How to switch the language on the keyboard from Russian into English and vice versa?

On the keyboard keys, as a rule, two letters are located: in our case from the Russian alphabet and English. This is done so that the user can pick up words in Russian and English. It turns out two layouts. In order to use them, there is the possibility of switching between layouts. How does this happen? Let us show on the example of the Windows operating system.

First method

If you are more convenient to use the mouse when working, you can change the layout using a special icon that is on the taskbar. As a rule, the taskbar is located at the bottom of the screen, which means you need to slightly lower your eyes and find the icon on which there is an inscription RU or EN.

Click on the icon, after which the menu appears in which you choose the second available language.

The layout has changed, as evidenced by the changed icon.

Second way

This method is convenient if you are typing and you do not have the ability to be distracted by switching with the mouse, especially if you need to periodically switch the layout. For this, the combination of keys was invented, pressing which changes English into Russian and vice versa. Keyboard shortcuts - two.

The first is Ctrl + Shift.

The second is alt + shift.

There is another third option, but it is extremely rare - clicking on the ё key (`).

The process is simple: they pressed on both keys simultaneously or pinch one first, then click on the other, after which the layout changes. You may first use this option not very convenient, but you quickly get used to it.

By the way, if you have a version with Ctrl + Shift, and you are more convenient to use Alt + Shift or vice versa, you can change the key combination. To do this, open the control panel: Press Win + R on the keyboard, enter Control and click OK.

In the control panel, select major icons, then click on the Language and Regional Standards string.

Window opens. In it, select the "Languages ​​and Keyboards" tab, then click on the "Change Keypad" button.

Another window will open. In it, select the "Keypad Switch" tab and click on the "Create Key Catch" button.

Change the key combination and click OK.

Automatic layout change

There are programs that, based on special algorithms, automatically change the layout when entering text. It is convenient, although they sometimes cause mistakes. One of the most popular similar programs is Punto Switcher.

You can download it for free.

How to switch the keyboard into English?

Switching the input language on the computer keyboard or laptop is almost the most frequently used function. And not all, especially novice computer users know how to transfer the keyboard into English on the computer and back. In this article, we describe all ways to switch the keyboard input language on the computer and laptop.


  1. Methods switching
  2. Keyboard translation into English key combination
  3. Switching the keyboard language through the language panel

Methods switching

There is at least two easiest ways to switch the keyboard input languages ​​in the Windows operating system. This is a switch using the key combination, as well as switching through the language panel.

Now we will consider in detail both methods.

Keyboard translation into English key combination

There are two possible combinations of buttons on the keyboard to switch its input language.

  • "Ctrl" + "Shift";
  • "ALT" + "SHIFT".

So these buttons look on the keyboard:

how to translate keyboard into English on the computer

Switching keyboard language buttons ALT and SHIFT

how to translate keyboard into English on the computer

Switching the keypad language with Ctrl and Shift buttons

To switch the language by these buttons, you must first press the first of them ("Ctrl" or "Alt"), and then without releasing it to press the second button - "SHIFT".

By default, after installing Windows, any version, the set combination of the keyboard language change is "ALT" + "SHIFT", but sometimes "Ctrl" + "SHIFT" can be used.

In any case, you should try the first one, and if the switch does not happen, then the second.

The current keyboard input language is displayed on the taskbar near the clock in the lower right corner of the screen.

In case you have a language panel, it can be returned to the taskbar according to this instruction.

Switching the keyboard language through the language panel

The second way can be transferred to the computer keyboard into English, this switches his mouse in the language panel itself.

To do this, move the mouse to the language panel, which is displayed on the taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen near the clock, press it with the left mouse button and select the desired language.

how to switch keyboard into English

Switching the keyboard language through the language panel

After that, the input language will be transferred to the selected one.

If the language you need is not in the language panel, it is always possible to add it there.

In this article, I will teach you to switch your key from "English" modes -> "Russian" and "Russian" -> English for computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So, let's start with computers.

