15 countries with warm sea in early May

The closer summer, the more I want to open the swimming season as soon as possible. Traditionally grow demand for tourist services. Decide where to go to the sea at the beginning of May, not so simple. This month is in many resorts in many resorts, and weather conditions vary greatly. Rest in early May on the sea can be in summer hot. But you can go to those countries where there is no summer heat yet, and the water temperature already allows you to swim.

In the northern hemisphere, the summer just begins, but in South - the weather is settled after winter bad weather. The warm sea at the beginning of May is not everywhere. But travelers have a choice.

You can enjoy soft weather and warm sea in Egypt, Sri Lanka, on Bali. You can go to the present summer, which stands at the resorts of the UAE, Israel and Caribbean Islands.

If you want to combine while still cool beach holidays with a saturated excursion program and walks, you will be suitable tours to Cyprus, Crete, Canary Islands, Cuba, Turkey and other countries.

At the same time, May is a great time to take advantage of the start season of the rains in some regions and purchase tours with a discount. In early May, prices for tours in Thailand, Maldives, Dominican are noticeably reduced. So where to go to the sea in early May?


Sea temperature in Cyprus in early May can be slightly cheerful, because only the season begins. But by the middle of the month there is quite summer weather. May is one of the best months for recreation in Cyprus: at this time there is no strong heat, but already warm enough. In the sea in Cyprus, at the beginning of May, you can already meet the first bathing. In addition, Cyprus is known for its rich tourist program, so the May is an excellent opportunity to take a walk without exhausting heat.

Crete, Greece

The weather in early May in Crete resembles the first half of summer. Although the sea is still cool enough, you can already swim in Crete in early May, and with good weather swimming enough. The water temperature is about 19 degrees. The sea is best warmed in the northern part of the island. The mild climate of Crete in early May will like those who find it difficult to transfers summer heat.

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Canara, Spain

The Canary Islands is a year-round resort, but here the ocean is still cool, the water temperature reaches 20 degrees. But prices for tours on Tenerife on the May holidays are more than acceptable. In addition to refreshing swimming in the sea, in the Tenerife in early May it is possible to watch whales, and also to participate in numerous entertainment events.


In Turkey, at the beginning of May, the recreation season officially opens, which will last until late autumn. In May, it is necessary to go to the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Turkey, since it is significantly warmer Aegean. Choose Side, Belek, Antalya and Alanya. Beach holidays in Turkey in early May can be combined with numerous excursions, trips and walks, since the air temperatures are still far from extreme, and the sun is in spring affectionate.

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In Tunisia, the summer begins in April, so that May everything is ready for a full beach holiday. However, the sea in Tunisia in early May has not yet time to warm up so much so that it can be done most of the time in water. But the sun's rays are already able to give a full tan, and numerous discos resumed work after the winter break. The warmest sea in Tunisia in early May - on the southeast coast.


In May in Egypt, the height of the bathing season. Winter winds have long subsided, and the extreme heat will begin only by June, so rest in Egypt in early May allows you to fully enjoy swimming in the warm Red Sea and at the same time go to ancient sights that is impossible in summer due to extremely high temperatures.

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The UAE is a place where where in early May the sea is truly hot. The water temperature here is approaching 30 degrees, and the air is spinning to 34-38 degrees. At the resorts of the UAE in May, you will like those who want to get warm after a long winter. Weather conditions make it difficult to travel around the city and are located exclusively to the beach holiday in the shade. In other matters, there are enough entertainment in air-conditioned rooms that will help to wait for the peak of the midday heat: amusement parks, huge shopping centers and magnificent cafes.

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Heat in Thailand in early May, daily reaching 35 degrees and higher, will not allow to actively travel. But the beach holidays with a refreshing breeze on the coast is the perfect option, if you are looking for where the warm sea in early May. At this time, the weather is dry and cloudless, and the wind is intensified on the coasts. From the water it will be possible not to go out, because it warms up to 30 degrees. One or two cloudy days can be used for trips to the fascinating Thai attractions. You need to be ready that the May in Thailand will have enough humor. But prices for tours to Thailand in May are reduced by 40-50%.

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Dominican Republic

May in Dominican is considered to be the rainy season, which causes a decline in tourist demand. This month has 10-12 rainy days, but in the Dominican Republic of the Shni short-term and can hardly prevent enjoy the rest of the ocean. In addition, in the Dominican Republic, a truly warm sea into the May holidays. The water temperature is about 27 degrees, and air - 29-31. The farther from the coast, the more air humidity increases, but fresh breeze blows on the ocean.


The cost of tours to Maldives in May can decrease almost twice. Mostly because May in Maldives is considered a rainy month. The precipitation falls more and more and it affects air humidity. However, it rains here are mainly in the evenings and at night, and day Nature leaves tourists time to enjoy the beach holiday and luxurious service. In addition, on the May holidays in the Maldives, the rains season only begins, so the conditions for recreation are much more favorable than by the end of the month. At this time, the temperature of the absolutely transparent sea is simply ideal - about 26 degrees.


Another option where to fly to the sea at the beginning of May is Israel's resorts. Without exaggeration, May is one of the best months for a trip. For this short time, the country literally reveals all its beauty, including luxurious beach holidays, and blooming spring meadows, and numerous attractions that can be visited at moderate temperatures. Traditionally, the warmer is just on the Dead Sea and in Eilat. Here the air warms up to 30-35 degrees. In the Mediterranean Sea in early May, water warms up to 21 degrees, but the dead sea may already seem overly warm.

Cuba and Mexico

In May, the temperature on the snow-white coasts of Cuba and Mexico begins to grow together with the amount of precipitation. At the same time, the Cubans themselves consider May the best month to visit the island of freedom. Since the wet season in May only begins, rare vehicles, which go predominantly at night, will not be an obstacle to beach rest. The level of solar activity both in Cuba and in Mexico at this time is the highest in the year, and the water temperature is 27-28 degrees.

Sri Lanka

The geographical features of the island of Sri Lanka make the climate on its coasts completely different. In popular south-western resorts, humidity reaches 90%, and the rainy increases several times. At the same time, in the north-east, the most favorable season is beginning to relax with the perfect air temperature and the warm ocean. In May, tours on Sri Lanka should be chosen in the Trinomale and the nearest "country" resorts - uttered, Niladeli and others.

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While at the popular resorts, the rainy season only begins, at the Seychelles, the attelligence fell and the most favorable time for swimming and diving begins in May. In the last month of spring on Seychelles begins "winter". In this transition period, the sea has maximum transparency. Waves are almost completely absent, and the surrounding waters resemble a huge aquarium. At the same time, the ambient temperature is most comfortable: about 30 degrees during the day and about 25 degrees at night. Weather on Seychelles in May will like even most demanding tourists.

Bali, Indonesia

In May, a tropical winter comes on the paradise island of Bali, which is the opposite of the winter of the northern hemisphere, not only in time, but also in its characteristics. Tourists meets the bright sun, the minimum amount of precipitation and winds, the temperature is within 30 degrees. What to say, beach holidays on Bali in early May will be just perfect.

Where to go to May 2021 at sea - A popular question among tourists. The weather in popular resorts in May is significantly different from April. In May, the Mediterranean Sea gradually begins to warm up, begins Beach season in Cyprus and in the south of Turkey . These are the two most popular directions in May among Russians.

CashbackWhere is the entrance to the Russians during the coronavirus:

Beach holiday in May - 2021 : Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus (Opening for citizens of the Russian Federation from March 1, 2021) Tanzania , Cuba, Maldives, UAE, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jordan Agable holiday in April near the sea : Morocco, Montenegro, Greece Find out the rules of entry into open countries for Russians LINK .

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Where to fly in May on the sea: Cyprus

Cyprus - Great option, where to relax in May 2021 abroad is inexpensive. In Cyprus, the present Mediterranean summer is already felt in May. The island is literally covered with greens, tangerine trees bloom, olendra. In the afternoon, the air in Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol heats up to +25 ° C, lowered at night to +22 ° C. The warmer in the central regions of Cyprus, in Nicosia, the thermometer rises to +29 ° C.

The beach season in Cyprus begins earlier than in Turkey, the water temperature is higher here. So, at the beginning of May, the water of the Mediterranean Sea is heated to +20 ° C, and at the end of the month to +23 ° C. Many tourists are already actively bathed in the May holidays, though the water is still very brown. When the high season begins, the prices of rest in Cyprus will rise 1.5-2 times, and in May it has the opportunity to relax budget.

For a relaxing rest, tourists choose the resorts of Larnaca, Protaras, Paphos and Limassol. In May, youth arrives in Ayia NAPU, the bar Street, cafes and discos. With children, the most optimal option to go to Protaras, there are small sandy beaches and there is no such influx of tourists as in Ayia Napa. What are the advantages of relaxing in Cyprus in May?

  • easy to get a visa (issued online);
  • There is already warmth on the street;
  • affordable prices for tours;
  • many hotels;
  • safe rest;
  • Well rest with children;
  • Wonderful sandy and pebble beaches.
Potamy Bay Beach.

Cyprus in May.


Turkey - The most popular country where you can fly in May 2021 to the sea abroad. In the last month of spring on the coast near Antalya, Alanya, Kemer and Belek during the day +25 ° C, at night + 19 + 20 ° C. Slightly cooler on the Aegean coast of Turkey - in Didim, Marmaris and Fethiye during the day + 23 + 24 ° C, at night + 16 + 18 ° C. On the Black Sea in Istanbul, the temperature of the day + 19 + 20 ° C.

In Turkey, in May, you can not only lie under the sun, but also visit many interesting excursions. You can swim only in the second half of May and only in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, the water temperature is +21 ° C, in other regions of the country is much cooler. On the Aegean Sea, the weather is free to + 16 + 17 ° C, on marble to +16 ° C. The rest of the time you can swim in heated pools, spending time in hamamamam, baths, saunas, bars and restaurants. A trip to the Aegean, marble and black sea is better to postpone in August.

Those who prefer the active rest, you can go on the study of attractions, such as Cappadocyia, Pamukkale, Ephesus. Although in Turkey will be relatively warm, you need to take more and warm things, because after sunset it becomes cool. Also in Turkey there is no central heating, so at night it can be cold in the hotel. What are the advantages of relaxing in Turkey in May?

  • Does not need a visa for up to 60 days;
  • already warm weather;
  • affordable prices for rest;
  • Many hotels "All Inclusive";
  • You can relax with the whole family;
  • Excellent shopping;
  • Animators are working in hotels that are fluent in Russian;
  • Many different excursions.
The best resorts of Turkey for children

Turkey in May.


