What you can eat on the night before bedtime when weight loss

It is preferable to leave for lunch and breakfast dense, calorie food. However, not everyone has the opportunity to arrange full-fledged meals during the day. Therefore, it is possible to quench the hunger and in the evening, excluding only the most harmful products.

People who are not sitting on a diet and do not complain about overweight, can afford even dishes with a lot of sugar - baking, pancakes, honey, candy. But, of course, only in limited portions. They will raise the glucose brain and quickly get rid of the sharp feeling of hunger, preventing sleeping.

But people with diabetes must refuse products with a high level of glycemia. To satisfy before bedtime, it is better to eat a piece of cheese, drink tea with chamomile, kefir or a glass of milk.

To make dinner useful and easy, avoid the danger to gain extra kilograms, revealing a small piece of wrong food, it is important to remember which products can be used before bedtime, and which nonsense.

The list of resolved dishes is actually very wide. It is not necessary to argue yourself with hunger and show the power of will, drinking carrots. It is fully allowed a hearty and tasty dinner, which includes everything you wish. The only rule - it should not contain poorly digestible food.

The most useful products for dinner who will not spoil sleep quality and do not interfere with the diet, are:

  • Dark chocolate. This delicious delicacy nutritionists put in the first place among sweets. It contains a small amount of sugar and a lot of useful substances, including antioxidants, which normalize pressure and beneficially affect the mood;
  • Fig. Scientific studies show that a diet that includes a large amount of rice, not only helps to effectively lose weight, but also makes the dream healthier. Rice is distinguished by a high glycemic index, therefore it works as a stimulator of the process of producing tryptophan and melatonin. These hormones contribute to high-quality sleep. A chronic lack of sleep leads to multiple negative consequences, which includes overweight;
  • Warm milk in combination with honey. It will not only give a sense of saturation, but will help to quickly fall asleep. Milk contains amino acids that contribute to the development of serotonin, "Hormon of happiness." Honey includes sugar, but its share is quite admissible even for evening meals;
  • Blueberries and other berries. They (even frozen) contain a large number of antioxidants, which improve the work of the brain and general health indicators. At the same time, low-calorie berries and quickly absorb, which is very important for the diet;
  • Cheese. This feed product is quite admitted for dinner, especially if there was no time to dinner tight. It is allowed to serve it with wheat pellet and chicken breast. Cheese is useful before bedtime, because it contains a large amount of casein. This complex protein gives a healthy saturation sense and is able to speed up metabolism.

From protein food to the list of suitable dishes for dinner, you can only include the one that is easily absorbed (no longer than 1.5 hours). This is kefir, prokobivash, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, dietary meat (for example, chicken fillet), fish baked in foil. Green vegetables, tomatoes, greens in almost any quantities are suitable for the main dish as a side dish. You can eat some potatoes, carrots, beets, mushrooms, beans.

Nuts are a rather high-calorie product that is not recommended to people seeking to get rid of excess weight. However, a small amount of almond will not hurt. It is quickly quenched hunger, without affecting the results of the diet. In addition, almond stabilizes cholesterol and triglycerides, thereby preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases. Also a good version of the snack before bedthews are pistachios without salt. They contain a large amount of nutrient elements and are easily absorbed.

You can buy and eat pumpkin seeds on the ambulance arm. They thorough hunger and prepare the body to sleep. A large amount of magnesium in this product will help quickly and deeply fall asleep.

We used to eat dinner soup, but this useful dish is the perfect menu item for dietary dinner. Light chicken broth is quickly digested and will not lead to the appearance of extra centimeters.

What can I eat in the evening when losing weight - list of products

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Svetlana Markova

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This kind of question is asked by many women and men who collided with a problem in excess weight. Even if you kept all day, the caloric content of the products was calculated, then the evening is the time when the diet can "fail." To do not happen, you need to create a menu correctly.

What you can eat at night

Often the problem of those who prefer to eat tightly in the evening, is a bust in calories and the use of heavy foods for the stomach. The result in this situation it turns out that all the efforts that were aimed at losing weight are in vain, sleep is disturbed. In order to avoid such situations and to create the figure of your dreams, it is necessary to make the right dinner for losing weight, because the food for the night should be easy.

Fruits overnight

To eat before bedtime, almost without limiting yourself, you can be a berry, but the fruit is worth picking up for nutrition more carefully, because many of them have high calorie. It is worth noting that even safe for figure products should be powered by no less than an hour before sleep, but to completely abandon them desirable people who have the acidity of the stomach of increased. So, in order not to get better and enjoy the taste of your favorite fetus, it is important to know which it is recommended to eat fruit in the evening:

  • Apples;
  • pineapples;
  • oranges;
  • kiwi;
  • pears;
  • mango;
  • avocado.

Nuts for the night

Finding out that it is possible to eat in front of a slimming of those products that are included in the lists of proper nutrition, do not forget about nuts. Peanut is the perfect choice for enriching the body with such an amino acid as tryptophan. Almonds, cedar nuts and cashews also contain this substance, but in smaller proportions. You can eat walnuts for the night and in the evening, but do not exceed the permissible rate of 20 grams: in any case you will no longer feel the hungry evening before bedtime, but consumption over the measure will affect negatively on the figure, because nuts have very high calorie content.

Purified peanuts in plates

Cheese at night

Most cheeses are heavy food for digesting in the evening, for this reason, having having fun at the dream, it is possible to sleep for a long time, and then grind all night. Cheeses often cause insomnia due to what includes an element that acts exciting to the nervous system. However, a small piece of low-fat white cheese can still eat at night, if a person has a bad mood, and I want to improve it, and calm the feeling of hunger. According to nutritionists, the cheese is allowed for the night, but when it is slimming, it can only be a certain variety and in minimal doses.

