Hand dry skin: how to care for her?

Dry skin, especially in hand - not a seasonal problem. Many people face such a nuisance and in the warm season, when there is neither vitamin deficit nor obvious negative factors from outside. Let's wonder why it is driving the skin and is it possible to solve this question yourself.

How to understand that the skin on the hands is dry

Dry skin is easy to distinguish from a normal unarmed look. Externally, it seems less elastic, and the color fades. In parallel, dryness is accompanied by unpleasant physical sensations - the surface is peeling and covered with small cracks, and all this happens against the background of severe tangling and tingling. These signs are especially noticeable after contact with water or detergent. And ordinary household troubles aggravate the situation - without gloves, the hands are quickly stuck.

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Regardless of how often the symptoms of dry skin are manifested, the correct care is necessary in any case. Elementary concern for hands, the right diet and special caring tools helps to cope with the problem and feel comfortable. But, let's start in order.

The main causes of too dry skin

The problem is caused by both external and internal factors. In the latter case, we are talking about problems in the work of the body. Usually, dryness of skin is accompanied by diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and others.

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To the list of external factors that force the skin of the hands to dry, belong:

  • frequent use of cleaning agents with aggressive chemical composition;
  • abuse of antiseptic gels;
  • interaction with household chemicals without protective gloves;
  • refusal to use basic caring funds;
  • damage to the protective layer of the skin by scrubs;
  • Frequent contact with solvents and other chemical compositions;
  • Strong heat, wind and freezing;
  • Insufficient air humidity in an apartment or office (especially with the beginning of the heating season).

If refrain from the factors from the list above, the risk to face the problem of drying the skin of the hands is significantly reduced. Another better effect gives the right hand care.

What to do if the skin of the hands became dry

First of all, no panic. Even if we are talking about dryness against the background of health problems, the defect is temporary. If you take the necessary measures on time, the situation can be quickly corrected without extra effort.

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"Treat" the skin of the house or the doctor depends on the "symptoms":

  • If the skin is not just dried, but covered with cracks and wounds, it is best to seek advice to the doctor. A good dermatologist or cosmetologist will help find out the cause and appoint a suitable treatment.
  • When the problem is more aesthetic character, and the skin simply looks ugly, you can limit yourself to home procedures. For example, try moisturizing creams, lotions and balms.

In both cases, it will not damage the harmful habits and a healthy lifestyle.

What means will help with dry leather hands

All caring cosmetics, designed to solve the problem of dry skin, is presented in several different formats. The choice of a suitable form depends on the degree of severity of defects and its own preferences. It is best to pay attention to the means with the effect of moisturizing or moisture. Nutritional effects have a good effect.

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In addition to the usual cream on sale you can find sprays air conditioners, cream in the form of cream or souffle, special balms and other products. The smaller the content of chemical components in the composition, the more safer. Do not forget if the skin of the hands dries, it is already undergoing serious loads. We do not recommend exacerbating the situation and experience it for strength.

Rating of the best handicap care products

To choose the appropriate product was easier, we made your own rating of funds designed specifically to eliminate dryness. For example, a moisturizing spray air conditioner with cerames from the American OPI manufacturer is the perfect companion for every day. When you are looking for a solution in the early stages of the problem or want to prevent dryness, this tool will become a reliable assistant. Due to the easy, practically weighty consistency, you can use sprays during the day without breaking away from important affairs. A combination of active ingredients ensures the preservation of the desired level of moisture, while simultaneously providing protection and nutrition.

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In the category of moisturizing lotions for the fans of the hot manicure, the product of the manufacturer CND based on violet and chamomile is leading. The tool with a creamy structure quickly penetrates into the skin and provides a powerful nutritional effect without disruption of the acid balance. Using lotion as a final stage of the procedure, you can forget the dryness for a long time. By the way, for hot manicure, this product is also suitable. It easily tolerates the thermal effect and retains the initial consistency of the unchanged.

An excellent alternative CND lotion can be a moisturizing cream BE Natural Dry Hell Eliminator. Unlike the previous fund, it is intended for care and hands, and behind the legs. You can use the cream as after manicure, and under normal conditions, when the skin looks cracked and too dry. The pronounced effect after using this product is good noticeable even when combating the flapped areas of the skin on the elbows, knees and heels.

