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Nokia Lumia 1020, 920, 925 and 928 smartphones and earlier models Lumia (800 and 900) are equipped with a monolithic case, which means full protection of the phone from accessing inside: rechargeable battery remove and replace, alas, you can no longer be treated. Only in the Nokia SC. The same applies to the cases with the hangs of phones, when the simple extraction and installation in the location of the battery helped "liven up" to react to the actions of the user gadget. In such cases, two options for solving the problem: Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

Soft Reset ("Soft Reboot") Nokia Lumia 1020

For Soft Reset Use the following set of actions: [Nokia Lumia 1020 has the same location of the buttons as the earlier models of the Nokia Lumia line, so the Soft Reset procedure is identical to the "soft reboot" procedure Nokia Lumia 800.]

Hung Nokia Lumia 800

To carry out the Soft Reset ("soft reset"), press the POWER button at the same time and the volume button until the phone is hidden three times. Then, within a few seconds, a reboot will occur and the Nokia logo will appear on the screen of the smartphone.

Hard Reset ("Hard reboot") Nokia Lumia 1020

Sometimes Soft Reset does not solve all the problems that have arisen with the phone, in such cases, to solve problems, it is resorted to the Hard Reset method ("Hard Reset"). Warning: The Hard Reset procedure will destroy all the information stored in your phone's memory. It is always necessary to always remember the constant backup copies of its most important data. So, proceed.

Step 1: Copy the entire stored on your phone and important information for you and save in a safe place.

It is worth remembering that the Windows operating on Windows is automatically configured to save your contacts to the Microsoft account.

Step 2: If your Windows-smartphone allows you to "get" to the phone settings, do the following: Choose Settings / Settings> About Phone / About> Reload Your Phone / Reset Your Phone. [All your personal information will be deleted and configured the phone will be returned to factory.]

If the phone does not give signs of life (read - responds to inclusion), follow the instructions below:

Step 3: Turn off your phone.

Your smartphone must be in the off state before carrying out the following procedure.

Hung Nokia Lumia 800

Step 4: three-button reboot

In addition to the method described above, you can make a Hard Reset of your smartphone using a three-button reboot method shown above in the picture. At the same time, clamp the camera button, the loudness button and the POWER button. Wait until the moment when the phone hits. During the triggering of the vibration, release the POWER button, however, continue to hold the volume button and the camera button until the phone reboots and the greeting picture will not appear on the screen.

Note: Nokia has released an additional set of instructions, in case the method described above does not help you restart your own smartphone.

Hung Nokia Lumia 1020

Hung Nokia Lumia 1020

Source: Nokia.

How to restart nokia lumia

If your smartphone stopped responding to the team, simply say "hung", it needs to be reloaded. The reason for such a phenomenon may be a software failure, hardware.


Try to make a soft reset. To do this, press and hold some time in a row "Home" button, the bottom volume button (Volume Down). They are located on the sidebar of the smartphone. After about 10 seconds, you will feel the characteristic vibration, and the phone will begin to reboot. Such a reboot method is used when the smartphone does not respond to commands or not loaded.


Try resetting the phone settings to this method. Open the "Settings", System (About) menu, select "Reset Phone Settings". Such actions will be returned by the factory settings of the phone, rebooting it.


If you restart the phone does not work, apply a rigid reboot. Press the power button simultaneously (POWER), the bottom volume button (Volume Down), the chamber. When the smartphone is lying, release the power button, and the rest continue to hold for another 5 seconds. Just in case, take care of creating a backup of the data, although it is believed that with such a reset, the user data is saved. This method of rebooting is not specified in the manual of using the smartphone, so be careful, you risk at your own discretion.
If it is not possible to solve the problem that the problem does not work, attribute your smartphone to the service center, where professionals will be inspected.

How to reboot the phone "Nokia Lumia"? This question is often asked the owners of the Gadgets of the Finnish manufacturer. The Windows Phone operating system on which this device works, has proven itself only from the good side. It functions rather quickly, the failures practically do not happen. However, sometimes there are freezes, and it is quite normal. In such situations, the owners start panicing, as the gadget does not respond to pressing the buttons. But you should not get upset ahead of time. With such a problem, you can cope on your own. "How?" - you ask. Read below how to reboot "Nokia Lumia".

Drawing phone: the first way to solve the problem

For starters, let's look at the "soft" way to solve the problem. Professionals call it "Forced reboot". This method is suitable if the smartphone stopped executing commands, and the download process does not occur. The user must clamp for 15-20 seconds two buttons - blocking and "rocker" volume on the side of the sound decrease. If everything is done correctly, the screen will go out. Literally after one or two seconds, the device deals, which indicates the beginning of the process. After that, you must wait for the full download of all items and set the date / clock. As a rule, such an action quickly reanimits the phone "Nokia Lumia".