Egypt in May. It becomes the place of pilgrimage of beach recreation fans - comes the time of the high season. There is no exhausting heat: during the day at the resorts of the Western coast of the Red Sea (Dahab, Charm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam, Hurghada) temperature + 29 ... + 32 ° C, at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water in the sea + 24 ... + 26 ° C.

In Alexandria and other resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, the air and water temperature is below 1-2 ° C, but it is quite comfortable for vacation. The air is dry, rainy days in May practically does not happen. However, by the end of the month, the truly hot period occurs, during the day the indicators can reach +35 ° C.

May is not the best time to visit attractions in the central part of the country: heated to + 40 ° C air and the exhausting sun will not allow you to enjoy excursions to the pyramids and the ancient temples fully. During this period, it is better to stay closer to the sea coast, the benefit of seeing in resort locations is what. In Alexandria, travelers are waiting for excursions to the historic museum located in the protective Fort of the Eastern Bay, to the Alexandria Library, Greek-Roman Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Montaza Palace.

The popular resort of Sharm el-Sheikh is not only Mecca for tanning lovers, swimming, diving and incendiary night-party. Here, tourists are offered to visit the Museum of Tutankhamon, the Museum of Papyrov, to explore the elegant architecture of the Al-Mustafa Mosque, to get acquainted with the world of nature in Ras-Mohammed National Park. Gambling fans of fishing should be joined by the participants of the national competition for catching the most beautiful and large fish, which is organized in May. What are the advantages of relaxing in Egypt in May?

  • No severe heat;
  • Visa by arrival for Russians (no need to make up in advance);
  • All inclusive hotels;
  • Rich underwater world.



Cuba in May. Choose real connoisseurs of rest on the beach. Weather Freedom Island celebrates the end of the high season: hot days are interspersed with warm rains, and the temperature is quite comfortable for sunburn and entertainment on the water. Day in Cuba + 30 ... + 34 ° C, at night + 20 ... + 23 ° C, free water to + 28 ° C. Rainy days up to 7, but usually the precipitation falls into the afternoon and evening.

It is interesting to visit Olgin's province: admire the Cathedral of San Isidoro, visit the Museum of Natural Sciences Carlos de la Torre-I-Wert, Historical Museum, Folklore Village Tainino, Crocodile farm. Here in May passes the traditional May fair. A whole week is the festival - processions, concerts, exhibitions. Olgin is not only a place of excursions, but also a full-fledged beach holiday. The most beautiful and comfortable beaches (and their here more than 40, including the famous Guardlava and Playa Esmeralda) invite tourists to evaluate the quality of service.

Varadero - 20 km of the beach area along the Atlantic coast - simply filled with entertainment for every taste. Here is diving, and swimming, and just a lazy pastime under the hot sun on a clean beach. Active and positive is invited to play golf, have fun in Hosone's parks and Todo Enan, to visit the caves of the Varaikakos Reserve, in Dolphinarium and in the Kroodil nursery.

If you wanted to distract from the beaches, you can go to the capital of Cuba - Havana. Travelers are waiting for excursions to the Havana Vieja area, where there are several UNESCO World Heritage List objects: Cathedral, Colonial mansions of Obispo, Square de Armaas, De La Real Fuersa Castle. What are the advantages of rest in Cuba in May?

  • Low season is nearing, rest prices are reduced;
  • No visa for Russians is required;
  • All inclusive hotels;
  • Good service.
Tours in Varadero in December



Mexico in May. It is under the influence of cyclones, which begins the rainy season. The average air temperature indicators at the resorts during the day + 27 ... + 33 ° C, at night + 21 ... + 26 ° C, in water + 28 ... + 29 ° C. High humidity and heat allow you to get a beautiful tan, swimming and entertainment on the water are also very relevant. There is no strong wind yet, so the period when you can enjoy holidays on the beach, lasts until the end of the month.

Full of fun entertainment and night discos Acapulco, luxurious Los Cabos for tourists with a tight wallet, clean and beautiful Puerto Vallarta for fans of a relaxing rest are waiting for their guests in May. On the beaches of Cancun and Merida, by the end of May, the pilgrimage of novice surfers begins - the waves are not so high, as we would like to professionals, but for beginners are quite suitable.

Popular attractions of Mexico, visiting to which can be diversified by holidays in May, - the ghost city of Teotiuskan with majestic pyramids, the ruins of an ancient Palenque, where the peoples of Maya were once lived, the Pyramid of Cheolde, who surprised by His multi-layered, the Archaeological complex Monte Alban. You should not deprive the attention of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the pyramid of the wizard, the Pyramid of Culkan in Chichen-Izu is one of the seven wonders of the world. What are the advantages of relaxing in Mexico in May?

  • Free visa (issued online);
  • Rich excursion program;
  • A large number of resorts on two oceans.


(Photo: © mariamichelle / pixabay.com)

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic in May. Immersed in the rainy season. Strong showers can sage tourists, but they end up quickly. Air temperature during day + 30 ... + 31 ° C, at night +22 ° C, freezing water up to +28 ° C. Rainy days - their 11 - interspersed with sunny weather and high humidity. Not all travelers can quickly acclimatize the weather of Dominicans in May, so small children and older people with the pathologies of the cardiovascular system are better not to choose this direction for recreation.

Fishing is among the popular water entertainment, since May is the month of opening the fishing season on the Blue Marlin. But swimming, walks on yachts and boats, diving either no one has canceled - the storm and hurricane winds do not interfere with a relaxing pastime on the beach.

The most famous resorts are Punta Cana with the purest sandy beaches and an amazing turquoise color of the water, the center of luxury Cap Cana, the ideal for relaxing with children and the privacy of Boca Chica, Cabarete, Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Center. Choosing Puerto fee, you can not only enjoy the perfectly organized beach holiday, but also go on a cable car to Isabel de Torres National Park, where the famous statue of Christ is located.

In Santo Domingo, all entertainment of Dominicans are concentrated - from beaches to sightseeing programs to historical attractions. In the La Calet National Park - Paradise for Diving Fans. Many dreams to visit the caves Taino, admire the sunken vessels, get acquainted with a variety of underwater world. Inquisitive travelers will enjoy, having visited the Museum of Royal Houses, Museum Bellard, Museum of the Dominican man. Interesting expositions are exhibited in amber museums, Roma and sugar cane, chocolate, Hamon. What are the advantages of rest in Dominican Republic in May?

  • Do not need a visa for Russians;
  • The beginning of the rainy season, low prices for tours;
  • Developed nightlife.
Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic in April

(Photo: © luidmilakot / Pixabay.com)


UAE Mae is considered a low season. A favorable time for recreation ended in April, most tourists left. In the middle of May, a roast bit begins in the UAE, it is possible to rest only the air conditioners to the air conditioner. Tour operators are trying to take off the few tourists, reducing the prices of accommodation and air travel.

In the afternoon, the air temperature in the UAE in May comes to + 35 + 38 ° C. Especially hot B. Dubai и Sharjan . The coolest resort of the UAE in May - Fujaira , Here is 2-3 degrees, the temperature is lower. Choose the beginning of the month for rest, because every day the temperature in the UAE rises. The Persian Bay is warm to +25 ° C, but it is possible to bathe only early in the morning or in the evening.

In May, shopping can be done in the UAE, sales starts in large shopping centers. For entertainment holidays, you can come all year round - dozens of indoor parks support comfortable temperature for tourists (Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World, Ski Park in Dubai, Lego Park, etc.). What are the advantages of rest in the UAE in May?

  • Very warm water;
  • End of the tourist season, few people;
  • high level of service;
  • very safe country;
  • New modern hotels;
  • The UAE canceled a visa for Russians.
Prices for holidays in Dubai



On the Maldives in May. The offseason begins. The south-western monsoon "Hulhangu" comes to the country, bringing a short-term rain and a squalid wind to the southern atolls of Maldives (Addu, Gaafa Daalu, Haafa Alif, Laama). Air warms up to +31 ° C. In the north of the country in the area of ​​Haa-Alif, Haa Daalu, Shaviaani, Nunu, Raa weather is more predictable. On Western atolls, you can still have to do diving and snorkeling.

Water in the Indian Ocean of Fire Before + 29 + 30 ° C, you can swim all year round. In the southern atolls, strong waves rise, attracting surf lovers.

From entertainment - visiting the capital Male , Diving with sharks, walks on the seaplane, yoga. This place is suitable for a quiet secluded romantic holiday, newlyweds come here on the honeymoon. The Maldives is the most expensive direction where you can relax in May 2021. What are the advantages of relaxing in Maldives in May?

  • on all islands hotels at a high level;
  • No need to issue a visa;
  • Drug water in the sea;
  • warm weather;
  • Lone islands and villas on the water.


(Photo: © Join / Pixabay.com)


В Jordan in May. hot and dry. Air temperature in Amman Day + 29 + 30 ° C, at night + 16 + 20 ° C. In the south of the country, even hotter, in Aqabe during the day to +35 ° C, the temperature of the water + 22 + 24 ° C. There are no winds and storms, nothing will prevent a beach rest. In Jordan, you can sunbathe on the shore Dead and the Red Sea. Big plus - prices here are lower than in neighboring Israel, and the weather is no worse.

Family holidays with children are popular in Jordan. The Red Sea will delight coral reefs and an amazing diversity of the underwater world. It is so mild climate that there will be a real idyll for nature lovers. In Jordan, many different attractions. You can spend a tour of the biblical places, go to Peter's caves and see other architectural monuments. Learn more pro Resorts of Jordania can here .

So Jordan is another option, where you can go to rest on the sea in May 2021, where in May warm and you can swim. What are the advantages of rest in Jordan in May?

  • Does not need a visa;
  • warm sea;
  • Cultural center of the Middle East;
  • many attractions.
Jordan Resort Dead Sea


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka in May - a non-microgenic country for tourists who prefer to spend vacation, under the beach. This rainy month, seasoned by monscons, mutters the coastal ocean water, and non-discontinued tsunami can be placed in the air even unstable buildings, not to mention people. High air temperature + 31 ... + 33 ° C during the day and + 22 ... + 27 ° C at night - the only positive moment.

Those who still decided to spend his vacation in May on Sri Lanka, better go to the northeastern coast of the Indian Ocean. The resorts of Trinomale and Arugam Bay are protected from winds by mountains, and rainy days are expected to be expected in the month. 4. Diving fans come here, families with children, surfers. It is more convenient for them to relax in the Kasuairina resort. Excellent romantic vacation will be offen by couples on the secluded beaches of the Japhne Peninsula.

