How to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype

How to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype

An interesting Skype feature is the ability to show what is happening on the screen of your computer, your own companion. This can be used for a variety of goals - a remote solution of a computer problem, showing any interesting things that cannot be viewed directly, etc. To find out how to enable the screen demonstration in Skype - read further.

In order to demonstrate the screen in Skype stably and was in good quality it is desirable to have Internet at a rate of data transmission at 10-15 Mbps and more. Also, your connection must be stable.

Important: In the updated version of Skype (8 and above), released by Microsoft, the graphical interface was completely recycled, and some functionality and built-in tools have changed or even disappeared. The material below will be divided into two parts - in the first speech it will be about the current version of the program, in the second one - about its predecessor, which is still actively used by a number of users.

Screen Demonstration in Skype version 8 and above

In the updated Skype, the top panel with tabs and menus disappeared, using these items you can configure the program and access the main functions. Now all the "Raskidano" in different areas of the main window.

So, to show your screen to the interlocutor, follow these steps:

  1. Call the desired user to audio or video, finding it out of the name in the address book, and then pressing one of the two call buttons in the upper right corner of the main window.

    Call an interlocutor on audio or video link in Skype 8

    Wait until he answers the call.

  2. Call the interlocutor in Skype

  3. After preparing content to the demonstration, press the left mouse button ( LKM. ) On the icon in the form of two squares.
  4. Call screen display menu in Skype 8

  5. You will have a small window in which you can select a displayed display (if you are connected to the computer more than one) and activate the sound broadcast from the PC. Deciding with the parameters, click on the button "Screen demonstration" .
  6. Screen Demonstration Options Interlocutor in Skype 8

  7. Your interlocutor will see all that you are doing at your computer, hear your voice and if you activated the broadcast of sound, all that happens inside the operating system. So it will look like on his screen:

    Displayed display with the eyes of the interlocutor in Skype 8

    And so - on your:

    Demonstrated by the interlocutor Screen in Skype 8

    Unfortunately, the size of the displayed area of ​​the display highlighted with a red frame cannot be changed. In some cases, such an opportunity would be very useful.

  8. Having finished with the display of your screen, click again on the same icon in the form of two squares and select from the drop-down menu item "Stop showing" .

    Screen Demonstration Menu in Skype 8

    Note: If more than one monitor is connected to the computer or laptop, you can switch between them between them. Show the interlocutor two or more screen at the same time for some reason is impossible.

  9. Upon completion of the display demonstration, you can continue a voice or video message with the interlocutor or finish it by pressing the reset button in one of the Skype windows.
  10. Completion of the conversation after the screen demonstration in Skype 8

    As you can see, there is nothing difficult in showing your screen to any user from your address book in Skype. If you use the version of the application below the 8th, read the next part of the article. Additionally, we note that a screen demonstration is performed in exactly the same way to several users (for example, with the aim of holding a presentation). Interlocutors can be called pre-or already during communication, for which a separate button is provided in the main window of the dialogue.

    Connecting additional interlocutors to communication in Skype 8

Screen demonstration in Skype 7 and below

  1. Run the program.

  3. Call your interlocutor.
  4. Кнопка для звонка в Skype

  5. Open the options menu of additional functions. The opening button is the plus icon.
  6. Кнопка для открытия меню в Скайпе

  7. Select the item to start the demonstration.
  8. Кнопка для запуска демонстрации экрана в Skype

  9. Now you need to decide whether you want to broadcast the entire screen (desktop) or only a window of a specific program or conductor. The choice is made using the drop-down list at the top of the window that appears.
  10. Настройка трансляции в Skype

  11. Once you decide on the broadcast area, click "To begin" . Broadcast starts.
  12. Запущенная трансляция рабочего стола в Skype

  13. The translated area is indicated by a red frame. Change settings can be changed at any time. It is also enough to click on the "plus" icon, as before, and choose the item "Change Screen Demonstration Settings" .
  14. Изменение настроек демонстрации экрана в Skype

  15. A few people can watch broadcast. To do this, you need to collect a conference by throwing the right contacts with the mouse in the conversation.
  16. To stop the broadcast, click the same button and select Display Stop.
  17. Прекращение трансляции экрана в Skype


Now you know how to show your screen interlocutor in Skype, no matter what version of the program is installed on your computer.

