How to clean the crystal at home to glitter

Crystal dishes in Soviet times was the subject of pride of any mistress. Wine glasses, glasses and wine glasses always stood in the servants at the "honorable place." Crystal did not lose its popularity and in our days. However, so that the dishes looked neat and did not lose the brilliance, you need to know some nuances of Crystal care, including how to wash the crystal at home.

There are various types of crystal, such a dishes are distinguished by appearance and cost. Crystal can be:

  • "Mountain", it is a beautiful and expensive natural mineral, to refer to which you need to be extremely careful;
  • with lead content is distinguished by increased fragility;
  • Cheap material similar to ordinary glass and not requiring special care.

What kind of material would be your glasses, wine glasses or vases, you need to know how to wash such dishes and care for her.

How to wash Crystal: Outdoor care rules

To launder a crystal from pollution and give it a shine, you can use various methods and means. But in any case, it is necessary to observe the basic rules for the care of this fragile material.

  • Before you begin cleaning glasses in a pelvis or a large saucepan, bed on the bottom of the container of a foam rubber or a soft cloth, it will reduce the risk of cracking and scratches.
  • Remove the ring from the fingers and put the gloves of cotton fabric.
  • Wash the crystal in warm water, from 30 to 40 degrees.
  • After washing, wipe the dishes of dryness.
  • Use for washing the foam sponges, for wiping - napkins with a soft pile.

If you need to wash glasses or glasses with a "leg", keep the product for it, the dishes without the legs need to be taken over the bottom.

How to wash the crystal so that he glistened

In order for your crystal dishes to be cleaned of the plaque, which often appears on the walls and legs, you can use simple and inexpensive means. It is not difficult to put in order such dishes, and observing the basic rules of cleaning, you will easily achieve a flawless look of dishes. How to wash the crystal to glitter? Apply one of these methods.

Food soda and acetic solution

  • In a large saucepan or pelvis, prepare a cleaning solution in proportions 1 tablespoon of soda per 1 liter of warm water. It should not be exceeded by soda, it can lead to the appearance of scratches on the dishes or to the surface of the surface.
  • Carefully place glasses, a vase or salad bowl into a capacity for 2-3 hours, then move the dishes in the pelvis with a solution of vinegar (1 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes. Then we wash the products under the jet of warm water and wipe dry.


For the washing of crystal, the usual remedy, which you are laundering the dishes daily. Add a little gel in a pelvis with warm water, carefully take the formation of an abundant foam and flush the glasses with a soft foam sponge.

When there are no traces of white plates on the products, you need to slip them from the foam and polish the crystal with a soft cloth.

Solution with vinegar and salt

If the raid on the dishes is strong, and the surface of swept, it is better to wash it with this way. The same is equally effective in cleaning crystal both cook and sea salt. You can use any option.

  • Prepare a cleaning solution in the ratio 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1/2 cup of salt per 1 liter of warm water. Place in the finished tool for cleaning the dishes and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • Sighten the crystal in the cool (not cold!) Water and dryness are wrapped with a soft tissue napkin. You can take a piece of wool fabric.


If spots appeared on the glasses, a vase or salad bowl, with this problem you can cope with the help of starch.

Moisten the dishes under warm water, apply a small amount of starch on a soft sponge and carefully cleaned pollution. Then, wash the remnants of the means under warm water and polish the dishes with a soft tissue.

Chalk, gel for dishes and blue

With the help of chalk and blue, you can not only get rid of the resistant plaque and stains, but also give the dishes shine.

  • Grind slices of chalk, mix 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder with a pinch of blue and 2 tablespoons of water.
  • When the mass becomes homogeneous, carefully lubricate it with it, using a cotton swab or a piece of foam rubber, and carefully cleaned pollution.
  • Then weach the glasses in warm water and wipe dry with a piece of woolen or flannel tissue.

Boiled potatoes and "potato" water

These roots contain a large amount of starch, which is often used when cleaning the crystal. Take advantage of this way to extrude the salad bowl or other crystal dishes, which was stained with fat. Apply potatoes can be different. Consider 2 basic methods of cleaning crystal in this way.

  • Boil several tubers and cool the "potato water". Then place the dishes there for 10-15 minutes and blap the product under warm water using a foam sponge.
  • Grind boiled potatoes with a knife or grater. Apply the resulting mass on a polluted surface, leave for 5-7 minutes, after which it takes carefully stains and fall. Rinse the products under the jet of warm water.

Be sure to wipe the dishes of dryness using tissue napkins without a pile.

How to clean the crystal vase from white plaque

Often, on the bottom of a vase for flowers, you can notice a white precipitate, but how to remove it, if the product is small and no opportunity to "get" to pollution? You can solve this problem like this:

  • In a vase filled with warm water, throw a pill aspirin tablet and leave for 10-12 hours, after which we wash the product with clean water;
  • Fill the vase with a solution of vinegar (3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes, then rinse and wipe dry;
  • In a vase with warm water, add 3-4 tablespoons of soda and salt on 3-4 tablespoons, after 30 minutes, pour the solution and flush the product.

If the contamination is persistent, and the vase is too narrow, you can use the brush. But you need to act neatly so as not to scratch the surface. After going to wash, definitely polish the leisure product.

How to wash the crystal so that it glisters

So that the crystal is not only clean, but also sparkling, you can use various means. After you laundered glasses and salad bowls, use one of these ways:

  • Rinse products in water with the addition of blue;
  • Polish crystal with a small amount of starch, and then a wool cloth;
  • wipe the surface with a solution of dental powder;
  • Take advantage of a cotton swab dipped in ethyl (medical) alcohol, and polish the products;
  • Screw the glasses with a cut of a purified raw potato.

Be sure to wipe the dishes of drying, moisture contributes to the flow of the surface and the formation of a white plaque.

How to clean the crystal at home

Sometimes it happens that after careful cleaning, the type of crystal dishes leaves much to be desired. What can not be done, put in order Crystal? Here is a list of major prohibitions:

  • Do not use abrasives when cleaning crystal, you can scratch the product;
  • rub pollution without effort and push so as not to damage the dishes;
  • Do not wash the crystal with soap, it will lead to the formation of the fall;
  • Water for washing should not be too hot or cold, otherwise the dishes will dreamed (the optimal temperature is from 30 to 40 degrees);
  • placing glasses or glasses in a container with detergent, do not lay them too tight, it will damage products;
  • Do not use cloth crystal to polishing with a rigid structure or pile.

In addition, it is impossible to use crystal dishes for supplying hot dishes, as well as warm up in such plates or salad bowls in a microwave or oven.

Adhering to these simple rules, you will achieve the fact that your dishes will always be in perfect condition.

Despite some old-fashioned, crystal to this day is in high demand, especially those who appreciate an elegant bohemian style with a hint of a classic luxury. And if the chandeliers from the crystal are far from always fit into the interior (and not everyone can afford them - the price of such products is extremely high), then crystal wine glasses, glasses, dishes and other dining facilities are almost in every home.

Pleasant ringing, firmly associated with the festive feast, bright glare and overflows of such products create a particularly solemn atmosphere and a light skewer and glamorous chic, however, it is extremely difficult to save these, the key properties of crystal is extremely difficult - over time it begins to more Flaw. How to clean the yellowed crystal products at home, returning them the original shine and a chic look? What should be the care of such dishes, so that it is as long as possible with the eye of the reference freshness? Tips for experienced hosts will help get rid of yellowness and spots on a crystal.