Sri Lanka in May is also limited to the Northeast due to weather conditions and danger of tsunami. An unforgettable full moon will be a visit to the Lagoon of Battikola - the music of Calladi is heard the music published by the underwater inhabitants.

A passionate ancient history of tourists should be in the old town of Anuradhapura, admire the Dagoba, the sacred tree of Bodhi, the statue of the Buddha Auchany. Lovers of high-quality tea can go to Nuzara-Elia plantations, taste the aromatic drink and purchase it as a souvenir. Excursions are also organized by excursion to the beauty of the waterfalls, and the time spent in the Victoria Park, with a golf course and the hippodrome, will not pass for nothing. What are the advantages of relaxing in Sri Lanka in May?

  • Exotic nature and tropical climate;
  • The best tea in the world;
  • You can get a visa upon arrival;
  • Well developed public transport;
  • In stores fixed prices.
Sri Lanka Weather for months

Sri Lanka


В Morocco in May. - The very beginning of the beach season. The water of the Atlantic warms up after winter is not too fast, the average temperature is + 18 ... + 20 ° C. But the sun warms it hot, so with an excessive duty lying on the beach you can get burns. In the popular resorts, the temperature of the day + 25 ... + 30 ° C, at night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. There are practically no rainy days.

The most comfortable holiday resort - Agadir Located in the south of Morocco. Clean beach with golden sand 6 km long is equipped with all necessary for sunbathing, bathing and surfing. In May, aqueous ski tournaments and surficist competition are held in Agadir. Tourists can try themselves in sailing sports, ride catamarans, scooters, go fishing. To entertain a little, you can visit the park "Valley of Birds", beautiful boulevards and avenues, squares of hope and salam, Lubnan Mosque. At night, life does not freeze, for lovers, nightclubs and discos are working.

Those who prefer to spend the time of vacation with benefit, it is worth planning rest in Morocco in the middle of May. At this time, an unforgettable holiday of roses is held in the oasis of Kelaa M'Gong.

Marackesh - Another destination, popular with tourists who decided to distract from relaxing on the beach. The main attraction - Medina is similar to an endless labyrinth, in the narrow streets of which is easy to get lost. The Entertainment Center Marrakesh is Jema El Fna. Here you can plunge into the original atmosphere of the eastern market, filled with bright colors, wonderful flavors, admire the performances of singers, fakirov, snake spellcasters. What are the advantages of rest in Morocco in May?

  • No visa is required for up to 90 days;
  • Warm weather;
  • Interesting attractions;
  • You can buy a burning tour;
  • Tasty oriental cuisine.
Hotel in Morocco

Hotel in Morocco

(Photo © Booking.com / Riad Be Marrakech)


Greece where you can fly to relax in May 2021, proud of its unique tourist resorts. The warmer in the southern islands Crete (day +27 ° C, water in the sea +22 ° C), Rhodes (during the day +25 ° C, water in the sea +21 ° C), Spit (During the day +24 ° C, water in the sea +20 ° C). If you want to swim, then choose only these islands, here in the second half of May the beach season begins. There are also many different excursions, historical sights, cultural program. The evenings are still cool, so do not forget to take warm things. AT Athens In May, the air warms up to + 15 + 25 ° C, on the island Corfa up to + 13 + 23 ° C.

Greek resorts are distinguished by moderate prices and truly high-quality European service. Greek cuisine fully consists of fresh and environmentally friendly products, so dishes are always delicious. Be sure to try suvlaki, kleftiko, fish meza, rustic salad.

As for the island of Rhodes, at the end of May you can come to the medieval festival, where there will be many costume ideas. You can also visit the festival of colors, during this period all the streets are decorated with whole compositions. So Greece is a good option where to go to May on the sea. Of the minuses, a Schengen visa needs, but the Greeks still have a large number of "long" visas (first place on the issuance statistics of 3-year-old Schengen). What are the advantages of rest in Greece in May:

  • affordable prices;
  • delicious cuisine;
  • many excursions;
  • Fast flight;
  • A good choice for resting the whole family;
  • European service and service.
Where to fly to relax in May



Those who decide where to fly to relax in May 2021 is budget, we advise you to go to the resorts Montenegro . The tourist season in the country begins, there are not many tourists, low prices. Resort number one in the country is Budva . Here in day in May + 20 + 26 ° C, at night + 12 + 16 ° C. In the summer, the resort is flooded with thousands of tourists, and in May you can still feel freedom. In Montenegro, public transport is well developed. Budva can go anywhere - in Kiss , Herceg Novi, Perast.

The warmer in the most southern mountains of the country - Ultsin, Valdanos, good water, but only 1-2 ° C. In May, the weather still presents surprises in the form of rain or storm. But by the end of the month, the water temperature in the Adriatic Sea reaches + 20 + 22 ° C. It is still cool to swim, but many are already climbing into the water.

In Montenegro, affordable accommodation prices, excursions and entertainment. The country is small, so you can see all the main attractions in one trip. It is worth visiting Zhablyak, Canyon of the Tara River, Monastery Ostrog, Skadar Lake, Cetinsky Monastery and Blue Cave. There are several national parks in the country, the most important of them are "Durmitor" and "Lovechen". Montenegro is a good budget option, where to go to May on the sea. Big plus to travel - no visa for citizens of the Russian Federation. What are the advantages of rest in Montenegro in May?

  • Do not need a visa for Russians;
  • Beautiful nature - the sea and mountains;
  • tasty food;
  • Environmentally friendly country;
  • Friendly attitude to Russia.
Montenegro resorts

Kotor Montenegro


Tunisia - Another country, where you can go on vacation at sea in May 2021. In the afternoon in the resorts of Tunisia, heat, + 22 + 26 ° C. Warm winds of the Mediterranean bring summer weather to the Northern Resorts of Tabarka, Tunisia and Furpet. Here, the air temperature reaches the mark + 26 + 27 ° C. In the Sousse, Monastir, Jerbe, Hammamet and Mahdi during the day + 24 + 25 ° C, at night the air cools up to + 20 + 21 ° C. Water in the Mediterranean Sea warms up to 19 + 20 ° C. Although in the Mediterranean, it is unlikely to work out, but every tourist can go to the massage or a bath. Weather surprises are not excluded - strong wind and storm.

In May, the entire tourist sphere of Tunisia comes to life: Bars, discos, restaurants and cafes are opening. The second most popular Country "All Inclusive" (after Turkey, of course), will delight by the sea and thalassotherapy centers. Service in Tunisia hotels is higher than in Israel or Turkey. But the system "all inclusive" is not at the highest level - less diversity, not very good alcohol.

Summer Weather in Tunisia in May promotes long walks, trips around the ancient cities and cognitive excursions in the Sousse, Monastir, on Djerba. Good time to visit the Sahara Desert, see the victim of Kairuan, Metlaui, Matmata, Tozer, Duz, Shot, El Jerid and other attractions. What are the advantages of relaxing in Tunisia in May?

  • Does not need a visa to 90 days;
  • The "All Inclusive" system;
  • warm weather;
  • Beginning season start;
  • Sand beaches.

Tunisia in May.

Bali (Indonesia)

Bali in May. Notes the beginning of the high season. Air warms up to comfortable for temperature resort + 28 ... + 31 ° C day and + 22 ... + 25 ° C at night. The water temperature near the coast of the island may drop to +29 ° C by the end of the month, but throughout May is favorable for all sorts of water entertainment: + 30 ... + 31 ° C. During this period, the sun shines, the wind is already blowing dry and bring warmth.

In the first decade of vacationers can scare potential rains - from 5 to 7 days. But these echoes of the recently past season rains will not spoil the mood to tourists: quickly passing, warm, they carry only freshness of air. The high probability of precipitation in the mountainous regions of the island, it is worth remembering to lovers to explore the surroundings from the height. The dry weather is celebrated on the Bucit Peninsula. In the afternoon, the temperature comes to +31 ° C, and at night lowers up to +23 ° C. Sea water is not less than +28 ° C.

Those who prefer lazy rest on the beach coast active pastime will enjoy surfing. At Bali in May, the real pilgrimage of surfers begins - the waves even not far from the coast, and their movement never stops. For diving, the north-west coast is well suited, and the surfers are better to go to the beaches of Cute.

Tourists, tired of contemplating the peaceful beauty of Balinese beach landscapes, is invited to make a sightseeing tour of the island. In her program - visiting the forest of monkeys, birds of birds and reptiles, plantations of rice and coffee, Balinese temples. It will be remembered by travelers and a trip to Ubud - the city, where in handicraft workshops create sculptures from wood, scenic work and real batik masterpieces. The painting of silk is a business card of Bali, almost the same as colorful folk dances. Being on the island and not to see at sunset the dance of a pebel collecting more than 100 dancers in front of the Temple of Uluwatu, "it means to visit Bali in vain. You can extend the received charge of fun, going to the night parties in Seminyak or Kut. So Bali is a great place where you can fly to a beach vacation in May 2021. What are the advantages of rest at Bali in May?

  • high season in the country;
  • no rain, compared to other Asian countries;
  • visa-free entry for 30 days.


(Photo © Pixabay License)


Malaysia in Ma. E - these are two opposite weather poles. On the island of Borneo, ideal for relaxing at the resort + 28 ... + 33 ° C during the day and + 24 ... + 26 ° C at night with a heated average to + 30 ° C water. Weather of the mainland country characterize high humidity and exhausting heat. However, for lovers of a beach holiday such climate is not a hindrance, because Malaysian beaches are considered truly paradise.

The most beautiful ones on Tioman Island, if you do Selfie, then only there. The beaches of Air Bataang and Salang are more comfortable, they are suitable for families with children. Juara is a place of a secluded rest, which is disturbing only the singing of sweet-haired birds.

On the beaches of Langkawi, tourists go not only for beautiful photos and a chocolate tan, but also to strengthen health. It is believed that white sand beaches treats osteochondrosis and rheumatism. For fun and good mood, travelers go to Penang Beaches - there are many bars, nightclubs, discos. Tired of Nontelia on the coast, it is recommended to go to Kuala Lumpur, where you can stand at the sights. Among them are the highest twin towers Petronas, Menara TV, from the sighting platform of which opens a breathtaking view. Lovers of architecture is worth visiting the Palace of Sultan Abdul-Samad, Jamek Mosque and the Temple of Sri Mahamariamman. What are the advantages of rest in Malaysia in May?

