Vitamin B9 (folic acid)

Vitamins and supplements for women's healthFolic (peeroilglutamine) acid is another name for a water-soluble, vital compound B9 (Sun), which scientists are referred to as "Vitamin of Good Mood." This is due to the fact that the folacine is needed to produce "Hormones of happiness", providing excellent psycho-emotional state.

Given the fact that the substance in a significant amount is contained in the leaves of plants, it has acquired its name from the word "Folium", which translated from Latin means "Sheet".

The structural formula of vitamin B9 (M) is C19H19N7O6.

Folic acid participates in the synthesis of DNA, hemoglobin, exchange processes, blood formation, maintaining immunity affects conception.

An important role is played during pregnancy of women, as it is necessary to form a nervous tube of the fetus, preventing the development of its defects.

The lack of a substance may lead to the emergence of serious abnormalities in the neural system of the kid from the second week of pregnancy. Often, in this period, women still do not realize the conception of the child, while the deficit in the mother's body negatively affects the development of the fetus.

Date: 2019-02-20

Scientists have proven that pealglutamine acid participates in DNA replication. Its lack of a growing body increases the risk of congenital deviations of mental activity. Therefore, when planning pregnancy, a woman must take 200 milligrams of substances in advance before conception every day.

The systematic flow of folic acid for 9 months to the mother's body, reduces the likelihood of premature birth by 35%.

The healthy intestinal microflora is capable of synthesize some amount of vitamin B9 alone.

Historical information

The discovery of folic acid is associated with the search for the treatment of megaloblastic anemia.

In 1931, scientists found that the addition of hepatic extracts, yeast to the diet of the patient contributes to the elimination of symptoms of illness. In the following years, research was recorded that a state similar to macrocytic anemia progresses in chimpanzees, chickens when feeding their refined food. At the same time, the pathological manifestations of the disease managed to eliminate by adding alfalfa leaves, yeast, liver extracts into the feed. It was clear that these products contain an unknown factor, whose deficit in the body of experimental animals leads to a violation of blood formation.

As a result of three-year numerous attempts to get an active start in its pure form, in 1941, scientists were isolated from spinach leaves, yeast extract and liver of substances of the same nature, which were called: folic acid, vitamin BC, factor U. Over time it turned out that the compounds obtained are identical Friend.

The period from the discovery of a folacine before washing it in pure form is characterized by intensive studies of the compound, starting with the study of its structure, synthesis, and ending with the definition of functions, as well as exchange processes in which the substance takes part.

Chemical and physical properties

Vitamin B9 | Food and HealthThe composition of the vitamin connection molecule B9:

  • P-aminobenzoic acid;
  • derivative of pterydine;
  • L-glutamic acid.

Due to the fact that the concept of "pealglutamic acid" denotes an extensive group of compounds, during the studies it caused some inconveniences, since not all categories of substances represented biological activity for living organisms, in particular for a person. Therefore, scientists decided to specify the concepts. Thus, a group of compounds that contain pteroic acid nuclei, the Committee of the International Society assigned the name "pholta", and substances with the biological activity of tetrahydropterolglutamic acid - the term "Flavin".

Thus, the concepts of "folic" and "pteroilglutamine" Group are synonyms. At the same time, folates are the chemical name of "related" connections vitamin B9.

Folic acid is a yellow small-crystalline powder, there is no taste and smell. When heated, the compound crystals are slowly dark, but not melted, a further increase in temperature up to 250 degrees leads to their charring.

Vitamin B9 quickly decomposes into the light. At a temperature of 100 degrees in 100 milliliters of water, 50 milligrams of substances dissolve, at zero - one unit. Flacin is easily cleaved in caustic alkalis, poorly in dilute hydrochloric, acetic acids, air, chloroform, alcohol, acetone, benzene, organic solvents. Silver, zinc, lead salts vitamin B9 insoluble in water.

Flacin is well adsorbed by fullere earth and activated carbon.

The role of vitamin B9 in the human body

Consider than useful folic acid:

  1. Participates in the development of red blood cells, namely in carbon exports for protein synthesis in the hemoglobin molecule.
  2. Stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
  3. Provides the proper functioning of the nervous system (regulates the transmission of pulses, braking / excitation processes), the head and spinal cord. It is part of the liquor.
  4. Takes part in the synthesis of proteins, DNA and RNA, nucleic acids, as well as in the formation of purines, in particular, cell cores.
  5. Stabilizes emotional background. Folic acid affects the level of production of norepinephrine and serotonin, reduces the negative impact of stress on the body, improves the mood, helps to get rid of postpartum depression.
  6. Smoothes menopacteric disorders.
  7. Reduces the risk of premature births.
  8. Beneficially affects the digestive system, liver health, leukocyte functionality.
  9. Reduces chromosomal sperm defects, enhances the activity of male genital cells.
  10. It is necessary for women and men to improve fertility. Systematic reception of high vitamin connection products helps to avoid deterioration of the reproductive function.
  11. Reduces the risk of developing heart diseases, vessels, metabolic syndrome in a child. However, in the presence of heart pathologies, non-controlled intake of vitamin B9 may lead to the onset of myocardial infarction, angina.
  12. Adjusts the concentration of homocysteine, due to this decreases the risk of stroke. Daily reception 5 milligrams of folacine as a dietary supplement has a preventive effect on the body.
  13. Reduces the likelihood of colorectal cancer. However, as a result of a large-scale screening of the population, scientists found that it is impossible to apply the compound for the prevention of breast cancer, since folates have a negative impact on the development of modified breast cells. Vitamin B9 plays an important role for men, regular use of the useful compound reduces 4 times the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  14. Reduces the "bad" cholesterol in blood serum.
  15. Normalizes blood pressure.
  16. Supports the immune system, increases the number of leukocytes.
  17. Improves memory, mastering vitamins of group V.
  18. Increases performance.
  19. What is especially important for women - retrieving the onset of menopause at a later date.
  20. Accelerates mental activity.

In addition, you should not forget about the value of folic acid for conception and tooling a healthy child. Regular admission of nutrient at the planning stages (200 micrograms per day) and during pregnancy (300-400 micrograms per day) by 70% reduces the risk of developing congenital pathologies in the embryo.

Vitamin B9 is a real panacea in cosmetology. It helps from acne, hair loss, serves as a universal means to level the skin tone, eliminate pigmentation, red spots.

Signs of Folate deficit in the body

Signs of Folate deficit in the bodyIn the event of a lack of vitamin B9, the human body has a deficit of the useful nutrient in the brain, which leads to problems with vision, movements, coordination, seizures begin. At the same time, adults increase the risk of the onset of anemia, glossitis, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, gingivitis, osteoporosis, neuritis, atherosclerosis, early climax (in women), stroke, infarction, and even cancer.

Connection deficit in pregnant women can harm the fetus. In particular, there is a risk of having a premature child with a small weight and with violations of the development of the nervous system.

Chronic lack of a compound in the body of children leads to a slowdown in general development, in adolescents - to the delay in puberty.

Characteristic symptoms of vitamin B 9 deficit in the body:

  • forgetfulness;
  • irritability due to insufficient generation of serotonin and norepinephrine;
  • headaches;
  • confusion of consciousness;
  • diarrhea;
  • depression;
  • loss of appetite;
  • apathy;
  • high blood pressure;
  • fatigue;
  • insomnia;
  • labored breathing;
  • red tongue;
  • the appearance of seeds;
  • reduction of cognitive functions;
  • anxiety;
  • inability to focus;
  • memory problems;
  • disorders of digestion due to insufficient production of hydrochloric acid;
  • hair loss;
  • stratification of the nail plate;
  • Pallor due to insufficient oxygen transportation to peripheral tissues, organs;
  • weakness as a result of a reduction of hemoglobin;
  • The lack of muscle mass - arises due to the poor absorption of proteins due to the low acidity of the stomach.

The hypovitaminosis of folic acid is often observed in people with intestinal diseases, which have a suction process of useful substances. In addition, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the need for substance increases 1.5 - 2 times.

Chemical and physical properties of vitamin B9The lack of vitamin B9 aggravates the reception of alcohol, which interferes in the folate metabolism, preventing the connection to the connection to the destination (to the tissues).

The level of folic acid in the human body is diagnosed by analyzing. 3 Folate micrograms in the serum liter of serum testifies to the lack of vitamin and the need to replenish the reserves of the useful connection.

Often signs of vitamins of B9 and B12 in the body are identical. To distinguish a lack of one compound from the other, the level of methylmalone acid (MMK) should be measured. Increased value indicates a lack of B12 in the body, normal (within the normal range) indicates a lack of folic acid.

How much to drink vitamin B9 to fill the shortcomings of the connection?

Therapeutic daily dose of folic acid depends on the severity of the manifestation of symptoms and the presence of other diseases caused by a substance deficiency. To correctly establish the norm, you should pass the survey and seek help for your doctor.

As a rule, the reception of vitamin B9 in medicinal purposes varies in the range of 400 - 1000 micrograms per day.

With megaloblastic anemia, treatment should also begin with checking the level B9 and B12 in the body. This is due to the fact that with the deficiency of the cyanocobalamin, the addition of folic acid can not only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but also worsen the existing neurological problems.

In 80% of cases, people with an active lifestyle, lovers to sunbathe, patients with celiac disease and obesity, with a body mass index for 50. In addition, the B9 deficiency can lead to folate shortages, which increases the level of homocysteine, creating a favorable soil for Development of cardiovascular diseases.

The lack of folate contributes to changes in the bone marrow and peripheral blood.

Consider the process of developing pathologies in detail.

Changes in peripheral blood and in the bone marrow

A characteristic feature of the emergence of megaloblastic anemia at an early stage is the formation of hyperseganized multi-core leukocytes in the blood: basophils, eosinophils, neutrophils.

As a result of the experiment, the Anomaly Pelger-Hyheta appeared during the test of a person on a folic-scarce diet after 7 weeks. Namely, an increase in the amount of heavy (threads) connecting the segments of the nucleus. Normally, this indicator is equal to one, in neutrophils with megaloblastic anemia - two or three.

In addition, folic-corrective anemia is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the number of erythrocytes in the blood, and macrocytosis appears in the later stages of the disease.

There are cases when the insufficiency of iron is combined with the lack of folate in the body, in this situation an abnormally large red blood cells in peripheral blood may not be. The only characteristic indicators of combined anemia (iron-deficient and folic) are metamielocytes in the bone marrow, hypersegmentation of neutrophils. Heavy stages of folate failure can lead to thrombocytopenia and leukopenia.

Typical forms of megaloblastic changes in the bone marrow are manifested in 3 sprouts: megacariocyte, myeloid, erythrocyte. Often, patients have deviations affect all three ripening growth. At the same time, the main change in the nuclear forms of the erythrocyte row is a clearer detection of chromatin.

Overdose of folic acid

Vitamin B9 has a low toxicity risk, excess compound is output with urine. However, the systematic reception of high doses of a substance (1000 and more micrograms per day) can lead to hypervitaminosis, which, like any disease, is better to detect in the early stages of education.

Consider what side effects causes hypervitaminosis in adults:

  1. Hyperplasia of epithelial kidney cells.
  2. Increased excitability of the CNS.
  3. Reducing the concentration of cyanocobalamin in blood (in the case of long-term reception of large doses of pteroidglutamic acid).
  4. Dyspepsia.
  5. Sleep disorder.
  6. Anorexia.
  7. Disorders of the digestive organs (intestinal disorder).

The overdose of vitamin B9 in pregnant women can lead to asthma in a newborn.

The long-term use of folic acid Over 500 micrograms per day reduces the concentration of B12 in the blood, thus, the oversupplication of one connection causes the lack of another.