As for the cream for everyday care, here we recommend trying a special formula of Gerlasan Hand Cream from Gehwol from Germany. The convenient bottle with the dispenser and the increased volume make care of the skin of the hands more convenient and easier. As part of the funds there are natural components - a combination of jojoba oil with panthenol allows not only to prevent damage to the protective layer, but also accelerate his healing.

And what means do you cope with dry skin of the hands you?

Dry skin skin - a problem, relevant to many people. In medicine, the dehydream of the skin is called "xerosis".

Peeling, wrinkling and cracks on the skin of the hands deliver cosmetic and physical discomfort, will be a signal about the necessary care for the health of their hands. If the brushes seem rude to the touch, lose their elasticity on both sides and the sensation appears is a signal that the skin needs special care.

To get rid of the unpleasant sensations and an inesthetical type of dry skin, it is necessary to find the cause that has triggered dryness.

Since there are no sebaceous glands on the palms, the skin fat is not produced in them. In the absence of natural lubrication, the skin, its functions on the humidification of the skin on the hands performs sweat. Sweat protects from drying and cracking. Nevertheless, dehydrated skin is very often found. The factors that lead to the dry skin of the hands, depressions and rudeness - quite a lot, and each of them requires interference. Proper hygiene and care will allow you to keep your hands beautiful and healthy.

What leads to dry skin

The reasons for which their hands become rude and dry can be divided into two groups: external and internal.

Internal factors include:

  • violation of the functionality of the internal organs and systems;
  • weakened immune system;
  • Hereditary predisposition to dry leather hands;
  • hypovitaminosis or avitaminosis (insufficient vitamins);
  • change of hormonal balance;
  • Allergic response to anything;
  • Stress reactions.

External factors that lead to dry skin:

  • negative impact of detergents;
  • poor-quality or unsuitable cosmetics;
  • incorrect hygiene;
  • adverse weather conditions;
  • moisture deficit and fats;
  • Frequent contact with hot water;
  • Difficult effects of ultraviolet rays.

In the event of a moisture deficit, which is accompanied by the rudeness, the appearance of cracks, depreciation and crossed it is recommended to thoroughly review its lifestyle and find out what led to the dehydrated skin of the hands.

Diseases that are accompanied by dry skin

If dry skin is caused by pathologies inside the body, you need to consult a doctor. Creams, ointments and baths will only give a temporary effect. While the skin will only help the elimination of pathology, which provoked the moisture deficit. Could lead to dehydration of brushes: allergic, fungus, iron deficiency anemia, tract pathology, skin diseases, weakened immunity, diabetes mellitus and other reasons.


An allergic reaction may be caused by wearing inappropriate decorations on the hands or use of food. Only a dermatologist will help determine the type of allergen. Get rid of dry skin caused by allergens, you can completely eliminate contact with them.

Fungal defeat

Dry skin leather may be a consequence of the pathological effects of fungi. Of course, the feet and nail plates are affected in parallel. In the case of suspicion of a fungus of any character, it is recommended to contact a dermatologist or mycologist. The doctor will help identify the type of disease and tell me how to get rid of it.

Iron-deficiency anemia

Dry skin of the hands is just one of the manifestations of this disease, however, is not the most pleasant. Timely appeal to the doctor (hematologist or therapist) and balanced nutrition allow you to completely get rid of anemia and its manifestations.

Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract

In disruption of the functions of any of the gastrointestinal organs, the process of learning is broken. The lack of vitamins and trace elements adversely affect the skin. It becomes the main cause of dry epidermis.

Skin diseases of different character

Psoriasis, dermatitis, keratosis, eczema can lead to violation of the hydrolyphibid balance. They cause not only dryness in their arms, but also manifest themselves with cracks, itching and redness of many areas of the skin. In this case, careful medical control of the skin of the hands and other affected areas is required. Competent use of medicines will allow to get rid of pathologies and their unpleasant manifestations.


With the development of diabetic neuropathy, the sweating is disturbed, which provokes the appearance of small cracks on the skin, dryness and sensation of struts. Medicinal products appointed by the doctor will help reduce the unpleasant manifestations of pathology.

Related immunity

Violation of the work of the immune system is not uncommon today. Bad ecological situation, overwork, irrational nutrition and ignoring diseases - all this leads to weakness of immunity. In turn, manifestations on the skin in the form of dryness, cracks and redness serve as a signal about the need to control their own health. First of all, the skin is fading on his hands and face, because they most come into contact with the environment.