Method number 1.

Locate the rus or ENG icon near the keyboard, that's what it looks like on Windows 10:

In Windows operating systems, it is enough to click on the RUS or ENG icon.
In Windows operating systems, it is enough to click on the RUS or ENG icon.

In Windows 7, it is also about also, but may have a slightly different name ENG and RUS, or even EN or RU:

The principle is the same, only the icon varies.
The principle is the same, only the icon varies.

Method No. 2. This method is the most popular. It is necessary to use "hot" keys. There are two options for switching the layouts: SHIFT + ALT key combination or Shift + Ctrl. These are the most convenient ways. What you can check the experiment using you. SHIFT + ALT:

Unnamed finger on the SHIFT key, and the index to the alt key. Press simultaneously and do not hold.
Unnamed finger on the SHIFT key, and the index to the alt key. Press simultaneously and do not hold.


Any fingers: how comfortable. The principle is the same. Quickly pressing the key combination.
Any fingers: how comfortable. The principle is the same. Quickly pressing the key combination.

You can also add several languages ​​on the keyboard, but about it in the following articles.

We switch the layout on the phone / tablet: if you do not know android you or iPhone, then here's a hint:

On the left, Apple logo (iOS), and on the right is a funny robot from Android.
On the left, Apple logo (iOS), and on the right is a funny robot from Android.

1. Apple technique (iPhone, iPad). In the standard keyboard everything is simple.

Just click on the globe icon and the language switches. Re-pressing will also open the smile panel.
Just click on the globe icon and the language switches. Re-pressing will also open the smile panel.

2. Technique on Android.

On android there are many different keyboards, so the language change may vary. Basically, there may be special RU keys and en click on which the language will change.

Standard keyboard of the Android operating system (switching by pressing on RU)
Standard keyboard of the Android operating system (switching by pressing on RU)

In some models you need to hold and move the space key (the action is called swipe). Remember! In the computer settings, smartphone or tablet, you can set and configure any method of switching language layouts: everything depends only on your preferences. What is the most convenient? Of course the classic, which I described above. Write your questions in the comments. And as a bonus, see how beautiful the Chinese keyboard looks like:

Chinese keyboard
Chinese keyboard

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The article is provided for novice users of a personal computer, which often arises a lot of questions. How to switch the keyboard from Russian to English in our article.

How to quickly switch the keyboard into English from the Russian language?

The keyboard input language is displayed on the panel. It is located in the lower right corner. When typing any text, the characters of the alphabet will be used on the screen, which is selected on the panel. If you choose any available language from the proposed list, it will be current when writing text.

You can switch the keyboard into English by clicking on the left mouse button on the language panel and select the keyboard language.

For the most convenient and quick keypad language switching (or tell the keyboard layout language) it is possible to use a key combination. The key combinations that are needed to switch the input language, are always configured during the installation of the operating system. But all the default settings may be changed.

In order to change the keyboard key, you must select the context menu in the language panel. Next you need to right-click on the icon, then select item Parameters from the context menu . (Read also - How to view history in Internet Explorer)

You can switch the keyboard from Russian to English by pressing the right mouse button on the language panel.

After opening the window Text Input Languages ​​and Services , tab Are common , It is possible to select the desired input language by default. This means that after loading the operating system, or when starting programs, it is exactly the language that was selected when setting up is automatically activated.

How to switch keyboard into English

It is very convenient if for example you chose the Russian language, and when you do not need the text set after starting the program, switch the language again. You can immediately start the set of text.