Vegetables at night

Raw vegetables cause gravity in the stomach, so it is not the best choice from what you need to eat in the evening when weight loss. It is possible to eat the boiled vegetables for the night, but it is better if it is carrot or beets, and not potatoes. To dine and at the same time can not get better with vegetables in the form of lettuce, spinach, celery: they are well absorbed and do not create discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. As for greens, it can also be there, practically without limiting yourself: parsley, dill, basil or arugula will only benefit. From cabbage, zucchini, legumes, peppers, tomatoes, bows and mushrooms are desirable to refuse.

Yogurt for the night

The yoghurt applies to those few useful products that can be consumed both during the day and evening without fears for personal well-being and shape. In the morning, at lunch or dinner, this fermented product will only benefit the body. Yoghurt improves digestion at night, especially if he drank after a breakdown in the form of a dense dinner causing discomfort in the stomach. If you eat it in the evening, you will sleep calmly, and the whole feeling of gravity will pass. Yogurt significantly reduces the load on the gastrointestinal tract, accelerating digestion and appropriate food.

Meat at night

By drawing up a list of products, from which it is impossible to recover, even by eating them in the evening while observing a diet for weight loss, it is advisable to pay special attention to meat. The basis of many diets is quite deservedly included chicken breast, rabbit fillet and turkey. File parts of birds and animal do not contain fat, but they are sources of group vitamins in, among which riboflavin, folic acid, thiamine, kobalamin. The eaten chicken, rabbit or turkeyatin can initiate many of the organism metabolic processes, maintain a human nervous system.

Eat 50-60 grams of low-fat protein meat at night or in the evening will help you to lose weight even without diets and grueling training, while still thanks to such a small portion you get rid of stress. You can maintain the maximum of the useful substances contained in the filleled parts of birds by cooking them in the oven or steam way. It is worth noting that at least beef also applies to useful types of meat, the use of dishes with her in the evening when weakness is worth limiting.

Baked chicken breast on a plate

Fish at night

It is impossible to categorically say that in the evening before bedtime, the fish is very harmful. If you eat fish overnight in a boiled or baked form, it will help you calm the aroused appetite, without damaging the body. You should choose a dietary recipe for yourself, which will not imply the use of vegetable oil. Baked fish will saturate the organism protein and quickly learns even in the evening. After a couple of hours, a piece will digest, and your stomach will be completely free, and the rumbling does not disturb the night's sleep.

Dried fruits at night

If you do not want to recover, then dried fruits, like nuts, should be used in limited quantities, even given their usefulness for the body. It is better to eat them during the day, but not at the later time of day. Using dried fruits overnight, you need to carefully chew them so that dried pieces are easily digested and split. Dried fruits are concentrated fruit sugar, thanks to which you can straw very quickly. If you wanted prunes, dates, raisins, etc., then you immediately plan a good physical activity to burn extra calories.

Soup overnight

Thick, especially when it was for a long time to go to your cherished parameters, I don't want anyone. For this reason, many girls are asked about what you can eat in the evening when weakness, which is better to eat to lose weight, can there be soup for the night? You can eat a portion first in the evening, but the dish should be without meat, lean, and the number of vegetables in it is minimal. Optionally, give preference to a small dish of my oars from the marine low-fat fish - it quit the feeling of hunger and quickly digest in the stomach. Soup is one of the ideal options that is allowed to eat in the evening when weight loss.

Slimming dinner

Evening meal should be approximately 20% of the whole daily diet, while the portion needs to be determined by the "fist" rule: this means that the total volume of foods eaten in the evening should not exceed the size of your palm (excluding fingers). What foods can be eaten at night? Dinner with proper nutrition should be lightweight, without sweets, roasted, flour and heavy food, and there are only proteins and slow carbohydrates in the evening.

Cottage cheese for dinner when weight loss

Natural dairy products, such as sour cream, sour cream, cottage cheese are saturated with casein and amino acids. Some people doctors strongly recommend that there are in the evening (and not only on weight loss) something from the above components to reduce the level of insulin in the blood. Cottage cheese for dinner for weight loss is suitable, but at the same time it should be no more than 8% fat. Try to eat a portion of an hour for 2 to sleep, otherwise the stomach will not have time to digest the cottage cheese because of the metabolism slowed in the evening.

Cottage cheese in a plate

Cabbage at night for weight loss

Fresh white, cauliflower or broccoli - allowed products in the evening menu for those who fight with hated extra kilograms. The product can be chewed with a minimum amount of oil, bake with an egg or make a fresh salad. Belococcal cabbage before bed helps to remove all slags from the body, which is particularly relevant when weight loss, but it is not recommended in the evening even in small quantities of people suffering from different kind of problems with digestion and those who have a meteorism.

As for the sauerkraut, if you love it, plan the menu so that it enters the daytime meals, and not in the evening. The product is prepared with the addition of a large amount of salt, which for many people can be fraught with the appearance of edema. Let the acidic cabbage and help the body compensate for the lack of trace elements and vitamins, but you better have its at least 2-3 hours to sleep, and the portion in the evening should be at least several times less than the one that you would eat during the day.

Buckwheat for dinner for weight loss

Some who are struggling to lose weight, you need to eat something more solid in the evening than, for example, fruits. In this case, buckwheat porridge will help, which, with a large desire, can be replaced with rice or add cucumber. Buckwheat before bedding will help you to saturate the body with slow carbohydrates, which means that the glucose formed due to its processing will not remain in the form of excess fat folds on your waist.