Indications for appointment and contraindications

Signs of Folate deficit in the body | Food and HealthConsider why drink Vitamin B9:

  1. In the case of the development of hypo- and avitaminosis B9.
  2. During pregnancy. Often, the question arises among women: to what period of drinking folic acid. Doctors recommend to use it throughout the entire period of pregnancy in order to prevent the development of the defects of the nervous tube in the fetus.
  3. During lactation.

Contraindications for the use of pealglutamic acid:

  • malignant neoplasms;
  • Cyancobalamin's deficiency;
  • hemosiderosis, hemochromatosis;
  • Increased sensitivity (allergies) to the drug.

How much do you need to use vitamin B9 per day?

If it is necessary to include folic acid into the diet for children up to 3 years, enter the connection should be neatly small doses. According to the FAO / WHO expert group, the daily rate for a child from birth to 6 months is 40 micrograms, 7-12 months - 50 units, from 1 to 3 years - 70, from 4 to 12 years - 100. From 13 years old dose for Teenage and adult equals 200 micrograms per day.

However, it is worth considering that the daily rate of folic acid is purely individual. The minimum dose for an adult is 200 milligrams, the maximum - 500. During pregnancy, this indicator increases to 400 units, during breastfeeding period - up to 300.

Vitamin B9 spread in nature

Vitamin B9 spread in natureFolic acid can be included in a complex of multivitamine preparations or separately. Synthetic forms of vitamin B9 are 2 times more active than natural.

What is the difference between "medicinal" and "natural" folates from products?

Tablets containing 600 folic acid micrograms are equated with food products, which include 1000 units of the useful substance.

Interestingly, plants and most microorganisms are able to synthesize the folates, while birds and mammals do not form connections. A minor part of the pteroid monoglutamic acid was found in plant, animal cells. The main amount of folates in them is part of conjugates (di-, tri-, polyglutamates), which have additional glutamic acid molecules. They, in turn, are combined with a solid amide bond, according to peptide.

In bacteria, the predominant form of folate - pteroiditriglutamine acid, containing 3 glutamate molecules, in yeast - a complex with 6 particles wearing the name heptaglutamate.

Often, the "connected" folacine, which is included in the food products, is represented by polyglutamats, while the "free" group (CASEI mono-, di- and triggetamates) is no more than 30%.

Which products contain folic acid
Product name The content of vitamin B9 in the micrograms (per 100 grams)
Mung beans 625.
Cranberry beans 604.
Agar dried 580.
Nut. 557.
Yeast 550.
Mint curly dried 530.
Lentil 479.
Pink beans 463.
Soy-dried 375.
Basil dried 310.
Wheat embryos 281.
Peas 274.
Coriander (kinza) dried 274.
Mayran dried 274.
Thyme (chamber) dried 274.
Sage hammer 274.
Estragon (Tarkhun) dried 274.
Green Asparagus 262.
Beef liver 253.
Peanut 240.
Chicken liver 240.
Oregano (Orego) dried 237.
Sunflower seeds 227.
Pork liver 225.
Soy protein 200.
Spinach 194.
Dips leaves 194.
Mustard leaves 187.
Bay leaf 180.
Parsley dried 180.
Laminaria (sea cabbage) 180.
Wheat bread with bran 161.
Rye toasts 148.
Yolk chicken 146.
Artichoke ice cream 126.
Bran oatmeal 120.
Parsley (Fresh) 117.
Forest / Hazel 113.
Cod liver 110.
Beet (raw) 109.
Sesame 105.
Walnut 98.
Wild Rice (Cycia) 95.
Spirulina dried 94.
Flax seeds 87.
Kidney cow 83.
Avocado 81.
Beet (boiled) 80.
Rice bran 63.
Cocoa powder 45.
Journey chicken egg 44.
Oystered Oyshemka 38.
Garnet 38.
Brynza 35.
Watermelon 35.
Chees Feta 32.
Milk dry thirty
Orange thirty
Buckwheat 28.
Salmon 27.
Champignon 25.
Blackberry 25.
Pomegranate juice 25.
Kiwi 25.
Strawberry 25.
Pearl cereals 24.
Corn 24.
Cauliflower 23.
Raspberries 21.
Banana 20
Topinambur 18.5
Eggplant 18.5
A pineapple eighteen
Honey 15
Tomatoes eleven
Lemon 9
Onion 9
Potatoes 8
Milk 5

The list of products containing vitamin B9 is useful for the preparation of a balanced daily diet that provides the organism with the necessary amount of beneficial substances.

In the process of drawing up the menu, important nuances should be taken into account:

  • In the cooking of vegetables and meat, 80 - 90% of folates are destroyed;
  • with variation of grains - 60 - 80%;
  • When roasting offal and meat - 95%;
  • when freezing fruits and vegetables - 20 - 70%;
  • When cooking eggs - 50%;
  • when preserving vegetables - 60 - 85%;
  • When pasteurization and boiling pair milk - 100%.

Thus, the culinary processing of products with a high content of folic acid leads to a partial or complete loss of a useful connection. To enrich the diet with vitamin B9 greens, vegetables and fruits should be in the raw form. In addition, in winter, it is recommended to feed the body with food additives, vitamin complexes, which includes a daily dose of folates.

In order for the intestinal flora to better synthesize B9, it is recommended to eat yogurt daily, biocofer, preparations with bifidobacteriums.

Suction of folic acid

Suction of folic acidConsider in detail the path of assimilation of folates.

In observations of people and experiments over the animals, it was found that Vitamin B9 adopted by Per OS (orally) is almost completely absorbed in the body as quickly as possible. With the introduction of 40 micrograms with labeled pteroid glutamic acid per kilogram of body weight, the level of assimilation of the substance in 5 hours reaches 98.5% of the administered dose. 50% of the total amount is excreted in the morning after the preparation.

The absorption of folic acid is carried out in the proximal part of the small intestine and the duodenum.

Of particular interest is the process of suction of food fouls, which are mainly contained in the form of polyglutamates, their produced (methyl, formyl).

Monoglutamates in the body are absorbed easily. At the same time, the polyglutamates are absorbed by the enzymes produced in the intestines (conjugase, gammagludumcarboxypeptidase) solely after the elimination of glutamic acid is eliminated.

In the intestine B9, it is first reduced to tetrahydrofoliic acid (THFC) under the influence of dihydrofolatide, then methylated. In some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (Malabsorption syndrome, children's non-infectious diarrhea, the SPRU, idiopathic steatheree) is disturbed by the absorption of folates. This leads to a violation of the assimilation of the substance, the development of foliage deficiency, which subsequently can lead to a decrease in the enzyme-formative, co-separativative functions, the destruction of the intestinal epithelium.

In the process of studying the absorption of tetrahydrofolic acid (formyl and methyl) derivatives, the following is established: N-methyl-THFK is absorbed by simply diffusion without changing during the suction process. Upon admission to N-Formyl-THFK (folic) acid into the human body, during the assimilation it is almost completely turning into methylterahydrofolate in the intestine.

After suction, the folates enroll in the liver, where they gradually accumulate, transform into active forms. There are about 7 - 12 milligram of this compound in the human body. In this case, 5 - 7 milligrams are concentrated directly in the liver. Some part of the folates occupy polyglutamates, of which more than 50% of folic acid derivatives are represented as methyltetrahydrofoliic acid. Scientists referred to her spare form B9.

Studies have shown that with the addition of pealglutamic acid in the diet of animals, the amount of folates in the liver increases significantly. Pholacine liver, unlike derivatives of other fabrics, very labile. The accumulated reserves of folate liver are able to replenish the lack of useful compound in the body for 4 months, preventing the development of anemia. In addition, in the human body (in the intestinal mucous membrane, kidney) contains a certain reserve of vitamin B9.

The amount of folates in the liver is 4 times larger than in the urica organs. However, its ability to accumulate and consume their useful connection directly depends on the body's provision by vitamins, amino acids, proteins. For example, as a result of an experiment conducted on rats, scientists found that the deficiency of cyanocobalamin (B12), methionine, biotin in the diet leads to a decrease in folates, especially polyglutamates, as well as the ability to turn them into THFC.

Do not cost to underestimate the important properties of the liver in the exchange of derivatives of folic acid. The functional state of the organ affects the level of absorption of folates, the flow of reactions with the participation of Vitamin B9 coenses. Fatty infiltration, liver cirrhosis violate its ability to accumulate, spend the connection. Often as a result of such lesions, severe disease is developing - megaloblastic anemia.

From the human body, the processed residues of folic acid are removed with urine and feces. At the same time, the amount of folates in the urine, in most cases, does not correspond to their flow with food. Namely, it is displayed more than coming.

Medicinal doses of vitamin B9

Medicinal doses of vitamin B9The best means of the prevention of foliage failure - meals with the inclusion in the daily menu of fresh vegetables and fruits. With a shortage of folates in food, it is recommended to additionally use 150 - 200 vitamin micrograms daily.

If the insufficiency of pealglutamic acid is caused by a violation of the absorption of vitamin due to the disease gastrointestinal disease, the number of compound should be increased to 500-1000 units per day. Often, this dose guarantees the assimilation of the required level of the drug. An example of this kind of shortage is a severe disease of the SPRU (Netropic, Tropical), in which the absorption of beneficial substances is sharply deteriorating, atrophy of the mucous membrane of the small intestine. The introduction into the diet of patient folic acid has a positive therapeutic effect, which contributes to the improvement of the clinical picture, facilitating the state of the person.

With complete gastrectomy and atrophy of the gastric mucosa, megaloblastic anemia is observed, due to the deficit rather than the Cyanocobalamin than folates. Daily reception 200 - 500 micrograms B9, in combination with a disposable intramuscular administration of 300 - 500 micrograms B12, have a favorable therapeutic effect. To eliminate megaloblastic anemia, arising against the background of alcohol intoxication, pregnancy, infection, the patient is prescribed an increased dose of folic acid - from 500 to 1000 micrograms per day.

During the treatment of leukemia antagonists of vitamin B9, there is a violation of the absorption of folates. These substances block the conversion of a useful connection to active tetrahydroform. As a result, long use of drugs cause severe complications, represents a potential threat to human life. For the treatment of patients, the active forms of folates are used: injections of N5-formyl-THFC (300 micrograms per day). In the event of a violation of the formation of the enzyme dihydrofolatide, it is recommended to use folic acid.

Consider how to drink folic acid with specific diseases (testimony for use):

  1. Aphtose Stomatitis. The deficiency in the organism of micronutrients, vitamins (iron, B9, B12) participating in hemopoiesze leads to the formation of cracks on lips and ulcers on the mucous membrane of the mouth (AFTU). To eliminate the disease, it is recommended to take 3 times a day 500 folic acid micrograms and 100 milligrams of iron glycinet. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the illness and varies from 120 to 180 days. Throughout this period, once a month, the patient should make injections of 100 micrograms of cyanocobalamin. In the process of treatment, it is important to monitor the level of vitamin B12 in the blood.
  2. Gingivitis and periodontitis. To remove the inflammation of the gums, folic acid should be used orally 100 micrograms per day. At the same time, it is necessary to add treatment with a daily rinse of the oral cavity with a 1% vitamin solution in the morning and in the evening. The course of therapy is 2 months.

Remember, regardless of the type of disease, the therapeutic dose of vitamin B9 depends on the state of the patient and is chosen individually to the attending physician.

Vitamin B9 and male health

Folic acid is needed not only to children up to a year, women to get pregnant and endure a child, but also to men. Chronic nutritional deficiency in the body of a strong gender increases the risk of developing megaloblastic anemia, as well as pathologies from the sexual system, up to infertility. The daily intake of vitamin B9 in the therapeutic dose completely eliminates these complications.

