BURNAWARE FREE: What is this program how to use

Conventional users are less and less and less frequently use flexible discs for storing information. However, this does not mean that CD-R and DVD-R completely disappeared. They are the most cheap information carriers and with their help you can store data dozens and hundreds of years. To record data on the disk, you will need a utility, such as Burnaware Free. What this program is in this article.

About the program

Burnaware free - utility for burning disks of all types. Users can create:

  • boot and multisession discs;
  • Music CD-R and DVD high quality video;
  • Creating, copying and recording images.

The utility applies free of charge, has a Russian interface and in general, quite convenient to use.

Suitable to those users who are not enough normal data recording functional, built-in Windows tools.

How to use?

Install the program by downloading the installer from the official site. When installing, be careful, do not install an additional software if you do not need it. BandlingOpening the program, you can see four partitions on which the features for working with discs are broken:

  1. Data. Data
  2. Multimedia. Multimedia
  3. Images. Images
  4. Utilities. Utilities

Record occurs simply. We write, for example, the image of Windows 10 on DVD-R:

  1. Select "Write an ISO".
  2. Tighten the path to the image, insert DVD-R / RW into the drive. Write image
  3. If the settings (size and speed of the recording) are not automatically taught, set them manually. For DVD-R, the optimal recording speed from 4 to 16 MB / s (depends on the capabilities of the disc itself).
  4. Press "Ctrl + B" or the Red "Write" button to start burning.

BurnaWare FREE What is this program and is it necessary?

Hello everyone In this note, I will tell you about such a thing like Burnaware free, and if you noticed this program at yourself, you do not need to immediately take and delete. What for? What if she is useful to you, you probably do not know why she! She is for recording discs, but she has its advantages, first of the first, it is free, secondly, she has a simple and cool interface. What could be better when the software has not scored options, does not have an interface that is clear and comfortable, in short, all this is in Burnaware Free! And the program itself records different info on discs, both music, cinema, and all sorts of images. In general, a simple but functional, and I checked - there is nothing malicious in the program. Well, type advertising does not bust in browsers like some

Although, honestly, I do not know how many people now use discs, well, it is probably very small, they are more and more goes into the past.


The program in Russian and has a fairly nice interface, stylish can even say:


In general, you run the program, choose what you want to do, well, what disc will write there, or check it, you can create an ISO image and even bootable! And then the window will open for the selected task. For example, creating an ISO image:


The settings of the program are a bit, but this is a plus, a simple program without a heap of unnecessary options:

In general, what can I say? I am surprisingly the BurnaWare FREE program liked. It is simple, cool appearance, the functions are not overloaded at all, many of which discs can write, wash the rewritable discs can also be erased. In the settings you can change the topic of registration, trifle, but nice In general, I don't even write down the discs, but if I wrote down, I would try to record the Burnaware Free program and it seems to me that she would do it no worse than everyone known Ultraiso

Now you can decide - you need this program or not? If not, you can delete. If you are an advanced user, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the Revo Uninstaller tool, this is a special program that removes programs at the same time the garbage that they leave.

But you can delete the built-in features of the Windows itself - click Start, choose the control panel there:


Then we find there the program icon and components:


You will see all the programs that you have on your computer. Here among them you need to find Burnaware free, right-click and select Delete:

Then we will still ask, they might want or do not want to delete. Respond yes (unless of course changed):


And all, after that, BurnaWare Free removed from the computer:

Well, I hope that you know now what it is for the BurnaWare Free program and how to remove it, if you don't need it. And if you write down disks or think to write down - Leave it, she does not ask for it, the processor does not load, in general, it sits quietly

That's all, I wish you good luck

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Burnaware Free: What is this program

BurnaWare is a program to work with various disk formats. You can download free Burnaware in Russian right now, by reference from our site. The program works with all accessible HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, CD disc formats, etc. With it, you can copy the disks of common formats, removing images from them and spreading them on empty media. BurnAvare from the publisher of the same name is distributed in 3 versions:

  • Free (Free Away).
  • Premium.
  • Professional.