Eggs at night for weight loss

The protein is an important component of the diet of healthy food, so if you wish you to dinner at night, you can afford a few eggs. Boiled eggs for dinner at weight loss are best suited, but the portion of fried fried eggs is better transferred to the next morning. For a variety Make yourself baked in silicone form omeletted - so it can be cooked without fat, which will not harm health and figure, if you follow the diet for weight loss.

Carrot at night when weight loss

The root fiber containing a large number of plant fibers is a carrot. This source of vitamin and not only effectively improves all the functions of the body, but also helps with the correction of the figure, preventing the tissue accumulation in the tissues. Regarding whether there is a carrot for the night during weight loss, there is an ambiguous answer: and yes, and no. In the fresh form, several carrots may well replace dinner, but it is better not a boiled root root, because after the use of carrots, which has undergone heat treatment, the blood sugar level can increase dramatically, and this is fraught with an increase in appetite.

Fresh carrots

Fruit at night when weight loss

The question of whether it is possible to eat fruit in the evening, relevant for many, because you should not deny yourself a delicious dinner, the main thing here is to know which of the fruits it is possible and when. So, even nutritionists do not prohibit the fruit on the night when losing weight, but it is important to note that the last "fruit" snack should be at least one hour before bedtime. It is also important to comply with calorieness, for example, from a banana in 89 kcal, it is advisable to refuse. It is better to choose between grapefruit and orange (and it is all together) - they quickly dull the feeling of hunger and do not extend to the waist folds.

Salad for dinner for weight loss

Tomatoes, green vegetables and greens - those products that are acceptable in the evening even when they lose weight, and you can combine them as you like in any quantities. Taking into account calories, it is still possible to prepare winegare of boiled beets, carrots and potatoes. If your body normally transfers the fruits related to bean and cereal cultures, such as beans and corn, then add something else in a fresh salad for dinner for weight loss - so it will become much refreamed.

Dietary dinner dinner

In an effort to lose weight, you need not just nothing, but correctly plan your menu for a day, while also leave a certain amount of calories for the evening, otherwise you will be hunger to torment all night, and thoughts will only be about food. Forget that when weakness can not eat after six - it concerns only those who go to bed at 9 pm. For many, the last meal must be 4 to sleep.

What can be losing weight at night? All the principles of healthy nutrition says that you need to give preference in the evening you need low-calorie light food. Prepare dietary dishes for dinner for weight loss is better in a steam way, and some vegetables can be booked. In addition to the main meal, in the evening, the weightless green tea is still allowed to drink, bring one slice of bread in the menu, made of coarse flour. When you want something harmful to the figure, but very tasty, eat half the minimum portion - so your diet does not face the breakdown, and you will get the desired one.

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TitleWhat can I eat for the night? Lose weight with Irina Sasha

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: What foods can be eaten at night

There is a bad at night! After six in the evening, get a refrigerator! If you still adhere to such rules like "healthy eating", we must inform you that they remained far in the past. Modern science insists that there is not only in the evening, but also need!

The main thing is to figure out how our body works at night and which products can be used for dinner really without harm for the figure.

Is it worth it at all over the night?

What can eat mushrooms mushroomsWhat can eat mushrooms mushrooms

When you go to bed, your body does not turn off completely with you, but continues to function. And the task of dinner is to ensure all the processes occurring within you. Attention - resources, but not their excess!

The gastrointestinal tract at night also does not "sleep", so there is nothing dangerous for the body in the evening meals. Even on the contrary - to go to bed hungry very harmful. This with a lot of probability will entail various problems - from insomnia, headache for morning and bad mood to serious diseases of the tract and metabolic disorders.

It is just important to remember that in the morning hours, the energy consumption for digestion is increased, and in the evening it is noticeably reduced. That is, if you choose an unnecessarily calorie food for dinner, and even in large quantities, the likelihood that she simply does not have time to digest and starts to be installed in the intestine, providing a diverse gastrointestinal diseases, and you feel bad well-being and obesity.

Also, do not forget that energy consumption for protein digestion is higher than for carbohydrate, and is minimal when digesting fats. So if you want to lose weight in a dream (and this is real, because at night the pituitary gland produces a hormone somatotropin, whose action is directed, including on burning fat cells), choose for evening meals worth food with low fat and carbohydrate foods that can block work Hormone due to its high energy intensity, ideally - protein, besides in a rational dose.

What can I eat for the night?

So, we found out that you need to dinner. But what exactly can be used in the evening, so that not only do not deliver the problems to your body, but even lose weight? Of course, alcohol or caffeine products should be excluded from the evening menu, which will only hurt to fall asleep, as well as calorie and heavy foods like sweet baking or fat fried meat, which will create an unnecessary load on the gastrointestinal tract, and pay attention to the "light" products that can To be learned relatively quickly, per hour and a half. These are mainly protein food and fiber.

Your attention Top 9. Products that are useful to eat before bed!

Raw, stewed or boiled vegetables

what can eat vegetables overnightwhat can eat vegetables overnight

The best dinner, perhaps, it is worth recognizing the vegetables both in the cheese and in a cooked form - this is the most important ingredient of the menu of a healthy person, and they are generally perfect for late meals. Salad made of greenery, vegetable stew, grilled vegetables, boiled, stewed and baked, and even vegetable soup and zucchini caviar - options for useful evening snack, from which not only will not be thrilled, but even start to lose weight - mass!

Low-calorie vegetables are rich in useful fiber and vitamins, normalize the intestinal flora, they have a beneficial effect on the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to the burning of fats and strengthen the immunity, bring slags - they are difficult to overestimate them.

Of course, if you take care of the figure, it is better to give preference to greenery in any quantities and combinations. Sheets (salad, spinach) and non-vulture (cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, Bulgarian pepper, cabbage, celery) vegetables. Here you are unlikely to eat more than 100 kcal for a portion.