10 best ways to clean crystal products

The dishes from this exquisite glass should be washed with extreme caution - intense and non-accurate movements can lead to the appearance of scratches and cracks on thin walls, and unnecessary aggressive "chemistry" will cause cloud. It is much safer to take advantage of one of the proven folk recipes that will help clean the crystal at home - so you can quickly cope with pollution and at the same time minimize risks for sensitive material.

1. Soap mortar

Return the brilliance to the near-hand crystal will help the usual solution of the household soap. To do this, rub on a large grater of 1 bar (at the rate of 5 liters of water), dilute the resulting chips to complete dissolution, and then soak the crystal for half an hour. After that, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all items under running water, carefully rubbing more resistant pollution with a soft sponge, and wipe the dishes with a flannel cloth to complete drying.

Important! If it is necessary to wash off fresh dirt and stains, it is possible to replace the economic soap with a conventional dishwashing agent at the rate of 1 tablespoon on a 3 liter of water. At the same time, the soaking time should be reduced to 15-20 minutes - the chemical composition dissolves fats faster.

Thus, it is possible to clean too old pollution - persistent perennial stains require much more serious measures. However, as preparatory measures, soaking in the soap solution may be indispensable - such an impact soften the dried fatty flight, which will subsequently be much easier to drop.

2. Chalk and blue

If the crystal darkened, became muddy and lost the initial shine, you can carefully clean it with a chalk paste with blue. To prepare a homemade cleanser, you will need 4 tablespoons of crowded chalk and water and half a teaspoon of blue.

After pre-soaking in soapy water, apply the resulting paste on thin glass walls, carefully sweete, and then rinse under running water. And to crystal crystal and overflow, additionally polish it with a flannel napkin.

3. Stachmal

Remove dust and return the original shine crystal will help dry cleaning potato or corn starch. To do this, you need to apply a little powder on a velvet fabric and wipe the glass dishes until the full removal of all available stains. You can shook the remains of starch using a special brush for cleaning or a soft clean napkin.

4. Vinegar and salt

Clean the muddy greenish stains, which appeared after long-term operation in conditions of high humidity, it is possible using a combination of vinegar and salt. For this you need:

  • 1 liter of water,
  • 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar,
  • Half of the tablespoon of a large salt.

To clean the exquisite glass, use the proposed algorithm:

  1. Divide all the ingredients to full homogeneity.
  2. Immerse a crystal to the resulting solution for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Wash every object under running water thoroughly.
  4. Gently wipe the residues of the liquid on the crystal, in parallel polishing the products to the brilliance.

5. Marine Sol

To remove a muddy greenish raid on the bottom of a crystal vase or dishes, you will be useful for a large seaside salt. In principle, cosmetic, but it is better to use food - it does not contain synthetic flavors and dyes in it, and therefore wash will be safer and environmentally friendly.

Pull the required amount of salt into the crystal container so that it completely covers the bottom. Fill salt by the same amount of water, let stand a couple of minutes, then wipe the bottom with a soft sponge. The whole solar flare will stay on the sponge, and the crystal spums up with elegant overflows.

Important! The concentrated solution of the sea salt may be strongly engaged, especially if they have damage and scratches. Therefore, it is better to carry out a similar cleaning in rubber gloves - they will protect the skin from the intensive effects of the saline.

6. Vinegar

Crystal with gold-plated border, which is particularly popular with connoisseurs of deliberate luxury and bohemian classics, requires a particularly delicate approach during washing. To clean such products is very difficult, first of all, because the gilding is quickly erased from the slightest friction of a sponge or contact with aggressive household chemicals. Such items are best just soaked in acetic solution at the rate of 1 tablespoon of 9% vinegar per 1 liter of cool water.

Approximately 15-20 minutes of soaking crystal will become more fresh and brilliant, and the existing solar stains will be easier to tip the soft sponge or flannel napkin without affecting the golden pattern. Polishing such a crystal is better than the usual cotton fabric until complete drying, trying not to be very zealous in places with applied gilding.

7. Potato decoction

Intensive perennial pollution, dried food residues and fatty plates can remove potato decoction. To clean the crystal in this way, the following manipulations should be performed:

  1. Clean several potatoes, wash away from sand and dirt, pour with clean cool water and boil to complete readiness. If desired, the cooked tubers can be used in food - they will not be useful to clean the crystal.
  2. Drain the decoction into a separate container and leave cool.
  3. When the fluid becomes room temperature, place a crystal object in it and leave for half an hour, depending on the degree of contamination.

Important! Follow the decoction to be not too hot! The perfect temperature of the crystal washing fluid is 25-30 degrees.

  1. Rinse the products under running water. If necessary, you can clean the sponge spots with a small amount of soap solution or dishwashing agents.
  2. Wash each piece of dry, using a cotton or linen towel.

8. Soda

Clear the spots from red wine, tea and other colorful foods can be cleaned with the help of sodium bicarbonate, or food soda. To do this, you should prepare a strong soda solution (1 tablespoon of powder for 1 liter of water), stir and immerse crystal into it for several hours. Wash the residues of soda is better cool water with the addition of vinegar (3 tablespoons per 1 liter of fluid) - acid neutralizes the stuffed powder and will prevent the appearance of the plaque.

Important! In no case, do not try the gentle glass of the soda solution - small particles of the powder do not dissolve in water, but only settled on the crystal walls. When friction, they can become a kind of "scrub", leaving behind microcracks and scratches, which will lead to the appearance of turbidity and dark divorces on a crystal.

9. Potato

If the old, long drunk on the shelves, Crystal acquired a noticeable yellowish tint, you can refresh it by treating crude potatoes. If the object is flat and bulky, without additional engraving, it is easier to wipe it with a conventional potato peeled from the peel and cut into several rally - the juice with an admixture of starch will easily fall into all contaminated areas. If the crystal products are small, with an engraved pattern, clean them will thus be complicated. In this case, it is easier to grasp several tubers on a shallow or medium grater, and then trees the resulting cleaner thin glass.

Wash off the remnants of potato juice should be immediately, otherwise it dries off, forming a labor-based divorce and a muddy-gray raid. It is possible to rinse the crystal with a running water or a weak sink solution (1-2 drops per liter of water) - in the second case it will become more fresh and brilliant.

10. Medical alcohol

If you are not confused by the resistant smell of alcohol, which, however, is quickly disappeared, you can return the pristine shine crystal by moving it with alcohol. Everything that this will need is a soft challenging napkin (for example, from microfiber) and several tablespoons of medical alcohol.

Tip! If there is no pure alcohol at hand, you can clean the crystal with 40% vodka - the effect is not so pronounced, but the pleasant shine will not make himself wait.

Moisten the napkin in alcohol and wipe the crystal thoroughly. It is not necessary to rinse it after processing - alcohol will quickly disperse, not leaving behind the specific amber and divorce on the glass.

Important subtleties

Regardless of which of the proposed methods you have chosen, be sure to follow the precautions - they will help safely and quickly clean the crystal without damaging the sensitive material:

  1. In no case do not allow crystal contact with high temperatures. The washing fluid should be room, about 30-35 degrees, otherwise the product can be poisoned.
  2. Do not leave the crystal to dry yourself - the remaining divorces after such a drying is extremely difficult to polish. It is better to wipe the products immediately after cleaning until they have not had time to dry, a soft lint-free napkin made of natural fabrics.
  3. If any proposed funds are suitable for crystal dishes, glass chandeliers are better not to wash with any soap solutions - after drying, soap creates an inconspicuous film that, heating under the influence of lamps, can cause the appearance of yellowness and microcracks on the interior item.

