How to charge Power Bank - External Battery for Phone

With the arrival of portable devices for charging the battery, the problem of searching the socket goes to the background, but its place has taken another - how to charge Power Bank so as not to harm him.

What is Power Bank

The external battery, also known as Power Bank, is a few parallel connected batteries that accumulate energy and give it at the request of the user.

What does the pan look like

To indicate the charge level, the LED backlight is most often used.

It is not so informative as the display, but also does not spend the precious ampere-clock wasted.

On one of the ends of the block is a USB output for connecting the cable and charging an external device, next to it - a USB input for charging the Power Bank itself.

If, when you select a portable memory, sizes are important, you should not buy compact devices from Chinese brands with unrealistic capacity of the container. Akb with a capacity of 20,000 ma · h cannot be the size of a credit card. You should choose known manufacturers, for example, Xiaomi.

How to charge Power Bank

Currently, countless different models of external batteries are available, it is advisable to get acquainted with the instructions attached to your model so as not to damage the device.

To charge Power Bank, you can connect to USB output of a computer or laptop. When using this method, the device will be charged extremely long. Similar to the design features of the USB installed on the PC.

Power Bank Low capacity with this method will be charged in the area of ​​5-6 hours.

It is not recommended to charge a bar of high containers in this way, since the charge time can stretch for 20-40 hours. But, despite the minuses, for someone this method is more preferable.

In order to save its time, it is recommended to replenish the container of the portable battery from the network using a new cord from the delivery kit. Charge an external battery for your phone, like other mobile equipment, you only need certified for use with mobile phones and accessories charger.

how to charge the pan

If the charger went bundled with one of the smartphones or was bought to charge the phone - it can be safely used for charging Power Bank.

In case of acute need, some models of mobile phones are able to work as a small Power Bank. With their help, you can recharge suddenly sitting external battery.

Sometimes manufacturers provide their portable acb solar batteries. This option will be useful in a long trip. To restore the capacity of such a battery, it is enough to put it under direct sunlight.

It is desirable to do this in the clock of the greatest activity of the Sun, about lunch.

How much does Power Bank charge and how to count the charge time

To achieve maximum charge speed, check the memory you are going to use. At the bottom there should be a sticker with output.

Find a line that looks like this:

Output: 5.0 V, 1 Alive: 5.0 V, 1 A

The second value in our case is 1 A, this is the current of the current that is capable of issuing this charger. If there are several chargers with a suitable plug in the house, check each and use the one that has the highest tacottdach. Ideally - 2.4 A.Ne makes sense to use chargers with a current of 0.5 A and below. The charge rate will be extremely low, at the level of the computer received from the USB output.

Some external batteries support QuickCharge technology. In this case, when using QuickCharge support, even a device with a battery 20,000 mA · h and above will be charged in 5-6 hours.

To determine the time that will go to the complete charging of the bank, you can use the following formula:

Capacity POWER Bank in mAh / 1000 / Clampottach + 1 = full charge time in hours.

Example of calculation:

Capacity of AKB - 10,000 mA · h; current charger - 1 A.

We substitute in the formula:

10,000/1000/1 + 1 = 11 hours until the battery is fully charged.

The fact that Power Bank is fully ready to work, will signal the built-in LED indicators. In most cases, they cease to blink if Power Bank reached a hundred percent charge.

LED indicators on the pan

If the display is present, the current charge will be displayed on it. Here everything is intuitive - to shoot when the cherished figure is 100.

Which devices can be connected to Power Bank

If the device is equipped with a USB cable for connecting a computer - it can be guaranteed to charge and from a portable battery. If a large number of devices are used daily, make sure that the container of the external battery is sufficient.

Devices that charge an external batteryFor example, every day using a smartphone, with a battery for 3000 mA · h and a tablet with a battery with 2500 mA · h, it is worth paying attention to the Power Bank model with a capacity of at least 10,000 ma · h.

Features of using a portable acb

To extend the life of your portable charging, stick to these simple recommendations:

  1. Do not remove the processing of the battery. It is advisable to keep the level of charge at a mark of 10-15%;
  2. Before Power Bank be able to give all the passport capacity, it is necessary to pass 3-5 cycles of the discharge;
  3. It is undesirable to use unattended memory to charge Power Bank.

Like the phone, charge Power Bank will correctly be away from direct sunlight, since the battery at this point is significantly heated and the additional heating can bring it out of order.

If you do everything right - the battery will always please the stream of energy.

An external battery is a portable charger that avoids an unpleasant situation in the form of the impossibility of replenishing the charge of your smartphone. It is enough to connect it to the phone, as immediately to the battery will go current and use the gadget will again become possible.