You can also afford to the caloric content for dinner, and zucchini, pumpkins, eggplants, potatoes, carrots and beets - of course, without butter and not in fried form. The most "dangerous" for the evening snack will be legumes and grain, which are heavy for late meals, but they will not bring much harm if they do not eat them daily and in reasonable doses.

Equal milk products without additives

What can I eat before bedtime kefir yogurtWhat can I eat before bedtime kefir yogurt

Failure fermented dairy products like kefira, Greek yogurt, ripples or prokobwashi without any additives - also an excellent choice for evening meal. In 100 g of such a snack of only 50-70 kcal - Of course, we are not talking about increased fatty products.

This is an excellent source of protein that easily quenches hunger without provoking the appearance of gravity in the stomach, and useful calcium necessary for the health of the bones. And even fermented milk products are beneficial on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to the accelerated processing of the rest of the food, reduce the acidity and have soothing properties that it is impossible by the way before bedtime.

Poultry meat

What can I eat on the night of poultry meatWhat can I eat on the night of poultry meat

Non-fat poultry meat without peel in boiled, stew or baked form is another option of the useful protein snack, allowing you to quickly satisfy in the evening. In 100 g of chicken breast or turkey, only 90-110 kcal. An ideal addition to the poultry meat for dinner will be a side dish from all the same fresh or stewed vegetables.

The poultry meat on dinner can well be replaced with low-fat boiled or stewed meat like rabbit. This is 150-160 kcal per 100 g of product. Again, complete with vegetables.

White Fish

that you can eat white fishthat you can eat white fish

A low-fat white fish in an amount of about 100 g is also quite suitable for dinner. It is very small fat, but a useful protein is associated with iodine and phosphorus. Fish is easily absorbed, and at the same time it helps to reduce the harmful cholesterol in the blood. Suitable fish varieties for late dinner - Pike, Sayra, Cod, Heck, Sudak, Trout, Mintai. Of course, the fish should not be frying in oil, and you should boil or bake with vegetables, you can grill - in this case, the caloric content of 100 g will not exceed 100-150 kcal.

Cottage cheese

What can I eat at night cottage cheeseWhat can I eat at night cottage cheese

Insurgent cottage cheese - another great protein selection for dinner. It is only important to choose for evening snack not the fattest, but not completely degreasing his varieties, and, by itself, without any additives like raisins.

In addition, as we remember, fermented dairy products perfectly affect the gastrointestinal tract.


what can eat before bedtime eggswhat can eat before bedtime eggs

Boiled eggs or omelet (can with vegetables) will also not bring any harm to your body, being eaten 2-3 hours before sleep. This is an easy-friendly protein, vitamins, and useful fatty acids.

In 100 g of egg mass about 140-160 kcal (these are two medium-sized eggs), and if you are on a diet, you can reduce this number, prepare an omelet from some egg proteins.


What can eat in front of the seafoodWhat can eat in front of the seafood

Due to the high content in seafood proteins, they are a valuable dietary product, as they contain very little calories.

Of course, for the evening snack you should not combine them with pasta or a roasted baguette - the ideal option will be a salad of non-historical (tomatoes, broccoli, cucumbers) and leafy vegetables or the same stewed vegetables.

Berries and citrus fruits

what can eat before bedtime berrieswhat can eat before bedtime berries

Of course, everyone knows that there are enough calories in berries and fruits so that they can be used without fears as a full dinner. However, some of them are quite suitable for the evening snack, if not abused by quantities.

The best choice for the evening is fresh berries, which in a glass is usually not more than 70-100 kcal. And with them you will get fiber and pectins to stimulate the intestinal work, useful vitamins and antioxidants.

Also a lot of fiber in citrus (grapefruit, orange), and a small apple or a pear is quite suitable as an evening snack.

Perhaps, only exclusively calorie grapes and bananas remain under a serious ban for dinner.


What can i eat mushroomsWhat can i eat mushrooms

Of course, we are not talking about fried with potatoes or baked in sour cream mushrooms. If we are talking about dinner, you can advise only grilled mushrooms, boiled (soup puree) or stew. In this case, you and for 100-150 kcal for a portion will not "leave", and the dietary protein will provide themselves, and get an incredibly delicious dish.

Of course, we listed not all options for useful dinner. The beans, lentils, white low-fat cheese, even nuts, and citrus (by itself, in reasonable quantities) can also be present as an non-harmful healthy organism in it. As you can see, combine products and make up a variety of combinations, it is possible enough to choose from what.

Remember the main rules of dinner - there is a couple of hours before sleep, choose useful and easily-friendly products (protein and fiber), for serving do not go beyond 200 g and 200 kcal. Upon their compliance, you will provide the body with the necessary vitamins and microelements and be able to gain the perfect figure without harm to health - and neither insomnia, nor the weight set of you will definitely be threatened!

In this article:

  • Is it worth it at all over the night
  • Drinks that can be drunk at night
  • 9 products that can be eaten for the night without harm to the figure and lie down in bed
  • PP-dishes recipes that can be eaten overnight
  • What exactly does not stand for the night

Hiking to the refrigerator in complete darkness for many are not uncommon. Moreover, without the revelation of conscience and without harm to the figure. And this is a much more complex task, because in the evening the digestive system is preparing for rest, and an extra piece causes the stomach to work hard all night, disturbed his owner of drone.

What can you eat at night without any particular consequences? In fact, the products safe for the night snack is not so much. And therefore, after dinner, it is better to overcome yourself, drink a glass of water room temperature and go to sleep. But if this is an unbearable task for you, it's time to learn some secrets.

