and the second is already when the client is fully configured. Displays such parameters as a tijreite, ping, percentage of packet loss and a lot of other technical information to this has it.

Now, knowing both commands to display the FPS, you can start setting up your computer under the game.

How to remove the FPS counter in the COP: go

If you want to remove the counter, then you need to use the same command for this, but with the value


, eg,


Forced to disappear the FPS counter from the screen. It does not need anything else.

What fps is optimal?

The comfortable indicator of the FPS strongly depends on the specific player and the parameters of its computer. Someone perfectly feels at 60 FPS, and someone will have little and 120. The newcomer is difficult to navigate in what is a convenient value, and what is not. Because of this, additional questions may arise about the comfort rate of frame frequency. It is worth disassembling them right now:

  • Up to 30. Extremely uncomfortable level. The picture can twitch strongly, the aiming is complicated, to get on the actively maneuvering enemy is difficult. You can fix it only with a decrease in graphics settings, or updating the computer component, can also help customize customization. Under this there is a separate manual, as using the console and start parameters, you can try to increase the amount of FPS.
  • 30-40. The game becomes less uncomfortable. It is still difficult to play, but it is already possible.
  • 40-60. Average level. Brakes occur, but do not cause significant inconvenience. Difficulties can still be observed. But it is easy to correct them by settings graphics or start parameters, which will make it possible to achieve a stable frame rate.
  • 60-80. The optimal value, without any flaws. There is no brakes, the picture is enough smooth.
  • Above 100. The most comfortable level.

That's all you need to know about FPS.

Despite the fact that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came out more than eight years ago, it still remains rather demanding in the gland. Wasteners of weak systems are often faced with a low frame rate per second, which is why they cannot realize their potential for complete. will tell what actions can increase FPS in CS: GO.

Disclaimer: This material is designed for newcomers and those who have not played in CS: GO.

The game is not the one that before

If you go to the CS: GO page in Steam, we will see the following minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP.
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750.
  • RAM: 2 GB.
  • Video card: 256 MB of memory, support DirectX 9 and Pixel Shader 3.0.

It would seem that you can safely play on any "calculator", because the iron described above has long been outdated, and it is quite difficult to find a computer with similar characteristics in 2020. But in practice, these system requirements do not mean even anything. Maximum that you can do with such a PC is to run a shooter. But the game is at least with a stable 30 FPS and speech can not be.

The thing is that with the time CS: GO significantly "sick" - updated cards covered with more rich and clear textures, the detailing of other objects increased, including models of weapons, terrorists, counterters, and so on. In addition, CS: GO is a canonical network shooter - the frame rate per second here gives not only the smooth effect of the picture, but also affects other parameters, such as spray. So it will not work normally on 30 FPS. Freimreite below 60 will create significant difficulties, and ideally the frequency should be above 100.

Reinstalling and setting up the system

As you know, reinstall Windows - the most efficient way to solve many problems with the computer. And in the case of CS: GO, as with any other game, it works well. With active use, the system registry is clogged, many services affecting her work appear, and so on. When the system is new, nothing is superior to her resources. Of course, many will immediately begin to install everyday software like Discord and other programs. The main thing is to immediately remove all these applications from the autoload ("Task Manager" → "Auto-loading"). In this case, before starting CS: GO, it will be enough to restart the computer, and then manually enable only the most necessary programs.

Next, go to the Windows settings. In the case of Windows 10, first of all, it is necessary to disable Xbox Game Bar ("Start" → "Parameters" → "Games" → "Xbox Game Bar") and activate the game mode ("Start" → "Parameters" → "Games" → " Game Mode"). The first setting disables the xbox panel in the game - it is needed to record clips and other functions unnecessary to us. The second activates the built-in Windows 10 function, which sets the maximum priority to games, it can not help everyone, but it will definitely not be too much.

A small FPS increase can also be set to set up maximum speed ("My computer" → "Properties" → "Advanced system parameters" → "Advanced" → "Speed" → "Providing maximum speed"). The only tick you should leave is "smoothing the irregularities of screen fonts." The fact is that a significant increase in FPS this setting will still not give anyway, and vision should be preserved - without this option, the fonts will be pixel in all Windows applications, including browser, messengers, etc. It is also necessary to turn off the transparency of the system interface (right Button over the desktop → "Personalization" → "Colors" → "Disable the transparency effect"). The next step is to activate the maximum system performance ("Start" → "Parameters" → "System" → "Power and Sleep Mode" → "Advanced Power Parameters" → Select "High Performance").