  • one of the safest countries in the world;
  • exotic direction;
  • Do not need a visa for up to 30 days.

Malaysia (Photo Sasint © Pixabay License)


Mauritius in May. It is characterized by high humidity and heat. This is the period of the end of the high season favorable for tourists - from the next month the transition to cool temperatures and dry air begins. Most lovers of the resorts of the north-western destination will fall to taste a pleasant day indicators + 28 ... + 29 ° C. In the southern and eastern resorts, the temperature is lower below: + 26 ... + 27 ° C. Nights relatively cool: + 18 ... + 20 ° C. The coast of the coast is comfortable for swimming and dives with aqualing: + 25 ... + 26 ° C.

By the end of the month, the weather becomes windy, which can not not please the surf fans - to catch their skills with a high wave much easier. For exotic fishing on blue Marlinov, Tuna, Hammer and Barracuda, the time is unsuitable: the fishery begins in September and ends in April.

Excursions to the picturesque places and attractions of Mauritius are better planned at the end of May. On the beaches too strong wind. Is there any sense to sit at the hotel in anticipation of good weather when it is possible to get acquainted with the culture of the island in the Indian Ocean? Travelers are waiting for the Museum of the Colonialists "Eureka", the Museum of Indian Immigration (People's Museum of Gandhi) in the Moka district. Once in the metropolitan Port Louis, on the central space of weapons, it is worth entering the National Museum, visit the fortress of Fort Adelaide. In a cognitive feet program, you must include review tours of religious places: Saint James Cathedrals, St. Louis, Jumma Mosque, Maestarat Temple. What are the advantages of rest at Mauritius in May?

  • I do not need a visa for 60 days;
  • exotic country, few people were;
  • There is no difference in time zones with Moscow;
  • Paradise for surfers.



Goa in May. Virtually closed for tourists who prefer rest on the beach. The high season ended, the rain period begins. The exhausting heat is unlikely to appeal to rare inhabitants of beach zones. The average temperature indicators during the day + 32 ... + 35 ° C, at night + 26 ... + 27 ° C, water temperature +30 ° C. By the end of the month, the winds are strengthened, storms are possible. High humidity and moulderness complement the very bad feelings of travelers who were on Goa in May.

Most beach entertainment are not available, rental owners in April closed their institutions. If still the choice of tourists fell in May on Goa, you can schedule no rest on the beach, but excursions to waterfalls or alloys on rivers. Disco and nightclubs do not stop working on the beaches Vagator, Bug, Calangute, Palom, Arabol.

Lovers of local exotic are recommended to visit the mango festival, watch the walking of yogis on coal at the Festival Igitun Chalna. We prefer the active rest you can go to the Razuri Reserve, where to make an alloy for canoe and swim in the pure jets of waterfalls.

Going on an excursion to the old Goa, it is worth paying attention to the majestic architectural monuments: the Cathedral of St. Catherine with a drop-in "growing" cross, the Archaeological Museum of Goa, Bon-Zhezush - the Basilica of Mercy Jesus, Church of St. Caetan. What are the advantages of rest in Goa in May?

  • Low season, prices for tours are reduced;
  • A large number of budget housing (1-2 *);
  • Exotic fruits and nature.



В Cambodia in May. The season of shower begins. However, it is not worth despair to leisure meters on the beach. It is not worth: the temperature of the day on average + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 26 ... + 27 ° C, water temperature +27 ° C. Sunny days are still dominated over rainy - they are only 11 in May. However, high humidity couple with a fairly strong wind can spoil the well-being of only people sensitive to weather drops.

Storm rains are short-lived, usually pass closer in the late afternoon or at night, but take care of the presence of rainfacing still costs - the period of rainy pre-season is unpredictable. Gradually melting rivers, so the best vacation option is beach, alloys in May are closed.

The most famous resort of Cambodia - Sihanoukville - offers travelers all traditional beach entertainment. Despite the fact that the beaches of Cleel and Serendipitis, located in the city, do not differ in purity, they boast a developed infrastructure. At every step, the holidays offer souvenirs, food, rental of sun beds. Cheerful, but less equipped beaches Ramam and retirements attract those who wish to spend time in relative solitude.

Diving fans should be visited by Koh Tang Island, and in love with couples, it is better to go to Koh Rong Island. To diversify Vacation in Cambodia, you can visit Angkor - an ancient cultural monument with temples and palaces. In the capital - Phnompene - it is necessary to visit the complex of the Royal Palace and in silver pagoda. Cardamon and Elephant Mountains have a Buror National Park, where Popochvil waterfall is located. What are the advantages of rest in Cambodia in May?

  • Low prices in the country;
  • Exotic country, few people were;
  • Here is Angkor Wat - one of the grand sights of Asia.


(Photo Poswiecie © Pixabay License)


Those who are looking for rest in May where heat is worth visiting the south cities Spain - Seville, Malaga, Alicante. Not lower than +22 degrees will be in Ibiza and Mallorca. Slightly cooler will be in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. It is still cold, the water is barely warm up to +20 degrees, so the beach season begins here only at the end of June.

But in May, you can relax in Alicante and Seville 2 times cheaper than in summer. As for Ibiza, there are no hurry tourists there, tours to the sea on the May holidays are not very popular, because the season begins in June. At this time, European youth arrives here. Lovers of nightclubs are better to fly to relax in May on Majorca. There you can see the Botanical Garden and the Gardens of Alfabia. If you love the ruins and Arab museums with palaces and decide where to relax in May to the sea, we advise you to visit Malaga. The most budget resorts of Spain in May can be called Blanes and Lloret de Mar not far from Barcelona.

Pluses of Spain in May:

  • developed resorts;
  • great service;
  • historical sights;
  • picturesque nature, mountains;
  • delicious cuisine;
  • Many family hotels.



Deciding where to fly in May on the sea, it is worth considering Thailand . This is a country where heat in May and air temperature is not less than +32 degrees. Due to the fact that the humidity of the air is quite high, then together with the scorching sun, you can imagine yourself in the Russian bath. And often there are short-term shower, because the rainy season has already begun.

If you choose tours in May to the sea in Thailand, then study the time of changing seasons in the resorts. The best time to go to Samui (here in the summer the high season begins, unlike other resorts), you can also consider the mainland part - Bangkok, Pattaya, spending, Hua Hin, from the islands to Chang. Not the best time to relax in the resort number 1 - Phuket, it fills it with rains most.

Pluses of Thailand in May:

  • many different resort zones;
  • All sorts of attractions;
  • minimum cost of tours;
  • warm weather;
  • heated sea;
  • exotic;
  • Infrastructure develops rapidly.



Wonderful time to discover the Bulgarian Beach, where you can relax in May 2021. Although the water is also cool, but you can already lie on the sand. Air temperature B. Bulgaria rises to +25 degrees. For those tourists who decided to relax in May, it is possible to enjoy a lot of different colors. In May, the flower festival is held, which is dedicated to Rose. This flower is a symbol of the country, the memory can be brought from Bulgaria with pink oil, jam from roses, sweets and souvenirs with a picture of roses.

Choose tours to the sea in May on the most warm resorts of Bulgaria on the southern coast - Sunny Beach, Sozopol, Ahtopol. It will still work out only in walrus, but a great time to explore the sights.

Pluses of Bulgaria in May:

  • short flight;
  • Many who speak Russian;
  • The system is "all inclusive";
  • close to us kitchen;
  • Entertainment for children;
  • Prices are lower than in Europe;
  • Bulgarian visa is easier and cheaper than Schengen.



Another option where to fly in May - Italy . The last month of spring will delight tourists with warm air. If it is rained, the temperature will decrease slightly. For those who do not like wet weather, we advise you to choose tours in May on the sea on Sicily Island. Only buy here will not work, water is hardly up to +18 degrees. But it is already possible to sunbathe.

The last month of spring can be held at interesting excursions in Vatican, Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence. Since there are a lot of tourists, it is not necessary to hope that the accommodation here will be inexpensive. Those who want to spend time at sea resorts, it is worth planning a trip to the southern coast of Italy, because there is something to see. It is impossible to leave Italy, without trying local cheeses and not to adjust the wine, and what is the most interesting, in every region the taste of products is unique. You can also go shopping, in addition to expensive boutiques, the best outlets in Europe are located in Italy.

Pluses of Italy in May:

  • A huge number of attractions;
  • Heritage of UNESCO;
  • few tourists compared with the high season;
  • developed resorts;
  • European service, delicious kitchen;
  • Good attitude to Russian.
Prices in Rimini.

Rome in May.


Good place where to fly in May - Israel . Compared to other European resorts, Israeli are much south. In early May, in the Mediterranean Sea, you can already swim. This month, in Eilat, water in the sea reaches +25 degrees, and the air warms up to +30. In Israel, not only sunny sunburn lovers are resting, but those who prefer an active rest, after all, see what. Of the minuses - prices for tours in May abroad to Israel 2 times higher than in Turkey.

Lake Kineriet and resorts near the seas are suitable for those who prefer passive rest. For active travelers in Israel too will go where to go. Israel is excellent, although not a budget option, where to go to the sea in May.

Pluses of Israel in May:

  • many all kinds of excursions;
  • warm climate;
  • Does not need a visa;
  • security;
  • There is an opportunity to swim in the sea;
  • There is a large number of resorts.
where to relax in July


(Photo © Booking.com / David Intercontinental Tel Aviv)


You can also consider rest in May where heat in Nha Trang, Muin, Fantry or Vungtau . There are comfortable hotels here, but tourism in Vietnam came later than in Thailand, so not all resorts are strongly developed (except, perhaps nurse). Here what to see - temples, waterfalls, exotic animals, amusement parks. The beach season is open, but large waves are possible at sea. Tours in May from Moscow in Vietnam cost from 25,000 rubles.

In Nha Trang in May, dry weather, the mountains close it from the rain. In the afternoon, the air warms up to +32 degrees. This is the only resort of Vietnam, where heat and dry all summer. In Fantry and Muyne, too, well. On Fukuoka in May, the off-season, the hottest weather and rains. But tourists still rest. So Vietnam is a good budget option, where to fly to rest in May 2021.

Pluses of Vietnam in May:

  • Very hot weather;
  • Exotic nature, fruits, animals;
  • Do not need guides;
  • Conceptless country (up to 15 days);
  • Drug water in the sea;
  • Original culture.
I-Resort Mud in Nha Trang



Hainan - Another resort where you can fly to relax, where the warm sea in May 2021. The last month of spring for the island is the end of the high season. Lovers of health recreation recommend choosing favorable tours in May abroad on Hainan. This is a great direction where you can swim in the sea in May.