If you need to switch the keyboard into English, then you need to perform an action either through the icon on the panel, or configure on the tab Keyboard switch combination keys . In chapter Keyboard shortcut need to choose - Switch input language . This action is possible while simultaneously pressing two keys Alt + Shift. When you press the ALT key, it is located on the left of the space key and holding it down, press the SHIFT key, which is located in the left row, the input language will switch from the previous one. (Read also - as Internet Explorer to make the default browser)

Thus, the input layout language will change each time simultaneously pressing the necessary pair of keys, and the selected language will be displayed on the panel. If the Alt + Shift key combination, you will seem inconvenient to you, by selecting the command to change the key combination, you can change it, for example, on the Ctrl + Shift key combination.

After all the settings produced, you must click the OK button in each window, otherwise all the changes are not saved and you will need to open the window with the settings and make changes to the parameters.

Now you know how to switch the keyboard into English from the Russian

Raskladka.Good day!

In our country, users usually use two layouts: Russian and English. And in some cases it is necessary to deal with the inability to switch from one language to another ...

In general, by default, specials are used to change the layout. Combination (They may vary depending on the version of the OS) :

Alt + Shift at the same time!

Alt + Shift at the same time!

In addition, you can click on the tong language icon and select the desired list in the list that appears.

Select language

Select language

If you have already checked these ways, and they did not come up, then most likely the problem can wage:

  • in the inoperability of a number of keyboard buttons;
  • in the Windows settings, in which another keyboard combination is indicated;
  • Only one language is installed in the system (for example, only Russian ...);
  • It is possible that some application forcibly changes the layout;
  • You have not installed the official Windows in which the Language OS Language Parameters (some assembly from folk craftsmen ...).

In general, below I will give it to which sequence to do to restore the operation of switching the layout ...


How to set up layout and "force" it to switch ✔

Step 1: Keypad Check

This article logically start with keyboard performance check (Why she could fail: influence, physical wear, dust and crumbs under the keys, etc.).

We are primarily interested in the ALT, SHIFT, CTRL keys. For these purposes, it is best to use specials. Utility - Keyboard Test Utility (see Screenshot below) . Ideally, you need to pass through all the keys and make sure that each of them lit up in blue (i.e. it works).

👉 How to spend Keyboard performance test - see step-by-step instructions

👉 If it turned out that some key (s) does not work - see instructions

Black design

Testing keyboard


Step 2: Setting the Language Parameters in OS

Next, we need to open the date, time and language settings (in Windows they are in the same section).

Universal way to open these parameters - Press the combination Win + R. (The "Run" window should appear) and use the team intl.cpl .

intl.cpl - setting up the date, time (time zone)

intl.cpl - setting up language, date, time (time zone)

Further, depending on the version of Windows, there may be several different windows:

  • in Windows 7. You need to open the tab "Language and keyboards / change keypad" ;
  • in Windows 10. Click on the link "Language parameters" (I will stop in more detail on this OS ...).
Language parameters

Language parameters

In the tab "Language" Need to open a link "Select the input method that is always used by default" .

Note! Also note that Russian and English layouts are specified in your preferred languages ​​(see Screen below). If only one language is available - then switch, of course, you will not be able to ...

Select Input Method ...

Select Input Method ...

After, open the parameters of the language panel.

Parameters of the language panel

Parameters of the language panel

And in the tab "Switching keyboard" Install the keyboard shortcut that is most convenient for your work. (By default, it is: Alt (left) + shift) .

Change keyboard shortcut (Windows 10)

Change keyboard shortcut (Windows 10)

Actually, changing (learning) the key combination - it remains only to press them, and the layout will change to English (Russian). ✔


Step 3: Alternative utility for switching

I recommend paying attention to the special. Programs that allow you to automatically switch the layout in Windows (they help speed up the text set from the keyboard and solve the problems of changing the language).

For example, one of the leaders today is Punto SWITCHER. The utility makes it possible to assign any keys to switch layouts (see Screenshot below).

Help with switching from Punto Switcher

Help with switching from Punto Switcher

I can not add that Punto Switcher also corrects the text incorrectly to you and will help to avoid different krakoocabr ...