Other causes of dry sheathing hands

The violation of the hydrolyphibid balance can be caused by external factors, getting rid of the influence of which you can easily eliminate such a problem as dry skin.

Impact of household chemicals

Detergents and other household chemicals, interacting with unprotected skin of hands, have an extremely negative impact on it. Substances that are part of household chemicals eliminate fat not only with dirty dishes and various surfaces, but also with hands. In addition to moisture deficit, skin cover remains unprotected from the impact of malicious bacteria. To limit the contact of household chemicals with skin, it is necessary to use special gloves.

Climate and weather conditions

Sundered air, low humidity, frost - all these external environment factors contribute to the loss of fat, which is so necessary for the skin. The frost is thinning the protective coat layer, thereby reducing the natural protection of the hands and causing irritation. Cold and overwhelmed air (what is relevant in winter time) contribute to the reduced skin production, which leads to dry, blusted and cracked hands. Low temperatures cause worsening blood circulation, and this, in turn, reduces the inflow to the skin of nutrients.

Fresh contact with water and soap

Cold and, in particular, hot water contribute to the washing of protective fat from the skin. Hands are most often exposed to aggressive exposure to the external environment and most often in contact with water. When washing with soap, the fat layer on the skin is practically no left. This is because the cleansing substances that are contained in household chemicals, the skin cover is dry by moisture. Upon contact with water (especially chlorinated and when using soap), it is recommended not to forget about additional moisturizing with creams and oils.

Stressful condition

Stressful situations contribute to the development of cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol reduces the generation of hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for moisturizing and protective functions of the skin. Adrenaline reduces blood flow, which leads to a shortage of nutrients and oxygen. These factors extremely negatively affect the skin of the hands, especially if the stressful state lasts long.

Hereditary predisposition

Dry skin of the hands may be a consequence of genetic predisposition. In this case, it remains only to enter into a habit to regularly care for their hands, moisturize and protect them from the negative impact of the external environment.

Diets and improper nutrition

The change in the edible diet can lead to an acute shortage of vitamins and minerals, which will worsen the overall condition of the body and will affect the skin. Many diets with the purpose of weight loss not only do not bring due effect, but also become the cause of dry, peeling and cracked skin, as it does not receive nutrients. In particular, the negative impact on the skin has a lack of vitamins E, A and nicotinic acid. Balanced power supply and a sufficient amount of nutrients will help the skin of the hands and the entire body to restore the normal hydrolyphid balance.

Sunny effect

The effect of ultraviolet on the body is useful, but within reasonable limits. The sun can cause dehydration of brushes and elbows with prolonged exposure. Moreover, it not only dries skin cover, but also he old. Even in winter it is necessary to use protective equipment from malicious ultraviolet exposure.

Moisture deficiency

Insufficient moisture in the body always manifests dry skin drying. Dry, coarse and peeling hands can be a consequence:

  • underwent air (especially in the heating season);
  • small amount of water consumed;
  • violations of lipid metabolism;
  • Washing the fatty layer with chlorinated water and detergents.

To eliminate the insufficiency of moisture in the body and hands, it is necessary to find out what exactly led to such a state.

How to deal with dry skin

It is possible to restore the hydrolyphid balance only by eliminating the adverse factors affecting the skin with the help of special means. If the pathologies of the internal organs are reflected on the skin (and not only on it) and make it coarse, flaking and dry, get rid of the problem will help the treatment of diseases with the help of conservative or surgical therapy. In other cases, it is enough to receive vitamins and external skin care.

Skin Care Folk

Difficult oil drying at home helps various oils: vegetable, olive, linen. They possess softening properties, moisturize the epidermis and return to it elasticity.

To make a compress with oils, you need to slightly warm them and impregnate gauze bandages with a mixture. Marla must be imposed on the hands and cover them with parchment paper, then put on gloves. When careing not very dry skin, there will be a single session - the hands will be soft and moistened. With severe dryness, the procedure must be repeated twice a week to a significant improvement in the state.

An excellent moisturizing effect has a compress from honey and glycerol. In equal proportions, it is necessary to mix honey, glycerin, flour and water, and then apply a mixture on the brush and wear cotton gloves. Repeat the procedure before eliminating dry skin.