Nokia Lyumi how to restart

How to restart the smartphone: the second way

"Tough" reboot - a second way to solve a problem with a hung gadget. It is necessary to use it only in extreme cases, since there is a risk of damaging the operating system files, which will lead to the inoperability of the device. Deciding, use it or not, everyone must independently appreciate all possible consequences. Many advanced users recommend backing up the data stored on the Nokia Lyuma telephone.

How to restart the device with this method? To do this, you will need to press three buttons simultaneously - the bottom of the "swing" volume, the lock key and the camera. Keep them pressed before the moment the vibration starts. After that, the locking / power button is released, and the rest are still held for approximately 5 seconds.

Reload Nokia Lumia Drew

Restarting the smartphone through the settings - the third method

What if the user has become faced with the frequent hangs of the phone "Nokia Lumia"? How to restart the device in this case? As a rule, such a problem is not accompanied by long intervals of inoperability, so you can try to restore the factory settings. To do this, the user needs to go to the menu and select the "Settings" section. It has sub-clause "System". The user needs to select "Reset Phone Settings". When activated, a reboot will be rebooted, but all user settings will be deleted, and the owner will have to adjust the apparatus again.

how to restart the phone nokia lumia


Although it is very rare, but still freezes "Nokia Lyumi". How to restart the gadget, you now know. Three methods are indicated above. However, if none of them helped, or the phone simply does not respond to the press of the buttons, you can remove the battery for a few seconds. After that, the phone should turn on in the usual mode. If this did not happen, it is recommended to contact the service center.


Earlier, we have already acquainted with the description and technical characteristics of Smartphones Lumia 925, Lumia 920, Lumia 820, Lumia 720 and Lumia 620. You should also know that there may be situations where you can restart the phone or execute the factory reset of the settings.

If you can't figure out the procedure of action in this situation, it is especially for you to tell you about this in this article.

The reboot order for Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 is listed below.

Normal reboot

Reboot Nokia Lumia.

The usual reboot is most often performed by disconnecting the battery and install it back to the phone. This procedure can fix some minor challenges with the phone. Nokia Lumia 820 has a removable battery, so pull it easy. It is enough to remove the back cover and remove the battery.

However, for Nokia Lumia 920, this procedure is impossible, because This model has a fixed battery. To reboot, you need to do the following:

Hold the volume key and the power button is pressed until the phone displays 3 vibrating signals. The phone must be successfully restarted and displaying the Nokia logo in a few seconds.

Hard reboot


There are cases at which the battery extraction does not solve the problem. In this case, you must perform a rigid phone restart. We warn you in advance that when performing a reset, all data will be deleted from the phone. We recommend regularly performing data backup.

If the phone is turned on, then go to "Settings"> System> Restart Phone. This procedure will reset the phone to the factory settings. If the OS is not loaded, then you need to do the following:

Step 1: Backup all data in the phone

First of all, you need to make a backup copy of all your data. We recommend using cloud storage for this, for example, onedrive. Windows Phone by default creates backup copies of contacts using your Microsoft account. This means that all your contacts will be saved in case you cannot enable the phone.

Step 2: Turn off the phone.

Make sure your phone is turned off during this operation.

Step 3: 3 buttons for rebooting

Almost all Nokia phones have the same combination of 3 buttons for reset. To perform a rigid reboot, press "Volume Down", "Camera" and "Enable" button at the same time. Hold all three buttons pressed until the phone wins. Release the power button and hold the volume and camera reduction button for another five seconds.

Step 4: Phone rebooted!

We hope our guide helped!

This article is devoted to the issue: How to restart lumiya? As we know, there is nothing perfect in the world. Everything sooner or later ceases to work, freezes and may even break at all. Approximately the same situation with Smartphones Lumia based on Windows Phone. Although it is necessary to say a special thanks to the developers from Microsoft for that. That they managed to create a pincholate and a stable mobile operating system, which rarely gives failures. But, unfortunately, sometimes even our phones may hang.

hung lumia - what to do

What to do lumsy? First of all, I want to say that there is no reason to panic and immediately rush to the nearest service center, or to the store in which you bought a smartphone. After all, you can "revive" your indispensable assistant and faithful companion. It is done quite simple without dancing with tambourines and it does not need to have any special skills (see the picture above).

Note that it does not matter which of the failures originated in your device, for example: the gears are too long; There is no reaction to touch the screen and pressing the physical buttons; Problems that are associated with the entrance of Microsoft account and others. In these and similar cases you need Forced reboot Nokia Lumia (Microsoft Lumia) or as it is also called - "Soft Reset". To do this, it is necessary to simultaneously clamp two buttons: blocking + decrease in volume by about 15-20 seconds. After that, the smartphone displays will go out (if it is turned on), and after 1-2 seconds you will feel easy vibration, and then the phone must reboot.

Following the successful reboot, you will need to go to the phone settings and set the right date and time. After completing all the above-mentioned actions, your smartphone should work correctly, without glitches and errors. Now you know what to do if your smartphone Lumia hung. This method: how to restart Lumia works on other Windows Phone 8 / 8.1 database smartphones.


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