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You can demonstrate your screen during voice or video call in Skype.

How to start a screen demonstration during Skype call?

Make sure you use the latest version of Skype, and start the screen demonstration during the call:

  • on the desktop computer and B. screen sharing button Internet Click the button " screen demonstration ". (Demonstrating the screen using Skype for the Internet is supported in the new Microsoft EDGE and Chrome).
    • If you use Skype for Mac on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina), then to provide access to the screen during Skype call, you need access to the screen entry in the MAC system settings. You will receive a Skype notification directed to Setting , Or you need to provide Skype access to record the screen in the MacOS Catalina system settings. Go> on the Page Settings > MAC systems & security And provide access to Skype.
  • on the device C. Android more buttonPress the button Additionally , but screen sharing buttonThen - button screen demonstration .
  • on the iPhone. и iPad. Touch the button " more buttonadditionally ", but screen sharing buttonThen click " screen demonstration ". In the confirmation window, click Skype and select Start broadcast

Click the button " screen demonstration "Once again to cancel sharing. screen sharing button Note . If you cannot find this option, check the following requirements for functions.

What mobile and tablet devices support the screen demonstration in Skype?

Screen demonstration is supported in Android 6.0 and later versions. For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 12 and later: This feature is supported in iPhone 6S, iPad 2, iPad Mini 2019, iPod Touch 7th generation and newer devices.

What version of Microsoft EDGE and Chrome supports screen demonstration in Skype for the Internet?

  • New Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.
  • Chrome version 72 or later. For more information on how to find out your version of Chrome.

Why when displaying the screen in Skype, the video is turned off video?

Chrome allows only one output stream at the same time, so at the beginning of the screening screen video call changes to the voice call. After the screen is completed, you can enable video again.

Why can't I demonstrate my screen in Skype?

To use the screen demonstration, the latest version of Skype is required.

What bandwidth is required to demonstrate the screen in Skype?

The bandwidth requirements for the screen demonstration in Skype coincide with the requirements for video calls in Skype. Additional information.

Every day the Skype application expands its ability to attract its customers. The screen sharing feature is very beneficial for customers, as they will be able to share their desktop or tablet screen for displaying presentations, photographs without exchanging.

Microsoft has several different versions of Skype on different platforms. This manual will consider the two most common Skype versions used on the PC - the classic program and the Skype application for the Windows Universal Platform (UWP).

How to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype

How to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype

How to share the screen in Skype

If your computer works on the older operating system, compared to Windows 10, or you do not want to use the UWP version of Skype, you probably use the classic version. Share the screens of this version is simple enough.

Step 1. Run Skype and start calling someone by clicking the phone icon in the upper right corner of the window.

Select contact from the list, in the upper right corner click on the phone icon for call

Select contact from the list, in the upper right corner click on the phone icon for call

Step 2. Click the "+" icon on the call screen to open the additional call parameters.

Click the "+" icon on the call screen

Click the "+" icon on the call screen

Step 3. Click "Screen Demonstrating", confirm the consent to this action in the window that opens.

Click the "+" icon on the call screen, in the menu that opens, select "Screen Demonstration"

Click the "+" icon on the call screen, in the menu that opens, select "Screen Demonstration"

To confirm, click on the "Start" button

To confirm, click on the "Start" button

Step 4. Now you share your screen! Thin red line around the perimeter of the border of your screen is out of the area that your interlocutor sees. In addition, a small window appears in the upper right corner, showing how your screen sees another person.

Thin red line on the perimeter of the screen shows us what area of ​​the screen sees the interlocutor

Thin red line on the perimeter of the screen shows us what area of ​​the screen sees the interlocutor

Step 5. When you want to stop the screen demonstration, again click on the "+" central icon, and disconnect the sharing.

Click on the "+" icon, click to "Stop the Show"

Click on the "+" icon, click to "Stop the Show"

How to share your screen in the Skype application - UWP

The latest version of Skype is Universal Windows Platform. Access to the screen is performed almost the same as in the previous method, even if the interface looks somewhat different.

Step 1. Start a conversation with a person with whom you want to share.

Select contact for the conversation, press the tube icon

Select contact for the conversation, press the tube icon

Step 2. Having started the conversation, click on the "..." or "+" icon at the bottom line and select "Shared Screen" in the menu that appears.

