Who and why killed Grigory Rasputin - Nikolay Starikov

The purpose of eliminating Rasputin was to prevent the possibility of entering into the separation world between Russia and Germany, for which Grigory Rasputin was actually the only and last opportunity.

About the personality of the Sacred Elder, about the circumstances of his death spoke on the radio station of the KP.

For which the elder loved the Empress and who he switched the road We continue publication on the books of the writer and the historian Nikolai Starikov. Today - about one of the most interesting characters of the 20th century - Gregory Rasputin. The date of his birth is reliably unknown - between 1864 - 1872, they are more often called the 1869th, beginning of January. But killed him exactly in 1916. In 2011, it turns 95 years from the day of the death of Rasputin.

In the book Starikov "Who finances the collapse of Russia" we found interesting details about this mysterious favorite of the royal family. We publish passages and interviews with the writer.

As a guy stopped war

On the agenda of a large European policy of the beginning of the 20th century, the organization of the First World War, or, or rather, to say, a large-scale German-Russian collision. She began in 1914, but could begin before. The powder barrel in the Balkans was already laid. It remained only to set fire to her and squeeze on her from above Russia and Germany. The price of the question is no longer any domination over the world.

And unexpectedly there was an illiterate Siberian man on the way.

In 1912, when Russia was ready to intervene in the Balkan conflict for the first time, Rasputin on his knees dismissed Nikolai not to enter into war. Count Witte wrote in his memoirs: "He (Rasputin) pointed out all the disastrous results of the European Fire, and the Arrow of History turned differently. War was prevented. "

Why did Nicholas II not listened to Rasputin in 1914?

Because at the time of the adoption of this fateful decision, Rasputin was at death!

Black PR

15 (28) June in Sarajevo killed the Austrian heir, in two weeks, June 30 (July 13) of 1914, in his native Siberian village almost lost his life Rasputin.

The difference in two weeks between two attempts is not accidental. The political situation is not increasing immediately, from the moment of the murder of Franz Ferdinand before the beginning of the First World War will be held month and three days. At this decisive moment, Rasputin must be dead, so that Nikolai II can keep from a disastrous step. Onsine came out, Rasputin did not kill, but he is still under death, unconscious. Only before the very beginning of the world conflict, barely come to himself, the old man of a telegram sevel, begging the sovereign, not to register the war, because with the war will be the end of Russia and they themselves (reigning individuals): "Let's put to the last person."

But it was late - Russia was drawn into war.

The Rasputin Discredits Campaign was not accidental and targeted. Perhaps this is one of the first cases of the "black pian" of this scale. Tatyana Botkin, the daughter of Liebe Medica, who was shot with the royal family, transmits the words of the father in his memoirs: "If there were no Rasputin, then the opponents of the royal family and the preparations of the revolution would create it with their conversations from the cut-off, do not be cut, out of me, from whom Want. "

"Blue" Prince

To the question of who was the chief organizer of the murder, historiography gives the answer unequivocal - Prince Felix Yusupov. This 27-year-old graduate of Oxford University was the heir to a notable and rich family name. He describes his thoughts as follows: "After all my meetings with Rasputin, all seen and heard me, I finally made sure that it was hidden all the evil and the main reason for all unhappiness of Russia: there will be no Rasputin, there will be no Satanic power, in hand which fell sovereign and empress ... "

And Rasputin againThe Empress was grateful to Healer Rasputin, who saved from the deadly bleeding of the patient hemophilia of the heir.

The brought up Handsome Felix had one little oddity: he adored to wear women's clothing. Since childhood, the prince of Yusupov dressed in dresses at home, at the age of twenty years in this form, he openly visited public places, restaurants and theaters not only in Russia, but also abroad. Once in Paris, in the Felix Theater, I saw that "the elderly subject from the grade lodge lies aggressively." This person turned out to be English Monarch Edward VII ... After such success at the first Don Juan, the young aristocrat returned to his homeland and decided to speak on the stage of fashionable St. Petersburg Cabaret. In a female dress, of course. Before the public, "Beauty" Felix spoke in Hitona from blue tulle, embroidered silver thread. At the same time, the costume was decorated with a large number of large family diamonds. According to them, the "star of cabaret" and recognized familiar parents of Felix. The father of Prince was in rage, but, quietly cooled, decided to treat the Son from such strange inclinations. Fetishist and Homosexual Parents sent to correct health to ... Rasputin. The treatment to which Felix was subjected to, was that the elder put it through the threshold of the room, the foil and hypnotized. Agree that the experience of communication with Rasputin yusupov was, frankly, specific.

I don't know, the treatment of Rasputin helped or simply took the prince of Yusupov for the mind, only in 1914 he postponed skirts and crinolines and married the daughter of the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanova, combining the venge name with his truly unpertured wealth. The spouse of Prince Yusupova Irina was the granddaughter of the late emperor Alexander III and the emperor Nicholas II brought his niece. That is our first conspirator - married to the niece of the king, a rich twisted transvestite and a homosexual. Weakly believes that such an personality can comprehend the murder of Rasputin. But this subject could be easily sent to the right direction.

Dear friend And Rasputin againKiller Rasputin Prince Felix Yusupov and ...

The second of the conspirators is the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov. His mother died in childbirth. With Felix Yusupov, he was friends for a long time. Judging by the descriptions of contemporaries, Dmitry Pavlovich was a frivolous and unlocked creature. He knew about the huge role of Rasputin in the family of Nicholas II, that he saves the life of Zesarevich Alexei. But it did not embarrass the young Grand Duke. In grateful to the care and cacil of the royal family, Dmitry Pavlovich takes part in the conspiracy in order to kill the closest man of his "mother" and the main adviser to his Pope. Only such a person could pay the royal family so much for good. Friend Felix is ​​more important for him. Because the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich was a homosexual. And Felix Yusupov's loving women's clothing was more than just a friend ...

The motive for hatred to Rasputin is also in the young Dmitry Pavlovich. The king and the queen are thinking of marrying him on one of their daughters. Rasputin opens their eyes to the sexual preferences of their favorite. At the same time, he talks about who added to Dmitry Pavlovich to the "real" male love. The name of the sewer - Felix Yusupov. Frustrated and indignant emperor and his spouse no longer want to hear about such a marriage of their daughter.

Mystery of death

The truth about the murder of Rasputin appeared only after 88 years, in 2004. And everything fell into place. Since all the riddles explained. It became clear why frosty night 10 (23) March 1917 the body of Rasputin had to be burned, destroy. So that nothing remains from it to be impossible to exhumage the corpse. Because the control shots in the forehead Grigory Rasputin was killed by the Agent of British intelligence Oswald Raerner. It was his name that the Yusupov, Romanov and Purishevich, who became a blind gun in the hands of the English secret service were hidden.

On October 1, 2004, a film dedicated to the murder of Rasputin was held on the English TV channel of the Air Force-2. The retired employee of Scotland Yard Richard Calen and the historian Andrew Cook based on photographs of the corpse, acts of autopsy, documents and memoirs of that time significantly restored the kill's picture.

Yes, Yusupov and Purishevich Both were shooting in Rasputin. However, it was the English agent that produced the third, control shot to Lob Rasputin.

Homosexual and transvestite Felix Yusupov was very "close" with three English intelligence officers.

And Rasputin again... Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov.

The behavior of the English ambassador George Buchanan. At the reception in honor of the New Year, he spoke with the Russian emperor: "... Since I heard that His Majesty suspects the young Englishman, a school friend of Prince Felix Yusupov, in complicity in the murder of Rasputin, I took the opportunity to convince him that such suspicions are absolutely groundless."

By making this step, the Bojenene issues himself with his head. When another ambassador makes applications, using the expression "I heard"?! After all, this is not just an Englishman speaks with a Russian self-container, it says the representative of the British monarch. You never know what rumors in the Russian capital, the ambassador can not have the right to respond to them.

About sins and milles

Rumors about debauchery Rasputin did not receive documentary confirmation. The Commission of the Provisional Government through the newspaper proposed to respond to women whom he seduced. No one appeared.

It is not so important for us whether Rasputin was a feature in a rubbish or an angel in the flesh. The main thing is that in a certain period of Russian history, it was he who stood on the path of "allies" leading Russia to death. And therefore was killed by them.

Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich got off with a light fright. At first, he was put on the order of the Empress under house arrest. After October, the Grand Prince of Romanov (the case is unprecedented for the dynasty) will officially go to the British service! Then he lived in London and Paris. In 1926, Dmitry Pavlovich married a rich American Emery. After that, he and his sister Maria Pavlovna left in the US, where the Grand Duke was engaged in wine trade, and the Great Princess served as a consultant in fashionable clothes.

Felix Yusupov before the end of the investigation was exiled to generic estate. In October 1917, having taking several Prambrandt crafts from his house and a number of family jewels, he hastily leaves. Until 1919, he lived in the Crimea, and in April 1919, together with the dynasty remaining, the dynasty flooded in the English wrestler ship abroad.

Rasputin's killers from the new Bolshevik authorist did not suffer.

The author! "Rasputin" orgies arranged ... Actors

About the famous older we talked with a writer and historian Nikolai Starikov

- Nikolay Viktorovich, so who is such a Rasputin - a rough man who has entered the royal family in an amazing way in the royal family, who uses unusual abilities for its mercenary purposes?