Video card settings

These parameters will only help those users who have rather old video cards. The fact is that CS: GO for the most part uses processor resources, not GPU, so if you updated the video card over the past two or three years (even if your choice fell on the weakest cards from AMD and NVIDIA lines), then from the described Below the actions you will not get a tangible result.

For owners of NVIDIA video cards:

Right-click on the desktop → "NVIDIA control panel". Next, select the "Adjust image settings" item in the "3D parameters" tab and in the "Software Settings" menu, select CS: GO and put on maximum performance, turn off all types of smoothing.

NVIDIA settings for maximum FPS in CS: GONVIDIA settings for maximum FPS in CS: GO
1/2 NVIDIA settings for maximum FPS in CS: GO

For owners of AMD video cards:

Right-click on the desktop → "Radeon Settings". In the "Video Card" tab in all available graphics processors, set the following parameters:

Settings AMD Adrenaline Edition 2020 for maximum FPS in CS: GOSettings AMD Adrenaline Edition 2020 for maximum FPS in CS: GO
1/2 Settings AMD Adrenaline Edition 2020 for maximum FPS in CS: GO

CS: GO Settings

When you have completed work with the system parameters, it's time to go to the settings of the game itself. Startup parameters play an important role - they are recorded in Steam once and stay there before reinstalling the store or CS: Go client. The startup parameter menu can be found by right-clicking on the game in Steam, then select "Properties" and in the General tab to "set the startup parameters". There, via the spaces fit the following parameters:

  • -Console (activates the console);
  • -novid (disables the video clove at startup);
  • -High (sets high priority to the CS: GO process);
  • -Freq X (instead of x should be the frequency of the deployment of your monitor in Hertz);
  • -threads x (instead of X there must be the number of logical processors of your CPU - this information can be found in the Task Manager in the "Performance" tab);
  • -nod3d9ex (allows you to quickly deploy the game);
  • -NoaAfonts (removes font smoothing);
  • -LV (removes blood and so on).

As a result, the parameters should be such a string: "-Console -novid -High -Freq x -threads x -nod3d9ex -noaafonts -lv".

In the graphics settings of the game itself, you must put everything at a minimum or "off", set bilinear filtering, as well as reduced the resolution as much as possible. You need to leave only multi-core rendering.

CS: GO Settings for Maximum FPS
CS: GO Settings for Maximum FPS

What if nothing helped?

As mentioned at the beginning of the material, CS: GO is constantly being improved and more and more resources are required with each major patch. If no operations help you achieve a comfortable level of FPS, the iron of your PC is already required. The required minimum that you have enough for several years is the Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 level processor, as well as 8 GB of RAM. Everything else is only a temporary solution: Sooner or later, even the frames mined for grains will fly into a second, and without a productive computer, it is no longer able to play CS: GO will not be released.

How to Determine FPS in CS: GO

The only way to find out to accurately help whether the recommendations help - measure the FPS (number of frames per second) before changing the settings and after. And preferably several times - the result will be objective.

How to display fps on the screen

The easiest turn on overlay in the CS: GO settings. Run Steam, click on the button with the gear and in the new window, place the appropriate check mark.

It can also be done through the console: press the "E" button on the keyboard and enter the command. NET_GRAPH 1. . After that, the current FPS value will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Team NET_GRAPH 0. Disables the counter.

Display FPS on screen

Which card will help fully test fps

The Steam Workshop has a special FPS Benchmark card. You can download it and test the FPS gain here.

Algorithm actions such.

  1. Subscribe to the card in the Steam workshop.
  2. Open or restart CS: GO.
  3. Click "Play" and change the "official selection of games" on the "cards from the workshop". FPS BENCHMARK will appear in the list.
  4. Select the map and start the game. Run testing: To do this, you need to shoot the Start button on the wall.
  5. Save the statistics after the test is completed.
  6. Exit CS: GO.
  7. Change Windows or game settings.
  8. Run CS: GO again and download the map.
  9. Run the test and save the statistics when it is completed. The test calculates the average amount of FPS, but the current values ​​are displayed.
  10. Compare the results. If necessary, repeat.