Observing these uncomplicated rules, you can easily and quickly update the Crystal in the house, giving it a festive radiance and perfect purity!

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Two ways to wash the crystal to a chic shine. Babushkin and modern

Crystal ... In Soviet times, in terms of the number of crystal in Sberling, it was possible to judge the well-being of the family.

Today, the crystal is less popular than then. And the modern mistress will prefer to the arrival of guests plastic disposable dishes, which you can easily throw out after a feast, than crystal saladders and wine glasses, which then need to be thoroughly wash.

But the crystal is very fragile, and it is necessary to wash it, observing several important conditions.

Otherwise, he will stop glistening and will look like the most ordinary glass.

For the happiness of modern owners, there is one simple way to wash the crystal dishes to the brilliance.

Modern option

By the way, it is one of the easiest options. You just need to immerse the crystal into the dishwasher and as a detergent to use Tablets Vortex For dishwashers, which are superbly coped with any pollution, including crystal dishes.

Two ways to wash the crystal to a chic shine. Babushkin and modern

Absolutely without any effort from the hostess.

If you do not have a dishwasher, then I think that it's time to think about her acquisition.


When washing a crystal in the PMM, you need to monitor the rigidity of the water: if there are high rigidity rates in your region, then you should use a regenerating salt for dishwasher.

In addition, it is necessary to wash the crystal dishes in a special mode, and the tablet should be placed in the immediate vicinity of the filter.

Also, some wine glasses are decorated with gilding, they can be washed exclusively into manual. For washing in the dishwasher, they are not intended.

Two ways to wash the crystal to a chic shine. Babushkin and modern

Babushkin fashion

Our grandmothers only dream remained about the dishwasher, but nevertheless, crystal in their servants always glistened to blindness of the eyes.

How and what were they laundered so capricious dishes? Now I will tell.

If the dishes are dirty with food residues, then it must be riding it from them.

Then in the capacity of a sufficiently large volume (pelvic or deep pan, but more convenient in the pelvis) you need to dissolve the food soda at the rate of 1 liter of water 1 spoon table soda.

Then put a rug for the sink, a foam or a conventional rag on the bottom of the container and fold it into it.

The rug will help prevent damage to crystal dishes from chipping and scratches.

Soak crystal in soda solution for 2-3 hours.

Next, one more solution should be prepared, but already out of water and 9% vinegar, in the same proportions on the liter of water a dining room spoonful of vinegar.

After soda solution, crystal must be placed in acetic solution and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

After that, you need to rinse the crystal in cool running water and wipe dry with paper napkins.

Two ways to wash the crystal to a chic shine. Babushkin and modern

After these procedures, your crystal will kill its unique gorgeous glitter.

I hope my tips turned out to be useful for you.

Write what you think about this in the comments. Thanks.


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# We will take a matter

How to clean the crystal at home to shine

We will talk in this article on how to clean the crystal at home to the brilliance, and give advice on the choice of funds depending on the nature of glass pollution.

A beautiful set of elegant crystal dishes can become a real pearl of your collection of cutlery - subject to the right care for it A beautiful set of elegant crystal dishes can become a real pearl of your collection of cutlery - subject to the right care for it

Tableware from Crystal has always attracted attention to its elegance and beauty. Her melodic sound delightes the rumor, and the radiance of paint overflows is an eye. But with improper care, the product may lose its original shine, get a flare, yellowness and stop pleaseing the hostess. Caring for objects from crystal is quite simple and do not take you a lot of time.

Types of Crystal

For the manufacture of glasses, chandeliers, vases and other products, as a rule, is used Three main types of crystal :

  1. Lead - classic option containing lead oxide. Most often applied in the manufacture of household products.
  2. Barium - in products of this type instead of lead contains barium.
  3. Bohemian - differs from other products of the content of non-lead and barium, and potassium-calcium glass.

The above varieties have different manufacturing technologies. There is also rhinestone - Natural and expensive material used for the manufacture of jewelry. Cooking from it can be found perhaps in the museum. Requires the most careful relationship and gentle cleaning.

Having fraud in what kind of crystal is, we can move directly to cleaning methods.

Crystal dishes can decorate any table Crystal dishes can decorate any table

Basic Rules for Crystal Glass

There are several simple rules for the care that needs to be followed regardless of the type of crystal:

  1. Crystal products are recommended to wash in a plastic pelvis or a bowl, pre-shopped with a cotton cloth. Thus, you will protect yourself from the consequences of random slip items.
  2. Products should not be washed in cold or hot water to avoid the appearance of turbidity. A sharp difference in temperature should be avoided - cracks may appear on your favorite glass or vase. Remember that the most suitable temperature for washing about +35 ℃.
  3. For cleaning, powders and other abrasive means are not used! Such substances, albeit pollution, but will leave scratches and scratching. For efficient and gentle wash, we advise you to use either special solutions for cleaning crystal products, or a traditional dishwashing agent.
  4. After washing, it is necessary to rinse the products with a large number of running water in order to completely wash off the remnants of contaminants and detergents.
  5. In order to avoid the appearance of divorces and muddy spots on the glass, it is not recommended to leave the crystal items on their own. Thoroughly rinse the product with water, then wipe dry, using paper towels, microfiber wipes, slices of lounge.
In order to crystal, fingerprints remain, we recommend rubbing it in cotton or rubber gloves In order to crystal, fingerprints remain, we recommend rubbing it in cotton or rubber gloves

Types of pollution and methods of their elimination

Depending on the purpose of the product, as a rule, the types of contaminants and the ways to remove them differ. Consider the main.

White raid from stagnant hard water

We think that with this phenomenon there was hardly every mistress. You give a bouquet of flowers, you put it in an elegant crystal vase, admire them. And after time, we discover an unpleasant whiten flask at the bottom of your beloved vase. How should I miss such pollution?

Need to cook Sour saline Based on any of these acids:

  • lemon (lemon juice / citric acid);
  • acetic (vinegar, any percentage);
  • Sorry (technical).

The proportion for the preparation of the solution is simple: 1 tc is taken on 1 liter of water. l. table vinegar or lemon juice or 2-3 tbsp. l. Powder of oxal or citric acid.

Pour this composition into the container in which you plan to wash the product and proceed to cleaning. Processing is better to carry out washcloths and medium rigidity brushes.

What if you did not succeed exactly from the first time? We recommend pouring a little vinegar to a vase or lemon juice and leave for several hours. Next you need to pour into the vase of a bit of coarserates (for example, rice or peas). Then you need to cover the neck of the vase and how to shake it. Cropa breaks it can be easily removed from the surface of the vase. After the completion of the procedure, do not forget to thoroughly wash the detergent of the flow water.

If you have no one of the above acids in the house, we recommend another method. Decorate a few Potatoofelin in the usual way. Remove the tubers and give "potato water" to cool completely. Then lower the dishes in this fluid for 10-15 minutes, after which we rinse objects under running water using a soft sponge.

Green raid on the bottom of the product

With such a situation, it is possible to encounter if in a vase with a bouquet did not change water in time, as a result of which she bloomed. What kind of help can be shown in this case?

Here we will come to the rescue soda . It is necessary to fall asleep inside a small amount of alkali, then add some water. After that, about 1 minute required vigorously shake the vase. Remains of plaque and soda need to be flushed with a weak-acid bit of bite.

Please note that this method is suitable for removing plaque from wine or juice at the bottom and walls of glasses.

Fatty flight

Such pollution can most often be found on crystal products with lots of openwork carved elements. The old crystal is also covered with a layer of oily dust.

