How to independently disable Windows 7 updates forever?

How to disable Windows 7 updates?

In our current article will be given Various ways to disable Windows 7 updates On your computer. Microsoft continues to update the current editorial board of its operating systems. This is necessary to increase productivity and speed, introducing new features, improve security, as well as to correct various flaws, bugs and errors observed in previous releases of Windows 7.

Users of licensed windows 7 can safely be updated to more fresh releases, while the owners of the pirated versions of the "seven" are not recommended to do this. Developers do not cease to fight unofficial (hacked) software products, respectively, one or another update can significantly limit the functionality and block the tools important to you.

Even being a user of the official Windows, it is worth thinking if the next auto-update will bring real benefits? In most cases, the application in which failures are observed, will independently report on the need to upgrade. If your computer works quickly, stably and productively, there are no errors in the system, and there is also a reliable antivirus, you can completely disable updates with a calm soul or temporarily postpone this procedure until it really needs.

Consider the main reasons, in connection with which the Update Center should be deactivated:

  1. You use the Pirate version of OS Windows 7 . There is a high probability of violating the performance and performance of many software components;
  2. Little space on the system disk . The size of the packages with corrections is quite large, which means you risk losing the latest free gigabytes on the hard drive.
  3. Internet speed limit or complete lack of traffic . At best, Windows simply will not be able to upload content, in worst - communication with Microsoft servers will be lost during the download and installation of Windows 7 updates, which will most likely lead to critical errors in the process of the ignition.

Where to turn off automatic download and installing updates?

  1. Open the "Start" and go to the control panel;
  2. Select the "Windows Update Center" item (if on the right at the top is activated by the "Category" viewer, for more convenience, switch to the display of major icons);
  3. In the next window, click on the "Settings Settings" line located on the left side of the Windows interface menu;
  4. We are interested in the "Important Updates" option, select the "Do not check the availability of updates (not recommended)";
  5. You can also remove ticks from two settings below: "Recommended" ("Receive in the same way as important") and "who can install" ("Allow all users");
  6. It remains to press the OK key to confirm the changes made.

In this case, the system will continue to search for default updates, but will not be able to install them without your consent. Now the user will be able to update only in manual mode from the "Load Center". Just click the "Check Updates" button.

How to disable Windows 7 update completely?

To completely shuttens off WinUpdate CENTER of the Windows 7 operating system, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to "Start", open the "Control Panel" and find the section "Administration";
  2. Double click on the left mouse button on the service item;
  3. A window with a list of services opens, among which you need to find the Windows Update Center;
  4. Press the right mouse button on the foundation found and in the drop-down context menu, select "Properties";
  5. In the General tab, set the start type: "disabled" and click the "Stop" button;
  6. To confirm the changes, click "Apply" and then OK;
  7. After that, the OS will stop checking the availability of updates and carry out them automatically.

Prohibit downloading updates via the command line

  1. We go to the "Start" menu and start typing "Command Line" in the search window;
  2. Run the application found on behalf of the administrator (click on it with the right mouse button and select the appropriate item);
  3. In the interface of the interpreter sequentially Enter two teams (after each press ENTER) :

    and then:

    REG Add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Currentversion \ WindowsUpdate \ Auto Update" / V Auoptions / T reg_dword / d 1 / f 

  4. Wait for the successful completion of the operation and close the Windows Console by entering Exit.

How to remove OS notifications?

After performing actions from all the above items described, the operating system will stop updating, but will continue to issue obsessive messages that the user should be updated. Reminders will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

If you are annoyed notice data, you should do the following:

  1. Pay attention to the system tray (right side of the taskbar), which displays the red crossed flag;
  2. Click on this checkbox, in the menu that appears, select "Open Support Center" (if there is no such function, you can get into the same section from the control panel);
  3. In the opened interface on the left, click "Setting the Support Center";
  4. The "Disable or Enable Message" window will appear, you can remove the ticks in front of the items unnecessary to you, including: updates, spyware protection, Internet security settings, accounting records, network firewall, virus protection, archiving and so on;
  5. Confirm the changes by pressing the OK key;
  6. Finish, you managed to remove the red cross in the tray.

What to do so that the PC or laptop does not reboot after installing updates?

Consider how to cancel the reboot of the computer:

  1. Clean the Win + R key combination and enter gpedit.msc. ;
  2. The "Editor of the Local Group Policy" opens;
  3. Go along the path: "Computer Configuration" - "Administrative Templates" - "Windows components" - "Update Center";
  4. On the right side of the screen, a list of various parameters is presented, you need a double click of the selection string "Do not automatically reboot ...";
  5. Select "Enable" and save new settings;
  6. Important moment! Now you need to apply changes in group policy files, it is done on the command line;

  7. Run the console with administrator rights, enter the command GPUPDATE / FORCE and click enter. You will again open the Windows 7 Group Policy Editor.

