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How to connect the second TV to the receiving tricolor

Many owners of satellite receiver and television prefixes IPTV Settopbox are asked - how to connect the second TV. The fact is that technologically, this equipment (well, for a very rare exception) does not provide for connecting more than one TV. For the second, it is necessary to acquire an additional receiver or console. In the case of digital television from Rostelecom, Beeline and HD TV from The correct connection scheme of the second TV looks like this:

Two TVs to the console Rostelecom Beeline

To connect the second satellite receiver (for a tricolor, for example), a special divider is also needed, from which each of the receivers is associated with a separate cable.

Ricolor Kit Two TV Two TV Receiver

But here's a financial question, unfortunately, often it turns out to be decisive and people are trying to save all possible ways. Therefore, looking at the presence of several connectors on the back panel of the digital receiver, they conclude that it is still possible to use one set on two TVs. Yes, in fact, this is possible, but with some restrictions that are unacceptable for many.

1 - on both TV will be shown the same channel.

2 - the remote control will be used one. Channel switching will require a hike to the next room to the receiver.

3 - There will have to buy long interface cables, and it can come out expensive. HDMI cable for 15 meters costs about 2500 rubles. Tulips will cost cheaper, but there is a restriction: no interference begins on the length of more than 15 meters.

If all this is not confused by anything, then I will proceed. Connecting the second TV to the satellite receiver or the IPTV console can be in one of the following methods.

1. Connect through a free connector

As I said, usually there are several outlets on the receiver. One busy, but the second is free. So let's try to connect the second TV to the console with it. Turn the device back to yourself and look at which ports are not busy.

Two TV to the console Rostelecom Beeline

If you are connected via HDMI - the usual RCA (tulips) is free and vice versa. Then we buy a cable for the desired port and cling to it.

Tricolor one set on two TVs to the receiver

Note: On some models of satellite receiver (usually older) there is another connector - RF Out. . If the connected TV is old and there is no HDMI port on it, and the tulips are already busy - connect through it.

2. Modulators and dividers

You can connect two TVs to the console or receiver using a pair of specialized devices - a high-frequency modulator and a special divider. The RF modulator is connected via RCA tulips with the receiver, and then with a divider in a high-frequency cable. And then you already connect the TVs to the divider.

How to connect two TVs to one receiver or console

Note: On some models of RF modulators there are not one, but several outputs. In this case, the divider is not needed.

P.S. As a conclusion, I repeat - for a comfortable work, I would still advise you to "strangle the toad" and scatter on the second receiver of the equipment or a special kit on two TVs. More nerve and time will save.

Digital television is a very necessary service in the house. Only she will allow you to watch television channels in the most clear and high-quality display. And the largest operator in Russia, which offers not only digital television services, but also broadband Internet access is Provider Rostelecom. More than 100,000,000 Russian residents chose him as their telecommunications operator.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

However, subscribers often have a question: how to connect the second TV to Rostelek, so that the interactive TV can be viewed on all television receivers in the house. In this article, we will consider all possible options.

Standard equipment set from Rostelecom

Interactive television from Rostelecom is not only high-quality broadcasting of TV channels live, but also the ability to choose any content for viewing through broadband Internet: rental of films, karaoke collection, access to the archives of telecast, network games, online shopping, email, banking services, etc. etc.

IP-TV is the maximum control over content and the viewing process, as well as unhindered Internet access directly from the TV screen. But that such a service is available to your telephoneial, he needs a special STB prefix.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Today, the Rostelecom of such TV consoles has more than 10 models based on different technologies:

  • ADSL - a signal is fed by a telephone cable (average transmission rate of 10 Mbps.);
  • PON - on a fiber optic cable (average speed indicators - 100 Mbps., But with particularly good conditions it can come in and 1 Gb / s.);
  • Wi-Fi - on a wireless LAN (speed in the range of 25 -50 Mbps.).

All consoles Rostelecom perform one single function - they enhance the signal, which is transmitted through the global network. These are such mini-computers that have their own software and individual settings, but they are able to transmit the signal only to 1 TV. That is, each TV in the house needs your digital receiver.