Fat easily penetrates the threads and remains there for a long time. In order for crystal dishes to continue to delight the eye of the hostess and guests with a dazzling gloss, we recommend using the following way. You need Means for washing glasses and clean fabric . Imprelect matter makeup and wrap the crystal product for several hours. After time, deploy dishes and remove the spout or a soft brush spout.

Acids for cleaning products can be replaced with Coke-Cola. It is enough just to pour a small amount of drink inside the vase or a glass and leave for a couple of hours, and then washed away in the usual way.
White raid at the bottom of the crystal VAZ is the usual thing. It is possible to remove it with vinegar or citric acid White raid at the bottom of the crystal VAZ is the usual thing. It is possible to remove it with vinegar or citric acid

How to make glistening and shine crystal

Crystal is washed away, plaque and visible traces of pollution. But how to make your favorite vase again pickup, and the face of the glasses shone with a diamond gloss?

There is nothing complicated here too. We recommend that you choose one of the following funds:

  1. Alcohol . Water with a napkin with alcohol and thoroughly wipe the product from the inside and outside. Wait for complete drying.
  2. Vinegar . In a glass of pure water, divert 2 tbsp. l. vinegar. In the resulting solution, hold the product for some time, then wipe dry with a rag.
  3. Ammonia . Mix ammonia solution with water in a 1: 3 ratio. Finish into the resulting Crystal Products, then dry the items with a napkin.
Crystal glass products can carry a practical or decorative function, but in both cases items need proper and regular care. Crystal glass products can carry a practical or decorative function, but in both cases items need proper and regular care.

How to wash a crystal chandelier

We do not accidentally consider this topic in a separate section, since it is not always possible to remove individual chandeliers and wash them using one of the above methods.

For high-quality cleansing chandeliers you can apply Dry cleaning When using an antistatic brush.

Also on sale Special means To effectively clean the chandelier of crystal glass, find them in the economic department will not be difficult. However, they can be easily replaced by a conventional solution. Summer alcohol and water in proportion 1: 3 . To clean the cleaning in this way we recommend landing on the floor of the cloth to which the excess composition will be drained.

To enhance the radiance of the product, we advise after cleaning the chandelier from contamination to process the glass elements with a solution of cutlery in a ratio of 2 tbsp. l. On a glass of water and wipe dry.

Clean the chandelier regularly in one of the listed methods and your artificial sun will delight you for a long time with your shine and overflows.

Caring for crystal challenges is completely simple. And, as a result, its luxurious radiance will pay for all your efforts. Caring for crystal challenges is completely simple. And, as a result, its luxurious radiance will pay for all your efforts.

From this article, you learned how to effectively extort your crystal products from plaque and other contaminants. As you can see, it requires quite a bit of physical effort and financial costs.

Perhaps, in modern life, the product from crystal is not so popular as before, but, no doubt, any bouquet will look more spectacular and more elegant in a crystal vase, and the dishes from the crystal put on the festive table will bring a solemn note to your meal. Use your favorite devices with pleasure and delight yourself and loved ones!


We offer for viewing videos, which show how to properly clean crystal items:

About the author: Irina TerraticalIrina Terratical

He graduated from the Economic Department of the Aviation University. Married, raising a daughter. Loves to play musical instruments, spending time in pleasant communication. Always seeks to learn something interesting, master the new craft. He loves to prepare for the whole family. Life motto: "Never give up!".

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Fresh lemon suits not only for tea: Clean the contamination from the surface of the acrylic bath, losing the half of the cut citrus, or quickly wash the microwave, putting a water container and the lemon slices for 8-10 minutes at maximum power. The softened dirt will be just wiped with a sponge.

Before removing various stains from clothes, you need to find out how safe the selected solvent is for the tissue itself. It is applied in a small amount on a small-wedge plot of stuff from the side of 5-10 minutes. If the material retains its structure and color, you can move to stains.

The threads of gold and silver, which in the old days embroidered clothes, are called repetitive. To obtain, the metal wire was pulled by ticks to the state of the necessary subtleties. Hence, the expression "pull (breed) canber" - "engage in long-shaped work" or "delay the execution of the case".

Remove scale and naughty with an iron soles are the easiest of the cooking salt. Pour a thick layer of salt on paper, heat the iron to the maximum and several times, slightly appropriate, swipe the iron on the salt litter.

The habit of "economically" to use the washing machine-machine can lead to the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Washing at temperatures below 60 and short rinsing allow fungi and bacteria with dirty clothes to stay on the inner surfaces and reproduced actively.

If the first signs of carrying in the form of untidy rods appeared on the favorite things, from them you can get rid of a special typewriter. He quickly and effectively swips the fabric fiber lumpy and returns to things worthy.

PVC film ceilings can withstand from 70 to 120 liters of water for 1 m 2its area (depending on the size of the ceiling, the degree of its tension and quality of the film). So you can not fear leaks from your neighbors from above.

Not only plates and cups are wellhed in the dishwasher. It is possible to download plastic toys, glass lights of lamps and even dirty vegetables, such as potatoes, but only without the use of detergents.

Special traps exist to combat mole. In the sticky layer, which they are covered, added females purses, attracting males. Adhesive to the trap, they are departed from the breeding process, which leads to a decrease in the population of moths.

Homemade Crystal Wash

What to clean dull crystal products so that glitter? The answer to this question should know every mistress

Cleaning with infrident means is simple and effective, but it is important to know the basic rules. When rubbing the crystal, only a lint-free napkin, when washing - cool water, and to impart brilliance to use alcohol, vinegar or ammonia

Why can not wash hot water? Because winery yellowed.

Vinegar and Food Soda

Divide in proportions - a tablespoon of each means per liter of water. Place a very soft foambone to the bottom of the basin, soak in a solution of dishes for 2-3 hours. Good need to slip and wipe the divorces. After that, soda dishes until the brilliance. This method is also suitable for washing crystal in silver, vinegar and soda will get rid of metal from black.

Ultrasonic device

It is possible to clean the crystal with the help of modern household appliances. There are compact washing machines that carry out ultrasound cleaning. It quickly dissolves dirt, removes it even from the most relief surfaces. Put the glasses into the water and turn on the machine - after half an hour, the dishes will be washed perfectly clean.

Use of dishwasher

Fig. 6 - Crystal glasses in the dishwasher

With this device, you can wash the barium crystal. Gently place a decanter in the dishwasher, select a delicate mode or a short cycle with a moderate water temperature (not higher than 40 degrees). Do not wash in the dishwasher Czech Crystal with products from copper, aluminum and silver. If the water is rigid, use the regenerating salt. After washing, slip glistening after cleaning the product with acetic water.

Mustard powder

Mix 2 tbsp. l. Means with the same number of manus, fill 150 ml of boiled water and mix well. Soak, rinse, rinse by manganese at least half a teaspoon permanganate on 3 liters of water.

Glue and soap

These funds can become perfect ingredients for an efficient cleaning mixture. Sittail the household soap on a large grater, dissolve the tablespoon in a liter of water, add some glasses of PVA. Soak the dishes in the resulting solution for 2 hours, rinse and soda to the gloss with flannel cloth.

Acetic solution and cook salt

These products will make crystal dishes shiny and shining. First, soak the products in the saline solution, then in acetic. Correct the proportions of vinegar and salt - both should be prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. l. per liter of water. Hold the products in each 10 minutes.

Potato starch

Fig. 7 - Potato starch for crystal cleaning

To eliminate yellow and stains, apply a little powder on the sponge and soda wet dishes. Rinse the remnants under the jet of water and polish to shine a wool cloth.