Where to disable drivers for drivers?

Another of the problems for many users, ranging from the old-kind Windows XP, ending with modern 8.1 and 10, is the service of the driver of the drivers. On the one hand, the function carries a certain utility, on the other, it may be unnecessary if the PC or Laptop has recently been recently updated and works properly and productively, without any negative failures. In any case, the option can be turned on manually, at any time convenient for you.

  1. Open the "Control Panel", go to "Equipment and Sound";
  2. Next, you need to go to "devices and printers";
  3. Find the icon with the name of your computer, the right click of the mouse over it open the context menu and select "Device Installation Settings";
  4. A window will appear with the message "Do you want to download drivers and realistic icons for devices?";
  5. First, click "No, to grant the choice", then "never install ...";
  6. Do not forget to click the "Save" button located at the bottom of the screen.

Miniature updateWindows operating system is constantly being improved by its developers - Microsoft. After the release of the OS, a plurality of patches were released, the purpose of which is to increase productivity, eliminate dangerous vulnerabilities, eliminate the causes of bugs, errors and freezes and so on. To load patches automatically, it was decided to make a special utility - the update center. He also finds and downloads the latest drivers for your devices. This article describes how to disable the regular update of Windows 7, and why it may be necessary. Work center update

The reasons

Despite the greater benefit that the update center carries, many users want to stop his work and turn off the receipts of updates. The most common reasons:

  • Pirate version of windows. Together with patch, the means for checking activation are downloaded. They are improving with time and learn to calculate the activator programs.
  • Traffic restriction. If you do not have an unlimited Internet (or its speed is extremely small), the constant downloads of new data can deliver a lot of discomfort. Special is actual for people using 3G / 4G modems.
  • Delay when completing work. The updates are wency during the day and are installed when you turn off the personal computer. It may not be very convenient if you need to quickly reboot the system, and you are forced to wait until everything is established.
  • Incorrect work. Some users complain about the occurrence of various errors after installing certain patches. An example of an error after auto-update

Disable auto updates

The easiest way to disable the automatic update of Windows 7 is to properly configure the update center. To do this, you will need to do the following:

  1. Click on the update center icon in the tray. If it is not there, run the "Start" menu.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Go to the section called "System and Security".
  4. Run the update Center. Settings
  5. On the left menu, click on the "Settings" hypersdle.
  6. In the "Important Updates" section, select "Do Not Check Availability". Item not check availability
  7. Click "OK" and close the center.

You can also choose the option "Search, but the download decisions are accepted by me." In this case, you can run download when you are comfortable (for example, while watching the film).

Disable service

There is another, more radical method. Instead of configuring the update center, you can completely disable it. At the same time, this will save you some system resources and increase the download speed and completion of the system.

To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Call the Start menu.
  2. Go to "Control Panel".
  3. Open the category "System and Security".
  4. Go to the "Administration" tab. Administration - Services
  5. Run the utility "Services".
  6. Scroll through the represented list to the very end.
  7. Double-click on the Update Center (" Wuauserv ").
  8. In the column Type of startup Set the "Disabled" option. Select the option disabled
  9. Click on the "Stop" button.
  10. Click "OK" and close the window.

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How to disable Windows 7 update (2 methods)

By default, Windows 7 includes the automatic download and update option. The operating system downloads the packages of updates from the Microsoft server every time you connect the computer to the Internet. In the theory, automatic updates are useful, as the "holes" of the system are designed to fasten the files, modify the files and optimize the Windows work, but in practice there are a number of reasons for which you should turn off Windows updates. Consider the main reasons:

  • There were cases when due to updates or due to critical errors during their installation there were failures that led to the inoperability of Windows;
  • Over time, the installed update packages are becoming more and more, and the free space on the system disk is less and less, which can lead to violations of Windows in the case of a small disk size C;
  • While downloading updates, the Internet speed can high (especially noticeable users with small Internet channels), also to some update users can hardly hit the pocket (if the Internet is limited or connected to payroll package);
  • Many annoying that during the installation of updates you cannot turn off the computer and sometimes it is sometimes to wait for the completion of the process.
  • Using the pirated version of Windows can limit the functionality of your operating system while trying to download updates;
  • There is still a whole list of less significant reasons that I will not consider in this article.

We turn directly to ways to disable Windows 7 updates.