In order to extend the life of both devices, it is recommended to follow several rules. About them and will be discussed in our article.

How to charge Power Bank: Sequence of actions

  1. On most models there are LED indicators, whose task is to prevent the owner on the reduction of energy in time. If you see that the red indicator caught fire, it means that it is necessary to connect it to the network.
  2. Xiaomi External Battery LEDs to LaptopIf all the indicators are light, it means that the capacity of the product is adjusted to 100%;
  3. Connecting to the power grid. Completion of external batteries of Siaomi and other manufacturers includes a special charger. It is represented as a power supply and cable with a USB / microUSB port. Insert the power supply into the socket and leave it to charge it in this way. You can use another option - connect via a USB connector to a laptop or a portable computer.
  4. Connecting an external battery Xiaomi to a laptopThe process of replenishment of the container will occur in a similar way, as well as when connected to the power grid;
  5. It is strongly recommended to explore the manufacturer's instructions in which the optimal recharging time should be specified. It is undesirable to exceed the values ​​installed by the manufacturer to avoid overheating of the product and the deterioration of its performance. How much to charge an external battery, largely depends on its capacitive characteristics. If you select a high-base Power Bank, then you will have to wait an average of 3-4 hours. With less receiving battery parameters, the waiting period is reduced to 1-2 hours;
  6. As soon as all LED indicators begin to light, you need to turn off the power. On this process of recharging ends.

About whether Power Bank is charged, you can make sure that connects any gadget to the product, for example, the phone. If he started charging, then everything is in order. Otherwise, try to repeat the entire process again, but this time taking advantage of a different electric car.

How to charge Power Bank correctly and extend its life?

There are several ways to increase the product service period and increase the speed of bringing it to 100%:

  • Note that if you connect the device to a laptop or portable computer, you should not wait for high speeds. The optimal and fastest option will be the use of a standard outlet;
  • Exclude the probability of excess charge. If you neglect by this rule, it can lead to a decrease in its operational resource;
  • Do not charge under the right sunlight to avoid overheating of the case;
  • It is recommended to use the original chargers in order to eliminate the likelihood of their incompatibility;
  • It is necessary to allow complete discharge of the device. It will be optimal if its network connection is carried out to achieve a threshold of 20%.
Smartphone charging process by means of an external Xiaomi battery to a laptop

A number of manufacturers advises not to disconnect the device's prematurely from the power supply, and always wait for the indicator 100%.

External batteries seem to be quite recently on sale, but today they own a lot of users. No wonder: a small "box" allows you to charge the discharged smartphone, telephone, tablet or another gadget away from home. Besides, Power Bank is easily placed in any bag, and there are models that can be worn even in your pocket!

But today it will be not about sizes. Many users are interested in how to charge an external battery. In fact, everything is very simple, although there are nuances that you should know.

Charging options

First, let's consider charging options.

First And perhaps the most popular - from the computer or laptop via the USB port. Connect the Power Bank to one side of the cable, the other - insert into the USB port, the device immediately begins to charge.

True, charging is not so smart, as I would like - the whole thing is especially USB technology.

Second option - Charging from the network. Notice that external batteries are sold without a charger? It is understood that the user will charge the gadget or from the computer's USB port, or from the charger, which is complete to the smartphone or tablet. Note that charging from the network is far faster than from USB.

Third option You can call exotic - charging from the sun's rays. In this case, it is understood that you are using a special Power Bank on solar panels, which can indeed be charged with the energy of the Sun. That's what it looks like:

Fourth option - Charge Power Bank from your phone or smartphone. Do you think this is a joke? Mobile gadgets have now appeared that can perform a kind of external battery, which means that with their help can be charged and Power Bank. Like this.

How much is the external battery charge?

It depends on the tank of an external battery, as well as on the charging method. The gadget from the network charging is faster. The average charging time of the battery is 5000 mAh from the charger 1a - 5 hours. Accordingly, if the battery has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, charging will last about 10 hours - from 0 to 100 percent.

If you charge Power Bank in other ways, charging time can seriously increase - even several times. Luck the solar batteries from the sun.

POWER BANK Charge Features

  • In order for the outer battery to type the container completely, it must be charged to 100% at least 3-4 times.
  • It is believed that Li-Ion batteries do not have the so-called "memory effect", which we told before. But there are people who consider otherwise, so they recommend charging Power Bank always up to 100% to keep the maximum container.
  • As for the discharge, it is not recommended to discharge an external battery to 0% - no more than 10-20%, after which it must be charged. You can find out using the indication level. If there is no one, try to do it on the eye with the LED indication.