Нажимаем на значок «...» или «+» в нижней строке и выбираем «Общий экран»

Click on the "..." or "+" icon at the bottom line and select "Shared Screen"

Note! You can also share and sound that comes from your computer. To do this, click "Share the screen and sounds."

Screen demonstration in Skype for business

Skype for business allows you to share information on your computer in several ways:

  1. Sharing desktop when you need to switch between programs or work with documents from different programs.
  2. Programs sharing when you need to submit specific programs or documents, but you do not want people to see anything else on your desktop.

You can make a screen demonstration from two different starting positions: from the call, as in the previous methods and from the chat. The first option is completely identical to the screen demonstration in the usual version of Skype, everything otherwise with the second option.

Step 1. Open the chat with the person you need.

Step 2. . Click on the blue "Presentation" button. The menu opens on the screen. Select the appropriate option.

Click on the blue "Presentation" button

Click on the blue "Presentation" button

Select the appropriate option from the list

Select the appropriate option from the list

  • When choosing a desktop display, the interlocutor will see all the same as you; Selecting the "Show Desktop" option, the interlocutor will see our desktop

    Selecting the "Show Desktop" option, the interlocutor will see our desktop

  • In the case of program display, you will first have to choose them. Choosing the "Show Programs" option, the program will open

    Choosing the "Show Programs" option, the program will open

    Choose programs that we want to show the interlocutor, press the "Show" button

    Choose programs that we want to show the interlocutor, press the "Show" button

The demonstrated area will be highlighted with a thin line, so you will know which screen elements sees the interlocutor.

The demonstrated area is highlighted with a thin line, and we know which part of the screen sees the interlocutor

The demonstrated area is highlighted with a thin line, and we know which part of the screen sees the interlocutor

Read the detailed instructions in the new article - "how to make a screen demonstration in Skype."

Solving screen demonstration problems

Sometimes people face the problem of sharing the Skype screen. The essence of this problem is in different PCs that have different versions of Skype and others. First, check the status of your application on the official website.

Step 1. Go to the Skype menu and open "Help and Feedback".

Go to the Skype menu, open "Help and Feedback"

Go to the Skype menu, open "Help and Feedback"

Step 2. Click on the "Skype Status" link.

Click on the link "Status in Skype"

Click on the link "Status in Skype"

Your browser will automatically open the tab with the status of your application. If suddenly there are problems in the work of the program, they will be highlighted in red. There you can get recommendations for solving diagnosed problems.

If in the work of Skype problems, some items will be highlighted in red

If in the work of Skype problems, some items will be highlighted in red

The remaining possible solutions to this problem are as follows:

  1. Make sure you use the latest Skype version that supports the screen sharing.
  2. Your interlocutor should also have the latest version. Ask him to update my program.

List of programs with which you can show the screen the interlocutor

The name of the program Picture Description
EzTalks Meetings. EzTalks Meetings.Provides a free video conferencing service and allows 100 participants to receive or join online meetings. During the online meeting, you can share interactive boards, exchange screens, send text messages in confidential mode or in a group, record online assemblies and save as audio or video files for future playback. This high-definition video with crystal clear sound makes an online meeting much more efficient
Team Viewer. Team Viewer.Team Viewer is a web program that allows clients to connect to each other computers and manage a stranger screen. The user may not just show its screen, but also provide full access to it. This program is often used to remotely assist in solving problems with a computer.
Mikogo. Mikogo.A very simple tool that also allows you to demonstrate your screen to another authorized user and provide him with full access to all computer functions and programs.

Video - How to Enable Screen Demonstration in Skype

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How to enable screen demonstration in Skype, that this is generally such, and why this option causes most people a reverent admiration - we will talk about this in our article right now.

Some time ago, many specialists had to explain complex instructions, presentations and schemes using only text and voice communication (that is, practically "on the fingers"), because they simply did not have other options. It is clear that this state of affairs could adversely affect the quality of learning, and on the efficiency of work. Now everything is completely different.

How to make a screen demonstration in Skype?