The main indicator of male health is the state of spermatozoa. So, nucleic acids and protein are needed for the synthesis of germ cells. The lack of folates leads to a violation of the production, deterioration of the state, a decrease in the concentration and mobility of spermatozoa. In addition, the deficiency of the vitamin compound may cause the formation of an incorrect amount of chromosome in sex cells, which can lead to the emergence of hereditary diseases in a child (for example, Down syndrome).

Why do you need folic acid in a male organism?

Vitamin B9 contributes to the proper development of spermatozoa. A particularly important role of folates play in the pubertal period, when the intensive process of the development of genital signs begins (the appearance of hair on the face, body, irrigation of the voice, intense growth).

The interaction of folic acid and medical drugs

Consider compatibility of vitamin B9 with other nutrients, drugs:

  1. Corticosteroid hormones wash folates from the body. At the same time take these drugs is not recommended.
  2. Vitamin C, B12 enhance the effect of folic acid.
  3. Nitrofuran drugs violate the exchange of a peerilglutamine compound.
  4. High doses of aspirin reduce the level of folates in the body.
  5. Antibiotics, sulfonamides, alcohol-containing drugs, anti-hyperlypidemic drugs worsen the absorption of vitamin B9.
  6. Estrogenance therapy, taking anti-tuberculosis, anti-epileptic means (Derivatives of Gidantoin, Barbiturates) causes a strong shortage of folates.

Thus, folic acid is a vital nutrient, which is a starter, the controller of the synthesis of amino acids DNA, RNA and proteins, is involved in the construction of cells. The human body does not produce vitamin B9 in sufficient quantities. Therefore, to meet the need for the connection, it mines it from food.

Considering the fact that the folates are rapidly metabolized, they practically do not accumulate in the body, and immediately removed with the feces and urine.

Normally, the concentration of pteroid glutamic acid in the blood plasma is 7.0 - 39.7 nano liter. For the normal intrauterine development of the fetus, the minimum level of substance in the mother's body should not be lower than 10 nano liter.

To satisfy the daily need of the body in vitamin, you need to saturate the diet with products rich in B9 or additionally use folic acid preparations with a prophylactic dose of the compound. These include: Flavin, Folio, Vitruum Prenatal, Mantna, Elevit, Prognavit, Multi-Tabs Perinal. In the absence of folate deficit in the body, no additional adoption is required.

Article author:

Tedeeva Madina Yipanovna

Specialty: Therapist, x-ray physician .

Common experience: 20 years .

Place of work: LLC "SL Medical Group" Maykop .

Education: 1990-1996, North Ossetian State Medical Academy .


1. In 2016, the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education has increased advanced training on an additional professional program "Therapy" and was allowed to implement medical or pharmaceutical activities in the specialty therapy.

2. In 2017, by the decision of the Examination Commission, with a private institution of additional professional education, the Institute for Advanced Training of Medical Frames "was allowed to implement medical or pharmaceutical activities with a degree of radiology.

Experience: Therapist is 18 years old, a radiologist - 2 years.

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Vitamin B9 spread in nature | Food and Health

Folic acid is a water-soluble biologically active compound related to the Vitamins of the V. group is performed by artificially, differs by high digestibility. Participates in many processes of vital activity, helps to normalize the work of the nervous system and the function of the brain. Useful for all age groups.


Composition and form of release

The medicine is produced in the form of tablets. Their color from light to bright yellow. In the form of cylindrical with the spotted in the middle. Page aluminum packaging of 10 pieces or in a polymer jar of 50 tablets.

The active substance is vitamin B9 in an amount of 1 or 5 mg. Auxiliary components: Talc, sucrose, stearin acid, dextrose.

pharmachologic effect

The drug has a metabolic property, acting as a biological connection. It helps to replenish the lack of vitamin B9 and participates in erythropoies.

After internal use, quickly and fully adsorbed in the digestive tract.

There is almost 100% binding of the components of the drug with various proteins. Well penetrates inside the placenta, in blood cells and breast milk.

The maximum concentration of medication is achieved after 30-60 minutes. The removal is carried out by the kidneys, also by hemodialysis.


Explicit readings for receiving the drug are considered:

  1. Vitamin B9 anemia of various etiology.

  2. Tuberculosis.

  3. Some inflammatory lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.

  4. Reducing the level of folic acid in the body against the background of pregnancy, breastfeeding, in childhood, in case of disruption and use of drugs.


The biologically active substance is forbidden to be used in the following cases:

  1. Individual intolerance to individual components of the drug.

  2. Allergic reactions to folate.

  3. Vitamin B12 deficiency.

  4. Carbohydrate deficiency.

  5. Violation of adsorption of galactose and glucose.

With caution, you should take a medicine at B9 vitamin anemia with the manifestation of symptoms of the lack of cyanocobalamin.

Side Phenomena

As a result of taking folic acid, the development of side effects in the form of allergic reactions is possible: skin rashes, hyperemia, erythema, bronchospasm, fever, general increase in body temperature.

Instructions for the use of folic acid tablets

As a treatment of anemia caused by a deficiency of Biological substance B9, patients prescribe 5 mg of funds per day during acute and severe stage.

Children Therapeutic dose is individually selected, depending on age and weight.

The duration of the course is 3-4 weeks.

For which the folic acid is prescribed

Vitamin B9 is involved in the formation of amino acids and RNA structures that are necessary to divide cells and the subsequent development of the new organism. In addition, it provides a qualitative absorption of iron and other important elements for normal activities.

The deficiency of folic acid carries a significant threat to breeding cells: without it, hematopois cannot flow and the correct booking of internal organs and fetus tissues will not occur.

Vitamin B9 contributes to the production of chloride acid, participates in adrenaline and serotonin metabolism, and regulates the operation of the nervous system.

If, during the tooling of the child, folic acid comes in small quantities, the fetus increases the risk of hydrocephalus, spinal pathologies, heart disease and brain diseases.

Signs of active substance deficit are weakness, fatigue, sleep disorder, apathy, depression and irritability.

How to take folic acid during pregnancy

The optimal need for vitamin B9 for an adult is 50 μg, but a pregnant woman needs significantly more.

The exact dosage of the drug is calculated by the doctor, according to clinical indications.

Pregnant women with a norm of biologically active substance are prescribed 400 μg. If necessary, the therapeutic dosage is changed from 100 to 800 μg per day.

A great danger of vitamin B9 lacks for the fetus in the early stages of its development, so many experts recommend starting the use of funds before the occurrence of pregnancy. It is advisable to put the tablet rate at least 3 months before conception.

The usual tablet contains 1 mg of the active substance, in the complex of vitamins developed specifically for pregnant women, from 300 μg. Therefore, a day for a day is enough to take a tablet to fill the need for the body in Folate for normal life.

Folic acid when breastfeeding

With lactation, the female organism needs a high need for folic acid.

Reception of the drug helps prevent depression, fatigue and contributes to the production of milk in the required quantity.

Children who are unfavorable to Mother's Mother Vitamin B9 suffer from mental disabilities, tractologies of the gastrointestinal tract, disadvantage of body weight and low immunity.

What is useful for folic acid for men

The reception of vitamin B9 has a positive effect on spermatogenesis, increasing the number of healthy spermatozoa. In addition, folic acid increases fertility and warns abnormal processes in chromosomes.

Preventive folic acid

For the prevention of hypovitaminosis, patients are prescribed 20-50 μg of vitamin B9 per day.

In the presence of burded states as alcoholism, chronic infection, stress, liver disease and digestive tract, the dosage is somewhat increased.

Price of folic acid

The cost of the drug is from 60 rubles.

Folic acid is a drug from a group of vitamins B (B9), used with a lack of folic acid in the body. It is used for pregnancy anemia, in cases of unbalanced nutrition, in infant and childhood, patients receiving preparations of the anti-epileptic spectrum of action.

Folic acid absorption | Food and Health

Release form and composition

The drug folic acid is produced in one dosage form - in the form of tablets of round plane-cylindrical shape, yellow. The main active ingredient is folic acid. One tablet contains 1 mg of active substance. Stearic acid, sucrose, talc, dextrose monohydrate are used as additional components. Tablets are packaged in contour cells for 10 pcs. or in polymer jars 50 pcs.

pharmachologic effect

Folic acid restores immunity, supports the work of the heart and blood vessels, ensures the process of forming blood cells (erythrocytes) with a lack of iron in the body, takes part in the synthesis of nucleic and amino acids, purine and pyrimidine bases.


Vitamin B, entering the body, is transformed into tetrahydrofoliic acid, which is a substance involved in many metabolic processes. This component is necessary for the normal ripening of megaloblasts and the formation of normural.

Folic acid is necessary during pregnancy, because it plays an important role in the formation of the nervous tube of the fetus, which is necessary for the normal development of the placenta. At a normal level of folic acid in the body of a woman, the likelihood of pathologies in the formation of the fetus is significantly lower.


The folic acid active substance is well and quickly associated with blood plasma proteins, biofurates in the liver in the active form - tetrahydrofoliic acid. The limiting concentration in the blood is achieved after 30-60 minutes after receiving the means. The preparation by the kidneys is partially unchanged, partially metabolites. Overdose is eliminated from the body with hemodialysis.

Indications for use

Folic acid is shown for use in the following types of diseases:

  • Spera tropical and non-flow - severe inflammatory disease of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Megoblastic anemia caused by a flaw in the body of folic acid;
  • leukopenia - insufficient quantitative content of leukocytes in the blood;
  • chronic gastroenterite - inflammation of the mucous stomach and intestines caused by the impact of various factors;
  • intestinal tuberculosis - a special clinical form of tuberculosis infection, localized in the intestines, mesenteric peritoneum;
  • epilepsy - diseases accompanied by involuntary convulsive muscle contractions.

Particularly prescribed the drug to women during pregnancy and lactation and those who have been receiving contraceptives for a long time. Prescribe a cure for small children to raise immunity.

Folic acid takes inside after meals in the following standard dosage:

  • Adults recommended 5 mg of funds per day;
  • Children - to appoint a doctor in a much smaller dosage.

The maximum rate of reception means does not exceed 1 month.

In prophylactic purposes, under malnutrition and low hemoglobin, a substance is prescribed from 20 to 50 mg in 24 hours.

Women during pregnancy recommended a dose of 400 μg per day, during lactation - 300 μg per day.

In addition, folic acid is often prescribed:

  • in psoriasis;
  • mental disorders;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • depressive states;
  • Intensive physical exertion.

In cosmetology, folic acid applies to hair loss. To return the curls to the former strength and glitter, it is enough to take up to 200 μg vitamin B9. Folic acid reduces the risk of baldness, stimulating the growth and regeneration of cells, eliminates the probability of the emergence of the seed.


The main contraindications to the use of folic acid are:

  • malignant tumors;
  • lack of cobalamin in the body;
  • High sensitivity of the patient's body to the components;
  • Pernicious type anemia.

Side effects

From side manifests you can list:

  • skin rash;
  • itching;
  • Redness of covers.


If the dosage means is exceeded for receiving, the following features are possible:

  • Tilt of metal or bitterness in the mouth;
  • nervous overexcitation;
  • increased irritability;
  • Symptoms of nausea and vomiting;
  • flatulence;
  • stool disorder;
  • discomfort and pain in the stomach;
  • insomnia;
  • nightmares;
  • congestive processes in the bladder;
  • Failures in the work of the kidneys;
  • cramps.

In case of overdose of the drug, rinse the stomach, drinking at least 1 liter of cool boiled water, cause vomiting. In no case do not drink warm water, because the activity of the drug that has fallen into the body will increase at times. If the overdose of folic acid in a child, you need to raise an ambulance, and washing the stomach in the hospital.