For example - LED-indication POWER Bank from Xiaomi:

  • It is believed that if you discharge Power Bank "at zero" every 2-3 months, this will allow it to "calibrate".
  • Do not charge Power Bank under direct sunlight (except external batteries for charging from sun rays).
  • Always use only original cables and chargers.

External rechargeable batteries appeared on the market for sale relatively recently, but for this short time they have gained more popularity, almost every mobile device owner has Power Bank. But this is not surprising at all, because one small "box" can quickly recharge the phone without using a socket. This is especially important if you are often away from home. In addition, due to their small sizes, this device can be worn in your pocket.

To Power Bank serve you for a long time, you need to know how to charge an external battery correctly, how to charge the device for the first time, how much to charge the Power Bank battery, it is possible to charge the device from various memory, as well as when charging an external battery ends.

How to charge Power Bank, including for the first time

Now we will provide you with instructions on how to charge Power Bank correctly to increase its operational period.

What to do immediately after buying Power Bank

In order for the device to serve you for many years, then immediately after its acquisition you need to do the following:

  1. Recharge the battery completely. As a rule, in stores it is recharged by 60%.
  2. Clear charge and discharge cycles.
  3. After performing this procedure, try not to expose the device to a deep discharge. Connect it to the memory when charged with 15%.

How to use a portable device further:

  1. Try to apply only the original memory, since it has those properties that your instrument is needed. If you cannot apply such a charger, you use a current adapter less than 2.4 amps. If you use a larger current, then the battery may be limited due to overheating.
  2. Cut the battery calibration every two months.
  3. Before connecting the memory to a portable device, you need to make sure the device is correct, as a rule, damage occurs in those places where the cable is bent. It is also necessary to pay attention to the integrity of the cable so that there are no curtain wires.
  4. Do not leave Power Bank on the sun's rays, as in this case the battery can overheat and also fail. Only those who fulfill the recharging not from the Sun, but from electricity can adhere to this rule.
  5. Do not use Delibank at low temperatures.

Instructions for proper charging

Before buying an adapter, you need to know which manual for proper charging. As a rule, such an instruction comes with the device.

To answer the question how to charge an external battery correctly, you need to know 3 methods of recharging Power Banka:

  • From a personal computer using a USB wire.
  • From the outlet using a network device.
  • From the car cigarette lighter.

The best one is considered 2 methods, as it gives the biggest current, thereby contributing to a quick charge. Sometimes, along with the delibe, the adapter does not go, so in this case, use the adapter from your smartphone.

Ordinary adapters have a small current, only 1 amp. Therefore, it is better to buy an adapter for 2amper, 2,4amper or 5amper.

It is connected to the plug-in to the power grid in the same way as the smartphone: the USB wire is inserted into the adapter, and Micro USB is connected to the portable device. Next, the plug is inserted into the outlet.

As a rule, to start recharging, it is not necessary to press any buttons, the battery itself will see the supply of electricity and starts to carry out.

How long does it charge an external battery

How much is the external battery charge? Charging time, the charperibank largely depends on its energy intensity, as well as from the charging method. As we have already spoken, the fastest method is charging from the power grid, because only it provides the largest current.

How much to charge an external battery for the phone from the memory of 1amper? With the capacity of the instrument, 4000mach will need only 4 hours per charge. And if the pliburbation has a capacity of 10000mach, then it will take about 10 hours to charge, i.e. On average, charging 1000mach occurs in 1 hour.

When using other charging methods, the duration of the procedure can, how to increase and decrease.

What charger is suitable for the ear

When charging, it is charging only the original charger. But there are cases when finding a device that gives the right current is very problematic. Even by buying a memory in the store, you will receive a current of not 2 amps, but by 1.2 amps. This, of course, is not bad, but in this case, your beliefs will be charged much longer.

But it will be much worse if the charger will produce a high current and at the same time do not smooth the voltage. Because of this, Power Bank can seriously reduce the operation time of the battery of your phone.

How to find out that the external battery is charged

How to understand that the device charged? Most of the plibs have an indicator that blink during the charging device, so in this case, you can easily find out that the battery is charged. Usually, when the battery is increasing to 100%, all the device indicators begin to flash. The exact charge can only be found in the chalk, equipped with a digital display.

If you have a Power Bank homemade or you purchased a device without a charge indicator, then find out that the battery has been charged, it is possible at the end of the electricity supply.

In addition, you can find out the degree of battery charges via a USB tester. In this case, you will not only recognize the battery charge, but also determine the voltages and strength of the charging current of the portable device.

Video on how to charge an external battery

Turn Banks can have different capacity values, but even powerful devices must be correctly charged to ensure the most efficient operation of such products. Depending on the model, the connection to the source of electricity can differ significantly.