On the most popular Sanya hot weather resort, sandy beaches and developed infrastructure. In Haikou, a little cooler, literally for 1-2 degrees. The only thing that can spoil the rest is the resulting rainy season and a large number of Chinese. Good time for sightseeing holidays in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, where heat in May.

Pluses of China in May:

  • easy to get a visa;
  • If you go on a Turbuket on Hainan to 15 days, then the visa is not needed;
  • It is possible to swim;
  • Centers of Chinese medicine;
  • Enough warm water in the sea.
where you can fly to relax in May



Thanks to the exquisite kitchen, hospitality and low prices for tours in May on the sea, it is worth considering Georgia . Here you will tell you a lot of interesting legends, you will see unforgettable mountain landscapes and religious centers. First time arriving in Tbilisi, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting cuisine and attractions. If they are going on a tour, then you need to go to Kakheti and watch the military roads.

There are a lot of interesting cities in Georgia, such as Svanetia, Mtskhete, Batumi, so revise all the sights during one vacation simply will not work. Special attention deserves diet Georgian cuisine and wines of local production.

Pluses of Georgia in May:

  • friendly country;
  • very beautiful nature;
  • delicious cuisine;
  • good responsive people;
  • Low prices in the country.
Georgia Batumi Rest



On the Mediterranean Sea Malta - This is one of the popular islands where you can fly in May to the sea in 2021. Flowers in May Here is a huge amount: Bougurenellia, olendra, bloom citrus trees, pears, apple trees. You might think that you are in the blooming garden. Spring in Malta, where you can go to rest in May, hits the key. But it will not be possible to buy in the sea, the water is not free, maximum + 19 + 20 degrees. Therefore, at this time it is better to come for entertainment and sightseeing.

Excursions are a lot, and each tourist will be able to choose a route to my soul. You can ride on a red excursion train, it rides around Mdina. Prices for tours in May abroad in Malta from 40000 rubles.

Pluses of Malta in May:

  • enters the Schengen zone;
  • blooming nature;
  • Interesting resorts and islands.
Gozo Island.



Coast Seychel where you can fly to rest in May, also like tourists. At the end of the month here is already warm enough and dry weather is kept. And this is a reason to rejoice! In addition to the most popular island, Mahe, there are another 114 islands, where you can relax in May. Although tourists come here a lot, but there is enough space for a rest to everyone. Newlyweds for a honeymoon often come to the Seychelles, where the warm sea in May.

Another plus, why it is worth choosing tours in May on the sea to the Seychelles - you do not need a visa. Plus, the direction is not a banal, you can hardly find many of those who visited here.

Pluses Seychel in May:

  • exotic;
  • warm weather all year round;
  • Few people were in this country.

We looked at Where to fly in May on the sea, what to choose favorable tours in May with a flight in 2021 .

Not far from the mountains of Spring and the most beautiful month of this season - May with long holiday weekends. And you can spend them somewhere on the wonderful coast. Many are already thinking now, where the whole family will be comfortable, so that the beach is good, and the sea is warm, and the child was interesting, and not leave the family budget. It's time to plan a vacation, while there are tours at attractive prices. We have prepared an overview of the resorts and tell you where to relax on the sea in May so that you can enjoy after capricious winter warm sand and even sea baths.

Why not go to the cruise? Prices are very affordable! Mediterranean Sea from 239 €, Caribbean from 254 €, by Emirates from 409 €, in Asia from 169 €.



The beach season officially opens in Turkey. On flights to the popular resorts of the country no longer have free places, as in hotels that offer a high level of service at affordable prices. That is why we recommend booking a tour now. Prices for the action "Earlier booking" are pleasantly happy and allow you to decently save. As a rule, tourists choose "All Inclusive" or "Ultra inclusive" in Turkey. Who wants to think about where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner when you can just enjoy the sea, affectionate sun and cool tequila Sanzrize.

It will be very comfortable to feel young guests, as there are no exhaust heat and you can have a long time under the sun. Protective cream at the same time, no one canceled! The weather will also allow active tourists to make exciting long trips and explore the attractions of the country. Be sure to visit Cappadocia! Do you make warm things with you? Of course. In the evening, there is still a spring cool here, but the day the air temperature warms up to +25 .. + 28 ° C and you can take sunbathing.

We recommend:

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May on the Holy Land - a truly summer month, the best time for a seafood time. On the Mediterranean coast, the day is already very warm (in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Netanya - + 24-27 ° C), the sun does not split the sand, as in July. In the evening, it becomes fresh (+ 17-20 ° C), the nights are cool. The air temperature in Haifa is lower.

Water can not be called very comfortable (+ 21 ° C), but many are already bathed. It is hot on the resorts of the Red Sea, in Eilat + 35 ° C, in water (+ 23-25 ​​° C) can be held for a long time. In the dead sea she is just hot (+ 31 ° C). For all climatic pleasures, May will have to pay more expensive than in other months. But comfortable conditions for excursions on unique attractions compensate financial costs. On the Dead Sea, you can not only get to the beach rest, but take therapeutic procedures.

In the Mediterranean, there are strong waves on the Mediterranean, and surfers use the moment. It is enough here and other marine entertainment: riding on inflatable shells, "bananas", hydrocycles, yachts, parasailing. Popular helicopters are popular. The Red Sea, most often calm, contributes to diving and snorkeling. A rich underwater world delivers true pleasure to divers with a fierce variety. Trips through the ancient shrines leave deep impressions.

  • Americana 3 * - 2 restaurants, a swimming pool with a hot tub and a small swimming pool for children, a 10-minute walk beach
  • Leonardo Club 4 * - serves guests on the system all inclusive, swimming pool with 3 slides, Piro-bar by the pool

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Very pleasant and interesting will be rest in Jordan. Here there will be gorgeous beaches of the Red and Dead Seas. These places are best suited for family holidays, as for children here is a real expathere - the warm clean sea and an abundance of entertainment. In addition, Jordan is a real paradise for diving and eco-tourism lovers. The coral reefs of the Red Sea are amazing with their beauty and diversity of the underwater world, and the luxurious vegetation of the coast and very mild climate will allow everyone to spend several days in complete union with nature.

Jordan is rich in attractions. You can make a tour of the biblical places, visit the famous Peter Cave Complex, as well as many other Bedouin and Muslim monuments. And, again, the best time for excursions will be May, until the summer sewing heat has come.

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Opens the season and at some European resorts. This is a good time for traveling to Greece, the beaches of many islands of this country are already open for swimming, the weather is warm, but not hot, moreover, all entertainment and excursions are quite accessible, as prices for them have not reached their summer maximum. The beginning of the month is rich in the holidays - in Greece, as well as in Russia, the day of workers is celebrated. Parads and festive events pass throughout the country.

At the same time, in many cities, the ancient pagan feast of flowers dedicated to the goddess Demetra is celebrated, and a little later, on May 21-23, in many corners of the country, Pivalssia is noisily celebrated, or anasthenarium. The most important event of this ancient holiday is dancing on hot coals, invariably collecting a huge number of spectators. Since Greece is the country of rich culture, it is impossible to bypass the date of May 18, when the country has an international day of museums and monuments. Each tourist is useful to know that on this day in all numerous country museums can be reached completely free.

Lovers of costume ideas can be recommended to visit the medieval festival, which takes place at the end of the month on the island of Rhodes. At the same time, the festival of flowers passes here, and all the streets of the island are generously decorated with floral compositions, from the beauty of which just captures the spirit.

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If we talk about European countries, then the most comfortable and interesting rest may be on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. In pro-catalogs, many of our compatriots go to Cyprus. The beautiful weather reigns here, and the sun with ease warms the water off the coast up to 21 degrees above zero.

At the same time, nights are given quite cool. The most popular island destinations for vacation are Ay Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, each of which is characterized by unique conditions for recreation. For example, for all night-party lovers, Ai-Napa is more suitable, and it is better to go to family couples with children to Limassol beaches.

You can enjoy water attractions in numerous and beautifully equipped water parks. The cultural life of the island is very saturated. It is here that at this time the European Dance Festival is held, as well as the Festival of Anfesteria. Anfesteria is a holiday dedicated to the colors of Cyprus, many of whom grow only here.

In the days of the festival, large floral fairs are held in all cities, and among Cypriots there is a custom, be sure to give bouquets of flowers to all their friends. Also at this time in Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos passes the carnival. Paphos is the center of all celebrations, and the holiday here passes with a special scale. And those who were lucky enough to see the Cyprus Flower Carnival, tell about him as an unforgettable spectacle.

  • Leptos Calypso Coral Beach Hotel & Resort 5 * - located on the sandy shore of Coral Bay Beach, Indoor pool, hot tub and 2 outdoor pools, water slides
  • Adams Beach 5 * - located on the famous Nissi Beach beach, outdoor and indoor pools, there are several bars and restaurants.
  • Olympic Lagoon Resort 5 * - Works all inclusive, to the sandy beach of Landa Golden is only 150 m, 5 pools, water slides, 8 restaurants, kids club

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Who scared the rainy season, he is not a "bearded" tourist. Experienced travelers know that precipitation at this time falls out mostly only in the evening or at night, and in the afternoon you can safely sunbathe and make swims. And the most pleasant thing is the prices for the tickets are just fantastic. Frames choose the proven Turkey or the UAE, while the economical tourist perfectly spends time in Vietnam, where the water temperature is + 27 ° C and above.

We recommend to stop your choice on the hotel in Nha Trang, there are practically no precipitation here. The day the thermometer column rises to the mark + 32 ° C. Also look at Muin and Fantau Beach. You can already swim on Fukuchok, without fear of jellyfish, in addition May here is considered one of the hottest months. Those who choose Vietnam are definitely not disappointed, because of the pleasant holiday, a variety of entertainment and saturated excursion routes.

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Another attractive for tourists is the island of Mediterranean is Malta. Everything here literally slows down in colors - olendra, bougaineles, apple trees, pears, and a variety of citrus trees flourish. The whole island turns into a raven flowering garden. Here you can fully feel the breath of spring. Despite the very comfortable air temperature, the swimming season in Malta opens a little later, the sea is still cool.

However, Malta is so rich in a variety of attractions and entertainment that you can simply do not stay on swimming. Here you will be offered numerous excursion tours for every taste, but you yourself should certainly make a fascinating journey on the famous red sightseeing train, the route of which goes through the picturesque neighborhoods of Rabat and Mdina.