After preliminary procedures, you should drink activated carbon or smect, preventing further penetration of funds into the body. In the future, the patient should provide abundant drinking. Specific antidote does not exist.


Like any other drug, folic acid is appointed to receive an exclusively attending physician. The drug can interact with different drugs, reinforcing or reducing the efficiency of the latter and its own activity.

Interaction with vitamins:

  1. Aevit and folic acid are two different medicines appointed during pregnancy. The first is a complex means containing a large amount of vitamins A and E. With it, the immunity increases, the blood circulation is activated, the cell division processes are normalized, the skeleton is strengthened, the tissue regeneration is accelerated, the exchange processes occurred in the body are accelerated.
  2. Aevit helps prevent the likelihood of miscarriage, to fill the lack of vitamins in the body, improve the overall physical and moral condition of women during pregnancy.
  3. Preparations are perfectly combined with each other, without having no negative reactions on the body, but this complex should be taken only after consulting a doctor.
  4. Folic acid and vitamin D are often used as complex therapy. Best of all are absorbed by the organism both drugs, if you add them with vitamins C and E.
  5. Folic acid and vitamin C - a complex of drugs recommended for use in many types of diseases, including anemia, disadvantage of nutrition, epilepsy, etc. In particular, one of the most famous combinations is folic acid and ascorbic acid.
  6. Nicotinic acid and folic acid with simultaneous admission improve the patient's well-being, accelerate metabolism, well affect the appearance, eliminating swelling and returning smoothness and smooth, healthy color. In some cases, the medicine is used in a similar combination for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

Combiliphene and folic acid are not the best combination. Combilipin is a complex means based on vitamins B1, B6, B12. It is not recommended to use the drug in a complex with other means, which includes Vitamins of Group V.

  1. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are jointly involved in the synthesis of amino acids, but the excess of the second means in the body can lead to a lack of the first.
  2. Interaction with trace elements:
  3. Folic acid and iron have excellent compatibility. It is when a lack of listed components in the body develops anemia. If the infants have anemia, the drugs are prescribed a nursing mother.
  4. In this case, doctors are often prescribed with phenium and folic acid together. The first of the listed drugs is a comprehensive agent against anemia. In its composition in large quantities there is iron sulphate, providing good oxygen transportation in the tissue.
  5. Folic acid and calcium - vitamin and mineral complex are often used to strengthen the immunity and bones of a pregnant woman. These substances complement each other well.

Zinc and folic acid are shown to receive men in reproductive age. This combination of medicinal substances contributes to the active development and proper formation of spermatozoa.

  • Folic acid and sorbifer Durules together quite often prescribe gynecologists. Preparations activate blood circulation, normalize blood flow processes. In order not to duplicate the components and the re-fulfillment of them in the body sorbifer and folic acid, it is better to decompose into the components and take separately iron and vitamin B9.
  • Magnesium and folic acid are especially important for a nursing woman. In addition, the deficit of the microelement in the blood can enhance the pain during menstruation. During pregnancy, such a combination of substances enhances the risk of bleeding, so it is necessary to strictly follow the dosages prescribed by the attending physician.
  • Preparations that reduce the content of folic acid in the body:
  • analgesics (with long therapy);
  • anticonvulsants;


oral and injection contraceptives;


  • For patients suffering from epileptic seizures, folic acid is prescribed as a concomitant fundamental means.
  • Analogs
  • The following drugs can be attributed to the analogues of folic acid according to the exposure spectrum and active substance:
  • Folic acid with vitamin B12;
  • Folic acid fort;
  • Flavin;
  • Calcium d-3 nicomed;
  • Nau Foods Chlorophyll;

Magne B6;


Blueberry syrup.

What is better: folic acid or folacine?

Flavin is a Croatian medical drug, the active substance of which is folic acid. Lactose, magnesium stearate, povidone, cellulose are used as auxiliary substances.

Medicines are structural analogues having the same active substance. At the same time, drugs similar pharmacodynamics are prescribed to women during pregnancy and lactation, have the same testimony and contraindications. Therefore, the decision on the appointment of one or another doctor is adopted.

What is better: folic acid or folate?

Folate is a collective name of water-soluble vitamins in natural products. In the human body, the folate is transformed into tetrahydrofolate much slower than folic acid.

Medicines are analogues on the active substance, pharmacodynamics, indications and contraindications. At the same time, Folate - Vitamin Natural Origin, Folic Acid - artificially synthesized. The last preparation is extremely important for DNA replication and cell growth. The serious difference in the preparations is that folic acid does not activate the growth of cancer cells already located in the body, while Folate has such a side effect.

What is better: folic acid or metafoline?

Metapholine is the trade name of methylpholate, which is a combination of levomefolian acid with calcium. The difference lies only in the title, otherwise this is identical drugs. Metapholine compounds are organic substances based on vitamin B9. It is easily absorbed by the body, enters the minimum number of unnecessary drugs with drugs.

The metapholine is much faster digested by the human body, rather than folic acid. This is explained by his finished for the formation of the form. Transforming in the body, folic acid passes a large number of stages, while the metapholine is ready for use.

Preparations are prescribed for the treatment of identical pathologies, however, when prescribing a doctor, the dosage of metapholine will be much smaller.

What is better: folic acid or foliber?

Foliber - a complex drug, which includes vitamin B9 and cyanocobalamin. The means are absolutely identical to the body, however, Foliber is contraindicated to patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

  • When appointing folibera, it is not necessary to independently change the drug on analogue, because any appointment of the doctor is based on preliminary diagnosis. Take both medicines for prevention purposes.
  • What is better: folic acid or folio?
  • Both drugs have vitamin B9. Folic acid is pure vitamin, while the folio contains the prophylactic doses of iodine, so it is shown in breastfeeding. The differences between folic acid and folio are concluded in the following nuances:


Folic acid can be prescribed for therapy of different diseases;

Folio is prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What is better: folic acid or folinic acid?

Based on both drugs vitamin B9. In addition, the spectrum of action, indications, contraindications to the use of substances identical. The difference lies only that folic acid is a synthetic medicine, whereas folic acid consists of natural vitamin B9. The decision on the appointment of one or another tools only the attending physician.

Folic acid for weight loss

Only a doctor is assigned to the dosage of receiving folic acid for weight loss. The need of the human body in this element is up to 200 μg per day. In the absence of overweight and normal health, a person receives this element from ordinary food.

However, in the event of problems with the activation of vitamin B9 in the liver, an increased amount of folic acid is required. About how to make a drug correctly, you will tell you the attending physician, independently increase or lower the dosage not recommended.

  • In accordance with the reviews of those who accepted folic acid to reduce weight, this method gives excellent results. Vitamin B9 stimulates the disintegration of fat deposits, and a properly selected diet and physical exertion do not give the process of accumulation of fat to begin again.
  • Folic acid when planning pregnancy
  • The lack of folic acid in the body of a pregnant woman can provoke the following problems:
  • partial or complete pairing placenta;


fetal fetal;

The presence of serious congenital defects in the kid, including hydrocephalus, a defect of the nervous tube, hypotrophy, mental delay, etc.

Starting from the first month of pregnancy, many organs of the future child are formed. Therefore, it is very important that the fruit in sufficient quantities receive foliaic acid from the first days after conception.

Vitamin B9 has no accumulative effect, the need for the body in it is constant. At the same time, when planning pregnancy, the doctor prescribes folic acid not only for a future mother, but also dad. Dosage in each case is assigned separately. The medicine is accepted 3 months before possible conception.

  • Foliatic acid for men
  • Doctors note the positive effect of vitamin B9 not only for the overall health of the man, but also on the reproductive function. Folic acid increases the possibility of conception, activating the production of a large number of spermatozoa. Therefore, when planning pregnancy, the drug is appointed not only to women, but also to men.
  • Vitamin B9 is shown to men:
  • to activate the synthesis of red blood cells;

normal digestion operation;

reducing irritability;

Maintain sexual health.

Folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid during pregnancy should be appointed only by the attending physician. This can be both a pure drug and a combination with various vitamins and microelements.

  • It is necessary to start receiving folic acid in the early periods of pregnancy, and better long before conception. The World Health Organization for pregnant women is recommended vitamin B9 and iron containing iron.
  • Folic acid is appointed from the moment of pregnancy and is accepted throughout the first trimester. In the absence of a deficiency of folic acid in the body, the drug is canceled before delivery.
  • Medium dosage:
  • when planning - 400 mg per day;

In the first trimester - up to 800 mg per day;

In the second trimester (if necessary) - up to 800 mg per day;

During the lactation period - up to 600 mg per day.

Compatible with alcohol

With joint admission of alcohol and folic acid, there is a manifestation of adverse reactions:

This combination for pregnant and old women is especially dangerous.

Terms of sale

Foliic acid buy in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions

Folic acid tablets need to be stored in an inaccessible place for children at temperatures up to + 25 ° C.

Shelf life

  • Folic acid comes to use for 3 years from the date of production indicated on the package.
  • Manufacturer
  • Folic acid is made by the following companies:

Ozon LLC, Valentine Pharmaceutics, Russia;

  1. Borisov Medical Relations Plant, Belarus;
  2. Nature's Bounty, Inc., Solgar Vitamin and Herb, USA.
  3. List of references:
  4. State register of medicines;
Vitamins and supplements for women's health

Anatomy-therapeutic-chemical classification (ATX); Nonological classification (ICD-10);

Official instruction from the manufacturer. Vitamin B9.

- Basic medical definition of folate or folic acid. This is one of the 8 water soluble vitamins of the group B, necessary for the full activity of the nervous system. Folate

- Natural form of vitamin B9, which is found in many foods. It is completely dissolved in water.

Folic acid - Artificially obtained form of vitamin B9. Synthetic connection to active additives, in products for enrichment. Oddly enough, synthetic vitamin is absorbed better than its natural fellow - 85% against 50%.

Vitamin B9 provides brain performance, retains mental and emotional human health. It is necessary for the synthesis of DNA, RNA, generation of genes. Folate appearance and growth of new cells. This property is indispensable during pregnancy, in children's and adolescence. Combined effect of folic acid and vitamin B12 Creating red blood cells, normal absorption of iron.

Chemical formula

- Vitamin B9 - C19H19N7O6.

- Vitamin B9 - C19H19N7O6.Products - Records for Folic Acid

The richest source of folic acid is the liver (especially goose and duck), then there are various beans (nuts, lentils, various types of beans).

The richest source of folic acid is the liver (especially goose and duck), then there are various beans (nuts, lentils, various types of beans).Liver

Goose and duck: 738 Мкиндеки: 677 μgcurious: 578 MKGGGU 290 μg

Medicinal doses vitamin B9 | Food and Health


727 μg

  • How many folic acid need for children, men and women?

  • Given the best suction of folic acid, in comparison with natural folate, the Food Flat Equivalent (Pf) was adopted. It is taken as the basis for the daily need of vitamin B9. The fact is that folic acid that is produced

  • The calculation of the norm passes according to the following scheme:

1 Folate micrograms contained in food is 1 microgram of the Pf. 1 folic acid micrograms received together with enriched food is 1.7 micrograms of the Pf.

1 folic acid micrograms in the form of a vitamin additive adopted on an empty stomach is 2 micrograms of the Pf.

Simple example:

If a person accepted 80 μg of natural folate, then received 80 μg of the Pf. When using a enriched product containing 80 μg of folic acid, the body receives 80 * 1.7 = 136 μg of PFE. Folic acid tablet 200 μg will provide us with 400 μg of edible equivalent.

In the Russian Federation, the standard of consumption of vitamin B9 was recorded in Methodical recommendations - MR According to this document, children after 14 years and adults should receive 400 μg of the Pf per day.