To connect the STB-console, you need to do the following actions, depending on the selected method.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Option with cable

  • Go to the router settings and find the IGMP Proxu section - "MOCT" .
  • Specify the LAN-port number in which you will install the cable.
  • overload the router;
  • Run the Ethernet cable from the router to the location of the TV;
  • Connect the LAN cable to the console;
  • Console Connect with a TV with a HDMI cable or ordinary tulip;
  • Connect the prefix to the network, turn on the TV and adjust the settings (in the Peer "video" ).

Wi-Fi option

There are two ways:

  • You can use a USB-WiFi adapter;
  • Or connect using Motorola media bridges.

In the first case, you only need to use such a device that is compatible with STB and is able to logically recognize Wi-Fi and LAN ports. You can also buy a simple access point, which is capable of working in a Wi-Fi client mode.

However, it will be preferable to connect using Motorola VAP2400 media bridges. Additional equipment, of course, will require financial investments, but it will allow you to organize a sustainable and reliable connection. The fact is that a mediamost uses a rather unpopular frequency - 5 GHz, so there will be no extraneous interference in the signal delivery, and it can be transferred to very long distances.

Schematically, the Wi-Fi connection looks simple: the Internet enters the apartment to the WiFi router, and it is fed to the TV console with a USB adapter. The STB device connects to the HDMI cable TV.

Option Plc.

Such a connection scheme will be relevant in homes where there is no local wireless network. To connect PLC adapters from Rostelecom does not need a complex scheme. The kit consists of two POWERLINE adapters and several short Ethernet wires.

One Ethernet cable will need to connect the router with the first PLC device, which is connected to the nearest outlet. The second Ethernet cable is connected to the HDTV and the second PLC adapter, which also set to the nearest outlet.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Both PLC devices quickly and without any additional settings will detect each other and independently organize a connection through electrical wiring in the walls.

But is it possible to connect two TVs to Rostelecom? What are the options?

Second TV Connection Options

Of course, connect the service of interactive television to the house and watch it only on one TV, not at all interesting. After all, several generations live in the apartment at once, each of which has its own media preferences. Children will be interested in entertainment and cartoon channels, adult generation will like the television shows, the dad will vote for football, moms - for the series, etc.

So that the sorry in the family was not, IPTV is better to spend in each room. And here there are several convenient options:

  • via RCA connector;
  • Through special equipment from Rostelecom
  • or using a signal modulator.

Via RCA connector

How to connect two TVs to one console? Very simple: Using all possible ports. If the first television is connected via an HDMI connector, then the second can be connected via AV cable. This connection scheme has one serious disadvantage: IPTV will work on both TVs, but you can only watch the broadcast from one channel.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

To connect the second TV to the console, you will have to purchase the connecting composite cable RCA of the desired length. Connect the cable to the receiver, observing the color marking of plugs and sockets, and see digital television at once on two TV shows.

If you do not really like the limitations of the selection of TV channels, then you can make another connection - through two separate consoles

Special Equipment Rostelecom

The provider understands the needs of its subscribers well, therefore there is another practical solution for connecting digital television from Rostelecom is online Telekard. OnLime Telecard is a device that is installed in a special television slot of the CI standard or CI + and simply activated by the provider. Immediately after the activation of the map, more than 100 digital and HD channels will be available.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Signal modulator and divider

Another practical option for connecting two TVs to one Rostelecom console - using a signal modulator and a divider.

The radio frequency signal modulator is a device that converts video and audio signals with a low frequency into a decimeter channel. If you do not go into technical terms, then this is a device that helps to distribute television signals at once to several TVs, depending on the number of outputs.

Connecting an external RF modulator is carried out using a conventional antenna coaxial cable. Such a device is a device operating from the mains, with audio and video inputs (composite, RGB, YUV, etc.) and one output.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

In order for the transformed signal to be divided into a large number of TVs in the house, you will need another productive device - splitter or ether divider.