Is it worth it at all over the night

Is it worth it at all over the night

If you have ever been interested in the topic of healthy nutrition, then, most likely, heard the problem that after six o'clock in the evening, and, even more so, at night, it is impossible. Modern nutritionists argue that this is a delusion. Dinner may well be late.

The only one, it is necessary to figure out what can be eaten for the night without harm for the figure and good digestion.

When we go to bed, the exchange processes in the body do not stop. To ensure the functioning of all its systems, the energy that can be obtained from food is necessary. Nevertheless, you should not overeat for the night.

Digestion at night also continues, so you need to have dinner before bedtime, it is absolutely not dangerous, and even, useful. It is much worse to go to bed with a blank stomach, because it can entail a number of problems such as insomnia, headaches, disorders, and, much more dangerous, diseases of the digestive system and metabolic disorders.

At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that in the morning, energy consumption for digesting food is increased, fewer calories are spent on these processes. This means that if we are hurting for dinner, especially hard food, it will not have time to digest and will rot in the intestine, which may cause some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and, moreover, you will be ensured poor health and weight gain.

There is another nuance - to digest protein food requires more energy than to digest carbohydrates, and, especially, fats. Therefore, in order not to slow down the processes of weight loss, which occur in a dream by developing a hormone of somatropin, burning fat cells, it is worth choosing food rich in protein for dinner. Fast carbohydrates block the operation of somatropine due to its high energy intensity. But even a protein food must be used in moderate quantities, not exceeding your norm.

Drinks that can be drunk at night

Drinks that can be drunk at night

  • Equal milk drinks without adding sugar

As a light dinner at night, you can eat rippy, kefir, bifox, natural yogurts that contribute to the normalization of digestion, besides, they are satisfied and are source of calcium.

If you really want to eat, you can use a hot drink at night. It warms and calms the stomach. If the hunger you confused with a feeling of thirst, you no longer want to eat. In addition, ginger reduces the impact on the caffeine body contained in tea. Do not add sugar to drink.

This drink since a long time was given to children before bedtime. Milk calms and promotes rapid falling asleep. In addition, it allows you to fight stress, affecting the production of Sereotonin hormone. Honey increases the energy value of the beverage due to a large number of fast carbohydrates, but at the same time, it also contributes to the development of joy hormone.

A glass of such juice will allow very quickly to fall asleep, as the cherry contributes to the production of hormone sleep - melatonin.

  • Chicken or vegetable broth

When losing weight, you can eat broth. He will not allow you to move, but perfectly will overdue the feeling of hunger. You can cook liquid broth cream, whipping a blender in broth a small amount of vegetables or chicken meat. Do not use legumes at night, they are digested for a long time, because of which you can not sleep hard.

  • Smoothie from fresh vegetables and fruits

For the preparation of this drink, several types of low-calorie vegetables and fruits are used, which cut into pieces and sent to the blender. You can add milk as the basis, but it is better to use conventional water overnight. Drink is nutritious and rich in vitamins.

Herbs such as mint, mother-in-law, Valerian, chamomile, the chabret is soothered and contribute to a strong calm sleep. You can add a teaspoon of honey to the decoction. This drink perfectly quenching the feeling of hunger before bedtime.

9 products that can be eaten for the night without harm to the figure and lie down in bed

As we have already spoken above, it is not easy in the evening, but even you need to eat. But what can I eat overnight to quench the hunger and do not slow down the weight loss process?

  1. Vegetables in any form

    Vegetables in any form

    If you really want to eat, you can eat vegetables for the night in any form. This is the basis of the diet of any person holding a healthy nutrition. You can eat raw vegetables, vegetable stew, grilled vegetables, billets from vegetables, salads and a mass of options for the preparation of these useful and delicious products. It is impossible to straw from such a dinner, so this is what you can eat on the night so as not to recover.

    Vegetables have low calorieness, there are many vitamins and minerals in them, they normalize the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to the establishment of a healthy module, affect the fat-burning processes, accelerate the metabolism, shag and toxins. Listed the benefits of consumption of vegetables can be infinite.

    If you want to keep harmony, give preference to greenery. It is permissible to eat in unlimited quantities and completely in any combination. You can prepare a non-private vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, pepper, cabbage) and any greenery. Even a large portion of such a dish is unlikely to contain more than 100 kcal.

    Pumpkin, potatoes, carrots and beets are also permissible to use overnight, but consider that they are high-grade chloride vegetables. Dishes should not be fried on oil. For evening snacks, legumes and grains are not suitable, which are quite seriously digested. Although, if not abused, you can even afford them.

  2. Chicken, Turkey

    Chicken, Turkey

    A low-fat chicken fillet or turkey in boiled or stewed form is another version of a protein dinner. At 100 grams of poultry meat accounts for about 90-110 kcal, moreover, it is quite nutritional. The header to the meat is perfect to put vegetables for a couple or in the raw form.

    In addition to the poultry meat, other types of low-fat meat can be used, for example, rabbit. It is only 150-160 kcal per 100 grams.

  3. Non-fat fish

    Non-fat fish

    White fish is perfectly suitable as a dinner. It contains little fat, but a lot of protein and phosphorus. Fish is easily absorbed by the body, helps to reduce cholesterol. For late dinner, Pike, Sair, Crack, Heck, Sudak, Trout, Mintai are suitable for late dinner. Of course, it is not necessary to use fish fried in oil-fried in oil, but you can quite baked or grilled with vegetables. The caloric content of such a dish per 100 grams will be approximately 100-150 kcal.

  4. Cottage cheese

    Cottage cheese

    Non-fat cottage cheese is another variant of low-calorie protein dinner. Do not choose the fattest or degreased varieties of cottage cheese. And, of course, in the cottage cheese there should be no additives in the form of a zuchatov or raisin.