Norms of physiological needs in vitamins in the Russian Federation (RF, MR

For comparison, consider the table of Norms B9 in different countries:

  • SCF / CS / NUT / GEN / 18 Final 6 March 2003 Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food On The Revision Of Reference Values ​​for Nutrition Labeling » Factors increasing the need for vitamin B9

  • In a healthy body, vitamin B9 deficiency is practically not formed. Separate people are subject to this state: Pregnant women

  • - The admission of the optimal amount of vitamin B9 activates the synthesis of nucleic acids. Women of fertile age

  • - Girls wishing to conceive a child need a large volume of folic acid. I aim to prevent the development of the embryo nervous tube flaws in the first trimester of pregnancy. Alcoholics

  • - In their body, the metabolism is violated, pholta including. Ethanol accelerates the process of decay of vitamin compounds. The defective nutrition of people suffering from alcoholism affects the insufficient admission of vitamin B9 with products. Some gastroy diseases. People suffering from diseases associated with disorders of intestinal suction - the syndrome of the inflamed intestine, celiac disease, gastritis, tropical fever. .

Persons with detected genetic polymorphism MTHFR.

In the case of C677T, there is insufficient enzymatic activity. The acute shortage of MTHFR interferes with the synthesis of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. In this regard, such people have a high risk of forming folic acid deficiency


Folic acid: instructions for use and use of the drug

Why do we need folic acid?

Vitamin B9 is involved in the most important metabolic processes. His insufficient admission to the body provokes the emergence of dangerous states:

If a woman in the period of tooling a child tolerates a lack of folic acid, it is fraught with the formation of congenital developmental defects in the fetus. Without vitamin B9 it is impossible to copy DNA. DNA replication violation may cause malignant neoplasm development. The first bone marrow suffers from the deficiency of folic acid. The predecessors of the erythrocytes, which are formed in it, are increasing without vitamin B9. Soon, megaloblasts are formed from hypertrophied cells, Megaloblastic anemia is developing. Application in medicine Reduces the risk of stroke

. In a number of studies, it was possible to establish that the combined reception of folic acid and other vitamins of the B contributes to the prevention of stroke. Analysis of the results of 19 medical observations in which more than 47 thousand people participated, showed that Vitamin B9 reduces the risk of a stroke by 12% [2] .

. More effect on the cardiovascular system folic acid does not have. During the survey, the subjects were offered at 2500 μg of folic acid in combination with 50 mg of vitamin B6 and 1 mg of vitamin B12. The experiment lasted for 5 years. In a group receiving vitamins, compared with the placebo group, a decrease in homocysteine ​​indicators was observed. Vitamin additives reduced the risk of brain hemorrhage by 25%, but did not affect the development of heart attack and other cardiovascular pathologies .

[3] Chinese doctors tracked up a state of 20,702 adults with hypertension, which lived in regions with low folate in products. The tests were offered 800 μg of folic acid and 10 mg of enalapril (preparation to reduce blood pressure). The risk of stroke decreased by 21%. The effect of treatment has been preserved up to 4.5 years.


Cardiovascular diseases.

Analysis of the results of 80 studies have shown that while maintaining a moderate level of homocysteine ​​in the blood, the danger of cardiovascular diseases remains extremely high. The effect of homocysteine ​​on the function of the body continues to the present.

There is an opinion that he adversely affects: Introduction to the ration of products containing folate reduced the likelihood of ischemic diseases, other heart and vascular diseases, including stroke, myocardial infarction.

In Finland, for 10 years have been watched 1980 men. The use of an increased amount of natural folates by 55% reduces the likelihood of sudden cardiac pathology. The level of homocysteine ​​folic acid has the greatest impact under the condition of a sufficient level of vitamin B12, B6. Prevention of cancer. .

Natural folate, which enters the body with food products, reduces the likelihood of formation of some types of cancer. Synthetic folic acid can have both positive and negative impact. It all depends on the time of reception and dosage. If a person uses additives with folic acid before the disease, the risk of tumor is reduced. However, if the drug is accepted in high dosages when the colorectal cancer is installed, the pathology can progress. When admitting the excessive volume of folic acid (more than 1000 μg) should be carried out with caution. The study conducted by US scientists, with the participation of more than 525 thousand subjects, was aimed at studying the antitumor properties of vitamin B9. Participants aged 50 to 71 received 900 μg of folic acid daily. They have a risk of colorectal tumors below by 30% than those who received 200 μg of the drug .

[five] In Norway, food is not enriched with vitamin B9. In research purposes 3411, the subjects offered a folic acid at 800 μg per day in combination with 400 μg of vitamin B12. After 39 months in persons with heart disease, the incidence of cancer increased by 21%, as well as increasing mortality rates by 38%. Data is presented in comparison with the refusal of receiving folic acid additives .



Of course, the results struck the medical community. Next, several randomized studies were conducted with 25,738 men. It was found that in comparison with the placebo in men who received folic acid, the probability of prostate cancer increased to 24% [7] All obtained information on the effects of folic acid per person suggests that the normalized consumption of additives can reduce the likelihood of some malignant tumors. With caution, use vitamins you need to people in the family history of which were cases of colorectal adenoma, other cancer fids. , Diabetes. , Folic acid preparations have a positive effect on cardiovascular activity in patients with diabetes. They help control blood glucose levels, reduce insulin resistance. Regular use of vitamin B9 reduces the risk of diabetic complications, neuropathy .

[8] [9] [ten] , Reduces inflammatory processes .

. Folic acid softens inflammatory symptoms in the syndrome of polycystic ovaries, in children with epilepsy. Vitamin B9 is able to lower inflammation markers, c-jet protein [eleven]

[12] Helps in the treatment of depression.

With the insufficient level of vitamin B9, the likelihood of developing depressive disorders increases. People receiving antidepressants are prescribed folic acid for greater efficiency. Preparations containing methylpholate enhance the effect of antidepressants.

Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

The most commonly registered type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease. Medical observations confirmed that the probability of developing dementia decreases with sufficient consumption of vegetables, fruits saturated with folate. Vitamin B9 affects the function of the body not only after birth or during pregnancy. Participation in the production of nucleic acids, methylation reactions favorably for the brain throughout life. In women suffering from Alzheimer's disease, high gomocysteine ​​borders and minor parameters of folic acid in the blood are always fixed. To prevent the development of dementia, it is important to ensure not a single use of folate in the blood, but its regular admission to the body. .

During one of the randomized studies, 168 elderly patients experiencing moderate cognitive violations were divided into two groups. One every day was offered 800 μg of folic acid together with 500 μg of vitamin B12 and 20 mg of vitamin B6. The second group received placebo. All participants have observed signs of atrophy in the areas of the brain, changed by the disease. However, in the first group, obtained vitamins of the group B, a smaller destruction of the gray substance was recorded. In comparison with the placebo group, the indicators were 0.5% against 3.7%.

During one of the randomized studies, 168 elderly patients experiencing moderate cognitive violations were divided into two groups. One every day was offered 800 μg of folic acid together with 500 μg of vitamin B12 and 20 mg of vitamin B6. The second group received placebo. All participants have observed signs of atrophy in the areas of the brain, changed by the disease. However, in the first group, obtained vitamins of the group B, a smaller destruction of the gray substance was recorded. In comparison with the placebo group, the indicators were 0.5% against 3.7%.

The pronounced positive result of the vitamin impact was observed in patients with a higher level of homocysteine. The data indicated that in the prevention of dementia and cognitive damage lies a decrease in the circulating homocysteine

[thirteen] Benefit for women after 50 years .

Adults over 50 years old are mostly lacking vitamins B9 and B12. With age, this deficiency is agreed and is observed in an increasing number of people. If at the age of 50-60 years accounts for 14% of such cases, then among people over 80 years old already 23%. Insufficient level of folic acid is characteristic of smokers, patients with obesity. One of the latest studies, completed in 2019, proved that the appointment of 400 μg of folic acid improves brain functions, increases verbal IQ. Results 180 participants showed that Vitamin B9 oppresses the synthesis of proteins affecting the development and progress of Alzheimer's disease .


An examination of a 121 patient with a recently established Alzheimer's disease showed that receiving 1250 μg of vitamin B9 in conjunction with the Donenezil for 6 months, improved cognitive mechanisms, reduced inflammation markers. The results were analyzed in comparison with the data of the group hosting only Donezil


Use for men The positive effect of folate on normal spermatogenesis has been proven by several authoritative studies. In experimental purposes, the groups of folic acid and zinc were offered a group of men for 26 weeks. It turned out that in fertile and sub-proeters men caused an increase in healthy spermatozoa by 74%.

The study of sperm of men who received significant volumes of folic acid, showed a decrease in an abnormal amount of chromosomes from 18 to 30%. Scientists reported that the intake of vitamin B9 in the dosage from 700 to 1100 μg per day helps to reduce the changed chromosomes in sperm.

In sports.

Athletes engaged in weightlifting or bodybuilding need more vitamin B9 than other people. This need is associated with the more active synthesis of the necessary proteins.

How much folic acid

Application in cosmetology Vitamin B9 is necessary for the skin to preserve youth. As part of folic acid, antioxidants are present, which suppress oxidative processes, remove free radicals that penetrate from the external environment. Vitamin B9 holds precious moisture in the skin, reduces the feeling of dryness, so it is introduced into lotions, moisturizing creams. Local use of folic acid tools helps preserve attractiveness and overall skin quality.

The importance of folic acid when planning and in early pregnancy Defects of the nervous tube .

. Tens years ago it was proved that the reception of folic acid before conception contributes to the prevention of pathologies of the nervous tube in the embryo. Anomalies of the nervous tube are congenital brain flaws (anencephalia) or spinal splitting. The formation of these vices occurs from 21 to 28 days of pregnancy - the nervous tube is not closed on the upper or lower end.

On 10,000 births account for 5.5 cases of spine cleavage and 6.5 cases of Ancentsephalia. To combat the development of US abnormalities, since 1998 introduced the indispensable enrichment of food products with folic acid. Development anomalies decreased by 28% [16]

Providing the body of a pregnant woman with folate contributes to a reduction in the likelihood of congenital splitting of solid nose. The study conducted in Norway showed that the prescription of 400 μg of folic acid pregnant women reduces the likelihood of a 64% splitting pathology. Miscarriages.

High level of homocysteine ​​can provoke preeclampsia, peeling the placenta, spontaneous miscarriage. The preservation of the high concentration of homocysteine ​​can cause too low the weight of the child at birth. Impact on the level of homocysteine ​​is possible only by folic acid. Congenital heart defects .

. The optimal reception of folic acid by the future mother reduces the likelihood of premature births, the appearance of a child with congenital developmental anomalies, including with heart defects. In Canada from 1990 to 2011, observation was observed for 98% of all kinds. In women who took the products enriched with vitamin B9, children with non-chromasome heart defects were raised at 11%. [17] In Atlanta, 3987 children were investigated. Congenital heart development anomalies 24% were less detected in children, which in the perinatal period received folic acid .

[eighteen] . Similar observation carried out in California showed similar results in 866 babies

[19] Nervous Development Disorder at the Child in the Future .

. Nervous Development Disorders include the difficulties of socialization, limiting interests, return actions. This concept includes Asperger's syndrome. More and more observations are under pregnant women at different launches. In Norway examined 85,176 children from 3.3 to 10.2 years and their mothers. It was possible to determine that women who took 400 μg of folic acid per day in early pregnancy, the likelihood of the child's birth with autism was 39% lower than those who did not take vitamin drugs .

[20] American population observation has shown that 837 children who were born in mothers who received at least 600 μg of folic acid per day, at 38%, nervous development disorder was obtained. .

[21] Israeli scientists in 2018 examined a record number of children - 45,300 people. If women before fertilization and in early pregnancy received folic acid, their children installed a low risk of developing nervous disorders

[22] Low birth weight .