Step 4: Rollback / Reinstalling System

If the layout has stopped changing after installing any programs, drivers, changes in settings, etc. - It makes sense to try to roll back the system to the checkpoint (i.e., restore it. By the way, the control points are created automatically, unless, of course, this option is turned on ...) .

To check whether there are points to roll back: Press the combination Win + R. and use the command Rstrui. .

rstrui - launch recovery

rstrui - launch recovery

Next, a window will appear in which a list of several points will be presented to which the system can be returned (orient by date). Similar rollback will not affect documents (But it is possible to reinstall programs and drivers) .

To roll back the system - it is enough to choose points and agree to restore

To roll back the system - it is enough to choose points and agree to restore

By the way, in some cases (for example, when installing various not official assemblies with Windows), it will only help the OS reinstalling the situation. The reference to how this can be done without loss of data, I bring below ...

👉 To help!

How to reinstall Windows 10 (without data loss) - see step-by-step instructions



Still a couple of tips:

  • Try using a wireless keyboard (this is more convenient, and in some cases it helps to solve the issue);
  • If you have a USB keyboard, look at which port it is connected. If you use ports on the front wall of the PC, various adapters, etc. - for diagnostics, try to connect it to USB on the rear wall of the system unit;
  • Also, the USB keyboard can be connected to PS / 2 port (through a small adapter);
  • On some laptops there are specials. The keyboard modes at which part of the key will be disabled (in more detail about it here).


If you decide to somehow differently, inform the comments ...

Thank you in advance, good luck!


First Publication: 09/15/2019

Adjustment: 15.12.2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

Any user has to switch the layout on the keyboard from Russian into English and vice versa. There may be others, but these basic. It is necessary to change them when typing texts, and when forming requests for search engines, and when commenting on records.

An experienced user performs such a shift without thinking. There are no tricks here. But if a person just begins to master the computer, then the following tips will be helped to go to another language. On laptops and computers there are several options, how to change it.

Through language panel

The letter notation that displays the system language is at the bottom of the screen, in the right corner next to the clock. The computer layout is shifted using a manipulator: just click the left button on the switch to the pop-up window, which is noted the "checkbox".

Language bar

The language panel is displayed when the system uses more than one language. For example, if only English is specified, it will not be visible. To include it, you need at least two.

Using the keyboard

This method is most often used as the most convenient. Therefore, consider it in detail.

Switching from Russian into English and, on the contrary, occurs using "fast keys". This combinations of the buttons, pressing which activates the sequential change of system languages, allows you to go from one to another. The current keys should be pressed simultaneously. "Hot" buttons are chosen during the installation of Windows.

Use combinations:

  • Ctrl + Shift;
  • ALT + SHIFT (ALT, which is located on the left);
  • E.

If you do not know which option is set for your computer or laptop - combat the variants of combinations, so you will understand, with what exactly you can go from Russian to English or another.

Using the keyboard configured

If for some reason you are inconvenient to make switching, it is easy to make a convenient combination of buttons. For this you need:

  1. In the Start pop-up window, find the control panel string.
  2. Among items to find and choose a submenu of the change of keyboard layout, which is usually located in the section titled, language, region.
  3. In the drop-down window, you need the tab "Languages ​​and Keyboards". In which the "Change keypad" button is located. Change keyboard
  4. In the "Keypad Switch" section below the button for changing the keyboard shortcuts. When you click, you will receive a list of available combinations. Choose the most convenient and confirm the choice. Next, you can always go to English or another language in this way. Switch keyboard
  5. The path to the keyboard settings lies not only through the "Start" menu, it is possible to get through the context menu of the language panel. You can get there by choosing the arrow. In the menu, we are interested in the "Parameters" section. Next, perform everything as described above.

The described algorithm is suitable for all versions of the operating system, the names of the panels may vary. But in meaning to find the right menu is quite simple.

If for some reason it is not necessary, it is not difficult to add it. English, as a rule, is worth the default. If you need to add, for example, Russian, it is necessary to go to the same menu as for changing the layout. But in the General tab.