- Rasputin phenomenon is not revealed so far. There are evidence of his real assistance to the hemophilus to the heell. Rasputin loved Russia, loved the royal family. And the more tragic to realize that it was he who became the reason why the royal house was smeared by revolutionary and western propaganda mud from the head to the legs.

Analyzing the life of Rasputin, you come to the conclusion about its contradictions. He received 10,000 rubles. per year from the Empress, from the Ministry of the Interior. At the same time, those money that the petitioners brought, he immediately distributed to people who needed funds. Money did not save, after his death there were no capital. I think that, being at such a height, Rasputin did not refuse the temptations inherent in high position and glory. But one must say firmly: a targeted campaign for its discredit was launched. An actors who were hung up with prostitutes in makeup and costume Grigory Efimovich. At the same time, give a 100% guarantee that he himself was ascetic and never succumbed to temptations, it is also impossible.

- Is there any predestination, the sign of fate is that such a strange person was in the tragic moment of Russian history on her crest?

- I do not believe in predestination. Just as I do not believe in the inevitability of the revolution. Nothing in politics is predetermined. The USSR broke up at all because of the "inevitability" or "economic insolvency", but because of the betrayal of his leadership. Hitler attacked us at all because of the "inevitability" of such an attack, but because he was angloofil and believed, having received information through Rudolph hess that London would make peace with him. Similarly, there was no "guarantee" that the Russian people would destroy their country. But the work for this was carried out. Rasputin became the target of compromise, and the Empress and Emperor were shuffled through it. Our allies on Antante, the British conducted work on creating a revolutionary situation in Russia. The reason is geopolitical - in the event of the victory of the Entente, Russia would have Turkish straits. But for 200 years, England blocked all our attempts to enter the mediterranean space through a narrow "tube" of Bosphorus and Dardanelle. The Russian cannot be given the straits. But it will be possible not to give if Russia collapses. So it turned out. The temporary government instantly refused all potential territorial acquisitions. Who was profitable? Our century old opponents. It is from London that all our "freedom fighters" were paid for for almost a hundred years. And according to this, by the way, the source of financing did not change.

"If Rasputin was not killed, could not be so scary to develop the fate of the royal family?"

- The only chance for Russia in that situation could be a separate world with the Germans. But the emperor categorically refused to even hear it. The only one who could connect Berlin and Petrograd at least theoretically, was Rasputin. And I could only tell the king of this truth only. Wanting the best, Rasputin remained at the court, giving rise to the discrepancy. Perhaps, he left - events could go differently ...

- Why was the illiterate man Rasputin turned out so many enemies?

"Even Nicholas II's mother belonged to Rasputin sharply negatively, knowing that he helps the heir, stops his bleeding. I think Rasputin was neither a saint nor a feature. It was a man with his weaknesses.

- Do you believe in the fact that Rasputin associated with the Empress close relationship?

- No, there was nothing like that. This is a vile slander. But everything believed in this lie. So at that moment it was necessary to remove Rasputin from the royal family. Whatever benefit does it bring, harm from such rumors was much more. It was this lie largely led to the fact that in February 1917, everything somehow collapsed and collapsed.

- Who are they - Rasputin's killers?

- Rasputin's killers are all very strange people. Felix Yusupov and Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich were bisexual and were in very close relationships. Purishevich's deputy was a bit not in himself. For example, on May 1, in the Duma, he inserted into the shirinka by Aluu cloves and in this form went along the ranks, mocking over the left deputies. But the soul of the conspiracy was not they. And English intelligence. Now it is proven historical fact. The British were insured against the case of the possible separation world of Russia and Germany. Deadly shot in Rasputin made English Scout Osvald Reiger, who finished sacrifice, in his forehead. And it was not an accident. Reiner knew Yusupov on joint school in England, was his friend and was also his lover. It is through the transvestite of Yusupov, the British and whined a group of conspirators. Those who and today sends their children to study in England must remember, on the one hand, how there are acquaintances there, on the other, how brains are washed.

- How was the fate of the British, who made the fatal shot to Rasputin?

- In 1917 (about a random coincidence!) Oswald Reiger received the rank of captain. In 1919 he received an order and began working in Stockholm. It was from neutral scandinavia that the English intelligence officer was carried out. In 1920 he was transferred closer - under the cover of journalistic activity, he moved to Finland. Only very naive people may assume that the personnel scout next to his "profile country" only writes articles in Daily Telegraph about the hot Finnish guys. In the future, Reiner did not lose ties with the emigrant Yusupov and helped translate his book into English.

Oswald Reiger died in 1961. Interestingly, British researchers smoothed information about the participation of Mi6. And this is only a tiny part of the huge iceberg of subversive work of Great Britain against Russia. Ahead of us is waiting for many more discoveries. "

Larisa Kaftan - 01/06/2011 Power source

How did Grigory Rasputin were killed and where is the British?

Grigory Rasputin, the infamous "mad monk" and a very close friend of the last Russian imperial family, was cruelly killed on December 17, 1916.

In 2004, BBC passed the documentary "Who killed Rasputin? British conspiracy, "arguing that the entire conspiracy of the murder was developed by the British intelligence management of the MI-6, and that it was the British officer Oswald Rainer who did the last shot. So whether it was?


Why is the British track cause big doubts?

Because this version is based solely on the memoirs and testimony of British subjects - first of all, Sir George Buchenna, the British ambassador in the Russian Empire in 1910-1917. The newspaper reporter Michael Smith wrote that the head of the British Secret Intelligence Bureau Mansfield Cumming ordered three of his agents in Russia to eliminate Rasputin in December 1916.

One of them was Oswald Rainer. He studied at Oxford from Felix Yusupov (probably the richest man in Russia and her husband, Princess Irina, the only niece of Nicholas II).

And the fact that Rainer was located in St. Petersburg on the day of the murder and even attended the Yusupov Palace at that evening, but this does not prove, the fact that he killed Rasputin. Many years later, Rainer helped Yusupov to translate his first book about the murder of Rasputin. There is a version that they fabricated some of the facts of this "dark" history in their own interests.

Professor Keith Jeffrey from the Royal University in Belfast, who was provided with unrestricted access to the preserved historical files of the secret intelligence service, said that he did not find evidence that confirm the involvement of Mi-6 to the murder of Rasputin in 1916.- If Mi-6 was involved in The murder of the royal favorite, I would have found at least some trace, "the authoritative historian said.

Who and why did the death of Rasputin?

Gregory Rasputin received his influence on the royal family just because he could really ease the suffering and reassure Tsearevich Alexey, allegedly using the hypnosis technician. Be that as it may, he did something that neither doctors nor Orthodox priests could do to their black envy. But Rasputin had more powerful enemies.

After 1905-1906, Rasputin seemed to "realized" his strength and began to preach. He said that the last time of the empire comes and that the Romanov dynasty will be alive and healthy only when he is alive. He also predicted that gigantic ants would destroy The kingdom and city, butterflies will turn into hawks, and bees will crawl, like snakes. No, we do not joke! But this was the scope of "predictions" Rasputin.

Thanks to his knowledge of healing and hypnosis, Rasputin had a strong influence on the Empress Alexander and, afterwards, to the king. In 1911, the Russian Orthodox Church was openly criticized Rasputin, and the Ministry of the Interior ordered to establish outdoor observation of Rasputin. Nobody, especially the highest officials, did not like that some Luni leads the country's policies.

Rumors have walked (but not proven) that in 1912 Rasputin convinced Nicholas II not to join the Balkan War, thereby delaying Russia's participation in the First World War for two years. In 1914, Rasputin did not categorically agree with the decision of the emperor to enter the war, stating that this would lead the country to the catastrophe. On the actions of Rasputin, the Allies of Russia, first of all, was also interested in the United Kingdom, which was clearly interested in Russia to enter the war with Germany - otherwise most of the German military relics would have collapsed on the UK.

How did Grigory Rasputin were killed and where is the British?

Who faced the murder?

There are many different memories and stories about the bottom of the murder, and various people were associated with him. Today, most Russian historians agree that the plot of the killings was invented by Prince Felix Yusupov, Vladimir Purishkevich (ultranationalist politician of the right wing) and Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich (cousin of the king). These people almost certainly attended the crime scene. It is also very likely that there were two more people: Dr. Stanislav Lazovatert (who allegedly answered for poisoning) and Lieutenant Sergey Suchhotin.

How did the murder come?

There are much more questions in this murder than answers. For example, Felix Yusupov has changed its testimony about that night five times. In addition, alas, the original police forensic report is irretrievably lost. We collected pieces of information to try to recreate all the circumstances of this crime.

Felix Yusupov, using his status and glory, invited Rasputin to his palace on the sink, allegedly for meeting with some woman who was interested in Rasputin. There he was offered cakes and wine poisoned by cyanide, which he used without any effect.

"I looked in horror," recalled later yusupov. The poison was to work immediately, but, to my surprise, Rasputin continued to speak, as if nothing had happened.

Yusupov left for a short time, and then returned with a gun. He shot Rasputin, but after a while the monk came to himself and attacked Yusupov. Then other conspirators were entered and several more shots were made to Rasputin, but he could run away into the courtyard, where he caught up and finally finally finished. Then the killers threw his corpse into the river, where the body was found the next day.