The difference between them is that Burnaware Professional allows commercial use. Plus, she has advanced features, compared with the free version. But since the network is full of free analogues of programs with such functionality, buying a license software for working with disks at the moment there is no point. At least, if you do not plan to open your own label and produce CD-albums by industrial parties.

As for distribution, it is Shareware. That is, the conditionally free distribution of software. The versatility of the program manifests itself in the fact that it can be used with discs of an open multi-session. It also allows you to work with images (virtual disk container).

Important: If you do not come across the disk images, then this is a set of folders and files of prisoners in one container. The image is all that is on the disk, in a file convenient for the system. After removing the image, you can copy it to an empty medium, and reproduce the branded disc on your blank. But it is not necessary to use this feature for commercial purposes. Since this is a direct violation of legislation.

Burnaware Free works with all popular file systems. And supports the Unicode and CD Text encoding. And most importantly, there are no built-in advertising, pop-up windows and other irritants graphic elements. No banners, no plates with a requirement to purchase a license. Another advantage is good optimization. What makes it possible to significantly reduce the load on the system.

This utility is available not only for Windows 7, but also for Windows 10. The last update was released already in 2020, which means you can use the free version of the program even on the "dozen". In comparison with Nero products, for example, BurnaWare has a standard Russification package. You do not have to memorize commands in English and try to translate the menu through the search engine. The entire interface is completely translated into Russian.

BurnaWare features

The list of features in Burn Aware is presented by the following positions:

  • Check removable media for errors.
  • View drive and disk data.
  • Full formatting of the carrier.
  • Work with ISO images.
  • Multimedia toolkit.
  • The ability to record disks immediately into several media.
  • Creating boot DVDs and CDs.

The program has a separate set of parameters and functions to work with images of CUE format. BIN and ISO. Of these, you can create full-fledged discs. The utility opens the ability to combine data from a computer to a local container of one of the above formats. Plus, it is possible to write an ISO of the boot type. Boot images can be run automatically, this is their main purpose.

As for multimedia capabilities, it is work with multi-format carriers (AVCHD and BDMV). As well as with more familiar DVD (video school), audio discs (MP3 and CD, respectively).

Compared to competitors, for example, Burning Studio, Burn Aware is much easier and concisely in use by part of the interface. You do not have to learn multi-page instructions to deal with the disk recording. Everything is extremely simple and intuitive. For your convenience, we will analyze at the same time and all the differences between the versions. As mentioned above, Burn Aware comes out in three versions:

  1. Free.
  2. Premium.
  3. Professional.

The standard tool package is available on the free version. It applies both through the official website and through other portals. Download free FREE Edition You can right from our site. She is entirely in Russian. But in the Premium editor, there is already the ability to directly copy disks, Blu-ray, DVD, CD format.

Those. If you have two installed disk drives, you can organize direct copying of images from one media to another in parallel. Even in premium edition, it is possible to restore files from damaged media. From those that are not read in the usual wiring system. There is no 100 percent warranty for recovery, but in most cases, copy data from a damaged disk is still possible. Ripping audio parts is also available for this version.

But Professional is almost no different from the previous edition. Besides two features:

  • Allows you to work with commercial products (if you are a record company for example);
  • There are parallel recording of media.

Parallel recording of media is also a specialized function that is not required at home. It works very simply, you can record images or individual files immediately through several modes, on 2 media. This will be useful in the situation when you need to multiply a certain number of disks. For home use it is not necessary.

How to use BurnaWare.

Package with installation files is already provided with a portable version. Therefore, you can run the boiled Avar immediately after downloading the file on the PC. The main menu consists of 4 sections:

  • Data.
  • Utilities.
  • Images.
  • Multimedia.

You can start the burnout in a few seconds. Let's analyze on the example of a DVD media. Sequencing:

  1. Go to the "Images" tab.
  2. Select the recording feature.
  3. A window with a string for the file system opens.

The string will reflect the path to the file, and on the right button to search for the desired directory. At the bottom of the screen, information on the size of the available area on the carrier will be displayed. Here you can select the recording speed. Usually it is automatically placed, but if it did not happen, then expose manually. For DVD carriers optimally: from 4 to 16 Mbps.