- Included in the list of causes of the death of infants of the first year of life. The body weight deficit can adversely affect health in adulthood. Multiple studies showed correlation of folic acid reception with a slightborn.

Medical statistics in Britain says that daily two women are forced to interrupt pregnancy due to the flaws of the nervous tube in the embryo. Based on these data, British doctors recommend universal food enrichment, primarily flour, folic acid. US Practice Observations led to this decision. According to Professor J. Morris, before 2007 it was possible to avoid more than 3,000 cases of birth of children with congenital anomalies, if it was possible to decide on the enrichment of products with vitamin B9 [23] [Video] Why do you need vitamin B9 during pregnancy? The difference between folic acid and folates. .


- The most biologically active form of vitamin B9, in contrast to folic acid, is better absorbed and disguises the deficiency of vitamin B12. In 5-11% of women due to impairment of the enzyme gene methylenetohydrofolatreductases, the processes of enzymatic transformation of folic acid in an active form were violated, while their body can absorb only 5-methyltetrahydrofolate [24] Dosage

The formation of the nervous tube of the fetus often occurs before the woman learned about pregnancy. Considering this, women are recommended to consume from 400 to 800 μg of folic acid at the stage of conception and during the first three months of pregnancy [25] , . It is important to comply with a safe dosage - up to 1000 μg per day. If a woman already has a child with anomalies of the nervous tube and a new pregnancy is planned, there are no clear recommendations. Doctors insist that in this case women should take 4000-5000 μg of vitamin B9 every day no less than within 3 months before conception and necessarily in the first trimester of pregnancy

[26] [27]

. The dosage repeatedly exceeds the maximum permissible as possible, so the reception of drugs is under the supervision of specialists.

Does additional reception required after 12 weeks?

No, after the first trimester, folic acid has not been playing a special role, so enough normal dosage of 400 μg.

Does foliage acid pregnant help?

Does foliage acid pregnant help?

It is proved that the reception of vitamin B9 helps to increase fertility. Systematic use of drugs helps to improve estrogen secretion, adjusts the functions of the reproductive system. Folic acid ensures the ripening of a full-fledged egg, ready for fertilization. Violation of this process is one of the most frequent factors of female infertility. It can be said that Vitamin B9 helps to conceive a child and contributes to a favorable course of pregnancy.

What is dangerous for the deficit and overdose of folic acid?

  • Symptoms of folic acid deficiency

  • The deficiency exclusively vitamin B9 is extremely rare. Most often, it is combined with a lack of other vitamins. The emergence of a deficiency can be associated with defective nutrition, alcoholism, absorption disorder of nutritional components in the intestine.

  • The lack of folic acid can manifest itself:

  • The formation of ulcers on the mucous membrane, language.

  • The appearance of pigment spots on the skin.

Hair fragility, nails;

  • Disorders from the digestive system.

  • Raising homocysteine ​​levels.

  • The defective intake of folic acid into the body of the future mother causes a number of hazardous consequences:

  • Birth of a premature baby.

  • The formation of anomalies of development - Ancensphaly, spinal splitting.

Body weight deficit at child at birth.

Embryo growth delay.

Premature childbirth.

But the most important sign of the development of the failure of vitamins B9 and B12 is the phenomena of megaloblastic anemia. Pathology is associated with the advent of abnormally large red blood cells. Symptoms of the disease: lethargy, fast fatigue, problems with concentration of attention, nervousness, headaches, breathing and heartbeat. Symptoms of overdose of folic acid

Usually the use of large dosages of vitamin B9 does not entail negative manifestations from the body. In isolated cases, excessive doses of folic acid can provoke a violation of kidney functions, loss of appetite. For the large volume of the obtained vitamin B9, it is not most common to identify the lack of B12.

The role of folic acid in the human body

Maximum dosage.

  1. The permissible amount of folic acid that does not provide poisoning effect on the body is 1000 μg per day. Only for the prescription of the doctor and under strict observation, therapeutic doses of vitamin B9 to 5 mg can be taken.

    Top 8 best preparations with folic acid The most popular drugs in the pharmacy are:

  2. Folic acid is 9 months - from JSC VALENA Farm. In 1 tablet - 400 μg. Produced in packs of 30 or 90 pieces.

    Top 8 best preparations with folic acid Price in Pharmacy

  3. - 130 rubles.

    Doppelgers - folic acid. Assigned to maintain the cardiovascular system. As part of the drug: 600 μg of folic acid, 300 mg of ascorbic acid, 36 mg vitamin E, 6 mg vitamin B6, 5 μg of vitamin B12. - 470 rubles.

  4. Evalar Folic Acid with Vitamin B12. Designed to preserve beauty and female health. The prescribed dose is 1 tablet per day. Composition 1 Tablets: 600 μg of folic acid, 6 mg vitamin B6, 5 μg of vitamin B12.

    Top 8 best preparations with folic acid Price in Pharmacy

  5. - 200 rubles per package 40 tablets.

  6. Elevit Pronatal is a drug in which there are necessary 3 microelements, 4 minerals, 12 vitamins in the recommended daily volume. Folic acid - 800 μg in 1 tablet. The drug is recommended during pregnancy and lactation periods.

    Top 8 best preparations with folic acid : Packing 30 pcs - 660 rubles, 90 pieces - 1750 rubles.

  7. Arnebia + Folic Acid. Swiming tablets containing a complex of vitamins and minerals. Assigns to strengthen the body with intensive loads during seasonal infectious diseases, to restore metabolism, normalization of blood circulation, digestion, immune and nervous system. Can be used with regard to pregnant women, nursing women. The cost of the drug is 180 rubles for 20 fuel tablets. Malto Foul. It is prescribed for iron deficiency anemia, while having tooling the child, when feeding. As part: Iron III - 100 mg, Vitamin B9 - 350 μg.

    - From 770 rubles for 30 tablets.

  8. Folio.

    In one tablet - 400 μg of vitamin B9, 200 μg of potassium iodide. Assigned as a biologically active additive. Recommended by women during pregnancy, with breastfeeding.

    • Price - 150 tablets - from 720 rubles.

    • Flavin. The preparation of folic acid with an excessive dosage - 5 mg in 1 tablet (1 mg of folic acid is 1000 μg).

    • Assigned to:

    • Prevention of the anomalies of the nervous tube of the fetus in the presence of risk from the mother.

    Top 8 best preparations with folic acid In the treatment of antiepileptic agents, folic acid antagonists, in order to avoid the development of vitamin B 9 deficit.

Treatment of megaloblastic anemia, including during pregnancy, pathologies of folic acid suction.

Preventing Hypovitaminosis B9 with chronic hemolytic anemia developed against the background of renal renal therapy.


- 140 rubles.

  • In pure form, the folic acid is offered by Vita, Ozon, "Korofarm". Dosage each manufacturer is different. Cost in pharmacies - from 35 rubles per package of 50 tablets. What dosage to take folic acid?

  • Doctors advise combining folic acid reception with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12). The dosage depends on the purpose of the use of drugs: Megaloblastic anemia

  • . From 500 to 1000 μg per day. Dose is the same for adults and children. In the case of the appointment of a larger amount of the drug, sustainability is possible. Supporting therapy

  • . Children from the first days of life - 100 μg per day, from 4 years old - 300 μg per day, over 4 years old and adults - 400 μg per day. With therapeutic target

. Course for adults - from 20 to 30 days, 500 μg daily. Children prescribe a lower dosage.

Prevention of hypovitaminosis.

Children under 3 years old - from 250 to 500 μg daily. From 4 to 6 years - 75 μg per day. From 7 to 10 years - 100 μg per day. Adults - from 150 to 200 μg daily.

Dosage when planning and during pregnancy

The recommended dose at the planning and tooling the child is 600 μg per day. In some cases, take analysis to the concentration of folic acid in the blood.

More significant doses, up to 5 mg per day are shown to women who already have children with defects caused by a lack of folic acid. The beginning of the preparation is shown three months before the planned conception. The course of receipt of the drug is 3-4 weeks.

The importance of folic acid

If hypovitaminosis B9 is accompanied by iron deficiency anemia, it is recommended to use combined iron and folic acid pharmaceuticals (for example, Foul Foltum or Malto Foul). During the feeding period, it is allowed to take up to 500 μg per day.

  • How to maintain folic acid in products?

  • The structure of vitamin B9 is destroyed under the influence of light. At 100 ° C in 100 ml of water, 50% of the active substance dissolves, at 0 ° C - 1%. The substance is well soluble in alkalis, in an acidic medium - much worse.

  • When drafting a diet, take into account a number of factors:

  • In the process of cooking in vegetables and meat, up to 90% of natural folates are eliminated.

  • During grain lubrications - up to 80%.

  • With frying meat, offal - destroying up to 95%.

  • Under the influence of freezing temperatures - up to 70%.

In boiled folate eggs less than 2 times.

Preservation of vegetables destroys to 85% of the useful connection.

During boiling, Pasteurization in milk is completely destroyed by Vitamin B9.

The main recommendation for the storage of products containing folate is to indoors them in a dark vacuum container. The optimal temperature is room. Precautions and Contraindications

Natural folate present in food products is safe for health. The use of a large number of artificially enriched products or additives is permitted under the supervision of the doctor.

Masks a lack of vitamin B12 . Maximum allowed dose of vitamin B9 - 1000 μg. An increase in this value can hide the lack of vitamin B12. Hypovitaminosis B12 is most often observed in vegans and elderly people. The development of anemia arises as a result of the deficit of vitamins B6 and B12. When using folic acid, the patient may feel better improvement, but it will not affect the blood tests. If the "concealment" of the lack of vitamin B12 continues for a long time, probably irreversible lesion of brain tissues and nerve fibers. The prescription of folic acid in this case is recommended within 400 μg per day. .

Accelerates the progression of intestinal cancer and prostate. The regular flow of large volumes of folic acid can cause progression of precancerous diseases, as well as increases the likelihood of colorectal cancer [28] , Reduced immunity. .

Excessive administration of vitamin B9 leads to a violation of its transformation in THF. Thus, a non-metabolized compound of folic acid is formed. As a result, the number and functionality of physiological cells - killers is reduced. This process allows you to draw conclusions about the negative effect of excess folic acid for immunity.

  • [29]

  • [thirty]

  • Interaction with other medicines

  • Methotrexate, which is prescribed by the patients with autoimmune and oncological diseases, is oppressing the effects of vitamin B9.

  • Anti-epileptic and antisomazable preparations (phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproate) reduce the saturation of folic acid in the blood. Vitamin B9 may in turn reduce the parameters of these drugs in the blood.

Sulfasalin, appointed with ulcerative colitis, suppresses the ability to suck the folate from food, which forms its shortage.

Large doses of aspirin, painkillers, estrogenic preparations, as well as nitrofurans, antacids, proton pump inhibitors, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents provoke a deficiency of folic acid.

Therapy with corticosteroid hormones causes the rapid elimination of the folate from the body.

The prolonged use of folic acid in large doses can lead to a lack of vitamin B12.

We collected the most important points about Vitamin B9 in this article and will be grateful if you share a social network or blog, with reference to this page.

Folic acid - water-soluble vitamin B - takes part in the synthesis of immune blood cells, activation of metabolism, contributes to the normalization of the function of the digestive tract.

Vitamin B9 is involved in the synthesis of DNA molecules and RNA, in which genetic information is preserved. His presence in the body is necessary for protein biosynthesis.