What is the inconsistency of the official version?

Forensic medical experts discovered three wounds on the body: in the liver, kidneys and heads, and all of them were fatal. Therefore, it is unclear when Rasputin was killed, and it was very unlikely that he could escape - as a rule, a person dies within 20 minutes after receiving the liver wound.

After finding the body, it did not have the upper clothes, and he was not connected, contrary to what the killers argued.

What did cyanide mean?

Jewelsecperts did not find cyanide in Rasputin's stomach. There are versions that Dr. Lazzitet, supposedly hired by the prince Dmitry for the introduction of poison, did not actually do this. There is also a version that there was no poisoned cakes or wine, and all this yusupov came up later.

Prince Yusupov and his assistants understood that the murder of Rasputin would certainly cause a scandal in a royal family who believed in the "supernatural" forces of Rasputin. So, to prove that he is just a decent in the flesh, born in hell Yeretik, Yusupov came up with a fairy tale that even the poison cannot kill the Rasputin-ability to "cast out" the poison traditionally attributed to the magicians, and the Orthodox Church did not approve them. Therefore, Yusupov wanted to prove that Rasputin is not a "holy man", but on the contrary.

Was the murder investigated properly?

Having learned about the murder of Rasputin, Empress Alexander immediately demanded to execute the killers. However, the king decided otherwise: Prince Dmitry was sent to serve in the army to Iran (that heronically saved him from the revolution), and Felix Yusupova was sent to a link to one of his numerous private estates.

The investigation continued only 2 months while Nikolai II was not renounced by the throne - two days after which the head of the Provisional Government Alexander Kerensky ordered to stop the investigation.

Late in the evening on December 29, 1916, a luxurious car drove a luxurious car to the family mansion of Yusupov on the sink. Gregory Rasputin went to the house; He was invited to meet the beautiful wife Felix Yusupova and her friends. On the second floor, the gramophone again lost the record with the American song "Yankee Doodle Dandy", and in the basement at that time got rid of the guest. At first he was offered poisoned pastries, but the poison did not affect. Then the conspirators took advantage of firearms. In the case, members of the imperial surname were involved, and he was lowered on the brakes.

Conspiracy against "Twilight Janus"

From a friend of the royal family first tried to get rid of 1914. Then he hit Hyona Gusev's dagger; The woman argued that she did it "at the order of God." Doctors diagnosed with her mental disorder and placed in the hospital. Guseva came out of the hospital only in March 1917 by order of Alexander Kerensky. It is noteworthy that earlier the politician helped run abroad by the spiritual father of Chonia - the former Hieromonakh orodore, enemy Rasputin. Kerensky disliked the "despicable Grishka", did not experience warm feelings for him and Stolypin. In total, the "elder" was with a dozen offensive nicknames. Representatives of different political forces before the loss of votes argued about the fate of Russia, but for Rasputin wished the same fate - references as far as possible from the royal family. It is known that in 1914, Rasputin dissuaded Nikolai II from entering the war. The peasant from the Tobolsk province argued about the peripets of foreign policy - an unthinkable business! However, according to a number of historians, contemporaries exaggerated the influence of Rasputin on the emperor. In 1917, the director of the Police Department Alexey Vasilyev, who was investigating the murder of Rasputin, wrote: In conversations with the imperial couple, the healer concerned only the "innocuous" issues, there was no speech about the appointment of ministers.


Family Rasputin. (wikimedia.org)

Gregory was accused of sectarianism and orgies, he became the hero of obscene jokes. Episodes of sexual harassment are given in the Brochure "Grigory Rasputin and Mystical Puttingness", published in 1912. In front of the reader - the image of the Siberian peasant, "two-limit yanus" disarmed before the temptations of St. Petersburg. They rumored that he was a lover Alexandra Fedorovna. Researchers argue that there is a close psychological connection between the empress and the healer. Tsearevich Alexey inherited hemophilia, and at the beginning of the 20th century this disease was equated with slow death. Any scratch could lead to irreversible consequences, once a boy almost died due to bleeding from the nose. The child was worn on her hands to avoid injury. He suffered from strong pain and all weeks lay in bed. Rasputin, being a born psychologist, could easily facilitate this condition. Of course, Alexander Fedorovna appreciated the help of Cesarevich; Among the courtiers quickly spread rumors about the mystical strength of the "Elder".

Confusion with a pistol

Among the enemies of the healer was Felix Yusupov, a representative of an ancient prince. In his memoirs, he recreated the portrait of Rasputin: "At first glance, I didn't like something in it, even pushed. He was medium height, hood, muscular. Hands are long overly. On the forehead, at the very hair, by the way is unworn, the scar - the next, as I found out later, his Siberian robbery. It seemed to him about forty. It had caftan, balls and high boots. View he had a simple peasant. Rough face with a dishonal beard, thick nose, running water-gray eyes, hung eyebrows. The manners hit him. He portrayed ease, but he felt that secretly hesitated, even a coward. And more precisely follows the interlocutor. " The Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov, the cousin of Nicholas II, felt dislike for Rasputin. He had personal scores with Gregory. First, he upset the wedding of the Grand Prince with the daughter of Emperor Olga Nikolaevna. Secondly, the rumors about the "bad" disease Dmitry Pavlovich actively spread. The Grand Duke became one of the main actors of the conspiracy.


Vladimir Purishkevich. (wikimedia.org)

The third participant of the murder in the house on washing - monarchist Vladimir Purishkevich. According to one of the versions, it was he who made a control shot. The policies confirms this hypothesis on the pages of memoirs. Meanwhile, researchers celebrate - Purishkevich was hardly with a weapon on "you". The man was engaged in the cabinet work, practiced in the art of eloquence at meetings in the State Duma, composed poems and did not show any interest in the military business.


Felix Yusupov and his bride Irina Aleksandrovna. (wikimedia.org)

Another "storehouse" of non-stalks - the memories of Felix Yusupov. He argued that Rasputin ate several cakes with cyanny potassium and tried poisoned wine, after which she continued her feast. Later, the investigators suggested that potassium cyanide was neutralized under the action of sugar. In addition, it is known that Rasputin did not eat sweet. He feared that the use of sugar would damage his abilities. Later, the doctors did not find traces of poison in the body of the murdered.

In Memoirs, Yusupov writes that it was he who made the first shot; Gregory fell and did not move for a few minutes, and then with a sharp movement jumped on his feet. He had foam from his mouth. "Shouted a bad voice, waved his hands and rushed at me. His fingers dug into my shoulders, stored to reach the throat. The eyes got out of the orbits, blood flowed from his mouth, "Felix Yusupov told readers. In this state, Rasputin allegedly ran out to the street, and once again shot. A quarterly came running to the noise; According to Yusupov, the accomplices did not blame the circumstances of the last evening. There is another contradiction; Prince assured that he shot from a decent distance, while the examination showed - the shots were made in the emphasis.


The body of Rasputin. (wikimedia.org)

An opening was led by a judicial medic Dmitry Kosososov. A few months later, he told reporters: "In my opinion, Grigory Rasputin was killed by a shot from the revolver. One bullet was extracted; Other shots are made close to the distance, and the bullets went out, so it is impossible to make a conclusion about how many people shot (...) Three bullets sacrificed were released from weapons of different caliber (...) The first fell into the left side of the chest and passed through the stomach and liver. The second joined the right side of the back and got into the kidney (...) The third bullet broke through the forehead and entered the brain. " Some historians suggest that the last shot could commit the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich. In memoirs and documents there is no hint of this version - perhaps, in view of its origin. It should be noted that Dmitry Pavlovich was a tagged shooter. He received an excellent military education: he graduated from the officer's cavalry school and served in the Life Guard by the horsehood of His Majesty shelf. After killing Rasputin, the Grand Duke was arrested, but thanks to the intervention of Nicholas II, he was released. Later, the sovereign sent Dmitry Pavlovich to serve in Persia. The case of the murder of Rasputin was closed in March 1917.


Grigory Rasputin. (wikimedia.org)

The investigation of the death of Rasputin continued in the 1990s. British researchers have turned out to be the archival materials from which the vulture "secretly" was removed. From the documents it followed that the operation was developed by the Mi-6 management. In Rasputin, suspected the German agent; There were concerns that he convince Nikolai II in the need to conclude a separate world with Germany. British researchers believe that Osvald Rainer was led by the Rasputin's elimination operation. He studied with Yusupov in one college. The man perfectly owned the Russian language and entered the scouts on the eve of the First World War. Experts from London have studied the posthumous photos of Gregory. According to their assessment, the fatery became Rainber's shot to the head from the Webley-455 revolver. These findings were converted by leading media, the BBC came out a documentary film about the death of Rasputin. In Russia, the version was criticized. Shortly before his death in 1961 Oswald destroyed the archival materials had had.

The circumstances of the attempt on the "elder", seemingly well known. They are converted in articles, documentary and artistic books, films, and therefore here only briefly remind the "established" version of what happened.

Showlings are notepad

The conspiracy was the young prince Felix Yusupov, one of the members of the House of Romanov, the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and the deputy of the State Duma, Chernootsen, Vladimir Purishkevich. To the case, they attracted two assistants - a doctor of Stanislav Lazzitet and Lieutenant Sergei Sukhotina.