    Like all other fermented dairy products, cottage cheese perfectly affects the intestinal microflora.

  5. Eggs


    Boiled eggs or omelet with vegetables will not harm your figure and health if you eat them for dinner. They keep the balance of protein, carbohydrates and useful fats that are easily digested and very useful for the body.

    By 100 grams of egg mass (two medium-sized eggs) account for about 140-160 kcal. If you keep a low-calorie diet, you can use only proteins.

  6. Seafood


    In seafood, a lot of protein and little calories, so you can eat them at the night when weight loss.

    As a side disk for late dinner, you should not choose pasta or toasted baguette. Limit the salad of fresh or boiled non-private vegetables and greenery.

  7. Berries and citrus fruits

    Berries and citrus fruits

    Fruits and berries are rather calories, so they can be used as a full meal. However, some of them are suitable in limited quantities for later snack.

    Before bedtime, you can eat berries without remorse. Their caloric content is 70-100 kcal per glass. Berries are rich in vitamins, pectin, stimulating intestinal peristalsis, as well as antioxidants.

    The blueberry contains a large amount of pantothenic acid, which improves the vision and activity of the brain. In currants, strawberries and citrus fruits, a lot of vitamin C. Cocos is rich in useful fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamin E and nicotinic acid, which prevents the development of Parkinson and Alzheimer's disease.

    Citrus is also rich in fiber, and even for evening snack apples and pears are suitable.

    It is worth abandoning sleeping from sweet and high-calorie fruits, such as bananas, grapes, mango.

  8. Seeds and nuts

    Seeds and nuts

    Walnuts, cashews, hazelnut and almonds contain a lot of fats and very calories. At the same time, just a few pieces of nuts quench the hunger. Nuts are useful for brain activity. Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, which is important for healthy sleep.

  9. Mushrooms


    We are not talking about fried potatoes with mushrooms or champignons under a cheese crust. As a light dinner, you can afford mushrooms on the grill or diet soup. In this case, no more than 100-150 kcal for one serving of the dish, and you provide the body with a useful protein. In addition, mushroom dishes are very tasty.

PP-dishes recipes that can be eaten overnight

If you can not fall asleep without snack, prepare something low-calorie in advance so that during the evening campaign to the refrigerator do not be distracted by sausage and pastries.

  • Apples baked in the oven

Apple must be cut in half, cut the middle, bake in the microwave or oven and sprinkle with cinnamon. If you really want sweet, you can add a little honey.

This is a low-calorie dish rich in fiber. In addition, honey contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that contribute to the normalization of sleep.

It can be eaten not only for breakfast, but also as a late dinner. Choose a long cooking oatmeal, prepare it on low-fat milk, and you do not choose sugar as a prestitus, and fruits or dried fruits. Porridge will quickly save you from the feeling of hunger and will satisfy for a long time.

Prepare it on a pair or in the oven and add broccoli. Such dishes will digest within an hour and a half.

Separate yolks from proteins, do not eat yolks, they are digested for a long time. Prepare an omelet in the microwave in a special dish, without using oil. Sprinkle the protein with greens, and delicious satisfying dish is ready.

  • Whole-grain flour loaf

Prepare sandwiches with cheese of non-fat varieties and a salad leaf. Cheese is rich in vitamins, calcium and healthy fatty acids. This is a light and satisfying snack.

  • Natural fruit ice

Prepare fresh juice and freeze it in molds for ice. Dessert will be low-calorie and very tasty. You can use not only juice, but also pieces of fruit. Fill the mold for ice juice only on 2/3 and put in each compartment on the fruit piece.

  • Low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream or dried fruits

Cottage cheese is rich in calcium, besides, it is very nutritious. Such dinner will not add you problems with digestion and perfectly suited before bedtime. In a small amount, this dish will be useful for the night.

What exactly does not stand for the night

What exactly does not stand for the night

There are a number of products that cannot be used before bedtime, as they are digested for a long time and slow down the metabolism:

  • Chocolate, coffee, energy. They contain caffeine, which excites the nervous system and does not allow to fall asleep.
  • A small amount of alcohol can help to fall asleep, but if you go through, your normal sleep will be disturbed.
  • Bobs are digested for a very long time.
  • Beef is digested 4-5 hours, so it should not be before bedtime.
  • Pork and lamb will be absorbed by the body for 5-6 hours.
  • Any oily food prepared in a large amount of oil. She digested for a long time, causes discomfort in the intestine, which prevents healthy sleep.
  • Baking, sweets, candies and cookies. These are very calorie products that contribute to the deposition of subcutaneous fat. In addition, they are saturated for a while, and very soon a person will want to eat again.

These products can be used in the first half of the day and in limited quantities.

These are not all options for useful and light dinner. You can create your own products menu that is permissible before bedtime. Follow the following rules: Do not eat a couple of hours before the deposit to sleep, choose light protein products, do not eat more than 200 grams of food with calorie content of more than 200 kcal. If you follow these ordinary tips, the night snack will not affect your figure, and the feeling of hunger will not torment you and interfere with sleep.

Everyone who wants to part with extra kilograms is interested in what you can eat before bedtime at night when weight loss. Are there dishes that allow you to put on the table before the departure to sleep? It is important to remember the main principle - not to remain one on one with an unpleasant feeling of hunger. Together with a specialist, the slimming clinic of Helen Morozova we understand this issue, and also how to properly organize your power regimen to feel satiety during the day.

Can I eat after 6 pm

Even need. You can not allow yourself to go to bed very hungry. So, you risk introduce your body into saving mode - everything eaten will accumulate for the day until you decide to do without dinner. And this is no longer speaking of the deterioration of well-being.