Detergent, chalk and blue

Their combination in the form of casket is also a fairly effective detergent for cleaning crystal. Mix 2 tbsp. l. Challa and a half teaspoon of blue and 2 spoons of water. Wipe the crystal with a mixture and polish the surface, then rinse with water with dishwashing agents.

Boiled potato or potato water

Starch contained in these products makes it easy to remove oil spots from crystal. If water is used from under potatoes, the products are placed in it for 15 minutes, then are washed. If boiled potatoes are applied, then following the advice of specialists, the Kashitz is applied to the evaporated surfaces for 5 minutes, after which the dishes are washed.

Hydrogen peroxide

With its help, the yellowed products (for example, victims of the fire) are well laundered from stone and plaque. On 5 liters of water, take 3 tbsp. l. peroxide and 1 tbsp. l. Ammonia solution. Immerse a crystal glass in a mixture for 30 minutes, wipe with a sponge, and then a soft cloth so that it becomes transparent and sparkled brightly.

Fig. 8 - Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning crystal dishes


Easily save from the painted plaque. Moisten a rag in a small amount of ammonia, carefully and properly wipe contaminated parts of crystal crystals. Repeat until the flare does not disappear. Instead of ammonia, you can use vodka. These ways will help ensure that your dishes sparkle again in the sun, gladly glad.

Lemon acid

Its solution will help to save a crystal from oil stains. Lemonic acid should be used in the proportion of 1 tbsp. l. per liter of water. Just spend the resulting mixture of bold products, rinse in clean water and soda the microfiber rag to shine and radiance.

Rules for cleaning crystal vases

Vases are put in order in order in order in order by several ways, based on the type of contamination.

Old vase

Crystal is furious or yellowing just from time to time. Simple recipes are effective.

Products are allowed to mock in water with a delicate dishware. Rinsed with a strong diluted vinegar, wipe dry dryness.

Crystal vases

Clean the old crystal from yellowishness for potatoes:

  • The purified root root is either cut;
  • Mass are distributed on the product for 12-15 minutes;
  • wash off, refreshing thoroughly diluted blue;
  • Immediately wipe, in order to exclude the appearance of color divorces.

In such ways, yellowness is removed from any old crystal.

It is formed on the surface of the VAZ from the stems and leaves of colors. Deleted with vinegar and salt. At half a liter of water take a teaspoon of vinegar and half the same spoonful salt.

Whitish peel

Created with rigid or chlorinated water. Simple ingredients helps to get rid of such a fall:

  1. Fig. A quarter of a glass of vinegar or soda is poured on the bottom of a large vase, then the half of the rice is satisfied (S. will suit). For instances less than two-three tablespoons of rice with one spoon of soda. The vase is lightly shaken, after 10-15 minutes, rice is removed, the vase is washed. With mud leaves the shaggy.
  2. Soda. They take equally soda and water, five - six tablespoons, stirred. The vase is filled with pieces of the newspaper, poured with a solution, shake every half an hour to the result. Pull the contents, rinsed.
  3. Potatoes. White raids rubbed fresh potato peel.

At the bottom of the flower vase, white raids can form, but it is sometimes very difficult to get to it.

Some simple ways will be helped to solve this problem:

  • Fill a warm water with a warm water, throw one tablet of soluble aspirin and leave the Vaza to mock for 12 hours, then rinse the products with water.
  • Fill the floral vase with acetic or lemon solution (3 tablespoons of acids to dissolve in 1 liter of water), after 10 minutes the vase can be washed with water without using detergents.
  • Pour warm water in a vase and add 4 tablespoons of salt and soda, after 30 minutes, rinse the crystal product in the usual way.
  • Pour the vase for 30 minutes with ordinary Coca-Cola, after which we rinse under the jet of water.

Often, on the bottom of a vase for flowers, you can notice a white precipitate, but how to remove it, if the product is small and no opportunity to "get" to pollution? You can solve this problem like this:

  • In a vase filled with warm water, throw a pill aspirin tablet and leave for 10-12 hours, after which we wash the product with clean water;
  • Fill the vase with a solution of vinegar (3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) for 10 minutes, then rinse and wipe dry;
  • In a vase with warm water, add 3-4 tablespoons of soda and salt on 3-4 tablespoons, after 30 minutes, pour the solution and flush the product.

Sometimes it happens that after careful cleaning, the type of crystal dishes leaves much to be desired. What can not be done, put in order Crystal? Here is a list of major prohibitions:

  • Do not use abrasives when cleaning crystal, you can scratch the product;
  • rub pollution without effort and push so as not to damage the dishes;
  • Do not wash the crystal with soap, it will lead to the formation of the fall;
  • Water for washing should not be too hot or cold, otherwise the dishes will dreamed (the optimal temperature is from 30 to 40 degrees);
  • placing glasses or glasses in a container with detergent, do not lay them too tight, it will damage products;
  • Do not use cloth crystal to polishing with a rigid structure or pile.

In addition, it is impossible to use crystal dishes for supplying hot dishes, as well as warm up in such plates or salad bowls in a microwave or oven.

Adhering to these simple rules, you will achieve the fact that your dishes will always be in perfect condition.


Mode of application

  • rice - 1/2 cup;
  • Food soda - 1/4 cup;
  • warm water;

Pour rice on the bottom of the vase (it will clean up pollution), and then soda (it will eliminate the smell). Pour the liquid, shake the components. Drain the mixture, rinse the purified vase, wipe. For a small vase, take 2 tbsp. l. rice and 1 tbsp. l. soda.

  • Soda food, water - 5 tablespoons;
  • newspapers;

Split the newspaper to pieces, put the vase on the bottom, and in the top pour the mixture of soda with water. Shake the container, leave half an hour, and then shake again. Sighten the vase, wipe with a dry cloth.

  • Egg shell - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • Food soda - 1 tbsp. l.;
  • warm water.

Grind egg shell, put on the bottom of the vase. Top pour out the soda, pour water. Pretty shake the container, and then rinse, wipe.

What and how to clean crystal

For cleaning crystal use household detergents. But the task will perfectly cope and simple "folk" compositions from the submitted means.

Folk remedies

From folk remedies for crystal fit:

  • Economical soap. From its chips prepare a solution for cleaning pollution. Soap is crushed with a grater, the chips are bred in cool water. Option - Wash crystal with a sponge.
  • A piece of chalk. Dry powder of chalk rubbed the products should not be made, but it makes a paste to clean. For this, the tough chalk is mixed with an equal amount of water: 3 tbsp. chalk - 3 tbsp. water. In paste should not be abrasive particles.
  • Dry cleaning starch. Starch is applied to a dry clean napkin (paper or tissue), wipe pollution before disappearance, remove starch remnants.
  • Solution from the table vinegar, salt, soda. Recipe: Mix 1 tbsp. Food (marine) salts with 2 tbsp. vinegar 9%, 2 tbsp. water. The composition is applied to the crystal, after 5-10 minutes, wash off with plenty of cool water.
  • Splashing compositions are used for products decorated with painting or gilding. In the liter of water is divorced 1 tbsp. l. table vinegar. The solution is applied to the crystal, avoiding friction of painted areas.
  • Potato decoction perfectly copes with fatty pollution on the dishes. Water after cooking purified potatoes is coated to room temperature, soaked wine glasses and salad bowls. After that, it is easy to remove even the keen fat.
  • Soda solution. In Liter, water is divorced by 1 tbsp. soda. Soda well removes the remnants of drinks from wine glasses and glasses. The solution is poured into the dishes, in 5 minutes it is washed clean.
  • Raw potatoes. Possesses whitening properties, perfectly removes the yellowness, darkening with old crystal dishes or chandeliers. The tuber is worn on a small grater, they are applied to pollution to pollution, rinsed thoroughly, rinsed.