Restore the level of moisture helps boiled potatoes, sophisticated with milk and butter until the condition of the puree. The mass is applied to the epidermis in warm form and is withstanding about half an hour. At the end of this time, it was washed with warm water and lubricated with bold nutritional cream.

Compress from sour cream will help to eliminate cracks and rudeness of the skin. For its manufacture needed:

  • Glass of fatty sour cream;
  • egg yolk;
  • lemon juice.

The resulting mixture must be applied and wrapped them with a food film for 20-30 minutes. Such a compress is recommended not to flush, but to remove your voice disk. The procedure is desirable to do before bedtime.

  • Cosmetics
  • When combating dryness and roughness of the skin of hands, cosmetics takes not the last place. The most popular tool is the cream with moisturizing and nutritional properties. Conditionally, they are divided into 5 species:

    • Silicone (the hydrophilic base is quickly absorbed into the dermis and has a good moisturizing effect);
    • restoring (increase the rate of regeneration of the skin and improve the development of the protective barrier);
    • healing (used, as a rule, on problem areas and accelerate the healing process by creating a protective film on cracks and wounds);
    • nutrient (saturated with dry zones with nutritional fat elements, contribute to improving the appearance);
    • Hydrophobic (creates a protective film on the skin, are excellent prophylaxis from the root of the epidermis).

    Selecting suitable cream follows with caution, taking into account the generation of the activity and the dryness level of the skin. Shower gels and other cosmetics should contain a minimum number of sulfates and alkalis.

  • Medical drugs during dried skin
  • Due to the fact that skin cover may be dry due to hypovitaminosis caused by irrational nutrition or diet, it is recommended to receive multivitamine complexes. Effective drug will help to choose a dermatologist. It is important to understand that the excess of vitamins in the body is no better than its shortage, so it's not worth it for yourself. As prevention, vitamins A and E are most often prescribed, since they are their insufficient amounts are manifested by dry skin.

    Due to the fact that the side effect of certain drugs will be a change in the hydrolynidal balance of the epidermis, at the reception at the doctor, it is recommended to mention which medicines are currently being accepted.

  • Moisturizing baths
  • Excellent way to restore moisture in the skin - Battures based on:

    • 1. Decoration of flax and chamomile seeds. Several spoons of linseed seed are brewed in 500 ml of water for about 20 minutes, after which it is mixed with 500 ml of chamomile beam. Hands in the bath need to keep 20-25 minutes.
    • 2. Milk, almond oil and honey. 500 ml of milk must be mixed with a teaspoon of almond oil and a hundred grams of honey. Lower the brush into the mixture to the maximum half an hour.
    • 3. Starch. The starch spoon is dissolved in 200 ml of water and add about 800 ml of water, after which the brushes are immersed in a solution for 20 minutes.
    • 4. Water from under boiled potatoes. It needs to be cooled to an acceptable temperature and lower the brush for 20-30 minutes.
    • 5. Lamberry and Hypericum. A tablespoon of lingonberries mix with two spoons of the Hypericum and pour this mixture with boiling water, placing in thermos. After 30 minutes, strain, cool to an acceptable temperature and lower the brush in the bath for 15-20 minutes.
  • Masks for hand
  • Wide selection of professional hand masks in our catalog

    Moisturizing properties have a mask of honey and olive oil. To cook it, you need to mix honey and butter in equal proportions and keep on clean skin about half an hour, after which it is flushed with warm water.

    Restore the desired moisture level will help mask from avocado, banana and butter. The flesh of avocado and banana to grind and mix with butter, after which the mixture you need to beat. If you wish, you can add a few drops of any oil and apply to the skin for 15-20 minutes, then wash off with water.

  • Other accommodation options for dehydrated hands.
  • An effective method for care for dehydrated brushes is exfoliation (peeling), a selection of excellent means for it. The burdens and dying particles are desirable to delete before making procedures for main care (baths, masks, compresses and applying creams). The composition of domestic peels, which allow the skin to look healthier and cleaner, includes:

    • Berries with bones;
    • fruits rich in acids;
    • cane sugar;
    • semolina cereal, coffee thickness;
    • dairy products..

    An excellent way to prepare the skin cover to apply a nutrient cream or mask is to break. In the process of this procedure, the pore disclosure occurs, in which the nutrients can easily penetrate. They make the skin soft and healthy, filling it with moisture.