The main role took over yosups. He, using his close relationship with the grivy, lured him at night from 16 to 17 (from 29 to 30 in a new style) December to his palace, where the rest of the Anti-Rosputin Company already gathered. The reason was the request of the prince to assist in the treatment of allegedly seriously stipped his wife - the beauties of Irina Yusupova (thanks to her widely known psychic abilities Rasputin, indeed, could help the young woman suffering from Felix, neurasthenia).

Prince Felix Yusupov Photo: en.wikipedia.org.

In the secluded room in the basement of the Princely Palace, the table was prudently covered. The main treats on it were cakes that lazayrth rather polished with a powder of potassium cyanide, as well as wine bottles, "charged" with the same poison.

The conspirators assumed that the death of Rasputin would come after the elder dismisses the poisoned wine and snaps the poisoned dessert. However, events began to develop a completely different scenario.

The Grishka willingly dragged the glass of his beloved Maders, pushed after the case, but for some reason, the reflection contained in them, did not affect the devil. Then Yusupov, negotiating with colleagues on the spraying, who were attached to the upper room of the palace, waiting for the junction, decided to shoot a hated man from a pistol (Purishevich was given such an idea).

Shot in the chest focused Rasputin. The conspirators were already engaged in solving the problem of getting rid of his body, when this body suddenly came to life. Grishka opened the door and jumped into the courtyard.

A little more, and the "old man" would safely disappear from his murderers, but he led his fatal circumstance: to be on the street, where passersby and the police could protect him, it was necessary to overcome the pretty distance in the yard to the gate. And Rasputin did not have time. To seek a surprising sacrifice to Purishkevich. Based on a promptly moving mushcher, he missed twice, and only the third shot hit the back of the "lively devil". Then Purishkevich struck Rasputin another bullet - this time in the head.

To check the traces of the crime, the conspirators decided to drown the corpse of Rasputin and his clothes in the river. The Petrovsky Bridge across the small sky, which is a few kilometers from the Palace of Yusupov, chose the street destruction of the evidence. Traveled there with their scary cargo by car. However, at the last stage of this operation, its participants - from excitement, from inexperienced in such criminal cases, made blatant errors, which then helped the consequence easily reach the trail of the killers. (It is suggested here a clear analogy with the recent sensational St. Petersburg history of the associate professor Oleg Sokolov, who also failed to "hide the ends into the water.")

Resetting the killed Rasputin in a wormwood under the bridge, the conspirators, on the one hand, made sure that the corpse would be guaranteed to go to the bottom - for this it was wrapped in a heavy metal chain. And on the other hand, they did not notice the hurry that, the passing body through the parapet of the bridge, they were abundantly blurred everything around blood. And one more "puncture": a Rasputa fur coat, discharged after the corpse, safely tightened the flow under the ice, but of the two galoshes "Elder", which also threw down, only one landed into the water and drowned, the other remained lying on ice.

"Small" - liar

This puzzle criminologists have solved very quickly.

The first hook for the investigation was the message of one of the inhabitants of Petrograd. Simple workshop, passing during the day 17 (30) of December in Petrovsky Bridge, drew attention to the bloody stains. Immediately announced this on a duty nearby city. And he called to the scene of the employees from the police part.

With a thorough examination of the bridge and its surroundings, the police officer discovered at the bottom of the ice Galosh. It was also confirmed that suspicious spots on the bridge fence are, indeed, blood.

The information was transferred to the Department of Police, whose director Alexei Vasilyev had already arrived by that time a statement about the disappearance of a person - and not someone, and the most royal favorite Gregory Rasputin: his loved ones worried that he did not spend the night at home. It was quite logical to tie together two of these incidents. The case remained for small - behind the straight evidence, proving that in the Petrovsky Bridge they dealt with the "old man".

The Rasputa's daughter and the maid in his house confirmed: those charged on the identification of Galosha very much reminds those that Grigory Efimovich wore. Multiple divers brought to the bridge. Surveying the river bottom in the area, they discovered the Rasputin corpse.

Who committed this crime? The investigation quickly received tips, questioning several people close to the "older". There were even witnesses events.

From the testimony of the maid Rasputin Catherine Ploshnaya:

"At about 11 pm ... Rasputin lay on his bed dressed in boots. I asked Grigory Efimovich: "What are you not undressing?", To which he replied: "I'm going to visit tonight." When I asked: "To whom?", Rasputin replied: "To" Little, "he will appear after me."

According to the last name "Little" I did not know before, only ... In the last two days I learned that the name "Little" - Prince of Yusupov ... From the black stroke there was a call; Rasutin himself opened the door ... Both were in the kitchen in the room, and at that time I was behind the kitchen partition for servants and, having moved the curtain, I saw that I had "small", that is, Yusupov, known to me as husband Irina Aleksandrovna ... Soon Rasputin began to go through the kitchen, I was already in bed at that time. Grigory Efimovich quietly said that ... it will come out through the black move and returns and return ... "

Photo: en.wikipedia.org.

From the report of the city Vlasyuk, which on the night of September 16, she served near the Palace of Yusupov:

"At about 4 o'clock in the morning I heard 3-4 quickly followed by a shot ... I approached the junk of the house number 92 on the car wash and asked him who shot. Janitor ... replied that no shots heard. At this time I saw that two people go in the yard of this house towards the gate ...

When they approached, I learned in them Prince Yusupova and his butler Buzhinsky. The latter I also asked who shot; This Buzhsky stated that he did not hear any shots, but it was possible that anyone "from Pakoff could shoot from Pugach."

It seems that the prince said he did not hear the shots. After that, they left, and I went to my post ... after 15-20 minutes ... It was approached by the above-mentioned Bhughinsky and stated that the prince of Yusupov was demanded. He brought me through the main entrance of the house number 94 in the Cabinet of the prince.

I barely crossed the Cabinet threshold, as the prince of Yusupov came to meet me and an unknown person, dressed in a cite defensive color, with robusts of a valid Stat adviser, with a small blond beard and mustache ... This unknown appealed to me with questions: "You are a man Orthodox? " - "So exactly," I replied ... - "Do you love the sovereign and homeland?" - "Yes sir". - "You know me?" "No," I replied. "And about Purishkevich heard anything?" - "I heard". - "So I myself am. And about Rasputina heard and know? " I stated that I do not know him, but heard about him.

The unknown then said: "Here it is (i.e. Rasputin) died, and if you love the king and the Motherland, then it should be silent about it and nothing to say." - "Listen." - "Now you can go." I turned and went to my post ... "

So the police found out the names of the main suspects. True, those tried to take suspicion from themselves. However, they failed to prove the Alibi. These people were noticeably confused, giving their testimony. As a result, criminologists made an unambiguous conclusion about who killed Grigory Rasputin.

All information on the progress of the investigation and its results immediately reported to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Empress Alexander Fedorovna, who was at this time in Petrograd. The sovereign was terribly grieved about the tragic death of the "our dear friend" and convinced her husband-king that the conspiracy participants should be shot. However, Nicholas II did not agree on such stringent measures: all the same two of the "Shoezhekov" - Yusupov and Dmitry Pavlovich, belonged to the Romanov family.

Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Photo: en.wikipedia.org.

As a result, the main organizers of the conspiracy declined very cheaply. Prince Felix was exiled to the Yusupov estate near Kursk. The Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich was sent to the Persian Front, which, by the way, saved his life - he did not get into the hands of revolutionaries. And Purishkevich after eliminating Rasputin to get out of the strike, on his own initiative he left the capital and went to the current army, guided by the logical formulation relating to the sentences in wartime: "Further the front will not be sent." Make it was easy, because the deputy was the organizer and the head of one of the best in the Russian army of sanitary trains, he left on it.

Shot in the forehead

It would seem that the criminal tangle is Radan. Moreover, the years later, Yusupov and Purishevich in memoirs painted in detail all the peripetics of that night. In fact, the version that briefly is set out above was established in numerous reference books, books, films precisely thanks to these memories of the main actors.

However, with a more detailed study of all (including later) facts in history with the murder of Rasputin, there are quite a few oddities.

Let's start with the fact that part of the investigation materials on the case is considered lost, the other part, according to some researchers, is still sedlicated. But even in those materials that have been available, there were obvious inconsistencies, information that is not stacked in the official version.

One of these moments was found in the conclusion of a judicial physician Dmitry Koroszov, who carried out the autopsy of the killed Rasputin. Quote from this document is provided in the book O. Platonova "Prologue of the Tsarubiyism", published in 2001: "The cause of death is gunshot. The body discovered 3 traces from the shots of various types of weapons. The first shot is in the stomach, almost emphasis. As a result of the shot, the stomach and liver were injured ...

The second shot is in the back, presumably from a short distance, because burns remained on the body. The bullet hit the right kidney. The third shot - in the forehead, in the focus. "

If with the first firearms, everything is more or less clear: Felix Yusupov shot in the basement of the palace, then the other two bullet marks do not fit into the famous chronology of events of the bloody night from 29 to December 30, 1916. After all, as Purishevich claimed, he fell into Ruisatin escaped in the court twice and both times with a fairly decent distance - first in the back, then - in the back of the head. And here .. one - in the back, but from a very close distance, and the latter - and not at all in the back of the back, and in the forehead in the stop!