The components of the solutions are not harmless to the skin of the hands, work is carried out in protective gloves.

There is an opinion that the soap leaves a fatty film on a crystal, from which he is smaller. To solve the problem after using a soap solution, the product is thoroughly rinsed with a weak acetic solution (1 tbsp. Per liter of water), and then polished.

Chemical domestic products

From household chemicals to clean the crystal, the same drugs are used as for glass, ordinary dishes. Also in stores sell specialized compositions for crystal products.

General rules for the use of household chemicals for crystal:

  • To clean the interior items, it is permissible to use conventional sprays, aerosols for glasses and tiled surfaces;
  • For cutlery - only gel, foam detergents for dishes.

It is not allowed to use cleaning powders, as well as aggressive drugs to remove fat (as part of which is chlorine, caustic alkali).

Removal of dirt and dirt

Especially persistent dirt, darkens require careful cleaning. In general, the compositions of "people's" recipes will be able to cope with the task, and purchased chemicals.

With persistent pollution Crystal:

  • soaked in cool water with the addition of detergent;
  • clean the selected composition;
  • Carefully rinse, washed;
  • wipe, polished to shine.

If necessary, the procedure is repeated several times.

How to polish products to shine

To press the crystal to shine, the following ways are used:

  • To give products a special radiance of grandmother in the villages used blue - tinting chemical, giving dazzling white things after washing. Modern blue is sold in household chemicals for home. For crystal, a small amount of blue binding is bred in cool water (to a transparent blue color), rinse with a glass with a solution.
  • Acetic solution for rinsing gives crystal shine and sparkness. The table vinegar is 9% bred in water in proportion: 2 liters of water 2 tbsp. vinegar.

After rinsing, the crystal products wipe and polish - rub on a soft cloth from wool, pure cotton or microfiber (paper napkins are suitable).

How to make glistening and shine crystal

Crystal is washed away, plaque and visible traces of pollution. But how to make your favorite vase again pickup, and the face of the glasses shone with a diamond gloss?

There is nothing complicated here too. We recommend that you choose one of the following funds:

  1. Alcohol. Water with a napkin with alcohol and thoroughly wipe the product from the inside and outside. Wait for complete drying.
  2. Vinegar. In a glass of pure water, divert 2 tbsp. l. vinegar. In the resulting solution, hold the product for some time, then wipe dry with a rag.
  3. Ammonia. Mix ammonia solution with water in a 1: 3 ratio. Finish into the resulting Crystal Products, then dry the items with a napkin.

Crystal glass products can carry a practical or decorative function, but in both cases items need proper and regular care.

How can I wash?

In order for the beloved crystal of glitter and decades to please their owners, you need to know what to wash it correctly at home. In addition, it is necessary to wash the products from pollution, they must be cleaned to shine. For this, you can use the following simple but efficient ways:

  • Impure the napkin with alcohol and rub the crystal thoroughly, then wipe with a rag from the microfiber.
  • Rinse objects in a solution from vinegar, then grate their wool cloth.
  • Divide the ammonia in water and go there to lower the products, hold them in a solution for at least an hour, then wipe dry.
  • Cut potatoes on large longitudinal parts. Then the chopped potatoes are placed in a crystal vase or a salad bowl, fill in clean water and leave for several days. After 3-4 days, a thorough crystal thoroughly.
  • Another rather unusual way to help return the radiance of objects is coffee thick. It is lowered by products and leave for 2-3 hours. After this time, they are washed in water with vinegar, then dried with cotton fabric.
  • In case of appearance at the bottom and walls of the dishes, water and vinegar can be used: filled with dishes in a ratio of 1: 1 and leave for 12 hours.

To wash the gold-plated crystal, it must be left in clean warm water for a couple of hours, then carefully rub, without touching the gilding sites. After that, in a mixture of vinegar and purified water, rinse and wipe the dry cloth.

Mountain crystal is a natural natural material. It is sufficiently resistant to chemical and mechanical exposure. It does not fear direct sunlight and contact with detergent solutions, for this reason, care for this mountain mineral is simple. Missing rhinestone is recommended for a soft sponge in a solution of liquid washing powder. Then rinse under the stream of cool water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

It is especially beautiful to consider artificial crystal, it is customary called Czech and Bohemian glass. Despite the fact that the utensils made from Czech glass seems fragile and thin, it is absolutely undemanding to care. It is possible to wash, both manually and in a dishwasher.

One of the most suitable folk methods for washing of Czech glass is: 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of vinegar are added to 1 liter of water. This composition will give a shining shine.

If the crystal product has become muddy, a solution from warm soapy water mixed with blue will come to the rescue. If a decanter or a jar with a narrow neck, it is recommended to use a thick mixture of soda and pea. It is poured into the vessel and carefully shake, then washed with water.

It happens that products are muttered from the fact that too hot water was used for washing. In this situation, a solution of 0.5 glasses of vinegar and 1 glass of water will be helped.

The yellowed crystal can be cleaned with a mixture of chalk and half a spoon of blue. This mixture needs to handle the surface of the items well. On the walls of the product there can be a bluish shade, which is easily removed by a wool cloth.

Eliminate white, greenish or dark brown raid at the bottom of the crystal products can be a variety of methods. Consider them below:

  • A solution of acetic acid and salt. To obtain this solution, half a tablespoon of salts and a tablespoon of vinegar are added to the water liter. It is soaked for dishes on a quarter of an hour.
  • The mixture of 3-4 spoons of salt and soda fall asleep in the product for 30 minutes.
  • Also proven and original method is the use of carbonated beverages as a cleansing composition, for example, Coca-Cola.
  • Mix soda and sliced ​​pieces of the newspaper. Take the vessel every half hour until the flare does not disappear.
  • Several spoons of rice and soda pour into objects from crystal, fill with water and mix. Soda will remove the flare, and the rice will absorb all the unpleasant odor.
  • Add one aspirin tablet into the water and leave for the night. During this time, pollution will disappear.
  • Available with a flaw can be gratened to rub the peel of potatoes.
  • You can get rid of greenish and brown traces on a vase or jug ​​using a large salt salt. At the same time, the coating will not deteriorate, because the crystals of salts from the water are grated.

What you can not do

Crystal products need to be careful to care, otherwise they will yellower ahead of time, lose the shine or fit

The choice of detergents and cleaning products should be approached with caution

Hot water

The crystal lamp can not be washed with hot water, otherwise it will fit or yellow. Crystal is afraid of too much temperature difference, it is impossible to wash the chandeliers with warm water, and then immersed in cold.

Cold water

In too cold water, fat or dirt may not be laundered. The ideal temperature of aqueous solution is 27-40 degrees of heat. In cool water, with the addition of acetic essence, you can rinse the details of the washed lamp.

Abrasive compounds

For washing a crystal lamp, it is impossible to use salt, soda, powder. Abrasive particles of these tools may damage the delicate surface of the crystal. For cleaning, a soft and non-foaming detergent is chosen.

Cannot wash in PMM

Wash chandeliers from crystal - heavy and laborious work. After all, the lamp should be disassembled, remove each item, wash it separately, rinse, add, polish. If someone such work seems unbearable, you can buy a spray for cleaning crystal chandeliers and spray it into a crystal. Wash the elements of the lamp using a dishwasher undesirable, suspensions can yellow or crack.