Several times a year, tourism management conducts a very interesting historical parade in the metropolitan Fort of St. Elma, dedicated to the heyday of the power of the Maltese Order.

The soldiers dressed in historical uniforms demonstrate the audience the ability to handle the Musket and Arkebuses, followed by the announcement of the orders, the divorce of the guard and other historical details of the usual life of the medieval garrison, which can be extremely interesting to martial history lovers. Well, after the most interesting excursion day, you can try happiness in one of the four famous Maltese casinos.

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In this fabulous country of Adriatic, the Russians are allowed for a visa-free regime, which significantly facilitates the trip. When in Russia only at the end of the month comes the long-awaited heat, in the seaside resorts of Montenegro May almost a summer month. Although it rains here, but they are pretty warm and short. Daytime air temperatures at the beginning of the month by noon are almost everywhere reach + 24-25 ° C, and the water warms up to + 18-19 ° C (which, Bar, Tivat, Petrovac, Budva, Podgorica).

Of course, not everyone risks swim with such temperature indicators. But the hot bath fans and bronze tanning fans. Montenegro is not only beaches, but also stunningly beautiful nature, unique monuments of architecture and religion. Participation in organized excursions (quite moderate prices) will allow you to see the delicious beauty of the Budva Riviera, the Bolko-Kotorskiy Bay, etc.

May Day days are marked here by the Carnival "Queen of the Mediterranean" in Budva. The second half of May pleases the summer warmth when the beach season is already open on the whole coast. Ideally transparent water, coral reefs - paradise for scuba divers and divers. But it is worth remembering that the coolness (+ 12-13 ° С) comes around in the evening, even in the south, in Ultsin (+ 14 ° C), warm sweaters, jackets and sneakers do not interfere. Stay in Montenegro will be the best output.

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The resort life of the Bulgarian Black Sea cannot be called active, but it does not detract from the advantages of sunny Bulgaria. All coastal institutions are preparing to take tourist flows. Divine nature also seeks to please guests with rouse flowering of gardens. Juicy greenery of lawns, bright flowerbeds, affectionate sun, the purest air, the aroma of May herbs is driving crazy.

What is only valley of roses, turning into a delightful floral carpet! The Bulgarian Sun pleases the generosity of the rays, heating air in Sozopol, Burgas, Nessebar and the Sunny Beach to + 21-22 ° C, and on some days - to + 25 ° C. On the golden sands, in Varna is cooler (+ 19-23 ° C). You can safely take with yourself bathing accessories for sunburn. Bathing will still allow yourself all the walruses (water + 15 ° C). The umbrella also does not hurt - thunderstorms with rain no exception here.

Any divers in wetsuits are cool water does not prevent the study of the dicks of the underwater kingdom. Guests of Bulgaria have the opportunity to admire crystal lakes, magnificent arrays of the mountains, picturesque rocks, the famous Valley of roses next to Kazanly. Kaleidoscope of pink buds meets tourists all over the coast. Local hotels are striving to surround guests with hospitality, comfort and budget prices.

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Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Spanish archipelago of 7 large and 6 small islands of volcanic origin - Current Mecca. Although there is practically no winter, but the swimming and beach season begins everywhere in May. The average monthly air temperature on the O-Wax day + 23 ° C, at night - + 17 ° C, rains - a rare phenomenon. The widest beaches with volcanic sand white and black color, picturesque nature - feature of the Canary Islands.

The most popular o-in Tenerife welcomes guests comfortable weather, without strong winds, storms and a minimum amount of precipitation. The water of the Atlantic (+20) is not yet indispensable for summer heat, but short-term swimming is quite possible. Even the bias and tanning lovers will not be disappointed - in addition to the maritime rest they are waiting for the most fascinating entertainment and excursions.

For example, Tenerife is famous for many parks (Siam, Loro, Akvalland, Manki, Jardin Botaniko, an ostrich farm), the visit of which causes a storm of enthusias in children and adults. Between your La Gomer and Tenerife swim vessels tropical, watching everyone likes. In the middle of the month in the town of Los Realeehos, an incendiary screening of fireworks is carried out. And at the end of May, a grand festival dedicated to the Day of Canary O-Gossi is arranged on Tenerife. Sea walks between the islands (Grand Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura) on yachts, boats - favorite entertainment of vacationers. Stay on any of the resorts - unforgettable time.

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May days for Russians - the best time of the year. They will be simply fabulous if they spend them in beautiful Italy. The long Mediterranean coast with delicious beaches, amazing old cities, invaluable monuments - the magical edge. In the country of the greatest painters, sculptors, singers vacation at sea will be rich and interesting.

Under the affectionate sun, nature fragrances flavors of blooming citrus, sparkles the emerald of young foliage and the velvet of herbs. Brightly sinking wisterial, bougainvillee, irises fascinating with their beauty. Air and water are getting warmer, "calling" guests to change the spring clothes on summer outfits. With an increase in daytime temperatures on the sea begins a high season.

In the coastal resorts: Rimini, Isker, Capri, Sardinia, Sicily, Naples, Venice Day + 21-23 ° C, at night - + 12-13 °. Water warms on average to + 17-19 ° C. Only the most seasoned will rink away, and everything can be sunbathing. In addition to major resorts, the Italian coast is rich in small, cozy towns, full of charming: Szill, Tropay, Galliopoli, Otranto, Maratea, etc.

Each of them, as a rule, is located in the vicinity of a large city. In any of these colorful towns, you can go for 1 day. May in Italy - the right time for excursion trips. And here is that see: Vatican in Rome, Museums of Florence, city of Canal Venice, MODA lawmor than Milan and much more. Wine tasting, inimitable Italian delicacies will contribute their pleasant contribution to stay.

  • Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa 5 * - Located in the resort of Lido Di-Jesolo, on the seafront. Wellness Center of 2000 m2, Kids Club, Outdoor pool
  • Pollina Resort 4 * - Torre Conca Private Beach in Bay (first line), breakfasts + dinners + dinners. Seasonal outdoor pool, bar, children's playground
  • Waldorf 5 * - located on the coastline, direct access to the private beach, an outdoor pool with a bar, elegant rooms and a gourmet restaurant

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The best choice of relaxation on the coast of North Africa is the most famous Moroccan resort of Agadir. At this time, the air here warm up to +27 degrees, the sea is also warm, which will allow you to enjoy a full-fledged beach holiday. By the way, it is in Agadir that is the best beach of the entire Atlantic coast of Morocco. In addition to taking sunbathing here, you can enjoy surfing or relax from the sea by making a pleasant horseback walk. The resort has thalassotherapy centers, and excellent golf courses. Also in Agadir, many sightseeing routes begins, and May is the perfect time to travel to the south of the country.

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Want to be in the atmosphere of hot summer, tropical beauty against the background of the ocean bounded turquoise? Then fly to the Maldives. The island state consisting of 26 Attol Rings, will meet you with equatorial heat (+ 30 ° -31 °), water similar to pair milk (+ 26-28 ° C). May Beginning - the most optimal time to rest here. The wet season has not yet gained revolutions, short showers fall, not spoiling beach leisure. Humidity is not so high, as in the next periods of the month.

The situation of "Bounty" has a serene rest, when literally merge with amazingly beautiful nature. Lazy lying on the sand can alternate with active diving, snorkeling and other water entertainment. The underwater world of coral reefs here is truly fantastic. More than 1 thousand dives sites provide the possibility of studying the bottom of beginners and experienced divers.

In the last decade, the high waves of the ocean, raised by strong winds, give expanser surfrs, are activated by parasayligists. Lovers of these sports attend Lohihiushi, Tari-Villaland, Haddati, Addu (Att Male). Divine sunsets in the Maldives are particularly expressive - they are striking the imagination with crazy paints. Fans of fishing get huge satisfaction from catchy trophies in the form of a sword fish, blue Marlin, Barracuda and other exotic inhabitants of the Indian Ocean.

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May is a suitable month to visit Tunisia. First, you can relax on the sea, secondly - to save significantly. At this time of the year, the air heats up to + 25-27 ° C, the nights are also quite warm - to + 21c. But the sea is still relatively cool: at the beginning of the month + 17 ° C, at the end of + 21 ° C. Therefore, there are no mass influx of tourists yet, and the prices are lower. The beaches are very pleasant - the sand is white, the entrance to the sea is flat. You can sunbathe, and healthy people - and swim.

At the same time, the entire infrastructure of seaside resorts is already started. Night clubs opened, music sounds, cafes, shops, entertainment centers work on discos. You can walk along the beautiful embankment, order walks on the yacht, go on excursions. A two-day tour of the Sahara desert will be very interesting, with visits to the sights found along the road.

You will see the places where the "Star Wars" filmed, look at the salty lake of death, to the Roman Amphitheater and the city of Toglodites. May 1 in the country marked the day of labor. And this month there are two beautiful holidays - the rose festival and spring festival. Do not miss the opportunity to visit them. The fairs that pass in the country will delight.

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May in Thailand is a very peculiar month. The day is already very hot, to noon, the thermometer column is guaranteed to interfere with the mark of + 30 ° C, but can rise to + 40 ° C. Sea water does not refresh - she is free to + 28-29 ° C. Therefore, sunbathing on the beach is better in the morning and closer to the evening, and in the afternoon there are indoors where air conditioners are installed - in stores, spa, restaurants. It is also necessary to consider that the sea in May is often a storm, and if you see the red flags on the beach - you should not feel fate. Remember the underwater flows.

For diving, this is also not the best month - a lot of plankton in water, visibility is reduced. But the surfing lovers will be delighted - they always find where to ride. Equipment can be rented on highly low prices. The rains are still a little, and at least 4-5 sunny hours are guaranteed daily, so you will return home with a good tan. You can take strings on yachts, rummage fruit, take part in local holidays.

It is worth examining the caves of Mai Kaeé, to visit the orchids farm and in the village of Marine Gypsy. Children will be delighted with riding on elephants or jungle excursions. On May 5, the Day of Coronation is celebrated in Thailand, and the holiday of the first furrow is very interesting, when the king personally takes place for the plow, and the monks are blessed. Interesting and festival of fruit. Prices for holidays are 40% lower than in a high season.

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In May, the popularity of the UAE as a tourist destination is lower than in winter. It becomes too hot here, and the summer is already on the threshold. The rains in May practically does not happen, and the air temperature in the afternoon comes to + 37c. There are still many people on the beaches, but only in the early morning clock and when the sun is already lowered to the horizon. Sand White, water temperature + 27-28 ° C - Paradise conditions. But you should be careful, it is easy to burn. Especially attentive need to be those who ride on the yacht. The breeze creates a feeling of coolness, but solar activity does not reduce.