After selecting the "Add" button, a list of possible languages ​​can be available. After confirming the selection of the desired it will be displayed in the panel and will be available to switch from the keyboard.


Sometimes, the layouts are used to change special programs that determine in which language the set is performed, and automatically switch to it. It is convenient if you often forget about switching layouts, and you detect it when the text of the text is already typed. The best programs are recognized by Punto Switcher, Key Switcher, Anetto Laying, Keyboard Ninja.

How to change the language on the keyboard using hot keys

Computers are used throughout the planet, so text editors create a person from any country. Windows operating system supports a huge number of languages ​​that can be enabled using a system tool. In the lower right corner, the indicator is on, which indicates the currently used layout. If necessary, you can add additional languages ​​and switch between them into a couple of clicks.

Changing language on the keyboard

When typing a text, a person periodically needs to enter words in English, which requires the switching layout. In some cases, communication language and official documentation differ, therefore, complexity occurs when set. You can replace the layout in several ways:

  • Switching a language on the keyboard with hot keys;
  • with the help of a system tray to windows;
  • Change the layout can special software.

How to switch language with hot keys

The operating system is designed to ensure that the person can quickly change the layout by pressing a certain sequence of the buttons on the keyboard. Initially, the user sets several languages ​​that he would like to use while writing text. Then with hot keys, it alternately changes the layouts from the list. This is done as follows:

  1. You need to open a document or a browser window where you need to type text.
  2. As a rule, the keyboard switch from Russian to English is performed using the Ctrl + Shift button combination, but sometimes can use Alt + Shift. With simultaneously pressing these keys, change the layout to the following list.
Changing language on the keyboard

Changing the combination of hot keys

The user, if desired, can assign another keyboard shortcut to change the layout, which is convenient for it. To do this, you need to install the buttons in the Windows Settings section. Stick up next step by step instructions:

  1. Open "Start" and go to the "Control Panel" section. You can get into the desired section if you click on the language panel in the lower right corner and click "Language Settings".
  2. Find the section "Clock, Language and Region" in the list and click "Changing the keyboard layout or other input methods".
  3. Click on the "Change Keypad" button.
  4. A new window will open, down to the inscription "Create a keyboard key".
  5. A selection of possible combinations and buttons will appear. Choose the option that will be more convenient for you.

Switching input language mouse

If you are inconvenient to use key combinations or they do not work, you can change the layout using a mouse. Changing the input language without using the keyboard is performed as follows:

  1. Lower the mouse cursor down the screen to pop up the taskbar.
  2. Swipe to the right edge and find the icon that displays the actual input language.
  3. Click on the "Language Setting" section. Here you can add the layout you need.
  4. Next, when you click on the left mouse button and select the desired layout from the list.
Switching input language mouse

Automatic keyboard switching with Punto Switcher program

If you often have to switch between Russian and English when typing, you can help. Punto Switcher is a smart utility that can determine in which language you wanted to write a word, even if you did not switch the layout. For example, you are writing a note about the operation of the operating system, you dial in Russian "Cvoschki" and the program can translate this set of characters as "Windows". To use you need:

  1. Download and install Punto Switcher on a laptop or stationary computer.
  2. Launch the application. If you do not turn it on, then the program will not be able to change the layout.
  3. Set the necessary items in the settings and save.
  4. Collapse (not close) the application.

How to change the language on the on-screen keyboard

For people with disabilities or in the absence of an ordinary keyboard in the Windows tools there is an electronic. It completely repeats all the buttons from the standard cabord, press the letters can be with a mouse or other indicating device. If necessary, change the layout, you can use the mouse and the language panel in the system tray (the method is described above) or the following instruction:

  1. Click the Alt button once with the left mouse button.
  2. Then click on SHIFT twice.
  3. You can change the sequence: once on SHIFT and twice on Alt.
Changing Language on Screen Keyboard


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