    Preventive advice

    Any disease or condition is easiest to prevent than to treat. To avoid dehydrates of skin cover, it is recommended:

    • on time to treat chronic and sharp pathologies, which can lead to dryness of the epidermis;
    • Cleaning exclusively in protective gloves;
    • make a right diet and follow it;
    • protect the skin in the aggressive season;
    • do not abuse hygiene brushes;
    • protect the epidermis from excessive ultraviolet exposure;
    • consume a sufficient amount of fluid;
    • Use only suitable cosmetics.

    The skin is an indicator of the health of the whole organism, and the skin of the brushes is an indicator of well-maintained. That is why roughness, rudeness, cracks and dehydration should be eliminated as soon as possible, having previously found out the reasons for their appearance. With pathologically dehydrated skin, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

    With irritation of the skin on the hands and the appearance of small cracks in the winter there are almost everything, and during a pandemic, when we are forced more often than usual wash your hands and use alcohol-containing antiseptics, this problem has become more acute. Particularly suffer from people who adhere to strict diets and limit themselves in the consumption of meat, fish, butter. Due to lack of animal fats, the skin becomes dry and vulnerable to external stimuli.

    "Since women have more tender and sensitive skin, it is damaged easier and stronger. But girls mostly care for the skin of the hands, wearing the gloves and mittens protecting from the cold. But the male creams are mostly neglecting and more often enter the street with bare hands. Therefore, it is difficult to say who suffers more, "the medical dermatologist, a member of the International Society of Dermatologists (ISD), told Medportal (ISD), Ph.D. Natalia Gaidash.

    Skin as a sandpaper: Causes

    The protective barrier of the skin is the thinnest hydro-lipid mantle, which consists of the secrets of sweat and sebaceous glands and deadly particles of the horn layer of the skin. This mantle retains not only moisture, but also a normal skin microflora. Bacteria symbiontes are powered by a lipid substrate and create a medium that prevents the population in the population of the skin by the pathoral microorganisms. If the hydro-lipid mantle is destroyed, the skin of the hands begins to suffer from cutting.

    When we are my hands, process them with soap, we use hot, hard and chlorinated water. We partially wash off the hydro-lipid skin mantle. Alcohol-containing antiseptics also dissolve the protective lipid substance of the epidermis and together with viruses and bacteria kill the beneficial symbilation bacteria necessary for normal skin condition. Dry air indoors and other aggressive factors only exacerbate the problem: the skin is extremely easy to be injured and dilated. As a result - it starts to crack, it is very peeling and hurned.

    "It is impossible to exclude the influence of internal factors: everything is reflected on the skin - the hormonal background, the condition of the body, the error in nutrition, the deficit of water consumption, vitamins, trace elements. In winter, many people traditionally experience hypovitaminosis, including the lack of vitamin D, due to which skin diseases may be sharpened, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, "Natalia Gaidash noted.

    Natalia Gaidash, h Leng International Society of Dermatologists (ISD), Ph.D.

    Masks, cream, oil - how to treat cracks on the skin

    In most cases, it is possible to solve this problem independently, without resorting to the help of a doctor.

    "Buy cotton gloves and make masks for hands daily. Apply a thick layer in the hands of the fat cream, preferably with the content of olive oil, cocoa or shi, put on the gloves and wear them as long as possible, and better go to bed. In the morning, remove the remnants of the cream, gently flushing the skin with a napkin, "the doctor advises.

    If the skin crackled to the blood (most often the knuckles of fingers suffer), then first of all it is necessary to soften the skin of the hands and create conditions for the speedy healing. At home can help products with thick texture, such as natural cocoa oil, hand cream with bees wax or paraffin. Apply these means is necessary after each wash or disinfection of hands. Pay attention to the quality of home towels and do not wipe the damaged skin with a rigid cloth.

    But if the problem is not solved, and the cracks not only do not heal, but also become inflamed, then in this case it is necessary to contact the dermatologist. Do not self-medicate and do not appoint a serious dermatological preparations. Unfortunately, very many independently use hormonal external means, Natalia Gaidash notes. Without controlling the doctor, this can lead to the fact that the skin will start rapidly atrophy: to throw, covered with wrinkles, will lose the resource for recovery. And even a doctor will be difficult to cope with this.