How to disable Windows 7 update completely

To complete Windows 7 updates, you need to get into Windows Management. To do this click Start -> Control Panel -> Administration -> Services either Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administration -> Services .

Windows Management Windows

Scroll wheel scroll to the bottom and open the Windows Update Center. In the window that opens, select the start type "disabled", then click the Stop button and only then the "Apply" button.

how to disable Windows 7 update completely

You can close all open windows. Update Windows 7 is now completely disabled. If necessary, the update can be included in the same way.

How to disable Windows 7 automatic update

If you do not want to completely disable updates, you can only turn off the Windows 7 automatic update. At the same time, you will still have the ability to upload updates manually. To do this go Start -> Control Panel -> Windows Update Center either Start -> Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update Center Click "Setting the Settings" in the left menu.

Disable Windows 7 update

In the window that opens, select "Do not check the availability of updates (not recommended)", it is also desirable to remove the checkboxes below. Press "OK" at the bottom of the window to confirm the changes.

How to disable Windows 7 automatic update

Now the automatic update of Windows 7 is disabled. For manual download updates, you can go to the Windows Update Center at any time and click the "Check Updates" button.

Turn off the Windows 7 automatic update - how to do it?

Not every Windows 7 update brings the desired fruits and many users have an urgent question - how to disable automatic system update? Often, after the update, problems with sound or video card begin on the laptop, which delivers a lot of inconvenience.

In any case, it is better to wait for the updates to be tested on other devices and prove yourself from the best side (you can easily wait for mistakes on your laptop, who wants little). It turns out that it is better to turn off the automatic update of the system.

In this article, we will consider the main reasons why you need to disable this option and answer the question why many laptop users still use the "seven" or "eight", and do not go to Windows 10.

Why disable Windows 7 updates - key factors

There are a number of reasons why you may need to disable automatic operating system updates:

  • The Pirate version of the OS is installed on your laptop. With a constant OS update, the Microsoft system can give the user "Red Card" and fully restrict access to the system functionality. Disable auto updates will avoid this trouble;
  • Often, automatic system updates lead to the fact that the screen is displayed " Blue screen death »With a critical error. In this case, it will be difficult to fully restore the serviceable system, but to disconnect auto updates late;
  • If the hard disk does not have enough free space and does not differ in the capacity, it is better to abandon the continuous update even licensed product;
  • Some updates on the laptop pass for a very long time. Those who have already updated the system often faced the choice: wait for the end of installing updates (and well, if less than 1000), or disable this option and continue to work;
  • Disabling may be required if you use a modem with a limited limit of Internet traffic. Even a small package of updates can "eat" several GB traffic;
  • Small Internet connection? Then it is recommended to disable the automatic update of the system immediately. Otherwise, you will download the update package for several days, and even communication in social networks will turn into real flour.

Also, only these reasons are enough to disable Windows 7 auto-update forever and calmly enjoy work on your laptop.

How to disable the auto-update Windows 7 - we do everything quickly and efficiently

The procedure for disabling automatic updates will look like this:

  • Open the Start menu and click on the "Control Panel" string;
  • In the window that opens, we are looking for the section "System and Safety" and click on it;
  • When a new menu opens, we find the Windows Update Center and under it are looking for the "Enable and Disable Auto Update" section;
  • You will open the block with the "Important Updates" heading. Clicking on the active line, open the list and click on the record "Do not check the availability of updates (not recommended)";
  • Experts also recommend removing all marks opposite the inscriptions "Receive recommended updates in the same way as important", and "Allow all users to install updates to this computer".

After all the ticks are removed, it remains to press the "OK" button and the operation to disable automatic updates will be completed.

If you want to receive only important updates, then the main block with a list is not necessary, and the checkboxes still remove. Thus, your laptop will be installed only really important by, without additional widgets.

Brief results

There is a fair question - why did we consider the disconnection of auto updations on the example of Windows 7? The thing is that the maximum version of this OS is currently the most common and in demand among users. She "weighs" less than the conditional "eight" and "dozen", and also has a more familiar and understandable interface.

Disable updates in the Windows 7 operating system

Operating system updates are an important component of ensuring its performance and safety. Nevertheless, in certain situations the need to temporarily disable this process. Some users fundamentally disable updates at their own risk. We do not recommend this without a real need, but, nevertheless, consider the main ways to turn off the update in Windows 7.

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Ways to disable updates

There are several options for disabling updates, but all of them can be divided into two groups. In one of them, the actions are made through the Windows Update Center, and in the second - in the Service Manager.