So, the picture of the murder was completely different than the conspirators describe it. Confusion adds the fact that judicial experts discovered: all three bullets are released from weapons of different caliber. It turns out, Rasputin's killers were three. - Yusupov, Purishkevich ... And who else?

The possible answer was given by the British already in our time. Historian Andrew Cook and the former investigator Scotland-yard Richard Callen held their own investigation into the murder of Rasputin, having access to some documents stored in the archives of the British special services.

Researchers voiced their findings in a film prepared by one of the leading TV channels of England. The main resume: In conspiracy against Rasputin, participated, in addition to the five-known all five, another person is the resident of the British intelligence Oswald Rainer. It was he who made the last shot - that very, in the forehead.

There are no direct evidence of the "Rainic" version, but are indirectly several. First, Oswald was well acquainted with Felix Yusupov, they studied together in Oxford. Secondly, from records in the diary of Yusupov, it follows that the day after the murder he met with this Englishman.

Finally, Richard Cullen, holding his investigation, found the nephew of Oswald Rainer, who argued with him: Uncle, allegedly, said that he was in the night of the murder of Rasputin.

Unfortunately, more specific information about the possible participation of Rainer in the elimination of Rasputin (and there is even allegations that he was a conspiracy organizer) to receive yet. Oswald himself died in 1961 and shortly before his death destroyed his personal archive.

The assumption of the participation of the English resident in the massacre above the grishche looks quite explained. After all, the British very annoyed the proximity of this man to the "first persons" of Russia and circulating rumors in society about the great influence of Rasputin on solutions taken by the king. And when we went to talk about allegedly the desire to make the conclusion of the separation world between Russia and Germany, the "islanders" and at all, which will then restrain the kaiser troops from the total attack on Britain?! The output one is to remove such a harmful royal counselor.

There is another fact that makes suspect that with the murder of Rasputin "unclean."

Literally a couple of months after the favorite of the royal family did not become, the February revolution was killed, which dares the Romanov dynasty from the throne. The country was headed by the Interim Government. And among the most first of his orders it was: to close the criminal case about the murder of Rasputin.

Why for the new leadership of the country in the hardest economic, military, political situation, is hardly a paramount task to stop the search for new facts about the conspiracy against the elder? What finds feared the Lord "Temporary"? Whose family names could still emerge?

Eh, ask Alexander Fedorovich Kerensky, who signed (as the Minister of Justice) is an order ...

Revenge of the homosexual

However, back to the "classic" version of the Rasputa killing.

The researchers tried to deliver to true reasons that prompted conspirators to violence over the "old man."

Here is Felix Yusupov - Nikolai II niece husband Irina Alexandrovna, heir to one of the richest families in the empire. This 29-year-old handsome, a graduate of Oxford University was a strange addiction: he loved to wear female dresses and to appear in public places. One day, the prince even lit up in the ladies' outfit on the stage of the metropolitan cabaret.

There is information that Felix's father, having learned about the "Hobby" of the Son, suspected him in homosexuality and decided to cure with the help of sessions of psychological impact. The healer became Rasputin. Is his "procedures" were successful? - At least the fact remains a fact: in 1914, the prince married the niece of the king. But it is very likely that the "healing" Felix looked at the grunger.

Another confident is the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, the cousin of the emperor Nicholas. Beautiful cavalier, an athlete (at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm headed the team of Russian athletes, participated in competition competitions). And also - longtime, from childhood, friend Felix Yusupova, eventually who became more than another. Dmitry Pavlovich rushed to one of the royal daughters, but the engagement did not take place. And it turned out to be to blame, it seemed to be Rasputin: allegedly, he told the king and the queen about the non-traditional sexual preferences of the groom's candidate. It is asked if Dmitry Pavlovich could save his feelings for the "old man" after that Dmitry Pavlovich?

Vladimir Purishkevich Photo: en.wikipedia.org.

Another action involved is Vladimir Mitrofanovich Purishkevich. Deputy of the State Duma, a member of the Odius Union of the Russian People. To the time described in its 46 years, the scandalous glory of a very unbalanced person who is capable of very eccentric actions has decreased. It was even manifested in the Duma sideways.

The most ordinary thing: He regularly during the speeches of other speakers went through the meeting room and loudly shouted the curses in their address. But exclusive from Purishkevich: the time of discussion of one of the bills, harsh, he launched a glass with water in his opponent. Purishevich was a tary monarchist and hated Rasputin, sincerely believing that his constant presence next to the royal family, discredits the monarch and his loved ones: "This person is more dangerous than both Falsitriya!"

About two other participants in the conspiracy of information less than. It seems that Lieutenant Sukhotin and the doctor Lazovite - figures are purely "technical" attracted to perform certain tasks.

However, there is a version that it is the Guards officer Sergey Mikhailovich Sukhotin, an old friend Felix Yusupova, who was in Petrograd after severe injury on the front, and was the true killer Rasputin.

From the book of Prince P. Ishaev "Shards of the Past" (New York, 1959): "It is believed that Rasputina killed Purishkevich. In fact, he shot him and actually finished off dry. But in order not to let it, they decided to hide and keep in secret, and his shots accepted Purishevich, - otherwise he would not have repent. If the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich was exiled to Turkey, what would you do with a simple guarantor? "

Dr. Lazzherth (Purishkevich connected him, choosing his sanitary train from the medical personnel), it was very likely to become the involuntary creator of the version of the supernatural properties of Grigory Rasputin, - that the "elder" could not even take the poison. In fact, this is quite explained from the point of view of chemists: in order to investigate the Rasputan history, specialists clarified that potassium cyanide, intended for Rasputin, was neutralized by sugar contained in cakes and fault.

The ethical and psychological version is also expressed. They say, the Lazovite, who was involved in the conspiracy, was still unable to cross through the oath of the hippocratic and purposefully to kill a person, and therefore the potassium cyanide was secretly replaced by the rest of the soda or sugar powder. This confirmation of this can be a letter of Lazovate, sent by him by the Prince of Yusupov and preserved in the personal archive of the Mexican sculptor Viktor Conitary, which closely knew Felix Yusupov in the last period of his life. The fragment of this letter, Conteras brought in his interviews one of the news agencies of Russia several years ago: "I want you to forgive me, I gave a hippocratic oath, and I can neither poison anyone or kill ..."

Like Purishkevich, Lazzitet saved from punishment for the murder of Grushka, immediately left at the sanitary train from Petrograd to Front.

The Empress burns, and her sister was glad

The reaction to the death of Rasputin in society was polar. Some were very worried about the loss of "Truly God's Man." Evenly grieved by the imperial couple: "Old man" Gregory actually became a member of their family and, in addition, he knew how to facilitate the suffering of Cesarevich Alexei, patient with hemophilia. A separate group of mourning grishke - the benefits that managed to turn through Rasputin beneficial affairs and build their own careers, using the protection provided (by no means free of charge) by this person, so close to the king and the queen.

Others - and there were most such, did not hide their joy. After all, in their opinion, Grishka, accustomed to the confidence in the monarch of the family, only a pacular image of the anointed of God and his spouse, threw the shadow on the imperial honor with his rampant behavior. And most importantly: there was a suspicion that with the beginning of the war Rasputin in every way was sought to promote military projects and plans, favorable Germans and threatening Russia losses and defeats. The christies of them are attempts to lean the king to the conclusion of the separation world with the Kaiser. This caused the special hatred of many patriotic people.

Almost all members of the house of Romanovs were anti-Romanians. Great Princes and Princess outraged the fact that Nikolai and Alexander, approaching the "elder", more and more listen to his opinion, and the advice of relatives would mark.

Among those who approved the murder of Rasputin was even sister of the queen of the great princess Elizaveta Fedorovna, ranked later to the face of saints. This is what the head of the police department Alexey Vasilyev wrote in the memoirs:

"Our censorship sent me two telegrams sent by the Grand Principle Elizabeth ... One of them was addressed to the great prince Dmitry Pavlovich and read:" Just returned, yesterday late in the evening, spending a week in Sarov and Diveyev, praying for you all expensive . Please give me a letter of details of the events. Yes, the God of Felix will strengthen after the patriotic act, they fulfilled. Ella".

The second telegram sent was the princess Yusupova, Mother of Prince Felix, who at that time lived in the Crimea. It used such expressions: "All my deep and hot prayers for all of you, for the patriotic act of your expensive son. Yes, God keeps you. Elizabeth".

"The murder was committed by us in the seizure of patriotic madness," said the Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich in his interview, which he gave the Paris newspaper "Mathen" in June 1928 - after the release of Memoir Felix Yusupov, which described the details of the Kazakh execution.

Rasputin's body by order of the Empress Alexandra Fedorovna was concerned and placed in the sarcophagus, delivered in a secret crypt under the seraphim of Sarovsky's Tsarskoye Park. Immediately after the February Revolution, Kerensky ordered to find the grave of the notorious "elder". Shortly after the discovery of the crypt, the remains of Rasputin were burned over to be burned, and ash dispelled in the wind.

A few words about the further fate of conspirators (those who appear in the official version of the murder).

Felix Yusupov soon after the October Revolution left Russia and settled with his wife in Paris. There he survived the war and the German occupation, and does not agree to all invitations of the Nazis to cooperate. Died in the capital of France in 1967.

The Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich also emigrated from the country covered by the revolution. In Paris, spun a novel with Coco Chanel. Abroad married an American. He lived in England, in the USA. Recent years spent in Switzerland, where he graduated from his days in 1942.

Vladimir Purishkevich did not want to accept the coming to power of the Bolsheviks. At first I tried to organize a conspiracy against them, but unsuccessfully. After that, jumped to white movement. Death overtook him in Novorossiysk in 1920, shortly before the complete defeat of the White Army in the south of the country. Purishevich rushed a rapid tit.

The fate of the doctor of Stanislav Lazovate is not known for certain. According to some information, he emigrated from Russia and lived his age in the United States (in other sources it is indicated by Paris).

Guards Lieutenant Sergey Sumetin accepted the side of Soviet power. He even held a leadership position in one of the All-Russian Academy of Sciences, but soon he was arrested and spent several years in prison. After liberation in 1921 he was appointed to the post of Commandant Memorial Manor Clear Polyana. In the fall of the same year, Suchkin married the granddaughter of Lion Tolstoy.

Due to the past several years after stroke, he was sent with influential acquaintances for treatment abroad - to Paris. There and died in the summer of 1926.

"Justice", "Holy Old man" or demon under the mask "of God's man"? Who was Gregory Rasputin? How did he manage to become his in the tsarist palace and why all the politicians hated him: from right to left?

Childhood and adolescence

On January 9, 1869, the son of Grigory was born in the village of Pokrovskoye Tyumen district in the village of Tyumen Rasputin. His future killer Felix Yusupov in memoirs argues that Grigory from an early age led himself to the wrongness, for which he received the corresponding nickname, which turned into the surname. However, it is known that Rod Rasputin appeared in the second half of the XVIII century. This is evidenced by the list of old-timers village Pokrovskoe. At the time of birth, Gregory in the village has already lived 33 families with this surname. They all were engaged in agriculture, as well as wrapper and fisheries.

Efim Yakovlevich Rasputin was a man wealthy: he owned the land put on and house from eight rooms. And after the construction of a rural church served as an old-age. Mother Gregory Rasputin - Anna Vasilyevna - was three years older than her husband. How many children were born in the family exactly unknown. A number of researchers call the number nine. However, only one Gregory survived to the conscious age, the rest died in infancy.

Grigory Rasputin. Kazan. 1903-1904

As a child, Grisha was extremely restless child, and, according to the memoirs of the mother, "Missed in the cradle, not wanting to put up with diapers." He began to talk pretty late - in two and a half years, and when he said, words and sounds pronounced intensely. Study gave him hard. He read badly, wrote without compliance with the rules of grammar and syntax. It was only about a hundred. At the same time, from nature possessed outstanding mental abilities. Gregory is a closed child, immersed in the world of his own spiritual experiences. At the age of 14, he became interested in reading "Holy Scriptures" and completely went to his senses. Father did not like it. He considered his son a loan and often hesitate to him. The study of the sacred books did not prevent the manifestation of violent inclinations: Grigory Rasputin drank and smolesil. In 1890, he married Praskovia Fedorovna Dubrovina. It was a 21-year-old painful girl from the neighboring village. She gave him three children - Matrön, Barbar and Dimitri.

Awareness of the need for change

In 1892, a realization came to Rasputin that he could no longer continue his slutty and drunk life. It was necessary to change something. Then he went to the Yekaterinburg province to the Uppero Monastery. During this disaster, he spent three days and three nights in the forest in the post and in prayer. In the monastery, he remained for about three months, after which he returned home completely to another person: he threw and smoking, he prayed diligently and demonstrated the knowledge of church diplomas. From this time, he stopped eating meat and began to wander around the monasteries. For quite a long time, he stayed in the disciples from the elder Makaria, which lived near the Uppero Monastery. There he led the life of the hermit: I prayed a lot, wearing heavy Verigi. After that, Macarium blessed him to a trip to the Holy Land. Returning from Palestine, Rasputin became more mantic. And at night, he began to dream of strange dreams. So during one of these dreams, Simeon Verkhotursky was given him. The elder said to him: "Go and travel! Save people. " From this time every year after harvesting, he took the staff and went to West. So continued until 1904. For ten years, he bypassed the whole of Russia: he visited the Trinity-Sergiye Lavra, Solovetsky Monastery, Optic Desert, on Valaam, in Kiev.

Way up

In 1902, Grigory Rasputin visited Athos. There he attracted one clergyman who gave him valuable recommendations and instructions. At this time, the first rumors about the Mud's Miracle Tobolsk province raised throughout Russia and reached the spiritual seminary in St. Petersburg. Rasputin, having enlisted the support of the rich widow of Bashmakova, went to St. Petersburg. She presented him and recommended his friend John Kronstadt. Grigory made a big impression on him. Also, on the recommendation, he met the Imperial Mentor - Archimandrite Feofan. The latter provided him with great support, introducing with other influential church people, and even settled at home.

Grigory Efimovich Rasputin

Why did the figure of Rasputin caused such great interest in the church environment? There is a version that at that time the Russian Orthodox Church experienced a large spiritual crisis, a person from the people was needed in order to influence the reigning coverage. The difficult time (unsuccessful Russian-Japanese war and the 1905 revolution) played Rasputin on her hand. At that time, mysticism captured the highest Russian society. The emergence of the elder had to prepared soil.

On the recommendation of Feofan Grigory Rasputin met with the relatives of the Montenegrin Prince Milita and Anastasia. After that, the sisters are "Galka", as they were called, they told about it to the entire imperial yard. And soon the acquaintance of the "Father Gregory" followed with the royal family. This was preceded by two fatal events: October 1905 Age and Constitutional Manifesto 17 October. The emperor and his spouse were hard to experience these events, experiencing great psychological stress. On November 1, 1905, an entry about meeting Gregory Rasputin appeared in the Emperor's Diary. To take possession of the sympathies of the emperor and Alexandra Fedorovna for him was not difficult: acting as an experienced psychotherapist, he clearly understood the fears and doubts of the reign couple and instructed them to the "right" path.

Nicholas II and Alexander Fedorovna in the Kremlin. 300th anniversary of the house of Romanov

In the spring of 1906, Nicholas II had to take a difficult decision. There was a question about the new edition of the main state laws. Within the framework of this edition, it was necessary to determine the powers of the emperor and the State Duma. Officials convinced Nicholas to exclude from the text of the laws mentioning the unlimited nature of the royal power. This decision was made to the emperor not easy. The support that Gregory had at this moment was needed more than ever.

In the fall of 1906, an important date of Rasputin was held with the royal family, during which he presented to the emperor with the empress of the icon of Simeon Verkhotur. Many historians consider this event with a turning point in relations between Rasputin and Romanov, which began to start them with rapprochement.

During the first revolutionary crisis, Rasputin became the main consolation of the royal family. He was diligently prayed in the presence of members of the imperial surname, assured that due to his prayer with Nikolai II and the heir to Zesarevich, nothing bad would happen. As a result, the elder received an unimpeded entrance to the palace. I appeared there without warning as a person, playing with the court the role of "the people of the people" and the "Glow of God". At the same time he grew up his glory in secular salons. But already by 1908, the first pleasant impression of Rasputina was gradually scattered and became clear that he was not a holy father, but a "dirty Siberian man," settled in the royal rest.

Gregory Rasputin: "As long as I live, the dynasty will live"

The number of opponents of Rasputin grew. They did not sit back. However, he himself understood the need to struggle for his "place under the sun". Effective struggle prevented only the "talking" surname of the elder. And he, falling towards the legs of the emperor, even asked permission to be called Rasputin-New.

Anna Celebova

In March 1907, Militsa Nikolaevna introduced Rasputin with his beloved Freilina Alexandra Fedorovna - Anna Crowbal. Young helpful Freillus became a senais guide in the Palace Intrigue Maze. She was diveged, religious and blindly bowed to the personality of Rasputin, he believed him by a non-care, holy and miracle.

Anna Celebova, Rasputin and Alexander Fedorovna

Treatment Cesarevich Alexei

In the same 1907, Grigory Rasputin first assisted the heir. Alexey was treated by traditional medical methods Dr. E. S. Botkin, but the treatment did not give results. Cesarevich suffered from hemophilia (blood disabilities) - hereditary genetic disease transmitted by the maternal line. Rasputin was able to "talk blood." This unique ability has become the main argument in favor of the indispensability of the "elder" at the royal family.

Campaign against Rasputin

The main argument of opponents of Rasputin was the accusation of the "whip" heresy. Whether he was "whip", that is, the Orthodox sectarian, it is not known for certain. But individual elements of sectarian worship services (in particular, there are collective chants with ritual dancing) he actively used. The situation with Rasputin was concerned about P.A. Stolypin. He instructed the Gendarme Corps to establish permanent observation. At the same time, the embodiment of Gregory with his former patron saint is Archbishop Fauofan. Feofan, having enlisted with the support of newspapers, organized an anti-Volsputin campaign. Stolypin, which in turn, also collected sufficiently compromising materials, organized a meeting with Rasputin and demanded to leave St. Petersburg.