    More no cracks: Prevention

    To avoid these problems, it is enough to constantly use the nutritional cream for hands. Wear a cream in a handbag, keep it in the workplace. Well, if the composition includes natural bees wax, Olive oil, cocoa buty. It should be applied approximately 30-40 minutes before the exit to the street, the tool should absorb.

    Please note that glycerol and hyaluronic acid should not be included in the winter cream. Glycerin in winter can not absorb moisture from the air. Since there is very dry air in heated premises, glycerin will pull moisture from deep layers of skin. Hyaluronic acid can give the effect of "Snow Nast" in the cold, that is, to freeze and even more damage the skin, "the doctor noted. Moisturizing hand cream with hyaluronic acid in winter can only be used if you do not plan to go out, for example. As an evening hand care. Dry and irritable skin painfully reacts to the use of a cream in which many alcohols are included, parabens, preservatives and fragrances.

    It is also worth very carefully used in winter rubber gloves that are recommended to carry in public places during a pandemic. They can be worn in the store and other public places, but in no case cannot be worn on the street or in public transport. Hands will sweat, becoming wet - freeze and even more injured. Therefore, we carry gloves protecting from cold and wind outdoors, and entering the room can already be used rubber.

    How to treat dryness and cracks of age-related skin?

    Natalia Gaidash, Dermatologist:

    I recommend to apply for women of mature age with such a problem with a beautician or dermatologist. Over time, our skin loses elastic properties, thinning and becomes more vulnerable. To restore the quality of age-related skin, only home care is not enough. In the arsenal doctors, a variety of methods that allow you to stimulate the synthesis of our own collagen and elastin: PRP therapy, drugs based on hyaluron and polyolic acids. Hardware techniques are also used: fractional grinding and photodynamic therapy. These procedures not only improve the quality and structure of the skin, but also adjust age-related changes - hyperkeratosis, pigmentation. Winter period - Ideal time for such procedures.

    Strong dry skin of the hands. Causes and treatment

    September 30, 2018.

    Dry skin on hand is a common phenomenon caused by different reasons. The skin may look dry and faded even with the use of special cosmetics and young age.

    Strong dry skin of the hands. Causes and treatment

    Why does the skin of the hand dry?

    There may be several reasons:

    1. The deficit of vitamins and trace elements.
    2. Incorrectly selected care products, even if they are high quality.
    3. Cheap leaving cosmetics, not ensuring moisturizing and nutrition.
    4. Weather / climatic conditions (temperature difference, wind, frost).
    5. Abuse of solarium and natural sunbathing.
    6. The use of aggressive household chemicals without protective gloves.
    7. Congenital feature.

    If you do not take action, over time, the skin in the hands begins to peel, micro wounds and cracks appear, the appearance suffers significantly.

    How to moisten the skin of the hands. Proper treatment

    The skin on the hands is poorly moistened due to the almost lack of sebaceous glands compared to other body zones. For this reason, the hands require careful care and special moisturizing, feeding and protective agents.

    Hand Care Rules

    1. Regular washing with soft means that do not cross the skin.
    2. After washing your hands should be carefully, but thoroughly wipe out with a dry clean towel. Insufficient wiping provokes dryness.
    3. Special moisturizing creams and lotions should be applied not from time to time, and every day. When performing any work (washing dishes, flower growing, etc.), such tools must have protection and increased humidification functions. In addition, work should be performed in special gloves.
    4. With a deficiency in the body of vitamins, it is necessary to apply special vitamin and mineral complexes.
    5. Periodically, handles can be pampered by setting a home spa procedure (baths, masks, etc.)

    To ensure the daily competent hand care, use high-quality cosmetics from the network of social pharmacies.

    Causes of dry skin

    Dehydration of the surface of the hands may occur under the influence of external and internal factors. Exterior factors may be as follows:

    • The influence of natural factors: direct solar radiation, frosty air, strong wind, etc.;
    • reduced humidity in the room (for example, in winter with heating on);
    • Frequent impact of detergents on the skin of the hands (soap, detergent, washing powder, cleaning solutions, etc.);
    • Ignoring your hand skin care products, or incorrectly selected means.

    Internal factors are the reasons that are hidden within the body itself:

    • skin problems, allergic reactions;
    • exchange disorders (diabetes, hyperteide hyperfunction);
    • disadvantage or bad assimilation of retinol (WIT. A);
    • hereditary skin diseases;
    • age changes in the skin;
    • Anemia, dysbacteriosis.