Connection diagram looks like this:

  • In the input slot (AV IN) of the external high-frequency modulator, you need to connect the source A / V signal;
  • further with the RCA cable (bells) connects the STB-prefix;
  • The divider is connected to the modulator by a coaxial cable;
  • And all the TVs in the apartment are connected to the divider and configure.

If there is a sufficient number of RCA connectors in the RF-modulator model, then the divider can not be bought.

On the modulator housing there are buttons and an electronic scoreboard on which the number of the frequency meter or decimeter channel will be displayed, which will be transmitted. If there is a need to add a separate modulator signal to the network, connect the antenna cable to the corresponding jack and make sure that the carrier frequencies of the two devices do not coincide.

Using the PLC adapter

If you do not want the wires of the wires spoil the appearance of your home, consider the use option to connect the PLC adapters that we described above.

Plc adapters are an excellent and modern solution of the wired network, but without unnecessary plinning wires. All signals pass on the electrical wiring hidden.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

You just need to buy a separate adapter in the house for each TV. Connection for each TV will be performed on such instructions:

  • One Ethernet cable Connect the router into the free jack and connect the PLC device to it to be included in the outlet;
  • Second Ethernet cable Connect to a television console, while the opposite end is set to the second PLC device, which will also be turned on into the outlet;
  • Coupling with a TV.

As for the signal transmission rate using Power Line Communications (PLC) technology, the latest models are able to issue up to 200 and even 500 Mbps. On the PLC adapter enclosure there are several signals (POWER LINE (PLC / ACT), Ethernet (ETH / ACT), POWER (PWR)) and in the color of their LEDs you can determine the connection level.

PowerLine is one of the varieties of wired compound, so the network is obtained very reliable, stable, fully protected from any interference and capable of transmitting high definition television signals.

In general, PLC adapters work perfectly and without any preliminary settings, but if there are some kind of equipment on the same phase (near the neighbors, for example), it may be possible to conflict a connection or a serious load on the network. To avoid such situations, you should configure network security.

Instructions for installing a secure network on two PLC devices:

  • On the PLC adapter enclosure there is a special "Security" button. Press it and hold 10-15 seconds to reset all settings if the device has already been used earlier.
  • After that, heal the same button on two devices simultaneously for 5-10 seconds (a new NMK key is generated).
  • Press the security button on the first device (for seconds 3) and clutch the "Security" button for 120 seconds (for 3 seconds).
  • Wait for the power indicators on both devices will flash evenly, with a second interval. When the connection is established successfully, two indicators should burn on each PLC adapter: power and communication. If one of them did not catch up, it means that the connection is not set, the setup procedure will have to be repeated.
How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Instructions for installing a secure network on three PLC devices:

  • Two adapters are connected to a secure network on the first instruction, and to connect the third device to them, clamp the "Security" button on the connected adapter for 5-10 seconds (resetting the settings).
  • Again for 3 seconds, press the security button on the plug-in device.
  • Within 30 seconds you will need to press the same "Security" button on the first or second device (for 3 seconds).
  • Look at the indicators of the new PLC device and wait for a successful connection.

Pay special attention to the fact that in the network filters or the extensions of the PowerLine devices cannot be connected! Only in stationary outlets. In many models of adapters, there is its own socket, that is, when the device is turned on, the socket is free.

The length of the PowerLine network adapters is limited only to the long wiring (to the meter or transformer). With the help of these devices, you can organize such a remote network where the Wi-Fi signal simply does not get.

Buying a second console Rostelecom

If you want to get two independent TV with your digital channel package, then you will need to make another contract with the operator on an additional TV receiver and buy another console. Menuing the router does not have to simply need a device with multiple network ports. One RTK-prefix will be connected to one LAN connector, and then the tuner for the second TV.

Just connect the second console to the TV you can not, as it needs to provide a connection to the Internet. On the rear receiver panel there is a special connector under the RJ-45 interface, and we will install an Ethernet cable.