Speak with excess weight is better correct. If you go to sleep at midnight, then the last snack is assigned for 9 pm, because the main thing is to withstand the 3-hour break. It is worth only to determine what can be better to eat at night when weight loss so as not to get the opposite effect.

what can you eat at night without harm

At this time it is better not to use:

  • Sdobu, pasta;
  • sweet;
  • Red meat;
  • smoked, sausage;
  • White rice;
  • chocolate and nuts;
  • Sweet fruits;
  • pickles;
  • yogurt with additives;
  • fast food.

Nutrition comment:

The last item is generally eliminated by a person who is going to part with weight. After 6 pm, it is worth abandoning fast carbohydrates, as well as from high-calorie dishes. In the menu that you can eat on the night when weakness should include only low-calorie food. It is important to know in advance how permissible to make limitations in the diet, in order to prevent violations of some internal organs. Therefore, it is necessary to lose weight under the supervision of a specialist.

What products and fruits can be eaten in the evening when weight loss

For late meals, you should choose food, which will improve sleep quality and will not move the arrow of the weights to the edge of the increase. It is worthwhile to know that it's often a thirst for the feeling of hunger. Therefore, before you go to the refrigerator, it is useful to drink water.

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Deciding to eat, remember the rule - the portion should be small, and the calorieness is not high. In addition, you should give preference to fast-lying products.

what can you eat at night so as not to recover

What to pay attention to:

  • Acid milk. Here you need to choose correctly - not too fat or skimmed. As part of a reasonable - natural yogurt or kefir. After such a snack, the stomach will not be overloaded and unnecessary energy is not produced, which has nowhere to spend. What to do if at night I wanted to eat - drink a glass of kefir, it will be the optimal amount.
  • Milk. This drink is recommended to take warm. He calms the nervous system, causes drowsiness, as it contains a useful tryptophan. The dream will be calm, because the body does not have to digest anything.
  • Eggs. If there is no allergies, this dish will become an excellent source of protein. Ideally, if you cook 2 pieces screwed or make an omelet with tomatoes. Qualitative and not heavy snack.
  • Non-fat poultry meat. What you can eat in the evening for dinner when weakness: up to 150 grams of breast or chicken fillets, such meat is considered low-calorie, so it is allowed to use even 2-3 hours before departure to sleep. Optimally, together with vegetables cooked for a couple.
  • White fish. Fat in this product is not enough, but a lot of protein and benefits. If the snack is late, it is better to choose low-fat species - heck, cod or pike.
  • Berries. It is important to carefully choose, because not all berries can after midnight. A glass of blueberries or strawberries contains minimum calories, and the benefits of it will be huge. This cup contains fiber, pectins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Vegetable stew. Well absorbed and work as a natural sorbent, while the most useful - cooked for a couple. It is recommended to salt smaller, so the benefits will be higher.

what better to eat at night

What fruits can be on the night, and what you can not

The best way to avoid overeating before bedtime is to look at the Damas of Nature. And when I do not want vegetables, the appetizing pineapple replaces the sandwich perfectly. It remains to figure out how harmlessly to enjoy, and from which it is better to refrain.

Not recommended:

  • Watermelon. The minimum amount of calories is 27 kcal per 100 grams of weight. But this berry has a diuretic action, so instead of sleep you have to run into the toilet.
  • Banana. 90 kcal per 100 grams. Rewitting fatigue, cheer and raise the mood. Too hearty fruit for snack.

Is it possible to eat bananas and grenades when weakness in the evening: only if the party plans and not the bed. And from the grenade in the morning the face will seem swollen, as it contains a lot of water.

A small list that goes to eat losing weight if I really want:

  • Orange. 40 kcal per 100 grams. It perfectly helps to cope with the feeling of hunger, increases immunity, and along with grapefruit will help burn fats. But people with gastritis standing with caution to him treat it, because it can irritate the stomach.
  • Apples. The perfect way is not to feel hunger. 47 kcal per 100 grams, pectin and vitamins help improve skin condition, fruit itself is quickly digested. The main thing to choose not too sweet or acidic varieties, otherwise it will quickly want to eat.
  • Mango. 65 kcal per 100 grams. Tangible use for vision, is one of the fruits that can be eaten in the evening when weight loss.
  • A pineapple. 52 kcal per 100 grams. It is capable of purifying the body from toxins and slags, saturates, normalizes cholesterol. But it is not recommended for people with problems in the gastrointestinal tract. Before replacing the evening snack on slices of juicy pineapple, you need to check the state of the digestive system.

Can I eat fruit in the evening when weight loss

Nutrition comment:

Is it possible to eat grapefruit, orange and tangerines for the night when weight loss - yes. Citrus is perfectly coping with a fat burning mission, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and immunity. But only people with strong stomach are suitable. Otherwise, an attempt to do with fruit before bedtime can result in cutting pain and gastritis. In most cases, the mucous membolism is disturbed and requires long-term treatment, during which we will have to forget about weight reduction. To avoid this, it is better to be under the supervision of a specialist.

As for other fruits, it is better not to overeat. For example, Kiwi can be in the evening with weight loss if there are no problems with the digestive system. People with ulcers and gastritis are not recommended to abuse this fruit. It can not be stored in the refrigerator or process thermally, otherwise it loses all useful properties.

When it comes to persimmon, the opinions of specialists are ambiguous. On the one hand, a large amount of amino acids help reduce the level of insomnia and irritability. Triptofan helps to reduce the depressive state, and light protein and glucose saturate a person with a necessary charge of cheerfulness in the morning. Is it possible in the evening there is persimmon when weight loss - yes, but most of the fruit is water, so it is quite possible to wake up with swollen face.