It is difficult to carry out a hot climate difficult to make a local population, so air conditioners are working everywhere in the UAE cities. In hotels and spa, restaurants and shopping centers, public and personal transport. The optimal option, if you have driver's license, will rent a car, and inspect the sights, just leaving the cool interior.

Do not forget to bring things with long sleeves. They will protect from solar radiation and from sharp drops of temperatures when you come from the street to the room where the air conditioner works. In general, it is possible to relax well in the UAE, to go shopping, to get into the sea. Prices are significantly reduced compared to the high season.

  • Al Hamra Residence & Village 5 * - located along the untouched beaches of the Persian Gulf, children's and adult pools, a health club with a sauna, seafood restaurant and an English pub.
  • Radisson Blu Resort 5 * - Area - 65000 sq.m., own sandy beach with a length of 300 m., 2 pools for children and 2 adults
  • BIN MAJID Beach Resort 4 * - consists of a complex of 1-2 storey bungalows, meals all inclusive, a beach with a length of 800 meters

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Indonesia, Bali

Indonesia, Bali

In Indonesia is the beginning of the high season. The climate on Bali becomes significantly land. For a month, there may be about 7 rainy days, but the shower will not hurt to relax - they are short, after a couple of hours in the sky, the sun appears again. The air temperature is kept within the boundaries + 28-33 ° C, the temperature of the water + 26-28 ° C. So beach holidays for tourists remains the main entertainment. Nights on the island are also very warm + 23-25 ​​° C, air conditioning may be required. You can surfing, dive into warm water with scuba and consider the amazing underwater world.

As the high season begins - all the establishments are opening on the island, whose goal is to entertain tourists. You can look at local dances, artists will be dressed in national costumes - this is a real holiday, bright and colorful. A lot of Russians live on Bali, so you can order excursions with a Russian-speaking guide. You will see the park of birds and reptiles, plantations on which rice or coffee, beautiful temples grow. In the city of Ubud, the center of artistic crafts is concentrated, so you will leave here with wonderful souvenirs.

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Malaysia also begins a high season. The air here remains hot + 30-34 ° C, but precipitation falls significantly less, and it breathes in a dry climate much easier. Sea water temperature + 26-28 ° C, even children can swim for a long time. It is only important to remember that solar radiation for delicate children's skin is especially dangerous, sunbathing better in the morning and evening hours. Malaysia has many natural and architectural attractions, so that a rich excursion program awaits you.

You will be able to visit national parks, see their amazing inhabitants, go through the heavenly bridge, look at the temples and mosques, look into beautiful caves. In Malaysia, a very special cuisine, and you need not to miss the case with her to meet. I will impress you that in some cafes, food is served on banana leaves. Rest in Malaysia will not be cheap, but the vivid impressions that you will take away from here, everyone will pay off.



In Mauritius in May - "Velvet Season". At this time, it is worth come here to those who do not tolerate heat, a good stay with children. Sarfa will always find waves to ride. And lovers like shopping awaits the shopping festival, when prices for goods are significantly reduced - up to 50%. The air temperature is held within + 28-29 ° C, at night - pleasant coolness + 20-21 ° C. Sea water of the free of charge + 26 ° C. Do not forget that the weather in Mauritius changes very quickly. Among the day, it may unexpectedly go short rain, so do not forget umbrellas. Air humidity is satisfied high.

Great pleasure gives tourists swimming with aqualung. The underwater world is the richest. And very beautiful landscapes - grottoes and caves, thicket corals. Tourists in Mauritius at this time are a bit, so you can order places in the best hotels at discounted prices, and places on the beaches will always be enough. Also, May on Mauritius is the time of fashionable shows, competitions and various entertainment events.

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In this country, the midst of the holiday season. Egypt, especially in demand, happens on the days of the holidays. Not yet scorching, as in the summer, the sun, fresh greens, the rain flowering flora makes the rest here are very comfortable. Statistics eloquently testifies that in May there is a big influx of tourists. Therefore, planning a trip to the "cradle of mankind", it is necessary to reserve flights and hotel early. Burning trips to Egypt practically does not happen. Resorts of the Red Sea (Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, El Gouna, Soma-Bay) are happy with warm sea water (+ 26 ° C), summer heat (+ 30-33 ° C), hot sand.

The sea is almost always calm, beach leisure is quite diverse. Dive centers are open, there is a rental of equipment, renting yachts and boats. Night clubs work, discos, etc. are cooled in Mediterranean resorts (Alexandria, El Alamein, Marina, Mersa-Matrum). Day air is heated to + 30-31 ° C, the water temperature reaches + 23-24 ° C. Beautiful whitefest beaches, many ancient prehistoric monuments, gorgeous hotels made Alexandria with an elite resort of Europeans.

A rich cultural and entertainment program makes an interesting variety of rest. It is famous for its resort infrastructure and entertainment city of El Alamein. Luxurious 4 and 5-star hotels built in the form of round complexes are turned into mini-oasis with magnificent pools surrounded by palm trees and colors. Amazes the beaches and breathtaking landscapes of Marina - the resort, consisting of 3 villages. No, no wonder Egypt is considered a cradle of mankind.

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Resorts for relaxing on the sea in May on the map

In May, the tourist season begins in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and in Europe resorts, continues in Israel and Egypt and ends in the countries of Southeast Asia. In the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory, it is too early to swim, nevertheless to appear on the beach you can already.

The world has not yet completed the coronavirus pandemic, so the material is prepared with a loan to COVID-19.

So, B. Tunisia Tourists are obliged to observe the 7-day quarantine, which will clearly prevent rest, and with Cyprus и Egypt Air communication has not yet been renewed. In this article, we will look at the directions open to tourists.

Information in the material is relevant for April 2021.


The weather on the peninsula in the late spring is already quite a spa. Of course, the bathing season is not yet open, because even on the southern coast, the weather of the fund is only up to +18 degrees, and in the rest of the temperatures rarely rises above the 16-degree mark. More or less tolerant sea becomes at the end of May. The warmest in this regard is a pike perch, sheltered in a small bay.

Rainy days happen in May, so the raincoat or umbrella will not interfere. However, the mood is already unlikely to spoil something, because near the sea, and this is the most important thing.

In coastal cities, the air warms up to +20 degrees. At the same time, the warmer is just in Giank, more cool - in Sevastopol.

Crimea blooms in May, appearing before travelers in all its natural splendor. Sunny days are much more than in April, so the headdress must be taken necessarily, especially if excursions are scheduled to the mountainous locality.

Tourists in May are already quite a lot: it affects both the proximity of the "high" season and long May holidays.

The end of spring is not better suitable for traveling around the island, since it is still early to swim in the sea. You can visit local nature reserves and reserves, mountain ranges and valleys, waterfalls and lakes, castles, palaces and fortresses, historical places and the most popular beaches.

Blue bay

You can pick up and book a tour in the Crimea here:

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Sochi and Adler

This direction that has become already exaggerated year-round, in demand in May. At least, at other resorts of the Krasnodar Territory (Tuapse, Gelendzhik, Lazarevskoye, Anapa, etc.), the season has not yet started, and there is nothing particularly. While in Sochi / Adler, the main attractions of the former capital of the Winter Olympic Games are concentrated. From here you can make a breakdown in Red Polyana. or to neighboring Abkhazia .

The weather in May on the coast is still quite capricious. They are possible as sharp warming, and just as unexpected cooling. Strong rains and wind are not excluded - mostly at the beginning of the month. The current weather forecast is that it is necessary to rely first when planning a trip.

The weather "Study" closer to the middle or end of the month, when the day of the thermometer will rise to +20 degrees, and at night do not fall below +15 degrees. The closer to June, the more travelers, the smaller there are free places in popular hotels.

On average, the water temperature off the coast of Sochi reaches +15 degrees - you can't call a comfortable swimming. If the whole month was dry and clear weather, the sea should warm up on the last decade of the month. Officially, most beaches are opened only in June.

As in the Crimea, the weather in Sochi has to excursion trips to remote places, pedestrian and cycling around the surrounding area.


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Within 72 hours, the Russians must fill out an electronic form on the site


, on the basis of which the individual HES code will be assigned.

End of spring - the start of the tourist season in Turkey. Where better to go to the sea in May? Antalya, Alanya, Marmaris, Kemer. The resorts of Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethchie are popular in the western part of the country.

Air and water warm up to a comfortable temperature, vacationers fill hotels and beaches. Water off the coast of Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Chere of Profure to + 20-23 degrees; Slightly cooler in Alanya, however, it does not stop so much.

Almost everywhere in resort cities during the day the air temperature is held by + 24-28 degrees. At night, the thermometer column drops to + 15-18 degrees. Windbreakers and warm sweatshirts will not interfere if you are planning evening tips on promenade or gatherings in coastal restaurants.

Turkey gives its guests not only the possibility of excellent beach holidays: here there are a lot of historical and cultural attractions that allow you to deeper to understand the country and people in it. For holidaymakers at the resorts, exit excursions are organized around the surroundings, as well as to the sign places of the country. For example, in capadokia.


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United Arab Emirates

Russian citizens should provide a negative result of the PCR test, made 72 hours before departure. The certificate must be in English or Arabic. Children under 12 years old are exempt from PCR test.

In early May, the weather is even more or less comfortable. But the closer to the end of the month, the more active the thermometer column crawling up. Summer heat with his unbearable + 38-40 degrees are far from all. Hot water in the sea is hot: +27 degrees, but the constant bathing from the stuff is hardly saved.

Plan your trip best in the first half of May. True, just on the first decade - the most prolonged May holidays, because of which the price of tours can grow up.

From the Persian Gulf, in Dubai and Sharjah, in the afternoon, the air is heated to + 36-37 degrees, and in Abu Dhabi - up to +38. At night, lightly easier - from 22 to 24 degrees of heat.

From the Ottoman Gulf, in Fujaire that the day that at night is equally hot. But with this humidity is much lower than in the same Dubai, so for a comfortable stay in the UAE in May, tourists choose exactly this area.

However, Dubai with its ultramodern architecture and enormous hotels still remain the most popular resort city. If you wish, the entire May vacation can be spent without leaving the territory of the hotel, as the entertainment is more than enough. Take for example Hotel Atlantis The Palm 5 * which has its own water park, a dozen restaurants and several beaches. This is a good solution if you are traveling with children: Still, small travelers are worse than the Arabic heat.