Gregory Rasputin and his fans. Photographer - Karl Bulla

The enemies came to the "elder" from all sides, and in 1911, armed with the Stranger's staff, he went to Jerusalem. In November of the same year, at the insistence of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna, he returned to Petersburg to help the heir to Alexei. But the Anti-Rosputinsky campaign continued, and I soon joined A.I. Huchkov. He began to spread the empertress letters to Rasputin, accusing Alexander Fedorovna in the marital treason. The emperor demanded to "curb the seal." In May 1912, Rasputin managed to voluntarily in Pokrovskoye.

Attempt on Rasputin

In the summer of 1914, "Father Grigory" again went to a small homeland. On June 29, at the gate of his house, the warless beggar named Hyona Guseva snatched sharp crashes from his lochmoties and hit Rasputin. The wound was so serious that Rasputin first made a preliminary surgery at his house, and then the patient was sent to Tyumen. After the main operation, he spent two weeks in the hospital and finally recovered.

Caricature on Rasputin

Conspiracy and murder

In 1914, Russia was drawn to the First World War. Rasputin has repeatedly tried to dissuade the emperor from the participation of the state in hostilities. But Nikolay adhered to another point of view. Understanding that his position at the royal yard was very shaken, Rasputin saw a lot and arranged drunk robs. Slava rolled over his adventures throughout Russia. Anti-Volputinsky moods raised. It seemed that all Russia was eager for the death of an unmarried elder.

The plot against Rasputin was organized by F. Yusupov, V. Purishkevich, Prince Dmitry Pavlovich and O. Rainer. On December 29, 1916, Felix Yusupov invited an older to his palace under the pretext of providing medical care to his wife Irina. Rasputin treated with poisoned meal and wine. But the expected death convulsions did not follow. Then the conspirators decided to apply firearms. But even after a few shots in the back, Rasputin managed to run out of the palace. After additional shots and physical violence, he was killed and dropped into the Neva. However, the death of Gregory Rasputin did not produce the expected effect in society. The figure of the elder served as a kind of thunderbank, who brought all the hatred of the opposition and the people and guarding the divine halo of the royal power.

Coins of times Rasputin

The appearance of Gregory Rasputin on the political arena coincided with the period of the Board of Nicholas II. In the first years, after an addende on the throne of the last Russian emperor, gold coins were introduced with a rating of 15 and 7.5 rubles, 10 and 5 rubles were added to them later. All these coins were minted from the gold of the 900th sample. On the front side was a friendly portrait of Nicholas II, with a title located around the circumference, on the turnover - the state coat of arms of the sample of 1857. In the course there were also silver exchange coins: 1 ruble, 50, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 kopecks, and copper: 1, 2, 3 and 5 kopecks. Copper coins retained the design of the sample of 1867 (only the ruler's monogram was changed to ½ and ¼ kopeck).

5 rubles 18985 rubles 1898

On the killer Rasputin argue to the present day, although it passed more than a century from the date of reprisals above it. Historians lack documents to build a version that would have arranged. The disadvantage of information led to the fact that this drama is enveloped by the mystery fler. Although at first glance it seems that absolutely all of its details are known. Unfortunately, many details of the murder of this unusual man hooked up myths and speculation.

Who killed Rasputin

Who killed Rasputin, is not quite clear until now. Our task is to figure out this confusing history and separate the grains from the whores.

Initial explanation

The classic option considers the death of the favorite of the vengeous couple as a conspiracy of Russian high-ranking monarchists. Their goal was to release the imperial family from the Siberian passingman, who managed to undergo them in confidence and influence the politics of the sovereign.

Who killed Rasputin

Contemporaries considered this shame. There were numerous attempts to the political elite "Open Eyes" by Ventrenoscience and expose the "elder". They were not crowned with success. Then the opinion was born that his physical elimination is required, which will definitely put the point and save the authority of the monarch. Four people firmly decided, gathering together, to finish with the passingman, who ruled the emperor and his wife. These were:

  • Deputy of the State Duma V. Purishkevich, who later described on all the happening.
  • F. Yusupov is a handsome-aristocrat who was married to Nikolai II niece, Irina Alexandrovna.
  • Prince Dmitry Pavlovich - the cousin of the sovereign.
  • S. Sukhotyn - Lieutenant of the Preobrazhensky Regiment.

None of them wanted to become the immediate murderer Rasputin and get their hands. Therefore, it was decided to poison it. 1916 was the year of the murder of Rasputin. The poison was taken out with the help of a C. Lazovate doctor and added it to almond cakes and Madera. Mixed room in the Palace of Yusupov on the washing was transformed into a mixture of living room with the Boudo.

Murder Rasputina Yusupov

An excitation pretext was acquainted with the wife of Yusupov, the beauty of Irina. Her, by the way, was not to say, at that time was not in St. Petersburg, but I didn't know the "providers" and came to Yusupov.

What happened next?

From the treats of Grigory Efimovich first refused and waited for ladies. From above, heard the music of gramophone, which turned, imitating a female party, the rest of the conspirators. Felix finally persuaded the "elder" to try a treat. He calmly ate several poisoned cakes and drank maders with poison. But he did not affect him. Felix Yusupov was confused and panicked.

Year of the murder Rasputin

He left up to ask what to do next. Dmitry Pavlovich offered to let go. Purishevich firmly demanded to shoot the favorite of the king.

How painfully killed Rasputin

Hiding the revolver behind the back, Felix returned down. How did the murder of Rasputin? Yusupov, bring the sacrifice for a luxurious crucifixion from ivory, asked him to cross. He hoped in this way to remove the strength of Satan. After that he was shot. The body collapsed on the carpet. Who is the killer Rasputin? It turns out that yusups. The owner of the house and Purishevich remained in the palace. Other conspirators went to burn clothes (evidence!) In the firebox of the sanitary locomotive, which was subordinate to Purishkevich, like a doctor who worked on it. Suddenly, the "corpse" jumped on his feet, with shouts knocked out the closed door and ran, which bleeding. Purishevich rushed in after, shooting from a revolver in his back on the go. The fourth shot forever stopped the fugitive. So who is the killer Rasputin? Purishkevich? But there are photos on which the trace is clearly visible from the shot right in the forehead.

Why killed Rasputin

So, there was someone else who chokingly shot almost in the face of Rasputin. To the question "Where did Grigory Rasputin killed?" The answer is clear: in the courtyard of the palace on the car wash. The deceased to hide the traces of the crime, drowned near the Petrovsky Bridge in the Small Neck.

Why didn't the poison affect?

It turned out when in the epigrations in the 1930s published his recubination of the doctor Stanislav Lazovate. It turns out that he did not dare to use it, but put the simple aspirin. Therefore, he led himself on the murder night, on December 17, as Purishevich recalled, very strange. I blushed, pale, almost deprived of the feelings, ran into the courtyard, refreshing himself with snow. And it was a fearless officer who had two awards for courage. As a doctor, he understood that a quiet death without poison would not, there would be a terrible bloodshed.

Who interfered the royal favorite?

There is a theory of an international Masonic conspiracy. In 1912, Gregory Rasputin, defeating 2 hours with an icon before Nikolai II, prevented the introduction of the empire to the Balkan War. He always believed that the war would lead to death not only the country, but also the royal family. The war was required to be financial corporations to destroy all monarchies in Europe and above all in vast Russia. The Masonic lodges, which in the Russian Empire, were denied the relationship between tsarism with a liberty and sectarian, as he was considered Rasputin. Many are convinced that Yusupov, a snake conspiracy, walked to consult a prominent policy and Mason V. Maklakov. Duma's deputy himself refused to participate in this business, but allegedly gave a gircuit or rubber dubbing. She finished the dying "elder", which was 47 years old.

After the February Revolution, Mason A. Kerensky quickly closed "Rasputin's business," achieved an amnesty of all who participated in the conspiracy, urgently found the grave and insisted on the destruction of his body. The remains were excavated and burned.

Footprints of Britain

It is quite convincing such an option: the conspiracy of the intertell service. The allies feared that as a result of peacekeeping sentiment, Rasputin his belief would affect the monarch, and he will conclude a separate world with Germany. For Britain, this meant defeat. Because British agents Oswald Rairener, friend Yusupova in Oxford, and Samuel Choir, could easily join the Society of conspirators to neutralize the protection of the "Elder".

where Migory Rasputin killed

They, being outside, could also intervene in the case when the wounded Rasputin jumped out of the basement. That's where he was shot in the head. The killer Rasputina could be C. Choir or O. Reiner. They could act both by order of the higher authority, and to show a personal initiative. In any case, this version looks not a reasonable. And who killed Rasputin, whose shot became decisive, unclear. The investigation did not establish.

Causes of murder

We tried to comprehensively consider why Rasputin was killed. It turned out that it could be offended by the senses of monarchists, the Masonic conspiracy and miscarions of Britain. Most likely, these circumstances were imposed on each other and spilled out in the form of a meeting of Rasputin with their fate in the mansion on the sink.

Life F. Yusupova after a scandal

Providence for all participants in the murder was surprisingly favorably. When Gregory Rasputin was found in the hole, the Empress demanded the death of all participants. The emperor exiled Dmitry's nephew to the Persian Front. By this he saved his life after the revolution.

Nobody remembered the doctor at all. Subsequently, he lived in Paris.

Purishevich was sent to the front. He died in the 20th year, sick tithe.