How to boost FPS in CS: GO tools Windows 10

Close all unnecessary applications

The less tasks are running on the computer, the more resources remain for CS: GO. Therefore, before starting the game, close all the applications that you do not need right now. First of all, this is a browser, messengers and so on.

Also in Windows 10, you can prohibit applications to work in the background. To do this, in the "Parameters" menu, go to "Privacy" - "Background applications" and move the switch to the "Off" position.

Update video card drivers

Fresh versions of software usually allow the graphical adapter to work more productively. Download updates from your video card manufacturer and install them.

We also recommend refreshing drivers and for other components of the system. This will potentially increase the power and reduce the number of vulnerabilities.

Enable game mode

Game mode appeared in Windows 10 Creators Update package. According to the developers, it increases the stability of the system in the games and highlights them more resources.

To enable gaming mode, open the "Parameters" menu - "Games". Then go to the "Game Mode" tab and translate the toggle switch to the "On" position.

How to enhance FPS in CS: Go: Open the "Parameters" menu - "Games"How to enhance FPS in CS: Go: Click the "Game Mode" tab and translate the toggle switch to the "On" position

Remove visual effects

Visual effects for windows and menu make the system interface more attractive, but resources are also spent. To disable them, right-click on the "Computer" icon, select "Properties" - "Advanced system parameters" - "Advanced" - "Speed" - "Parameters". In a new window, go to the "Visual Effects" tab and select "Provide the best speed".

How to enhance FPS in CS: GO: Select "Properties"How to enhance FPS in CS: GO: Select "Provide the best speed" item

Disable game recording

Built-in Xbox DVR service is designed to record the gameplay in Xbox Live, Steam and so on. The utility works unnoticed for the user, but loads the system, even if you do not screenshots and do not lead a straight broadcast right now.

You can disable Xbox DVR in "Parameters". Go to the "Games" menu - "clips" and translate the toggle switch to record in the background while the game goes to "Off."

How to enhance FPS in CS: Go: Go to the "Games" menu - "Clips"How to enhance FPS in CS: GO: Move the toggle switch "To record in the background, while the game goes" to the "Off" position

Install the power scheme "Maximum Performance"

Click the left mouse button on the battery icon next to the system clock in the lower right corner of the screen and move the slider to the "Max. performance".

How to enhance FPS in CS: GO: Move the slider to the "Max. performance"

Then go to the "Power Supplies". On the laptop right-click on the battery icon. On the stationary PC, open "Parameters" - "System" - "Power and Sleep Mode" - "Additional Power Parameters". Then click on the "Setup of the Power Scheme" link - "Change Advanced Power Parameters". In the processor power management item, set for a minimum and maximum status of a value of 100% (at least when a computer runs from the network, energy consumption will grow, the battery will be faster). Cooling policy should be active.

Technically, with such settings, there is a certain risk of overheating, especially on old low-power PCs. Therefore, if you feel that the system does not cope on peak loads (it starts to slow down, the cooler works too loudly), restart the computer immediately and restore the default settings.

Set the parameters of the graphics "High Performance"

Go to the "Parameters" menu and find "Graphics Settings". In the classic application, add the CSGO.EXE file and select "High Performance" mode for it.

Customize video card

Go to the company app for a video card (usually installed with the drivers) and select the maximum performance mode there. Graphic quality can fall, but the FPS will grow.

How to boost FPS in CS: Go: Select Maximum Performance Mode

Set high game priority

Run CS: GO, then open the Windows 10 task manager with the SHIFT + CTRL + ESC keys. Right-click on the CSGO.EXE process and click "Details". Or if you have already changed priorities for processes, immediately go to the "Details" tab. Here, select the CSGO.EXE process again, click on it right-click and select "High" in the "Set Priority" menu. As a result, the system will give the game more resources.

How to enlarge FPS in CS: GO: Set the high game priority

Disable index file content

When indexing files, the system views their metadata and contents, and then constitues the index - a list that helps to search for information faster. Indexing is carried out continuously, and resources are spent on it.