How can you connect 2 TVs to Rostelek do it yourself IPTV

Measure the distance from the router to the second TV and buy the desired ethernet cable length. The connection will be similar to the standard method: Router connect with Rostelecom with the receiver, the latter is connected to a TV via HDMI or RCA cables and conduct equipment setting. Now each TV will have its own prefix, and therefore television will be independent. So you can connect the third and fourth point in the house.

Experts warn that in a hurry to connect the prefix on the day of signing the contract should not be, as it may simply do not give any result. The processing of all data and related documents after signing the contract takes up to 24 hours, therefore, during this period, digital TV will not work.

Free way to watch television on two TVs

First of all, consoles and televisions today are quite modern. They give serious opportunities to their owners. When setting up the TV, technical specialists of OJSC Rostelecom connect it to the television console using the HDMI cable. But there are other connectors on the decoder, TV, including A / V, which remain free. How to connect the second TV to the network

The most important thing is that your TV has the ability to connect via A / V. If so, it is enough to connect the so-called "tulip" cables to TV and decoder.

This method practically does not require configuration. You do not need to buy additional services at Rostelecom. However, you can only transmit one image. You have turned on the channel on the first TV - it will also be included on the second TV. For more detailed instructions for setting up TV broadcasts on two devices using "Tulip" can be found in the video below:

Requirements for devices

For the correct operation of IPTV on two TVs connected to one decoder, you will need

  • The receiver itself (prefix), to which you can connect yourself or use the services of the Rostelecom Master;
  • Signal separators.
  • Free access to high-speed Internet;
  • remote controls;
  • Cables for connecting devices.

The TVs themselves are presented with minimal requirements - HDMI, "Tulip" or SCART port.

Methods for connecting two TVs to Rostelecom

Immediately, it should be noted that one decoder cannot deliver different content to several devices at the same time. This feature is not provided by the manufacturer from the very beginning. STB does not have sufficient powers to perform this task. In addition, the receiver software also cannot work asynchronously in several threads.

With the help of the console

If you look at the rear of the console, then notice that the video signal can be transmitted through different ports. If your TV supports these formats, you can use your own for each of them. The most important thing is to buy all kinds of cables of the desired length.

There are three types of sockets.

  • HDMI is a modern connector that allows you to transmit high-quality multimedia content along with a multichannel audio signal;
  • RCA - This port in the people is called the "tulip" port. (sound is transmitted only as stereo);
  • RF OUT - to transmit data from very old devices (poor image and sound quality).

The most common choice for the TV is nearby is a highlight port. However, it is better to use HDMI for the main TV, which provides better image quality and sound.

Multi-Multiple Service

Multirom is a paid service from OJSC Rostelecom, which allows you to watch programs on several TVs. The transfer passes smoothly on all TVs, but without a second console you can only play the same channel at the same time. Another disadvantage of this method is that users often have to connect additional devices and lay additional cables.

Service Connection:

  1. Enter the Personal Cabinet of OJSC Rostelecom using a computer or smartphone.
  2. Select "TV" - "View the connected tariff".
  3. The service "Multi-channel" has been added to the tariff. Large operation
  4. Pay for the cost of the first month.

After applying, you pay for the first month, connect the second TV and enjoy the TV viewing.


Some Rostelecom digital decoder connectors are not used. For example, the RCA cable output remains unused, since more modern HDMI is used to connect to the TV. However, with RCA and splitter, you can send a signal to 2 TV simultaneously.

Separators are sold at any store where televisions and other household appliances are sold. Their cost does not exceed 100 rubles. A little more difficult to find the RCA cable, but it is also not a problem for who wants to use interactive television on several receivers.

After you have purchased all the necessary equipment, you can start connecting the decoder to devices in your apartment or house:

  1. Insert the RCA cable in the decoder.
  2. Connect the splitter to the cable.
  3. Insert the ends of the cables into the switchgear.
  4. Connect one cable to each TV in the appropriate connector.