How was the fate of Yusupov killing Rasputin? Initially, Felix was subfed to his estate under Kursk, rocket. After the revolution, capturing some of the jewels and two canvas Rembrandt, he and Irina and her daughter left first to London, and then to Paris. Russia remained their inconspicuous wealth in the form of real estate, objects of art and jewelry. But the money abroad was catastrophically lacked. They saw numerous interviews that journalists took from the killer Rasputin. Then the spouses opened the fashion house. He became very popular because his owners had an impeccable taste, but did not bring any special income.

The fate of Yusupov killed Rasputin

Corrected the family budget of the Hollywood film. In it, Irina was depicted by Rasputin's mistress. Yusupov filed a lawsuit for slander and won the process. The family received 25 thousand pounds sterling, acquired a small apartment in the 16th district on Pierre Gran Street. There they lived to death. Prince managed to write two books: "End of Rasputin" (1927) and "Memoirs". During World War II, the family did not support the Nazis, but also in the USSR did not return. Felix Yusupov died in old age. He was 80 years old. Three years later, Irina buried next to him. Their graves are located in the Russian cemetery in St. Geneviev de Boua.

For what killed Gregory Rasputin

The mystery of the murder of Grigory Rasputin is still exploring the minds of researchers. The names of the conspiracy participants are well known, but who was a genuine crime organizer?


Rasputin was accused of many sins: debauchery, quantities, sectarianism, abuse, espionage in favor of Germany, interference in public affairs. He was hated and demonized. Many were not limited to the accusations of Rasputin and attempted to eliminate an uncomfortable figure.

The elder's life was attempted more than once. In June 1914, Honia Guseva, a sequence of Hieromonach Ilomona (Sereya Trufanova), was struck by a knife with a knife. In a year and a half there was an unsuccessful conspiracy of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Tail and the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Belletsky, after which both lost their posts.

To eliminate Rasputin tried to use his environment. One of the familiar older singer Alexander Belling recalled that in the middle of 1916, for a generous remuneration, she intended to pull into a conspiracy with the aim of murdering Rasputin some "mysterious greatness adventurers."

But every time the friend of the royal family, as if unclean power, went out dry out of the water. However, on the night of December 17, 1916, nothing could save Rasputin, the will of the conspiracy in the palace of the influential aristocrat of Prince Felix Yusupova.

Further events are set forth in numerous variations, since the lack of reliable information and genuine documents complicates the attempts of researchers to restore the uniform picture of the crime. The main sources are the memories of Felix Yusupov and Vladimir Purishkevich - sin with frank discrepancies and historians are not inclined to completely trust them.

There is no unambiguous opinion and at the expense of the chief perpetrator of the crime - the customer of the murder. Researchers have serious reason to assume that there were quite certain forces behind the silence of the conspiracy. However, first we will stop at the main actors of the night incident.

Stanislav Lazovitet

The doctor who was supposed to pour poison Rasputin - in this way the conspirators intended to be divided with the royal favorite. If worked, then Lazapes would become the only killer. But to the overall disappointment of conspirators, no cakes with cyanide potassium, neither poisoned wine did not affect Rasputin. Whether the body of the Siberian man was too strong, or the poison could be neutralized in some way, or instead of the poison, there was a harmless powder.

Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich

Prosecutors of the cousin Nikolai II hint at his conflict with Rasputin. According to this version, the intrigue Rasputin, which spread rumors about "bad illness" Dmitry, upset the marriage of the Grand Duke with the daughter of King Olga Nikolaevna. Researcher Andrei Martyanov assure that it was Dmitry, who eased the obscurity, made decisive shots to Rasputin. However, the indecision of the Grand Duke, the desire to "let go of Rasputin with the world" after an unsuccessful attempt of poisoning make it, rather, an accomplice of the crime.

Felix Yusupov

Yusupov wrote: "After all my meetings with Rasputin, everything was seen and he heard, I finally made sure that it was hidden all the evil and the main reason for all the unfortunately of Russia: there will be no Rasputin, there will be no Satanic power, in the hands of which the sovereign and Empress.

It was Felix that became a central studio of the conspiracy: he prepared the room of his palace as the formation of a bloody act, he undertook to raise Rasputin's poison, he also produced the first shot. However, Yusupov expressed the desire to eliminate the elder only after the indictment speech of the monarchist Purishkevich deputy to Rasputin.

Vladimir Purishkevich

The scandalidist and the provocateur, as colleagues were painted, Purishkevich was unpredictable in his actions. The resonant presentation of the odious deputy on November 19, 1916 in the Duma unequivocally revealed his intentions: "Rasputin is a fatal person for the dynasty and, of course, for Russia."

Purishkevich confessed that at one time she tried to convince the palace commandant Dedyulina to create a suitable environment for the elimination of Rasputin. However, Dedyulin, according to the deputy, did not jerked to take up this case, since "the slightest face of the person who would wish to save Russia from this ulcers, would cost the head of the initiator."

Judging by Purishkevich's diary, it was he who made the last shots in the elder. But the role of the civil servant was clearly unable to him.

Version dioxide

Representatives of the Russian elites, perhaps, no one else, were interested in eliminating Rasputin. In the "intestate influence of an elder on the yard", the aristocracy saw a threat and existing regime, and its position.

"More shameful time did not have to worry. Nowadays Russia is not the king, but the Rasputin passes, who says loudly that it does not need the queen in it, and more he, Nikolai. Is it not horror! " - Such a record appeared in the diary of the owner of the secular salon Alexandra Bogdanovich.

Many influential persons - from Peter Stolypin and Mikhail Rodzianko to Alexander Guccov and Vladimir Dzhunkovsky - attempted to bring the "passing" to clean water, but whenever, not finding evidence, failed.

However, no confirmation that the major political figures of the empire could stand at the head of the conspiracy, no.

Masonic version

She put forward supporters of the "Theory of International Conspirement". They are confident that influential oligarchic surnames that generate the "transnational government" have built plans to eliminate monarchical regimes of Europe. It was Rasputin that was an obstacle to the collapse of the largest monarchy, which could occur after the binding of Russia into the global conflict.

A conspiracy theory with all its conspiracy stamps has very clear argumentation. Its adherents draw attention to the strange coincidence of the time of two events: the attempt to Rasputin in the village of Pokrovsky on June 29, 1914 and the provocative killing of the Austrian Ersgertzog Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, which gave rise to the beginning of the war.

It is known that in 1912, when Russia was ready to intervene in the Balkan conflict for the first time, Rasputin convinced the king not to enter the war. Count Witte wrote in his memoirs: "He (Rasputin) pointed out all the disastrous results of the European Fire, and the Arrow of History turned differently. War was prevented. "

"The first shots of the Russian revolution"

So historians dubbed the murder of Rasputin, which became the first in a series of bloody events of those who ended up with the revolutions and the fall of the monarchy. However, it is not clear how many times in Rasputin was shot. Call numbers from 3 to 11.

Based on the memories of Yusupov and Purishkevich, Rasputin shot 5 times. One shot made the prince, and the final four already on the running elder - a deputy, and the first two - past the goal.

But what writes the forensic medical expert Dmitry Kosorotov, who participated in the opening of the body of Rasputin. According to his conclusion, the first shot was made in the left side, the second - in the back and the final one - in the forehead. The first and last shots were made from a close distance, as traces of the weapon Scoot remained, the second - from the far.

So, the first bullet Yusupov, released in the house, and the second - Purishkevich - after the "wounded" Rasputin - coincide with the conclusion of Seros. However, the deputy reports another one exact shot - in the head. The results of the examination and photographs of the Rasputin corpse do not leave doubts: the last time was shot in the forehead at close range. So, the control shot was an unknown person?

British mark

The investigator of Scotland Yard Richard Cullen and the Russian pathologist Andrei Zharov, when studying photographs, came to the conclusion that all three bullets that fell into Rasputin were different caliber. This circumstance prompted Callen to get to the truth.

On the eve of the revolution in St. Petersburg, the British Sis Intelligence Service was posted, which was active. Her key figure was Major John Skeil, which penetrated the top echelons of the Russian yard. In the reports sent by Skale, the mention of Rasputin is very often found, which is encrypted under the code phrase "dark forces". From the conversations with his daughter Skäil Cullen found out that her father expressed his intention to kill Rasputin, "who possessed the strong aura of evil."

"Although not everything was carried out in accordance with the plan, our goal was achieved. The news of the destruction of the "dark forces" was adopted favorably, "such a message was sent to British intelligence in London after the murder of Rasputin.

Was Britain interested in eliminating Rasputin? More than. The separable world on which Rasputin insisted, allowed the German troops to free up about 350 thousand soldiers for transfer to the Western Front. And this for London was equivalent to a catastrophe.

But the Forin office led a double game. England also had a beneficial defeat of her ally on the Entente of Russia, which would open the road to the royal fleet into Turkish straits and would strengthen the geopolitical position of Britain on the continent.

But who did the check shot in Rasputin? Another face of British intelligence, which was in that fatal night at the murder's place, Oswald Reiner, friend Yusupov, about which Felix mentions in his memoirs. It is curious that in an obituary to the death of Reiner also indicates that he was in the palace on the murder night.

But why does None of the participants in the events mention the Englishman? Perhaps he was one of the conspirators? Experts with a computer method left the photos of Reiner and Dr. Lazzitet - it turned out one person.

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