    Why is it important for us to know the causes of dry skin? If you do not eliminate the cause, the treatment can be unsuccessful, and no means, even the most expensive, will not help. Therefore, before proceeding to eliminate the problem, it is necessary to remove the causal factor of the poor skin condition.

    trusted-source[2], [3], [4], [5], [6]

    Dry skin on palms

    The skin surface on the palms is most exposed to external influence - because this is the main working surface of the hands. It is not uncommon is the appearance of peeling, redness and dryness on the palms.

    Small bright flakes on the palm region can talk about the deficiency of vitamins (for example, a and d).

    If the dryness and peeling of the skin of the hands are expressed significantly, then the fungal infection can be suspected, or the exfoliative form of keratolysis is a condition in which the skin becomes dry and peeling without visible causes.

    However, the lack of moisture remains the main cause of dry skin of the palm surfaces. Think can, you need to pay attention to the detergent you wash your hands (especially if you use an antibacterial soap - it is impossible to use for a long time). If we replace such a soap cream-gel or other special moisturizers, it can be favorable in the state of the skin.

    Do not allow the hypother of the limbs - in cold weather, wear gloves. If no ways to deal with the problem do not help, contact your doctor: dryness can also be a sign of eczema and other dermatological problems.

    Dry skin and legs

    Adult patients often complain that the skin on the heels and elbows becomes dry and coarse. This is possible, because these zones, skin covers have a thicker horny layer, so more attention should be paid to these places.

    What to do, in addition to using a softening cream and other care products?

    First of all, review the diet - your diet should be enriched with fatty acids. It is necessary to eat fatty fish grades, avocado, home sour cream and milk.

    Pick up yourself a soft detergent or shower gel and carefully beware, paying special attention to dry plots. After the shower, be sure to treat the skin with moisturizing cream or lotion.

    It is important to consider that skin surfaces on the legs and hands can become dry and with some pathologies. It can be a manifestation of psoriasis - palm-sole-shaped disease, for which it is characterized by itching, dryness, peeling of the skin. It can also be a symptom of dermatitis, in which they suffer both skin layers and sebaceous glands. In the listed situations, most likely, complex therapy will be required - and this means that it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice and treatment.

    Hand dry skin

    When the skin becomes dry on his fingers - this is one of the symptoms of the lack of moisture in the outer layer of the epidermis. The epidermal tissue is an external horny reservoir, in which, as a rule, is held a very small amount of water (no more than 20%). If the body is not sufficiently moistened, then the epidermal layer is more than other tissues, this deficit of moisture feels. As a result, the braking of metabolic processes, slowing down the nutrition of fabrics, dryness and dullness of the outer layers. At the same time, the state of the nails can deteriorate.

    In addition to the fact that during dehydration, the skin becomes dry, it becomes more vulnerable to various bacteria and microbes that can penetrate the resulting cracks and cause different skin diseases.

    Unfortunately, dry fingers are very frequent state, most common in patients in old age. Due to age-related changes, skin covers require regular reinforced care. Already at the middle age, the use of protective equipment should become a daily needed ritual, as well as mandatory body and skin care on the face.

    Dry skin and cracks on hands

    If the hands became dry, and small cracks and "hooks" appeared on the surface, then, first of all, you can assume a shortage of vitamin substances and the disorder of the fungone gland. What factors can provoke such a state:

    • Frequent washing of hands, especially hot water with detergents;
    • Use alkalis, aggressive detergents and cleaning products without putting on protective gloves;
    • disorders of metabolic processes (diabetes, thyroid disorder);
    • Hypino avitaminosis, lack of food, long and strict diets, unbalanced diet;
    • Effect of the environment (long action of wind, frosty air or ultraviolet);
    • Natural age-related changes.

    To correct the situation, it is important not only to choose effective cosmetic products for hand care. Among other things, adjustments to meals should be made:

    • consume many greens, fruits, berries, vegetables, natural products;
    • pay attention to sufficient content in the products of vitamins B, E, A and ascorbic acid;
    • drink no less than one and a half or two liters of water per day;
    • Avoid completely skimmed products.

    In addition to the diet, try to lead an active lifestyle: walk in the fresh air, avoid stressful situations, fully rest, pay enough time to work and sleep and rest.

    Dry skin and redness

    The appearance of dryness and redness on hand can be a consequence of different reasons.