The disadvantage of this method of using interactive television services on two TVs is simultaneously simplicity and evidence. In this case, as in the case of the HDMI cable, the same signal will be transmitted to both receiver. Therefore, people in both rooms will see the same picture and hear the same sound. This process can manage a person, in whose room is the RTC decoder.

PLC adapter

This is another device that allows you to transmit a signal. The PLC adapter is a device that connects to the outlet and distributes an electrical output signal. Such a device is sold by Rostelecom himself, so you can be sure that this method works.

To use interactive television on two TVs, you need

  • Insert the first adapter into the outlet.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to it.
  • Insert another adapter into another outlet and connect a similar cable from the console.
  • Connect an additional TV to the network using the third adapter.

PLC adapter

This method works well, allowing you not only to enjoy the services of interactive television, but also use the Internet on an additional TV. True, this requires simultaneous installation of 3 adapters. It is good just that their cost is not so high, so this option will still be cheaper than buying another console.

Multiscreen from Rostelecom

This service is provided free of charge. You have a subscription to, connected interactive television. You watch the canal on one TV, and then stop watching it. You can then continue viewing on another device. A separate connection service is not required. Connects automatically.

It is convenient, but the essence of the service is that the viewing is accurately transferred from one device to another. And we need a broadcast on two TVs at the same time. If you wonder, it can be achieved. However, it is important that the second TV is modern enough. It must be able to transfer another gadget screen. Therefore, you turn on the TV, such as a smartphone, and then activate the transmission on another TV. Your smartphone becomes a kind of intermediary. The second TV, roughly speaking, becomes a monitor. So for this you do not need a prefix or additional options. Learn more about multi-screen mode: //


This method is implemented using a USB WiFi adapter. To connect, use a device compatible with STB and able to recognize Wi-Fi and LAN ports. The USB adapter can also be easily replaced by a simple access point capable of working as Wi-Fi client.

Configuring Wi-Fi Connection:

  1. The Internet cable is supplied to the house and connects to the WiFi router.
  2. It sends a signal to a decoder via a USB adapter.

Then plug the decoder to the TV using the HDMI cable.

How to output different content on different TV

All of the above methods for which you do not need to buy a second console, allow you to broadcast only synchronous content on your TVs. To view various content on two TVs, you must purchase separate decoders for each TV.



The TV service from Rostelecom allows you to enjoy watching your favorite programs on multiple screens at the same time. However, just so turn on the prefix and wait that TV will work everywhere - it is impossible. Typically, you need to configure or an additional service connection so that everything is correctly broadcast and no problems have arisen with the provider itself.

Methods of connection

Rostelecom allows you to view the channels on several TVs using a number of receptions. They are divided by Two types:

  1. You need to buy a second console.
  2. You can do with one prefix.

Connection methods are also distinguished, and there are a lot of workarounds that allow you to save money (but, alas, not the time), and all connect it yourself, without attracting Rostelecom in general.

Without using the second console

When you order the TV service from Rostelecom, you need to purchase or rent a receiver, which will produce signals, and will allow you to watch TV shows. Those times were passed when the wire could be connected directly to the TV and enjoy the "reception". Now all services are provided through consoles.

They are quite expensive - for example, the cheapest rental of the standard console from Rostelecom will cost additional 100 rubles per month, and the equipment redemption rarely costs less than 3-4 thousand rubles. How to connect the second TV and save - there are several options here.

Main method

The first way is to use the capabilities of the prefix itself and your TVs. As a rule, Rostelecom technique is connected to the TV to the console through the HDMI output. At the same time, additional A / V connectors remain on the console.

If your second TV supports the usual A / V connection, then you will need to simply connect the "tulips" to it.

Benefits: No need to pay extra for subscriptions and services, everything is configured in 5 minutes, a reliable connection

disadvantages : Simultaneously translated the same image - you can not watch different channels on different TV.


Multi-service service is offered by Rostelecom itself for an additional fee. It allows you to watch broadcasts on a few TV, however there are pitfalls here.

Advantages of the method: All officially, broadcasts are calmly goes on all TVs, plus the control functions are available.