  • In case of insufficient level, the vitamin B9 significantly increases the likelihood of malformations from the fetus.
  • Folic acid is necessary for the reproductive system of women. It is especially important for pregnant women, as it is involved in the formation of the nervous system of the embryo. In addition, it is necessary for the normal formation and functioning of the placenta.
  • With the participation of folic acid occurs, cellular division occurs, in addition, the following benefit is noted for the body:
  • positive impact on the work of the brain;
  • normalization of the level of homocysteine;

improving the appearance of hair, nails;

improved skin regeneration;

The development of sufficient amount of methionine, norepinephrine, glycine, serotonin, due to which the likelihood of anemia and depression is reduced.

  • As a rule, folic acid is prescribed for additional reception when planning pregnancy and during the tooling of the fetus. For an adult, the deficit of this important element can be avoided with a daily reception of 200 mg of the drug. For pregnant and lactating breasted women, the dose should be increased to 400-600 μg.
  • Usually, the reception of folic acid is combined with taking vitamin B12.
  • Symptoms that are very often referred to at the expense of other diseases in the expense of vitamin B9 deficit.
  • depressive states, irritability;
  • worsening memory;
  • headache;
  • diarrhea;
  • general weakness and bad appetite;
  • unpleasant sensations and impairment of sensitivity in the limbs;
  • Inflammation of the mucous membrane, accompanied by pain and the formation of ulcers in the oral cavity;
  • respiratory difficulties;

The delay in puberty among girls;

  • Early manifestation of seeds and climax;
  • Symptoms that are very often referred to at the expense of other diseases in the expense of vitamin B9 deficit.
  • Megaloblastic anemia.
  • Folide-defective megaloblastic anemia is most often developing in women during menopause. However, this problem is not excluded at any other age. On the development of the disease, first of all, there is a large number of megaloblasts in the bone marrow and the presence of the following symptoms:
  • fast fatiguability;
  • scattered attention;


reinforced heartbeat;

Bright red color.

Even in the absence of these features, women after 50 years will also be useful to use vitamin B9.

Folic acid requires the body in all periods of life, but during the planning and conception of the child, it is most important for the formation and development of a healthy fetus. Additional reception of folic acid in various preparations allows to maintain a normal level of homocysteine ​​- amino acids, especially important during pregnancy.

Due to this, the likelihood of the occurrence of pregnancy and the successful to enter the child increases.

If one spouse has a lack of vitamin B9, the occurrence of pregnancy is unlikely.

  • It is important to remember that folic acid is needed in the earliest stages of embryonic development. In the first weeks after conception, active growth of the embryo is underway and all important systems and organs are tabling. Folic acid is necessary as a germ for the formation of new fabrics. Already in the second week, the fetus begins to form a nervous system. The lack of vitamin B9 at this point can lead to the vices and anomalies of the development of the fetus and will significantly increase the risk of a child's development delay in the future.
  • That is why gynecologists recommend drinking folic acid at the stage of pregnancy planning, without waiting for menstruation delays. So by the time of ovulation, the body of the future mother will not experience a lack of vitamin B9 and will be able to ensure normal development of the embryo in the earliest period of gestation.
  • With foliage deficiency for the fetus, the following negative consequences are possible:
  • slowing down the process of fetal development;
  • Spontaneous abortion;
  • pairing placenta;
  • premature childbirth;
  • Preeclampsia;
  • heart defects;

Defects of the sky and the splitting of the upper lip;

Anomaly of the urinary tract;

Insufficient weight of the newborn.

An equally important role is folic acid plays for the body of a future mother, which during the child's to wear works in reinforced mode. The functioning of the blood formation system, the growth and development of the placenta, strengthening the vascular grid in the uterus - all this will not be provided properly without the required amount of folic acid.

Due to the problems with the development of the placenta or inferiority of the vessels of the uterus, a spontaneous interruption of pregnancy is possible. Therefore, doctors recommend to start taking folic acid during pregnancy planning even before conception to both future parents. If the pregnancy was detected in fact, the drug intake should be started immediately and not stop during the entire period of the baby tool. Since Vitamin B9 is water-soluble, its oversuetting in the body is impossible.

Reception of vitamin B9 is required not only for the fetus and ensuring the processes of its development and formation.

According to statistics, most of the pregnancies are unplanned. A completely small percentage of the steam passes a full examination before planning a child. Often, a woman learns about pregnancy for 2 months of fetal development. A folic acid should be enough in the body already in the first days of conception.

If, in general, a couple of future parents is healthy, the level of vitamin B9 may be sufficient and such a omission will not create any problems for the fetus or for the future mother.

  • However, it is not necessary to hope for good luck in such an important case, therefore, the reception of folic acid is recommended by doctors at least three months before pregnancy. In some countries, folate preparations use all women with the preserved childbearing function.
  • Folic acid is useful not only for developing fetus and female organism, but also for men. The quality of sperm is largely depends on a sufficient level of vitamin B9. Therefore, when planning pregnancy to the moment of conception, folic acid preparations are needed not only to women, but also to men.
  • In the men's organism, vitamin B9 performs the following functions:

reduces the number of chromosomal defects in spermatozoa and reduces the risk of innate pathology in a child;

Increases the activity and viability of sperm, which increases the chances of successful conception;

  • Activates the immune system and improves the total body tone.
  • The reception of folic acid with both partners increases the chances of a safe tooling and the birth of a healthy child and significantly reduces the risk of complications of gestation.
  • Given the peculiarity of the mature organism, after 50 years should be supported in the body a sufficient level of folic acid. The fact is that folic acid has an estrogen-like impact, thereby improving the well-being in climax. The severity of negative symptoms is reduced:
  • decreases the sweating and feeling of heat;
  • reinforced heartbeat;
  • The frequency of tides and their severity are reduced;

Normalizes sleep;

The state of the psyche improves;

The blood pressure is normalized.

Vitamin B9 is not only as a whole positively affecting the body in the climacteric period, but also protects against the disease associated with the destruction of the retina of the eye and the deterioration of visual acuity.

More products with folic acid content should be consumed.

  • Since folic acid is an element important to normal pregnancy, it is desirable before planning conception to conduct a survey for a shortage of vitamin B9 in the body. If a significant lack of folic acid is revealed, drugs containing folacine are prescribed.
  • If there was no sharp problems with a lack of this element, the doctor may recommend that the vitamin complexes and enhanced food with rich in vitamin B9 content.
  • Most of the folic acid is contained in the following products:
  • Liver and other sub-products;
  • yeast;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • Vegetables and leaf greens - salad, turnip, spinach, asparagus;

bean - lentils, peas;

Yolk chicken egg;

Semi-finished products made with the addition of folic acid.

The liver is one of the most valuable sources of vitamin B9, in this product also contains many useful components and nutrients for the body.

The daily dose of folic acid in the usual case is 400 mg per day for an adult. But in the period of pregnancy planning, heightened dosages are recommended by doctors.

  1. Men are prescribed a drug containing 700-1100 mg vitamin B9. Take it follows once a day for 3 months before conception. Women showing 600-800 mg of folic acid per day.
  2. In special polyvitamins for pregnant women there is a shock dose of foline, so it is impossible to take such drugs independently without the recommendation of the doctor.
  3. For the prevention of possible problems of the future mother, doctors prescribe special preparations with vitamin B9 content:
  4. "Folic acid" - one tablet contains 1000 μg of vitamin B9.
"Foliber" with vitamin B12. Each tablet contains 400 μg of folic acid.

"Folic acid" with B6 and B12. Folic acid in one tablet - 600 μg, vitamin B12 - 5 μg, vitamin B6 - 6 mg. This drug is a biologically active additive.

  • Complex vitamin preparations with folic acid composed of: "Multi-Tabs Perinal" (400 μg), "ProgNavit" (750 μg), "Elevit" (1000 μg), "Vitruum Prenatal" (800 μg), "Mantna" (1000 μg).
  • The "folio" with iodine contains B9 in the amount of 400 μg and iodine - 200 μg.
  • Vitamin B9 deficiency is often accompanied by a number of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract - celiac disease, gastritis, malabsorption, since this element is poorly absorbed. The lack of folic acid for the same reason can be observed when using some drugs:
  • glucocorticosteroids,
  • aspirin,


  • nitrofurans
  • Contraceptive drugs.
  • The following diseases require special attention of the doctor when prescribing folic acid preparations:
  • disorders in the work of the kidneys;
  • anemia;
  • excess weight with damage from 30 and above;
  • a history of spontaneous miscarriages of previous pregnancies;

diabetes mellitus both 1 and 2 types;

reception of drugs, one of whose components - valproic acid;

Alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse.

Be sure to inform the doctor if you have at least one of these aggressive circumstances. It will adjust the reception and dosage scheme in accordance with the existing diseases.

Ask any pregnant woman about the most important vitamin for her health and the health of the future kid - each without a stick will call the folic acid. And this is true - Vitamin B9 plays a significant role in many exchange processes occurring in the body. But do not rush to the pharmacy for a pack of vitamins. The first thing to be done is to revise your diet. Unfortunately, many of the products with high content of vitamin B9 are infrequent guests on our table. It's time to correct the situation! Together with experts, we denote the list of products with a high content of vitamin B9.

Sub-products of poultry

Do not feel a special delight when hear the phrase "chicken crumbs"? Very in vain! The sub-products of poultry is rich in folic acid - in 100 g of the product (depending on the specific part of the carcass) may contain 340-770 μg of utility vitamin.

Find "your" recipe and be sure to try delicious dishes with sub-products - soup or stew with chicken grooves, roasted in sour cream chicken hearts, goose or chicken liver.

Folic acid is considered to be "female" vitamin. But not only the future and nursing mothers it is important to constantly fill the "stocks" of the useful substance!

In 2008, scientists from the University of California presented evidence that folic acid is equally important for men. 97 men (healthy, non-smoking, without diseases of the reproductive system) took part in the study - they filled out the questionnaires with detailed answers to questions about nutrition, lifestyle and habits; Next, in the laboratory conditions, sample samples of each of the men were tested. The goal was to identify any anomalies in the ejaculate of the subjects. In sperm of men who consumed a high amount of folic acid, it was detected by 18-30% less anomalies of various types than in men with normal and low vitamin consumption.


The average daily rate of folic acid consumption for men is 400 μg. In some cases, for the period of conception, the doctor may appoint an additional reception of vitamins, not only a woman, but also a man - in the amount of 700-1000 μg per day.

Calf liver

Add a liver in your diet. Don't love her very much? Let an convincing argument to its use be at least a high content of folic acid in the product - about 300-400 μg in 100 g. And in the beef liver a large amount of iron.



Spinach - Sheet Greens, Available all year round. Use it! In 100 g of fresh spinach contained about 190 μg of folic acid.

Prepare on the basis of spinach delicious handbags for meat and fish, green smoothie. At least in small quantities add it to soups, omelets, vegetable and meat stew, fresh salads.

Folic acid when exposed to high temperatures is quickly destroyed. If you boil vegetables for a long time, they will evaporate to 90% vitamin B9. If possible, use the products in the raw form. For example, the same spinach is completely optional to cook and stew - it is good and fresh! And if the dish requires mandatory heat treatment, add greens at the very end of cooking.

In 100 g of dry chickpea, approximately 170 μg of folic acid. He is one of the leaders among the legumes in the content of vitamin B9.

Prepare hummus, side dishes and soups based on chickpeas, add it to salads and meat stew.


In addition to high content in the asparag of iron and manganese, vitamins A, C and E, it is famous for the impressive "dose" of folic acid - about 150 μg per 100 g of product.

Love asparagus. Even a small portion is almost half of the daily need for Vitamin B9 of a pregnant woman. Asparagus can become a completely independent dish, if you cook it with couscous or vegetables.




Pasta because of their caloric content, many try to exclude from their diet. But do not forget that in portions (100-120 g) of the prepared spaghetti contain a little more than 100 μg of folic acid. But only products made of solid grain can boast a high content of vitamins and minerals!