How to wash the crystal so that he glistened

Saving time hostess will help modern funds, choose from a different price category. How to wash crystal dishes so that glitter:

  1. Use simple detergents without adding alkalis. They wash off dust well and eat every mistress in arsenal, but they will not save themselves from strong pollution and white plaque;
  2. Use special tools for cleaning different categories. Wash the chandelier using only an aerosol that blows the dust from each gap. Most often, the hostess choose a means for contactless washing of chandeliers - Unicum or Pro Sept;
  3. Use more foam, it raises excess dust and pollution, leaning them even from the drawing;
  4. Do not leave the remedy on the walls for a long time;
  5. Do not put pressure on the walls of crystal dishes, even if they need to be lined;
  6. For drying, you can use paper towels or microfiber.

Wash the chandelier using only an aerosol that blows the dust from each gap.

Additionally, during home cleaning, you can use the following tools:

  • Means for cleaning glass Mr. Muskul. Especially efficiently use for washing and VAZ;

    Especially effectively used for washing and VAZ.

  • Material napkins Microfiber have several positive characteristics: they are soft and leave the villi;

    Microfiber napkins are soft and do not leave the villi.

  • Use gel for dishes. It is well suited tools that have neogenic substances.

    It is well suited tools that have neogenic substances.

When it comes to care for the chandelier, made of crystal, than to wash do not know, sometimes, even experienced professionals. Moreover, few people are taken for such work, knowing the features of the crystal. The only method does not spoil the chandelier and its constituent parts - use the contactless cleaning method. Than washing crystal so that he glistened at home:

  1. It is desirable to use modern aerosols. They are under pressure from air literally blow up pollution;
  2. Purchase better originally funds with a special antistatic effect;

Methods can be divided into two main categories: wet and dry. The first view is used during general cleaning, the second under weekly care. Moreover, for a chandelier made of high-quality material, it is better to use a dry and non-contact method that can protect the details. You can use EUROSVET or PROSEPT aerosols. Both means are in terms of cost, having studied feedbacks can be understood that the effect of cleaning is identical. How to wash the crystal to shine using an aerosol:

  • The remedy is sprayed on the details of the chandelier. It is advisable not to miss hard-to-reach places, it will be in the future to attract insects that leaving the result of life;
  • The tool is applied until the first drops are formed on the details;
  • For 5-10 minutes, the means dissolves dirt;
  • The spray procedure is repeated again (for polishing);
  • Next, it is necessary to register yourself independently. In order for drops tools to spoil the carpet or other coating, it is advisable to cover it with a film or an unnecessary cloth.

It is necessary to work with aerosols in the respirator. At the time of spraying in the room should not be children. If the drops of the funds fell into the eyes, it is necessary to rinse them with warm water and turn to the doctor's doctor. If droplets were in the eyes, it is necessary to rinse them with warm water and turn to the doctor.

Dry cleaning is carried out in rooms where the windows are always closed and the air conditioner works. Otherwise, it will be meaningless, since the solar is settled from cars, fat and excrement of insects on the walls. Cleans with the help of an antistatic bakery, it is advisable to do it very carefully that the design details do not come into contact with each other. You can use an empty enema, it can get rid of dust hard to reach places. In order not to give the material to yellow, you need to periodically use the cleaning of the aerosol.

Dry cleaning is carried out in rooms where the windows are always closed and the air conditioner works.

What can not be done during crystal cleaning

You can use industrial production facilities designed to care for a crystal. Such compositions wash chandeliers and lamps having a large number of small elements

When working with chemicals, it is important to comply with all safety regulations.

In order to crystal with forged pollution again glitter, you can take advantage of potent cleaning compositions:

  1. Vinegar and salt: Vases are spoiled due to the old flying from the colors. It can be removed easy to prepare. In 1 liter of water, a tablespoon of vinegar and a 0.5 tablespoon of salt are added. In solution you need to put crystal items. After a few minutes, they are rinsed and wipe dry.
  2. Sea salt: rubs out old spots from the bottom of the dishes without harm to the shiny surface. Salt in equal proportions mix with vinegar. Pour the solution in the dishes and wait a few minutes. Pour and rinse warm water.
  3. Potato decoction: Clear heat-polluted food with the dishes will help the paint plate. The cooked liquid is coated to room temperature and immerse items for a few minutes. After the product should be washed using a degreaser. At the end of the procedure, the crystal is rinsed and wipe the cloth dry.

To crystal glitter, it must be polished properly.

Polishing methods to shine:

  1. Alcohol: products are washed with ordinary water. After you need to get a dry flannel napkin with alcohol and wipe the surface.
  2. Vinegar: Prepare a solution from liter of water and two tablespoons of the essence. Clean crystal should be rinsed with the prepared composition and delicately rub the surface with a cloth without porce.
  3. Summer: 3 parts of water are connected with one part of the ammonia. In such a solution, crystal shock for several hours. After polishing microfiber.

Is it easy to clean the product from a mountain crystal?


  • It is impossible to wash in hot water: microcracks appear on its surface. Because of this, he dumps, and over time, the product can simply crumble.
  • Cleaning abrasive and aggressive detergents are categorically prohibited! It is impossible to wash in the soap solution and clean the soda. After drying, the soap leaves after himself a fatty film, so the product loses the shine. And the soda scratches the delicate surface of the dishes, which is why the shine is lost again.

If you will correctly care for the products, they will long be happy to please you with their elegance and splendor!

Material Actualized 28.06.2017

Crystal products are very beautiful and elegant. Such dishes are often used not only for its intended purpose, but also to decorate the interior.

Sooner or later, a subtle, challenging task arises - clean the crystal dishes from the fall and yellowness, give it the shine. After all, the glasses and vases will please the eye, they need to carefully care for them, keep clean. The yellowness falls out of dust are able to spoil the appearance of sophisticated things.

We learn how to clean the crystal at home to shine.

Crystal dishes

Cleaning Rules Crystal

Crystal dishes should sparkle clean. Whatever method chose the hostess, there are basic rules for the care of this fragile glass:

  1. Put on the bottom of the pelvis or a large pan of the towel - it will help to avoid the appearance of chips and scratches.
  2. Put crystal products in the tank. A glass or plate will not slip out of your hands and will not break. Do not put items too tight.
  3. Before washing the service, put on rubber gloves so as not to leave the fingerprints on the crystal. Previously need to remove all rings and bracelets.
  4. It is necessary to wash the crystal glass in warm, but not hot water - 30-40 degrees are enough.
  5. Use the soft side of the foam sponge and the dishwashing liquid.
  6. Wine glasses and dishes with carved patterns can be cleaned with an old toothbrush.
  7. Wipe the utensil to dryness: if you leave the glass wet, then there will be ugly divorces on it. It is better to use a paper napkin from microfiber.
  8. Machine dishes and salad bowls immediately after lunch or dinner. Instruments with dried residues of food washed much more difficult.

What can not be used?

  1. Wanting to wash the crystal dishes so that it is glittered, the owners sometimes resort to rather rough methods: use powder products, hard sponges. It is impossible to do this: a great risk to detect scratches.
  2. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use lubshik - rigid bristle can damage the surface. Replace the tool with a soft toothbrush.
  3. It is not necessary to wipe the flushed things with a porous cloth - the fibers of matter will fall on the glass, and the crystal will quickly dreamed.
  4. Avoid a sharp difference in temperature - cracks may appear. For example, you should not immediately immerse the glass from under the ice drink in hot water.
  5. Crystal can not be washed at temperatures above 40 degrees - there is a risk to spoil the thing.
  6. Devices with gold-plated elements need to be washed only with acetic solution. In this case, it is better not to use the dishwasher - the decor is simplicated. Cleaning crystal

How to wash the crystal to shine?