From the charging method will also depend on the duration of the restoration of the portable battery performance. This article will consider the most optimal options for connecting the chalk) to various electrical energy converters.

External Battery Charging Rules

Violation of any rules is undesirable, and when it comes to electrical appliances, following certain instructions will allow to avoid significant material losses and even harm to the health and life of people.

The type of adapter used will be directly dependent on the time and efficiency of charging, as well as the magnitude of the loss of electricity to heating the conductor and the backup battery.

How to charge panibank for the first time

To provide long-term storage, external batteries are implemented with a slight value of the accumulated electricity. For this reason, it will be impossible to use the product to be appointed immediately after purchase. Install the device is recommended immediately after purchased.

If the device was in a negative temperature for a long time, then it should be withstanding it at roommates for several hours. It is also not recommended to use quick charging for the first time, even if the device supports such a function of restoring performance.

Capacity when charging the Power Bank is for the first time it does not matter. Even if this parameter is at zero, then even in this case, you can restore the product performance by connecting the appropriate type to it.

On charging

Lithium batteries are practically devoid of the memory effect, therefore, both at first charging, and upon subsequent use, this characteristic will not have a large value.

One should only take into account the fact that the elements of this type have a limited number of cycles charge-discharge and after each complete charge, this value will be inexorab to decrease.

Charging methods in normal mode

Special controllers are installed in the plibs that do not allow excessive charge of batteries and complete discharges. For this reason, the supply of electricity is automatically turned off when certain capacitance recovery values ​​are reached.

A mobile device connected to the backup battery is also stopped charging if the charge level is at a minimum level.

The presence of such a function makes it possible not only to save electricity by worrying, but also significantly extends batteries. This ensures the safety of the use of a mobile device for reserve energy.

In order to maximize the duration of the "life" of a portable battery, it is not recommended to discharge it to a value below 20% of the rated tank and exceed 90% by charging.

If the device is not equipped with a display where this value is accurately shown, the indicator is almost always on the chassis of the panibank. If the light flashes just one division, then to extend the service life of the device, charging a phone or other device is recommended to stop.

Photo 2.

What is better to charge

The charger complete with a delibean is usually not supplied, so it is necessary to engage in the selection of the most suitable device to restore the performance of the portable battery independently. For this purpose, almost any adapter for a smartphone or another gadget equipped with a Micro-USB plug is suitable.

In a box with a new trowel, you can detect an adapter with USB to Micro-USB. With this connecting cable, you can connect to the appropriate port of the desktop or laptop and completely do without a charger. You can use a network universal adapter with a USB connector, as well as a device operating from car cigarette lighter.

When charging from the computer or tablet, you should be ready for the recovery of the charge will take much longer than when using network adapters.

How much the external battery should be charged

The slowest charging option, as already mentioned above, is to use a computer ports and other digital equipment as a USB current source. Depending on the capacity of the product, which is measured in Mah, the device can be charged from 3 - 4 hours to days or more.

Plotibank will be charged so long, but it is not harmful, due to a small value of the current. The fastest option to restore electricity is to use fast charging.

Photo 3.

Using this method, restore the performance of the battery is possible in 1 - 1.5 hours. The most important condition for quick charging is to support this techniqued method. You must also use a special charger.

The average time consumption is the method of using conventional network adapters. The restoration occurs in this way is not slow and not quickly, but at the same time the device does not heat and does not wear out, as when using rapid charging.

How to understand that Power Bank charged

Many verbanks are equipped with LED indication, which will not be difficult to determine the charge of a portable battery. As a rule, when the recovery reaches 100 percent, all miniature light bulbs will be buried at the same time. The devices equipped with a digital display can show the accurate level of battery charging.

If a homemade deliberate is used or in the case when the factory device is not equipped with an indication elements, the charge of a portable battery can be determined at the time of the cessation of electricity consumption.

For this purpose, you can use the charger equipped with a red indicator, which stops glowing in the absence of electricity consumption. You can also use a USB tester. In the latter case, you can not only determine exactly when the beliefs will restrict completely, but learn amperes and voltage while charging an external battery.

Is it possible to charge panibank and phone at the same time

About the possibility of charging the phone with a chalk. While connecting to the network adapter, you should specify the portable battery from the seller. Many models support such a function, that is, during the connection of the memory to Power Bank, the phone will be charged, but the efficiency of using such a method of capacity recovery remains under a big question.

If even the battery has a small capacity of the capacity (measured in mAh), the starting value of electricity aimed through the device will still be less than when connecting the phone to the adapter. In this case, the recovery time and mobile device and the portable battery will increase significantly.

There were questions or have it to add? Then write to us about it in the comments, it will make it makes the material more useful, full and accurate.

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