Disable the indexing of the contents of the files you can in the settings of the hard disk. Right-click on the disk icon, select "Properties" and in the window that appears, remove the appropriate check mark. This can slow down the data search on the computer, but free the power to enhance the FPS.

Select "Properties"Take a tick

Note that the metadata is viewed quickly, and it practically does not affect performance.

Perform defragment HDD.

If you have an HDD (traditional hard disk), and not an SSD (solid-state drive), it should help.

You can perform defragmentation using the standard Windows 10 utility. Run it from the "Start" menu - "Administration Tools" - "Optimization of Disc" for the desired media.

Click "Disk Optimization"Select Disc

Another option: Right-click on the disk icon, go to "Properties" and on the "Service" tab, click "Optimize".

How to enlarge FPS in CS: Go: Go to "Properties"How to enlarge FPS in CS: GO: on the "Service" tab, click "Optimize"

Conduct SSD defragmentation makes no sense. In addition, many extra overwriting operations in the process lead to wear of the drive.

Disable antivirus and security tools

This is actively analyzing all the events that occur - and consumes a lot of resources. To disable the built-in security tools, click on the button with a shield next to the clock on the panel in the lower right corner, click "Viewing the security monitoring panel", go through items and disconnect everything that you think (first of all protection against viruses and threats).

Click "View security monitoring panel"How to enlarge FPS in CS: Go: Disconnect everything you think

If you have an antiviruses of third-party developers, click on their icon near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen and pause the software while playing CS: GO.

Of course, the disabling antivirus is risk. But also chance to raise FPS.

Clean the computer from dust

The smaller the dust inside the device housing, the more effective the cooling system. So, below the risk of trolling, when individual frames are skipped to reduce the load. Accordingly, FPS is higher.

How to clean the laptop from dust, we told in this article. With a stationary computer, the principle is the same, but to disassemble the system unit, most likely, it will be even easier.

Sharing a computer

You can change the device settings and no costs to increase its performance:

Note that not all component models can be dispersed. In addition, there is always a risk of system output. But if you do everything carefully and do not try to immediately put a record of overclocking, FPS should grow.

Take advantage of twigs

Twigters are programs that provide tools for fine tuning the operating system. Usually they allow you to set the desired parameter values, including for variables from the registry, perform optimization, disable tracking functions, delete the built-in utilities.

You can use one of these twigs:

Before starting twigs, we recommend creating a system recovery point. If something goes wrong, you can return to the former settings.

To do this, in the "Parameters" menu, start typing the name "Creating a recovery point" point, then go to it. On the System Protection tab, click "Configure" and in the new window, select "Enable System Protection". The "Create" button will become active. Click on it, enter the name of the recovery point and wait for the end of the process.

After that, you can use twigher: Disconnect unnecessary services and functions, remove unnecessary programs and restart the system to make sure it is stable.

Reinstall Windows 10.

Installation of a clean system is able to solve many problems. In the process of operation, the registry is clogged, temporary and erroneous files appear, which are difficult to remove manually, and so on. The fresh version has less reasons to spend extra resources.

How to raise FPS in CS: GO at the level of the game itself

These settings can be applied to Steam or in the game itself.

Reduce resolution

The smaller the pixels on the screen, the smaller the computation to the computer must be performed. So, the more frames per second it is capable of output. You can change the resolution in the "Settings" menu - "Image".

Turn off the energy saving mode (item is in the same menu). It is forcibly reduced in it to keep the battery charge.

We also recommend playing full-screen mode ("full screen"). This is especially important for weak systems: FPS should rise, because you do not need to handle the desktop. On relatively fresh and powerful PCs you can not notice the difference.

Stop low graphics settings

Go to the Advanced Image Settings and set the minimum parameter values ​​there. The logic is the same: the lower the detailing and quality of the rendering of shadows and textures, the less computation needs to be performed.

You can leave FXAA smoothing (it does not affect the FPS too much) and the minimum anisotropic or bilinear texture smoothing.

How to enlarge FPS in CS: Go: Stop Low Chart SettingsHow to enlarge FPS in CS: Go: Stop Low Chart Settings

Disable vertical synchronization

To eliminate the vertical trips of the image when the scene is quickly changed, triple buffering is used. It slows down the game and reduces FPS.