Berries - a wonderful substitute to any snack. They have a lot of antioxidants and vitamins, they do not contain harmful cholesterol and fats. The only minus - to start them is necessary to be gradually, because they are able to cause irritation of the mucous membrane. Therefore, it is better to use one small handy without unpleasant sensations than to eat two and get irritation.

In addition, berries should not be thermally handled, otherwise the entire useful effect is lost.

What can I eat in the evening for dinner while slimming: list

what is better to eat at night when weight loss

What if you want to eat at night - prepare a useful, easy snack from what makes harm to your weight and health:

  • Boiled chicken breast or fillet and with vegetables, as an option - prepare souffle from meat.
  • A pair of eggs, welded with a sick - 155 kcal / 100 grams. They provide light protein and quickly absorbed by the body.
  • A small amount of low-fat fish - heck, pike perch, pollock, cod, trout or salmon. If bake it is, the caloric content will be small - from 80 to 150 kcal for every 100 grams.
  • A small amount of rabbit - 100 grams will be enough. Calorie at the level of 155 kcal.
  • Handful of pumpkin seeds. In 50 grams there is half a daily dose of magnesium, it helps to prepare for sleep and relax.
  • Buckwheat with kefir or vegetables - one more option of satisfying and healthy dishes.
  • Degreased cottage cheese with the addition of fruit.

This is not a complete list of what you can eat for dinner when weakness or at night without harm, so as not to recover. But to add something to him, you need to consult with a specialist.

List of products from which it is better to refuse

It is important to remember that not any dish is allowed to be used as a dinner. Some drinks are not recommended to drink at all after 18:00:

  • energetic drinks;
  • everything that contains caffeine;
  • Alcohol - an exception is a light wine.

In addition, it is worth abandoning the ingredients with a low glycemic index. They will digest long and will cause troubled sleep.

what if you want to eat at night

In addition to oily or sweet food, it is necessary to exclude:

  • any bean, cabbage and zucchini - they create excessive gas formation;
  • pasta;
  • sausages;
  • any pickles;
  • yogurts with fillers;
  • mayonnaise.

Nutrition comment:

You should not lean on heavy food or one that is digested for a long time. It is not recommended to take an additional portion or tightly there before bedtime. All the energy that will not have time to spend money will be deposited on the sides and stomach. But it is impossible to perish - you need to create a balance of both consumed and spent. Develop a proper system that will not harm health, a specialist will help.

Also note that spices are capable of provoking the hunger in a couple of hours.

what can you eat at night without harm

How to combine products

To get the result, you need to build the correct scheme. Traditionally, the diet consists of three groups of components:

  • Protein. So that they are well digested, it is necessary to create an acid medium. Among the popular and useful representatives: meat, nuts, legumes, eggplants, fish.
  • Fats. Animals and vegetable - butter or vegetable oil, cream, sour cream and similar components.
  • Carbohydrates. To quickly turn into energy, an alkaline environment will be required. The brightest representatives: honey, pumpkin, zucchini, potatoes, jam, fruit, berries, sugar, rye and oats.

Nutrition comment:

What is useful and need to eat to lose weight, at night? What does not harm and what does not contain a lot of calories. It is necessary to create a power mode in advance, consult with a specialist and lead a meal log in which all eaten will be recorded. The professional nutritionist of the Elena Morozova's clinic will select the necessary diet for you, taking into account the state of your body and the intended goals. But the main thing - will help to form healthy eating habits, so that the desire to eat before bedtime you no longer visited.

what to eat at night to lose weight

Options for useful dinners

To achieve the result and see how the arrow on the scales smoothly moves towards the reduction of numbers, it is necessary to eat correctly. For this, useful and not heavy dishes are selected as an evening meal:

  • Vegetable soup with chicken. Optionally, you can add greens. Hot broth has a positive effect on the stomach and soothes the nervous system.
  • Omelet with tomatoes and spinach. Light protein in combination with vitamins.
  • Salmon with broccoli. Easily replaced on a vegetable salad. Meat is quickly absorbed, vegetable is rich in fiber.
  • Breast with stewed vegetables. Bird can be prepared for a pair or in a brass cabinet, the side dish is stealing under the lid with a minimum salt and seasoning.
  • Beef chatlet with salad. Usually complemented by fresh carrots and cherry tomatoes.

The most ambiguous component during the evening snack is a cottage cheese mass or a solid product. Is it possible to have cottage cheese at night or in the evening when weight loss - yes, but with caution. It actively stimulates a set of muscle mass and helps restore muscles. It has everything that stimulates weight relief:

  • Low calorie content;
  • calcium;
  • protein.

But uncontrolled use can lead to a deterioration of the kidney work, increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is necessary to use it with caution.

What can I eat in the evening while slimming list

How to overcome the desire to eat before bed

It is impossible to fight with a feeling of hunger. It is better to eat something useful, with a high glycemic index and low calorie content. A little soup or broth, half of the portion of cottage cheese or cheese, stew vegetables or low-fat meat are suitable.

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It is recommended to control the amount of eaten and not rush before going to sleep. Optimally dinner 3-4 hours before sleep and eat a glass of kefir per hour before the alleged pen. Such a regime will help to lose weight, do not have to suffer from the desire to get into the refrigerator and overeat in the morning.

It is important to approach nutrition. Otherwise, it is possible to break the metabolism, the return of which to normal will take a long time and will negatively affect health. There are no magic products that need to be easy to eat to lose weight overnight. First of all, it is worth paying attention to your diet. Elena Morozova Clinic Specialist Tips will help you not only balance the menu, but also to lose weight. Then the result will be entrenched for many years.

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