In order for everything to work, you need to do the following:

    1. Start a voice call or video call with one interlocutor or immediately a group of people.
    2. Where is the cherished button? During the conversation, click on the "Plus" icon right on the call pane and select the appropriate command
    3. Also, the broadcast can be started through the calls section (in the upper horizontal menu panel), but to start broadcasting it is necessary to order a call, what the program itself will report

  1. How to disable the screen demonstration in Skype? In order to stop the livestock, it is enough to click "Stop Show".

Surely you already know that there is a lot of amazing functions at the messenger, but nevertheless, do not forget to read another article - How to write a conversation in Skype .

Another lifehak - you can give access to a specific window, and not to all desktop pages. Pick on top view (as in the screenshot), choose from options to "provide sharing the window". Ready!

How to show screen demonstration in skype with sound?

You will be able to broadcast your desktop and in parallel to tell something and comment. However, keeping what Skype works in one-channel mode - that is, it can not simultaneously pass the sound and from the microphone, and from the computer.

How to watch screen demonstration in Skype?

No effort for this do not need to be applied - if you act as a viewer, you simply arise the corresponding picture on the display. Watch attentively.

If suddenly the trouble happened, and Skype camera does not work - I explored our recommendations in the thematic article.

Main problems with screen demonstration in Skype

We will analyze the most common situations when the broadcasts cause difficulties:

  1. Nothing began. This means that the parameters of the "direct ether" are inactive. Remember that for successful transmission it is necessary to make voice or video call.
  2. No video. It is very desirable to update the messenger to the most recent version.
  3. You have "shown", and the source is not. We advise you to do the same as in the previous paragraph - to remove the outdated version of the application and update.
  4. Skype crashes when displaying the screen. This is most likely with a bad Internet. Ensure that the signal speed is strong enough, and it is not interrupted. In addition, it will be necessary to close all the programs that you at the moment are not needed, and interfere with work.

Why sometimes it is impossible to show the screen to another subscriber?

  1. He has a "invisible" status;
  2. He did not communicate.
  3. You do not have a subscription to Skype Premium, and you are going to broadcast the air to several users.
  4. You forgot to turn off the video call before running a demonstration.
  5. The terrible quality of the Internet connection.

In another article, we tell how to record video in Skype And why it may be necessary at all.

Finally, summarize the indisputable advantages of this messenger option:

  1. It is free for one person (although PREMIUM package will be paid, then it costs its money if you have a function of the service for the audience from several people).
  2. The ability to conduct business negotiations remotely.
  3. Simplicity and ease of use.
  4. If you master this function, you can arrange for native and close unforgettable surprises and congratulations, if you prepare everything in advance.

We wish you success!

It happens that during the conversation on Skype, you need to show something to the interlocutor. For example, demonstrate a screen presentation in Power Point or a photo, or to conduct instructions for using some program ... However, photos can be sent to the archive, only they weigh too much. You can instruct about the program and in words, but how to confident that the interlocutor will understand everything right? So it is better to show once. At the same time, you can continue the conversation, accompanying the demonstration with your comments. BUT how to show your screen to the interlocutor in Skype ?kak-pokazat-ekran-v-skype

Fortunately, in Skype itself, this feature is provided, so it is not necessary to resort to the help of foreign applications, such as for recording the conversation itself, do not have to. And there are even a few options:

  • During the call to find the sign "Plus" on the screen in which the interlocutor is visible (next to the microphone and phone tube icons) and click on it. A small menu opens in which you want to select " Screen demonstration " You can choose both a demonstration of the active window and all that happens on the computer, including the desktop. If the operating system installed on the computer assumes the presence of several desktops, you will need to first select the desired one; demonstratsya-ekrana-v-skype (2)
  • If the call is not yet performed, right-click on the desired contact in the contact list and in the context menu it appears "Screen demonstration" . At the same time, a warning appears that a call must be made to the demonstration. You can agree, but you can refuse;
  • If with the selected contact in the main menu, go through items " Calls "- "Screen demonstration" , the same window will open. demo-ekrana-skype

To complete the screen display, it will be enough to perform similar actions, but with the only difference that now you need to "complete the show" or "Complete Demonstration" - Depending on the installed version of Skype.

Alas, but in the built-in Metro version of the version for Windows 8, this feature is not provided, since it has several trimmed functionality. But you can always go to the official site of Skype and download the traditional version of Desktop. Moreover, at present, the support of the "tile" version in Microsoft has already stopped.

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