Select "Management" - "View Local Files"

Enable multi-core processing

As a result, all the processor cores will be involved, calculation volumes for CS: GO will rise.

Включите многоядерную обработку

Reduce format

If you go from 16: 9 or 16: 10 (depends on the model of your monitor) to 4: 3 in the "full screen" mode, black edges will appear on the image, but less significant points will be displayed. You can also set a lower resolution: up to 640 x 480 pixels.

The review, of course, will change, but the FPS should grow. By the way, many top gamers play 4: 3 - it's easier to search for opponents.

Уменьшите форматУменьшите формат

Rename part of the files

Files in the Scripts folder, the names of which begin on DamageCutout are responsible for visualization of damage. If you rename them (for example, add the "_" symbol), the system will not spend resources to display these effects. Also change the name of the PropData.txt file, which is used when optimizing the physics of secondary objects.

In general, files can be deleted. If something goes wrong or you want to return the effects, they are easy to rename back.

Delete local files

If you played third-party servers, click on CS: Go Right-click, select Management - "Delete from Device". After reinstallation, the game should start with a higher FPS.

Как увеличить FPS в CS:GO: удалите локальные файлы

Change Start Parameters

Click on the name of the game in Steam right-click, select "Properties" and go to "Start Parameters".

Измените параметры запускаИзмените параметры запуска

Here you can specify these commands:

  • CL_FORCE_PRELOAD 1 - At the very beginning of the game, the entire map with models and textures will boot. In the process of battle, it will not be spent time and resources.
  • -High - launch a game with a high priority.
  • -LV - Low violence mode, disables blood display.
  • + Rate 124000 - Maximum amount of data (bits per second), which the host can take.
  • + CL_CMDRATE 128 - Maximum number of packets per second sent to the server.
  • + CL_UPDATERATE 128 - Maximum number of package updates per second, which are requested from the server.
  • -Threads 4 - the number of threads. It must correspond to the number of cores of your processor.
  • + Mat_Queue_Mode N - Multi-core rendering. Different systems are suitable for different systems (from -1 to 2). Run tests and save the value at which the FPS was maximum.
  • -Freq 120 - Screen update frequency 120 Hz (the system will strive for this value). It should not be higher than the maximum frequency supported by the monitor.
  • + FPS_MAX 0 - removes the number of frames per second.
  • + CL_SHOWFPS 1 - Displays the FPS indicator on the screen. If you use + Cl_Showfps 5, more information will appear: about the performance of the processor and the video card.
  • CL_DISABLE_RAGDOLLS 1 - disables Ragdoll-physics, and due to this FPS in scenes with smoke, it does not seem so much. Works with the SV_CHEATS 1 command.
  • DSP_SLOW_CPU 1 - reduces sound quality to improve performance.
  • mat_disable_bloom 1 - disables the Bloom effect to accelerate the calculations.
  • R_DRAWPARTICLES 0 - removes particle animation: shots, water bursts and so on.
  • Func_break_max_pieces 0 - garbage like barrels, fragments, chips from the boxes will disappear.
  • R_DRAWTRACERS_FIRSONON 0 - Disables traces from bullets when shooting.
  • Muzzleflash_Light 0 - disappears dynamic light from flashes.
  • R_Dynamic 0 - removes dynamic records from objects.
  • R_Eyemove 0 - Disables eye mobility from players.
  • R_Eyegloss 0 - removes shine eyes from players.

You can also save these commands in the file. In the Startup Parameters, the default is the name of the config.cfg configuration file, which is usually stored in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ userdata \ _vash_id_t_steam_ \ 730 \ Local \ CFG. It is safe to edit it, but to create your own configuration file and use it every time you start.

Click on CS: GO in Steam right-click, select "Control" - "View Local Files" and Create AUTOEXEC.TXT file in the folder. Open it in a text editor, enter the necessary commands, after saving, rename to autoexec.cfg. Parameter values ​​Indicate in quotes. Then in the "Start parameters" steam enter + exec autoexec.cfg.

Как повысить FPS в CS:GO: выберите «Управление» — «Посмотреть локальные файлы»

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