Sometimes it happens that crystal yellowers. This is due to the fact that he stood for a long time in the cabinet and was not used. There are methods to solve this problem. The necessary ingredients will be found in every home.


To wash the crystal, you can use potatoes. Roots contain starch, which in itself is a good cleaning agent. Good service can serve as a decoction of potatoes and the tubers themselves:

  1. Gently put a crystal into the water after cooking potatoes. Leave for 15 minutes. If the decoction covers the dishes not completely, it follows from time to time to turn. Then you need to clean the surface with a soft foam sponge or cloth.
  2. Boil the potatoes and soda it on a fine grater. Apply Cashitz to apply on the glasses. Leave for 15 minutes, then you should thoroughly wash the objects with running water.

Attention! All components need to be cooled to room temperature.


Clean the crystal dishes will help the starch in the form of a powder. Apply it on a dry clean napkin and wipe pollution. Sighten the remains of the substance.

The indisputable plus starch is that it does not damage the gentle glass. But still, do not get carried, do not rub intensively - the fragile material does not tolerate physical exposure.

Crystal Chandelier

Vinegar + Sol.

A good detergent to clean the crystal is a mixture of salt and vinegar:

  1. Prepare the solution in the ratio of 1 tbsp. l. Salts on 1 liter of water. Be careful - excess white powder can scratch the surface.
  2. Located on the bottom of the basin litter. Put crystal products. Fill the cooked agent. Leave for 10 minutes.
  3. At this time, make acetic solution in the same proportions - 1 tbsp. l. Acids on 1 l of water. Move the dishes to another container. Wait again 10 minutes.
  4. Then you need to wash and dry the products.

The second option is to add a spoonful of salt and vinegar on 1 liters of water and leave a crystal in solution. This method will help launder it to shine.

Vinegar is used separately to impart shine crystal dishes. Rinse the washed with acetic mortar. The glass grimits and does not sweat even with a long storage. In addition, such a polyrolol prevents dust sticking.

Hydrogen peroxide

Remove the yellowness from the crystal will help peroxide. Effective, sparing bleach removes pollution and does not damage the glass:

  1. Pour in the pelvis or a bucket of 5 liters of water, add 3 tbsp. l. peroxide. It will be quite well to pour the same 1 tbsp. l. ammonia.
  2. Lower the dishes into the solution and let it stand for half an hour.
  3. Water cloth or cotton swab and clean things. Then polish so that there is no divorce left. Hydrogen peroxide

Coca Cola

The favorite gas production contains orthophosphoric acid. Therefore, Coca-Cola will help effectively wash the crystal vase from lime deposits. Just pour out the gas composition in the tank and leave half an hour, and then actively shake. Just be careful not to spill a drink. Then it is worth the thing, and the muddy fall will easily go back from the walls.


So that crystal utensils are glitter, it needs to be washed with a solution of ammonia with water, both ingredients take equal proportions.

Previously need to clean the product from dust. Then wet the cosmetic disk in the prepared solution and wipe crystal well.

Attention! Be careful - the vapor of ammonia alcohol smells very unpleasant. Remove children and animals from the room. When working, put on gloves.

Sinky solution

Crystal has a yellowing property over time. In this case, you can get rid of the yellowness with a mixture of blue and chalk:

  1. Mix 2 tbsp. l. Grinding chalk, 0.5 h. l. Sinky and 2 tbsp. l. water.
  2. Apply a means. Remember - the powder is actively rubbed, it is impossible to cover the surface with a mixture.
  3. After a few minutes you can wash and dry the products. They will begin to shine again. Sinky solution

Salt from clouding

After long-term storage, crystal things can be less transparent. If the crystal cloudy, the salt bath will come to the rescue. Especially effective marine salt, enriched with minerals. But you can take a conventional cooking.

Put a pack of soda in a pelvis with water and put the dishes there. Leave for two hours, pull out and dry. The way it will be suitable for cases when there is no way to clean and polish the clouded crystal.

Is it possible to wash the crystal in the dishwasher?

Nowadays there have been a mass of devices facilitating life. If our grandmothers could wash utensils exclusively by folk methods, now the owners are concerned about the question, is it allowed to wash the crystal in the dishwasher?

Wine glasses in the dishwasher

In general, the real crystal is very fragile, and it is possible to wash it manually. Cheaper varieties are allowed to load into the dishwasher, while:

  1. Adjust delicate washing mode.
  2. The water temperature should be room - 35-40 ° C.
  3. Use the regenerating salt with rigid water in the region.
  4. Do not mix crystals with dishes from other materials - from such a neighborhood, gentle glass can be poisoned.
  5. Instead of powder, use a liquid agent or soluble tablet.
  6. The best solution is to purchase a special tool for cleaning the crystal in a shopping store.

How to clean a crystal vase from the fall?

When there are long flowers in the vase, there is no lime on the walls and the bottom of the vessel. In such a narrow and deep tank, it is difficult to get to the bottom and wash it, but also there are ways.

To clean the vase from white climb, pour water into it and add vinegar (3 st. L. Per 1 liter). Leave for the night, in the morning it's good to spin and clean the vase to the brilliance.

In the same way, the vessel can be smeared with a salt solution: 2-3 tbsp. l. Salts on 1 liter of water. After a few hours, the raids at the bottom and walls of the vase will dissolve.

To clean the bottom, pour rice into the container, add a drop of vinegar. Groats will swell and absorb pollution. Then rinse the product.

How to wash a crystal chandelier?

A separate question - how to clean the chandelier of crystal? Light bulbs constantly attract pollution, and numerous pendants are quickly covered with dust, losing elegant look. Cleaning the electrical appliance is a rather labor-intensive process.

Crystal chandeliers

The order of its cleaning is as follows:

  1. Make dust with an antistatic chandelier.
  2. If the details are partially removed, disconnect them from the chandelier, put in a bowl with water and add 3 tbsp. l. vinegar.
  3. After half an hour, you need to clean the decorations shot by a microfiber cloth or a paper napkin. Make sure that the metal parts do not rust.
  4. To wash the chandelier with suspensions, wipe the details of the lamp, without removing, a special detergent.
  5. If there was no appropriate household chemicals, spread alcohol with water in the ratio of 1: 3. Apply using a cotton disk.
  6. After all parts are washed and returned to the place, treat the chandelier with a solution of vinegar or citric acid - it will reduce dust sticking.

Attention! Observe precautions. Do not forget to make an electrical appliance before washing! Watch that the water does not fall on the light bulbs. Take care that chemicals are not dripped to the floor and have become accessible to children and animals.

Tips for care and operation

For crystal to serve for a long time, simple recommendations should be followed:

  1. Do not put wine glasses and vases in the locker are too tight - between the objects should be saved.
  2. Do not hold the glasses when washing the leg - the thin stand is easily breaking. Finish glass cleaning should be wiped with a cotton towel.
  3. After each wash, the items should be polished. A good solution will be the antistatics on the glaves: so they do not dust in the servant, and will please the hostess with purity.

Crystal has a property to darmest. In addition, he collects dust. So the dishes periodically wash and polish for prevention, even if it stands on the shelf and is not used.

Caring for the crystal is a delicate matter. Careful attitude towards elegant subjects - the key to their long service. Keep and take care of your favorite sets correctly, and then they will delight you with their brilliance.

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