Method 1: Control Panel

First of all, consider the most popular among users the solution to solve the task. This method provides for the transition to Windows update center through the control panel.

  1. Click on the button "Start" placed at the bottom of the screen. In the menu that opens, which is also called "Start" , move by name "Control Panel" .
  2. Go to the control panel through the Start menu in Windows 7

  3. Once in the root section of the control panel click by name "System and safety" .
  4. Switch to the System and Security section in the Windows 7 Pagnels window

  5. In a new window in the block "Windows Update Center" Click by subsection "Enable or disable automatic update" .
  6. Switching to the Enable or Disable Auto Update window in Windows 7

  7. Opens the tool where settings are adjusted. If you need to disable the exclusively automatic update, click on the field "Important updates" and from the drop-down list select one and options: "Download updates ..." or "Search for updates ..." . After selecting one of the options, click on the button Ok .

    Disabling automatic updates in the Enable or Disable Auto Update window in Windows 7

    If you wish to fully remove the system's ability to be updated, then in this case, in the above, the field requires a switch to the position "Do not check the availability of updates" . In addition, you need to remove the ticks from all the parameters in the window. After that we click on the button Ok .

Full disabling updates in the Enable or Disable Auto Update window in Windows 7

Method 2: "Run" window

But there is a faster option to get into the control panel section you need. This can be done using the window. "Run" .

  1. Call this tool using a key combination kit Win + R. . Enter the expression in the field:


    Click in Ok .

  2. Switch to Windows Update Using the Run window in Windows 7

  3. After that, the Windows Update Window window is launched. Click by name "Settings" which is located on the left side of the open window.
  4. Transition to the parameters to the update center window in Windows 7

  5. An already familiar to us by the previous way to enable or disable automatic updates window. We produce in it the same manipulations that we have already spoken above, depending on whether we all want to deactivate updates or only automatic.

Windows 7 Update Settings Window

Method 3: Service Manager

In addition, we can decide this task by disabling the relevant service in the Service Manager

  1. Go to Services Manager either through the window "Run" or through the control panel, as well as using the task manager.

    In the first case, call the window "Run" Pressing a combination Win + R. . Next, enter the command to it:


    Click Ok .

    Go to Services Manager through the Run window in Windows 7

    In the second case, go to the control panel in the same way that was described above, through the button "Start" . Then visiting the section again "System and safety" . And here in this window click on the name "Administration" .

    Go to Administration section from the Control Panel in Windows 7

    Next in the Administration section window click by position "Services" .

    Go to Services Manager from the Administration of the Control Panel in Windows 7

    The third option to go to the Services Manager provides for the use of the task manager. To start it, you type a combination Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC . Or click right-click on the taskbar located at the bottom of the screen. In the context list, choose the option "Run Task Manager" .

    Go to launch Task Manager through the context menu in Windows 7

    After starting the task manager, go to the tab "Services" , then click on the button with the same name at the bottom of the window.

  2. Switch to Services Manager via Task Manager in Windows 7

  3. Then the transition to the service dispatcher. In the window of this tool, looking for an element called "Windows Update Center" And allocate it. Move into the tab "Advanced" if you are in the tab "Standard" . Labels tabs are located at the bottom of the window. In the left part, click on the inscription "Stop service" .
  4. Stopping service in Windows Update in the Service Manager window in Windows 7

  5. After that, the service will be completely disabled. Instead of inscription "Stop service" In the appropriate site there will be an inscription "Run service" . And in the status of the object of the object will be disappeared "Works" . But in this case, it can be automatically started after restarting the computer.

The Windows Update Service Center is disabled in the Service Manager window in Windows 7

To block her work, even after restarting, there is a different disabling option in the Services Manager.

  1. To do this, simply twice with the left mouse button on the name of the relevant service.
  2. Switching to Windows Service Properties Window Reading Windows Update via Service Manager window in Windows 7

  3. After switching to the properties window, click on the field "Startup type" . A list of options opens. From the list, choose the value "Disabled" .
  4. Select the type of startup in the service center service feature window in Windows 7

  5. Click successively by buttons "Stop" , "Apply" и Ok .

Disable Windows Update Service in the Service Properties window in Windows 7

In this case, the service will also be disabled. And only the last type of shutdown will ensure the warranty that the service does not start when the computer is next restart.

Lesson: Disable unnecessary services in Windows 7

There are several ways to disable updates in Windows 7. But if you want to disable only automatic, then it is better to solve this task through the Windows Update Center. If the task is to be fully disconnected, then a more reliable option will be stopped the service completely through the service manager by setting the appropriate startup type.

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