IMPORTANT: After setting the speed, do not forget to click on the "Options" button and put the box next to the "Check files after the recording" string. This will minimize the likelihood of error.

After that, press the entry, but in the absence of a mouse and the touchpad, you can run the procedure with a Ctrl + B combination.

Wait for the end. The break time directly depends on the drive, the carrier and the volume of record data. Now you know how to burn a disc.

How to write multimedia data

Recording music for subsequent playback on players and other devices supporting CDs in Burn Aware is also available. To create such a media, you need to go to the Multimedia tab and select the first "audio disc" item. After that:

  1. Add music to the button on the right.
  2. Press the record icon.

But before this, you can take advantage of all the same options.

Important: In the Options menu at this stage, you are accessible to the end record (using Track-AT-ONCE); burning in one session (DISK AT ONCE) and textual support of the tracking composition (via CD-TEXT). In the pause string, a temporary gap between the compositions during playback is set.

How to burn disk mp3

The audio part contains less data than MP3. You can write the latter through:

  • The Multimedia tab.
  • Section "MP3 audio disk".

By dragging the files to the workspace and press the recording button. The program for recording disks will notify you about the completion of the burn.

DVD video

This feature is for writing the video and its subsequent playback in the drive of a home theater or a regular player:

  1. Select the item with DVD video.
  2. Select files.
  3. Press the recording button.

Disc with data

This Burun feature is used to create backups of any information:

  1. Select the disk icon.
  2. Select the file system.
  3. Add files and press the Write button.

Do not forget to mark the desired ticks in the context menu "Options". This is not only verification, but also finalization (nothing will be recorded anymore); Buffer protection against sudden breakage of burning and carrier calibration.

A series of disks

This feature is needed for heavy packages with data. Recording here is carried out on the already familiar scheme:

  1. Choose a series.
  2. Download files.
  3. And run the record.

Boot disk

Now how to write a boot disk:

  1. Select the "boot" section.
  2. Through the options menu, specify the path to the desired image.
  3. Press the record.

It will take more time to create such a carrier than to record audio data.

What else can the program?

Using BurnaWare, you can clean the RW format discs:

  • Full erasure (there is no restoration absence).
  • By quickly removing (data can be restored, subject to the lack of new entries).

Pay attention to the Utilities section:

Check allows you to learn about the presence of errors. And in "information" displayed the basic data (file system, free space, etc.).

Video instruction

How to install Bern Avar

    1. Download Software installer from this site.
    2. Open the installation wizard, double-clicking on the label.
    3. In the window that opens, select the interface language.
    4. Check out the product description and click "Next".
    5. Then read the license agreement and accept it, and then click "Next".
    6. Select a directory on your device to unpack the program files.
    7. Specify whether you need a software label in the Start menu and check the checkboxes to create additional shortcuts.
    8. Click the Install button and wait for the installation. When an advertising offer appears, you can reject it if you do not need it. After all actions, click Finish button and proceed to using software.

System requirements for Windows


      • CPU with a frequency of 600 MHz.
      • Built-in GPU.
      • 128 MB of RAM.
      • 20 MB of free disk space.

There is no special requirements for the operating system. The program works with any Windows bit.

Download Burnaware.

Download free BurnaWare Russian from our site (torrent). This is a full-fledged multimedia "combine" to work with media of different formats. Available disc clicing, creating audio media, and a lot of other. The Russian version is offered, no other additions will not have to install.

Download Burnaware.

Today we do not often use discs as a way to store information. But they did not disappear. This is a cheap way to save information. How to record it on the disk? This will require a specialized software that costs money. But there is a free solution - the BurnaWare program. Consider in detail how to use it.