Since 1998 in the United States and Canada, producers of bakery and pasta are mandatory additionally enrich folic acid flour. Specified certain standards for the content in the final products of the beneficial substances (in particular - folic acid and iron). In the useful substance enriched in vitamin B9, much more than in the Macarona from whole-grain flour.

Avocado in a healthy diet is an important product. In 100 g of oily fetus, there are about 80 μg of folic acid. And on this, its useful properties do not end. Avocado, along with salmon and nuts, rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids - important compounds for the normal functioning of the body.

The simplest way to be tasty to cook avocado - make a thick paste for sandwiches and sandwiches. Treat the pulp of the fetus by a blender, spray and pepper in taste. Also add avocado in fresh vegetable salads.

There is another reason to introduce avocado into the diet. In the course of research conducted at the University of Ohio, it was found that the addition of fleet or an avocado oil into the dish can significantly improve the absorption of alpha and beta-carotene from other vegetables (2-4 times). Carotenoids, falling into the body, "turn" in Vitamin A. So, when you want to make a salad from fresh carrots next time, do not forget to add an avocado to it!


Many green vegetables are rich in vitamin B9. Broccoli is no exception. In 100 g of useful cabbage contains about 70 μg of folic acid. And as a bonus, you get an impressive portion of vitamins K and S.

It is very important that both the products with a high content of folic acid are constantly present in the child's menu. The kids up to the year are required daily 50 μg of vitamin B9, from year to 3 years - 70 μg, from 4 to 6 years - 100 μg, from 6 to 11 years - 150 μg.

That's just not every mother gets to feed the little one to the spinach, asparagus, and even more so avocado. Add these "tasteless" products to those dishes that the child is happy with pleasure. The same spinach, if you chop it finely, the baby does not differ from the fresh greenery. Purched avocado "Run" in a potato puree or home pate. Nut is well combined with meat - you can cook delicious cutlets.

Sunflower seeds

The seeds of the sunflower not only help to satisfy the hunger, but also add a lot of useful substances into the diet. 100 g of seeds contain about 65 μg of vitamin B9. They are also rich in selenium, thiamine, vitamin E.

The seeds of the sunflower not only help to satisfy the hunger, but also add a lot of useful substances into the diet. 100 g of seeds contain about 65 μg of vitamin B9. They are also rich in selenium, thiamine, vitamin E.

The only drawback of sunflower seeds is high calorie.

Folic acid is better absorbed from those products in which, in addition to it, in sufficient quantities also contain vitamins B12, B6, E and S. Eat nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, legumes, eggs and fish.


Folic acid is in many fruits. Oranges in this list occupy a leading position - one fruit gives approximately 50 μg of vitamin B9. A decent amount, if we consider that the product will not be subject to heat treatment without losing its useful properties. And in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will already be about 100 μg of folic acid.

Folic acid is in many fruits. Oranges in this list occupy a leading position - one fruit gives approximately 50 μg of vitamin B9. A decent amount, if we consider that the product will not be subject to heat treatment without losing its useful properties. And in a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice will already be about 100 μg of folic acid.

In the summer, please yourself with fresh fruit salads with oranges. Complete the sweet dish of melon, papaya and banana, because they also have a high content of folic acid: in papaya - 40 μg / 100 g, in melon - 35 μg / 100 g, in Banan - 20 μg / 100 g.

  • Expert comment
  • Marina Patzki Benzulich, doctor nutritionist, endocrinologist, doctor of the highest category, graduate student of the Department of Therapy of the FGBU GNS FMBC named after A. I. Burnazhan
  • Folic acid is part of a friendly "family" of the vitamins of the group V. Vitamins of the Group in remind me of a football team, where each player has its own personal number and performs a specific task. Personal number of folic acid - 9. Therefore, the second name of this substance is vitamin B9. Folic acid is an equal team player who has its own responsibility area in the body. And it is very important:
  • Folic acid takes part in many processes - cell division in the nervous system, blood and tissues. In periods of active development of the body (intrauterine and early children), its significance is especially great.

Folic acid is the keeper of the genome. It is necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids carrying inherent information. Agree how it is incredibly important to accumulate and transfer the "right" information to future descendants.

The lack of folic acid in the body disrupts the process of DNA replication (copying data from one molecule to another), which increases the percentage of genetic mutations and errors, and can also lead to the development of cancer.

Folic acid is indispensable for growth processes, "repair" and replacing 70 trillion cells of our organism.

Folic acid has a number of important properties, but I want to stop on the function, thanks to which it became so famous. Vitamin B9 is needed by all pregnant women so much that it is recommended to accept it during the first 3 months of pregnancy at a dose of 400 μg daily. And by and large, it is necessary to plan a pregnancy and take folic acid in the same dosage one month before conception, since its deficiency leads to defects of the nervous tube of the fetus. The nervous tube of the fetus is the initial shape of the head and spinal cord and with a deficiency of vitamin B9, it is possible to obtain very severe disorders, up to the complete absence of a brain in the fetus. Archiving to control this process! That is why the state regulated the reception of this vitamin.

Where to take this saving vitamin?

Partially folic acid is synthesized by positive bacteria of our body in the intestine (follow the operation of the digestive system!), Partially comes with food. The following products are especially rich in folic acid: green leafy vegetables, citrus and bean, honey and coarse grinding. From animal products, it is largely contained in the liver.

I want to draw your attention to the fact of the rapid destruction of folic acid when cooking, so the menu is appropriate.

I use to replenish the reserves of my body with folic acid two ways - salads (be sure to prepare with greens) and, of course, smoothies. I share my traditional recipe: banana, a small bundle of green salad (or half of the spinach container), a green apple, a little ice. All this is blended and spill on the glasses. I also add lemon juice, just squeezing the quarters of the lemon. Sometimes I add cinnamon, since it enhances the fat burning effect and blocks the emission of a large portion of insulin into the blood. For lovers of dairy products, you can also add milk into the smoothie. For greater raw and strengthen the presence of folate - the handful of oatmeal or the handful of wheat germs. For greater usefulness and again, enhancing the presence of vitamin B9 - seeds of chia, seeds or several almond petals. And still feed such a smoothie of your loved one, because folic acid needs men for normal sperm production!For lovers of dairy products, you can also add milk into the smoothie. For greater raw and strengthen the presence of folate - the handful of oatmeal or the handful of wheat germs. For greater usefulness and again, enhancing the presence of vitamin B9 - seeds of chia, seeds or several almond petals. And still feed such a smoothie of your loved one, because folic acid needs men for normal sperm production! Love yourself, take care and take care of yourself. Use all the possibilities to make food not only delicious, but also useful.

Pass the test Do you comply with the rules of healthy eating? Do you know the principles of healthy nutrition? Pass the test and find out the whole truth about your diet!

Folic acid (vitamin B₉) is important for a balanced diet.

This substance is necessary to preserve the beautiful and healthy color of the face, strengthens the muscles and the health of the joints. You need to know which products it is present and who is especially necessary.

  • Who requires folic acid
  • There are people who need vitamin B₉ in more quantities.

List of drugs with folic acid

Pregnant women - scientists have proven that folic acid does not allow to manifest themselves with various vices of the nervous tube in the fetus;

Children and adolescents - a growing body should develop correctly.

  • Attention! Fold deficiency is observed in people who take alcoholic beverages more often than 1 time per week. Actively remove it from the body and contraceptive drugs, diuretic products - this loss must be filled.
  • Symptoms of deficit
  • Symptoms indicating a lack of folic acid:
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Poor mood and frequent depression;
  • problems with sleep;
  • excessive irritation;
  • bad memory;

lack of a healthy belt on the skin;

inflammatory processes on the gums;

Painful sensations of a neuralgic nature. If you feel about the categories of persons who need an increased amount of this vitmin, or feel that its shortage will affect your health, you need to urgently take action.

  • Products with folic acid
  • The body does not produce folic acid yourself - its stocks must be constantly replenished.
  • It is possible to receive this substance from special medical drugs. But there is a huge list of products that it includes:
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • spinach;
  • beet;
  • cucumber;
  • carrot;
  • cereals;
  • apricot;
  • orange;

In which dosage to take folic acid


bow; greens. Attention! Flate products contain meat, fish, chicken, liver, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese. Of course, there are no raw products. But it is not recommended to expose them to long heat treatment, otherwise you destroy the reserve of valuable substances.

Folic acid is present in the hazelnut, almond, walnut.

But the "champion" in the number of this useful element is peanuts - in it approximately 240 mg of B₉ per 100 grams.

Do not fry nuts, because because of this, the vitamin in their composition is destroyed. Folic acid under the influence of sunlight and hot water is very quickly decaying. It also collapses with long-term storage - that's why you need to eat fresh products.

Whether overdose is possible

The excess of folic acid in the body is only due to overdose by synthetic preparations.

And get too much of this element from food so that it has a negative impact on well-being, it is almost impossible.

Another advantage of the substance is not toxic. Therefore, you can use products rich in vitamin B₉, without fear of dangerous consequences for the body.

Folic acid: what is it needed for? Foliic acid is called vitamin beauty and motherhood. Due to which this substance deserves such an excellent reputation? Let's deal with. What is the benefit of folic acid for appearance и Folic acid .

Promotes the formation of new cells and helps our skin with you acquire smoothness and healthy color, hair - thickness and shine, and nails - durability. To get the maximum effect, you need to know with what vitamins it is necessary to combine folic acid. it

Fold deficiency is observed in people who take alcoholic beverages more often than 1 time per week.

B12 - he regulates assimilation

B6 - It affects the rate of metabolism

And pay attention: folic acid also contributes to the normal operation of the heart and reduces the risk of getting a heart attack. It helps strengthen the walls of the vessels and produce red blood cells and leukocytes. Bad. Is not a drug Why folic acid is needed during pregnancy

Folic acid is a very important element for women because Helps to endure and give birth to a healthy child

Which products contain folic acid

. With a lack of vitamin B9 (this is its other name) increases the threat of miscarriage and the likelihood of developing damages of the nervous system in the fetus. Calculate folic acid is necessary when pregnancy is planning - the high need for this vitamin occurs already in the first weeks of the formation of the embryo when the nervous tube is .

Folic acid for successful conception is needed not only to women, but also to men. Scientists have proven that this component has a positive effect on the quality of sperm and helps reduce the risk of congenital anomalies in a child. Most of all it is in the liver - chicken, ram, calf (in 100 g - about 400 μg). And also it is in such products:

Flate products contain meat, fish, chicken, liver, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese.

B12 - he regulates assimilation

green asparagus - 260 μg,

Chechevice - 180 μg, parsley - 117 μg, spinach - 80 μg, salad - 40 μg. It would seem, dear friends, we with you should not have any problems with the formation of folic acid from food. However, in vegetables and greens, a significant part of it is destroyed during storage, and in the food of animal origin - during heat treatment. Therefore, it is worth taking folic acid as part of special complexes.

Flate products contain meat, fish, chicken, liver, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese.

B12 - he regulates assimilation

According to the "norms of physiological needs for energy and food substances" 4, adopted in the Russian Federation,

Daily dose B9 for adults - 400 μg

, upper permissible level - 1000 μg.

Folic acid with vitamins B12 and B6, 40 tablets, Evalar

B12 - he regulates assimilation

What to pay attention from the assortment of the "Evalar phytomarket"

In our store you will find products with vitamin B9 from well-known manufacturers that use only natural high quality raw materials. Here are some examples. Instructions for the use of folic acid for women are very simple: 1 tablet per day.

All products in the health-life store "Fitomarket Evallar" are equipped with Russian and international certificates (including the international ISO standardization organization), and the quality of the BAA also meets the requirements of the GMP standard.

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