    • Illiterate care, or lack of hand care, can provoke not only redness and peeling, but also the appearance of bubbles and dermatitis. Remember that in the summer time hands require moisturizing, and in the cold period - nutrition. Therefore, select care products depending on the need of skin. Do not neglect gloves in winter.
    • The use of chemical tools for washing dishes or washing without the use of gloves can also lead to the appearance of dry sections and spots on hand. Do not be lazy, try to protect your hands from aggressive chemistry. After completing your homework, be sure to apply softening cream.
    • The body's allergic response can manifest itself on the sun's rays, medicines, products, cosmetic drugs. In cases of allergies, in addition to redness and peeling, it may be present. Refer to the doctor: they will help you to detect provoking allergen, after which you will prescribe effective antihistamine medicines.
    • Dermatological problems may also cause redness and dry skin. This may indicate the development of psoriasis, dermatitis, depriving, eczema. In such cases, without the help of a dermatologist, it is not necessary.

    Remember that skin problems are not always harmless: in some cases it can talk about a serious illness.


    Dry skin hands in children

    In children, the outer layer of the epidermis can dry in many reasons. Among such reasons are frequent water treatments, increased water rigidity, early breastfeeding, irrational nutrition of the mother during navigation or in the lactation period, the disease of the gastrointestinal tract (in particular, intestines), the use of unsuitable bathing tools, etc.

    We should not forget that the skin surface in the child is extremely thin and sensitive, as a result of which the reaction appears to absolutely any irritation. Even the ordinary children's talc is able to cut the skin surface. In addition, the sebaceous glands in the smallest kids can still be developed enough.

    Do you need to treat overly sensitive baby's hands? As a rule, over time, when the kid's gland function comes back to normal, the condition of the skin surface is normalized independently. If this happens, consult your doctor: it may be necessary to revise the diet, both mother and baby. In some cases, the doctor may recommend special children's creams or ointments.

    Dry skin and face

    Very often dehydrated simultaneously skin covers on their hands and on the face. Especially common is such a phenomenon that happens in women who actively adhere to different diets for weight loss. This situation is considered in two versions:

    • A woman sticks to a very rigid and strict dietary diet, in which the body suffers from the deficit of proteins, vitamin and mineral substances.
    • The patient uses specific preparations to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, which have, among other things, diuretic and laxative property. Under the influence of such drugs from the body, not only excess, but also the necessary organism liquid is derived, as a result of which tissue dehydration occurs.

    Given the possible reasons, in such cases it is possible to recommend to drink a sufficient amount of fluid (not less than two liters), as well as diversify your diet with all sorts of low-calorie vegetables, greens, fruits and berries, fermented milk products and natural fresh juices. Strong tea and coffee is better to exclude - they have a diuretic effect and only increase the symptoms of dehydration of fabrics.


    Dry skin between fingers

    When the skin dries in between the fingers, you can suspect a number of reasons. However, most of them are associated with the lack of hand care (or improper care), with the general condition of the body, with the living conditions and professional activities, with food. If a woman is erased or washes dishes without gloves, the remnants of the washing powder or detergent accumulate between the fingers, which are subsequently manifested in the form of dry skin.

    Also, interchallates peeling may be a consequence of a lack of vitamins in the body (groups B and a), as well as a symptom of fungal infection.

    What can be done to prevent any interpalic interval drying?

    • After washing hands, they need to carefully dry, paying attention to the sites between the fingers.
    • During washing or washing, dishes should use rubber gloves.
    • It is impossible to leave your hands with wet, and even more so, go out in such a way to the street.
    • It is not recommended in frosty weather to be without warm mittens.
    • It is important to pick up a suitable apparatus (cream or ointment) and use it regularly.

    Hands require care for no less than skin on the face or on other parts of the body.


    Strong dry skin

    Increased dryness can cause diseases of some internal organs, such as liver, intestines, thyroid gland.

    Disorders of the thyroid gland function are manifested by apathy, lethargy, constipation, dehydration of the skin and cooling limbs. The thyroid gland treats a doctor after thorough diagnosis.

    Disorders of the intestine also affect the condition of the skin, since in the intestinal problems, the absorption of the vital organism of the useful substances and vitamins is disturbed. A person can eat correctly and even take additional vitamin and mineral complexes, but the result will not be, since the necessary substances are not digestively and the transit leave the digestive tract.


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