What is this program

BURNAWARE is used to burn all types of discs. To download the utility, go to the address: https://www.burnaware.com/ru/download.html . The program is completely in Russian. Developers offer three options for their product:

  1. For home use free version of Burnaware free;
  3. BURNAWARE PROFESSIONAL, worth 1 171,44 UAH.

Having downloaded the free version of the BurnaWare Free you can:

  1. Create multisession disks;
  2. Write images;
  3. Supports modern interfaces;
  4. Check recorded information;
  5. Does not contain advertising;
  6. Support CD-Text and Unicode.

Paid versions can still:

  • copy from one disk to another;
  • Remove audio tracks;
  • restore data from spoiled media;
  • write images by 2-3 drives simultaneously;
  • In Permium, use the Portable version (the portable works without installing on HDD).

Installing is simple, it will not cause difficulties even at novice users.

Works on a PC with Windows 7/10 / XP installed.

How to use

After starting the program, a window with four partitions will appear: data, multimedia, images and utilities. The burning occurs in several clicks with the mouse. For example, write to the DVD image. Perform a sequence of such actions:

  1. In the Image section, select "Record"
  2. In a new window, select the location of the file;
  3. If the size and speed of the record is not automatically listed, specify them manually. For dvd optimal speed from four to sixteen MB / s
  4. Press the "Options" button in the window that opens, check the box in front of the "Check files after recording" item. It is necessary to make sure that the burn has passed without errors.
  5. Click on the left above the "Record" button or the key combination "Ctrl + B";
  6. Stay burn.

The recording time depends on the size of the information.

How to write multimedia data

Audio CD disc containing music files for playback on standard players. To create, do the following: Click "Audio Disk". Next, click the "Add" button to select music. Press the "Record" button. Changing on "Options" Edit what information:

  1. Write a CD-Text. Information about the name of the song and name of the singer. Works if the player supports this mode;
  2. When you select a Disk-At-Once recording method, the burn occurs without turning off the laser. Only one session will be created;
  3. To record each track separately use Track-AT-OCE mode;
  4. Pause - time between playback.

How to burn disk mp3

This option accommodates more music files than the method described above. Click on the MP3 Audio button in the main window. Further, like previous cases, add or drag the desired files, and click "write down".

DVD video

DVD-Video writes video files to play on the DVD player. This is done like this: Click DVD-Video Clicking "Add" Select files. The project window will add a folder called Video_TS. It must have VOB, IFO or BUP format files.

Disc with data

In it, save anything: backup copying, personal data, photos, documents. To create this way:

  1. Click the data disk icon in the main program window. If there is information on the recordable disk, the program will propose to declare or place a new (multi-session);
  2. Select the file system;
  3. Next button "Add";
  4. Click on the "Write" button.


  • Finalize. With her choice, nothing will be recorded anymore;
  • Data check after recording;
  • Buffer protection. Will restore the recording there is an unexpected stop;
  • Power calibration configures drive and laser parameters.

A series of disks

Convenient to save large information. In this case, the logical content will not be broken. The burning occurs similarly as for the method described above:

  1. Click "Series";
  2. Select files;
  3. Press the "Record" button.

Boot disk

Need to solve problems associated with PC load, or the absence of access to HDD. It is created like this:

  1. Click "boot", select the folders of the loaded OS.
  2. In the "Options" window, suck the way to the image.
  3. Click "write down".

What else can the program

BURNAWARE allows you to erase information from RW disks in two ways:

  1. Delete quickly. Replaces the recorded sectors. The erasable information can be restored until new data is locked;
  2. Full erasure. Information is removed by overwriting. With conventional methods will not be restored.

In the "Utilities" section More opportunities are available:

  • Information. The program will show the firmware, compatibility, model, how much free space, which file system;
  • Check. Watching mistakes. If the file is impossible to read, the program will report this

See also:

  • How to record images in NRG format;
  • How to create a bootable USB flash drive with RUFUS.


Burnaware Convenient and free program. Works quickly. During the burning does not brake PC. Supports all the necessary functions that will be enough for most users. Due to its simplicity and convenient interface, ideal for beginners.

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