The disadvantages of the method: for an additional fee, without a second console on all TVs, only the same channel can simultaneously play; Supplementary equipment and wire laying may be required.

To connect Multiform, you need:

  1. Log in to Personal Cabinet Rostelecom on the site.
  2. Select the TV section and view your tariff.
  3. Add to tariffemults.
  4. Pay for the cost of the first month.

After that, you can connect the second TV and enjoy watching.


Another official function of Rostelecom, which provides the opportunity to watch television on different gadgets. At the same time, to connect the second TV, it will be necessary to show a mixture - it will not be directly connected directly.

Multiscreen is available in pre-installed form in almost all tariff plans. It gives to make a transfer to any third-party gadget - for example, on a phone or tablet. At the same time, if your second TV supports the ability to connect and demonstrate the screen of another gadget, then you have the opportunity to look with one console on two TVs to such a cunning way.

Benefits : Everything is officially, do not additionally pay, the broadcast is high quality

disadvantages : A complex system of connecting the screen (for a long time to mess around), the ability to control the viewing is cut, a mediator gadget is required (tablet or smartphone).

However, this method works. At the same time, your TV serves as a simple monitor, and the broadcast itself goes in the system of your gadget.

Interactive TV.

An interactive TV service allows you to watch television via the Internet. You can watch without connecting the second console - the main thing is that your second TV is with access to the Internet, and the connection turned out to be quite stable.

Interactive TV connects over the basic tariff plan - for this you need the first console and the first connected TV. You must register in the service and pay on top of the subscription of interactive TV. They will become available in the appendix on your first TV.

On the second, the interactive TV can be viewed through the built-in browser - it is enough to enter a login and password, and all your subscriptions will be pulled into your personal office on Thus, the need for the second console disappears, although the basic channels can be available not in full with such a connection.

Benefits : Favorable tariffs, a huge collection of films and serials, access from any place (the main availability of the Internet), does not require additional settings

disadvantages : On the second TV it may not work through the program from Stors, you will have to use a browser; Additional costs on the service subscription, the basic channels may not be available without connecting the second console.

PLC adapter

The adapter is an adapter that connects simply into the outlet and distributes the signal around the apartment. If your second TV is able to catch it (and most of the modern equipment is capable of it), then you will be delivered from the need to lay the cable to the second device.

Benefits : Everything works, fast setting, the adapter also enhances the signal (you can put the TV to the far from the room's console).

disadvantages : For adapters you need to pay - Rostelecom offers them at a low cost, but it still can be essential.


Another sufficiently costly, but a reliable way is to buy several devices, with which you can modulate the signal and carry out its branch. You will need a high frequency modulator and divider.

Connection diagram:

  1. First connect the modulator to the console - use the RCA connector.
  2. Connect high frequency cable.
  3. Connect the modulator and divider through the cable.
  4. Divide outputs to two TVs.
  5. Enjoy!

Benefits : Reliability, simplicity of connection, the divider may not be required at all if you buy a modulator with optional connectors.

disadvantages : It is necessary to acquire additional equipment (modulator and divider) and adjust it to your own risk.

Using the second console

The easiest and most appropriate way is to just buy a second prefix and revise your cash relations with Rostelecom. Even at the formation stage of the application on the site, you can choose two consoles immediately. So Rostelecom himself will configure everything, the connection will be stable. And most importantly - each of the TVs will be able separately to broadcast different transmissions. That is, if your child wants cartoons, and you have a series, you do not have to argue. Almost all connections through one console do not give such a function - only the second receiver.

Connection occurs according to the standard scheme - you order the second console Rostelecom, it is brought to you, connect and adjust. Everything works as usual, and does not require to guess.

Benefits : Officially, quickly, without problems, you can watch different programs on different TVs, does not require additional settings.

disadvantages : Costs - for an additional console and package of services.

However, since all the less official and more complex methods often still require costs (sometimes even large than the acquisition of the second receiver!), In the end, this is the most profitable option. At the same time, you can use all the functions of Rostelecom on two TVs, and the view will be as comfortable as possible.

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