Burj El Arab in Dubai

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From March 22, 2021, 4000 Russians per week is allowed. Russian citizens should provide a negative result of the PCR test, made 72 hours before departure. The certificate must be in English. Children under 10 years old are freed from PCR test.

The day before arrival, you need to fill out an electronic form on the site



The best place to relax by the sea in Greece - Islands Crete и Rhodes . Alternatively consider Corfa , Mykonos. , Cos . In the middle of spring, the weather becomes almost very summer. Day on the coast on average + 22-25 degrees. By the end of the month, even hotter, and marine water is already completely warm: + 20-22 degrees. In the shallow water, which is famous for Crete, is quite good, so it's more often with children.

In mid-May, the tourist season starts, the resorts and beaches are officially opened. The end of the spring is most optimal for a comfortable stay: the water is pleasant, there is no exhausting heat. You can swim, sunbathe, and at breaks to visit local island beauties - monuments of archeology, historical places, natural attractions.

It rare during this period is rare, 10-15 mm of precipitation falls on the criter, from 14 to 25 mm. For the whole month, only a couple of days can be dug with rains. View the weather forecast will definitely be unlisted.

What to see in Crete, and what - in Rhodes, read in our sightseeing materials: "Attractions of Crete", "The Attractions of Rhodes".


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Citizens of Russia must provide a negative result of the PCR test on COVID-19, obtained 72 hours before the trip. The certificate must be translated into English.

24 hours before the trip you need to fill out the form on the site


. Service cost - 45 euros for adult, 5 euros for children under 12 years old.

Required insurance from COVID-19.

At the end of the spring, the rainy season comes in the Maldives. For this reason, many tourists refuse to travel, and completely in vain. The rainy season is just beginning, and the chances of grabbing the last weeks clear, sunny weather. The humidity level has not yet reached maximum indicators, and in recent years there has been a tendency to reduce rainy days in May. If you fly to the Maldives, then in the first numbers.

In the afternoon, the temperature of the air rises to +30 degrees, at night slightly falls - to +26 degrees. Thanks to the winds, the moisture is lighted with heat to be easier.

We recommend to see the weather statistics in the past years and see the current forecast for the current month in the Special section - "Weather in Maldives".

Where to go to the sea in May

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Russians must provide a negative PCR test for COVID-19, made 72 hours before departure. The certificate must be translated into English.

Maximum 72 hours before departure you need to fill in a special electronic form on the site


. Service cost - 45 euros for adult, 5 euros for children under 12 years old.

Required insurance from COVID-19.

Paradise islands are ready to take tourists yearly. Spring is an offseason, but the transition from the dry season to the wet is quite conditional. It is still warm, calm and dry. In the afternoon, the air can warm up to +31 degrees, in the evening the thermometer column is lowered to +26. The water temperature is holding at +28 degrees - Ideal for beach lovers.

In May, the direction of the wind is changing: Southeast winds displace the north-western reigned until this moment. Most days and windless days.

What kind of resort choose and why, read in reviews of tourists about the holidays in Seychelles in May.

Surs d'Arzhan Beach on La Dig Island

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Citizens of Russia must provide a negative result of the PCR test on COVID-19, obtained 72 hours before the trip. The certificate must be translated into English. The second test is carried out at the border. Children under 2 years old are freed from PCR test.e, who arrived at Cuba on their own, should abide by the 5-day quarantine at the entrance at his own expense. Tourist groups, the destination of which are the resorts of Cayo-Coco and Kayo-Guillermo, are not placed on quarantine. Required insurance from COVID-19.

In the late spring, the tourist season is completed on Cuba. From the end of the month, and sometimes from the middle begins the rain period. Together with tropical rains on the island comes high humidity. Together with heat it forms a rattling mixture. The water temperature does not fall below +27 degrees, so the bathing does not bring relief.

Do not, however, think that the rains go constantly. They are intense, but short. Only continuous multi-day shower will be able to completely spoil the rest, and they are extremely rare.

As the main beach locations, tourists prefer Varadero, Playa Esmeralda (Olgin Province), Cayo-Coco Islands and Kayo Guillermo with their snow-white sand.

Where to go to the sea in May

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In May, the sea is better to go abroad - to Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Israel, to China on Hainan Island or Southeast Asia. In these countries, the present summer. The air temperature is higher than + 30 ° and the warm sea + 27 ... 30 °. The beach season begins in Turkey, in Cyprus and in Tunisia. Water is still cool, but the weather is dry, sunny and can be sunbathing, and by the end of the month and swim the sea.

Cheap tours are looking for on sites aggregators  Travela and Level-Travel Compare prices of all tour operators.

In Russia, you can relax on the sea in May only on the warmer Black Sea resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. The warmer in Sochi, Adler or Abkhazia. But there, the sea is still too cold for swimming, water temperature is not higher than + 17 °. May can not be called the beginning of the beach season in any region of Russia. In the late spring, the main entertainment of tourists on the Black Sea is an excursion program, therapeutic procedures and swimming in closed pools.

With children in May comfortably on the Red Sea. This is the best month for rest in Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and other Egyptian resorts. For the youngest tourists the weather is ideal. Day air temperature + 27 ... 29 °, at night + 23 ... 25 ° and warm sea + 26 ... 27 °. With children well rest in Turkey. Almost all Turkish hotels have the necessary infrastructure for children's rest. However, to go to Turkey better at the end of May - early June, when the sea warms up to comfortable 24 ... 25 degrees.

The most inexpensive holiday in May in Turkey. This is the most fiscal and very popular country from Russian tourists throughout the summer season. From countries with the tropical climate, Thailand remains the cheapest direction in May. The main part of the journey cost is the cost of the flight. But in Thailand, in Thailand, low prices for housing, food and entertainment, especially in Pattaya.


Turkey in May.
Turkey in May (Photo © Youssef Mohamed / Unsplash.com)

In May, for relaxation in Turkey, it is better to choose the southern resorts of the Mediterranean Sea - Alania, Side or Antalya, there is warmer. But despite the summer weather, swim here at the beginning of May is cool, the water temperature barely reaches the mark + 20 °.

On the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea, the warmth comes even later. At the beginning of the month in Marmaris, Didim and Izmir Day air temperature + 19 ... 20 °, at night + 12 ... 14 °, and the sea has time to warm up only to + 17 ... 18 °. Values ​​+ 22 ... 23 ° The water temperature on the Aegean coast reaches only by June.

To fully relax on the sea in Turkey, it is better to take the tour at the end of May - June, when the summer fully comes into their rights. Air to the end of the month in Alanya heats up to + 28 ... 30 °, and the water temperature reaches the values ​​of + 24 ... 25 °. At the end of May - early June, you can safely sunbathe and swim in the sea along with the children, without fear of supercooling.

In May, the cost of tours to Turkey is about 15% lower than in summer. A ticket with a flight for two to a three-star Hotel Almena City in Marmaris will cost about 32,000 rubles. Tour in Antalya or Alania on the Fortuna system with accommodation in a hotel 4 stars costs from 39,000 rubles.

Most popular hotels in Alanya

Incekum Beach Resort.

Long Beach Resort.

Utopia World Hotel.

Sun Maritim Beach.

Haydarpasha Palace.


Cyprus in May (Photo © Ran-Berkovich / unsplash.com)

In May in Cyprus, warmer than in Turkey. At Protaras resorts, Ayia Napa and Famagusta, the air temperature at the beginning of the month reaches + 25 °, and in Nicosia + 28 ... 29 °. The sea has time to warm up to + 21 °. Therefore, for the May holidays, many vacationers bathe in the sea. At the end of May, in Cyprus it becomes hot on the summer, and the water temperature by June rises to + 26 °.

Soft dry weather in May promotes active recreation and travel in Cyprus. In the late spring, nature pleases the eyes with paints, bringing real pleasure to tourists traveling on excursions to the natural sights of the island. Special pleasure is delivered by trips along the mountains of Troodos, covered with fragrant pine forests.

In May, rest in Cyprus is relatively inexpensive. Tours are cheaper, tourists on the island still few, and prices in resorts are much lower than in the high summer season. Tourists who prefer active recreation respond about May as a better time to travel to Cyprus.

The cheapest week-old tour for two Cyprus in May can be bought for about 55,000 rubles. For a ticket to the hotel 4 stars on the first line will have to pay at least 68,000 rubles

Watch prices of all tour operators

Egypt in May.

Beach holiday in May
Egypt in May.

May in Egypt is one of the best months to relax on the sea. The rains and storms at this time do not happen, and the air and water temperature is the most comfortable for a beach holiday. In Hurghada and at the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula - Sharm el-Sheikh and Dahab, the air warms up an average of up to + 31 ° day and + 23 ° at night. Water temperature + 25 ... 26 °.

The last month of spring - the peak of the tourist season at the Egyptian resorts of the Red Sea, so buying a ticket better in advance. Hope for a burning tour in May may not be justified. Hotels prices are the highest, and the choice is small, as there are few free numbers.

The high season in Egypt lasts long. At the end of May, the resorts of the Red Sea is getting hotter and hotter. By June, the air temperature rises to + 35 ... 36 °.

On the Mediterranean coast of Egypt in May is still cool. At the beginning of the month, the water in Alexandria warms only to + 21 °, and the air temperature is often not higher than + 22 °. And despite the fact that in May of the rains in the Mediterranean resorts of Egypt, there is almost no no happening, in the first half of the month, it is better for swimming in the sea here.

The cost of the tour in Sharm el-Sheikh on May begins from 63,000 rubles

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Tunisia in May.

In May, in Tunisia on summer, clear sunny weather. At the beginning of the month, the air temperature in the shade + 25 ° C, the temperature of the water + 19 ... + 20 ° C. For swimming is cold, and only especially brave and hardened in the sea. In the second half of May, water warms up to + 24 ° and bathe everything without exception.

Tunisia is a wonderful alternative to rest in Egypt or in Turkey (between East and West). Here prevails a harmonious combination of French charm with arabic flavor. Hotel complexes are located right on the sea coast. In Tunisia, tourists like to relax with children, there are spacious sandy beaches. Tunisia resorts offer recovery programs with thalassotherapy.

Only in these places you can see a unique combination of dead deserts, surprising by our velvet air, and at the same time orange flowering gardens. In addition to unique beautiful natural landscapes, there are many historical and cultural attractions in Tunisia. On excursions it is possible to see an amazing combination of ancient civilized cultures and the modern world.


In May, the emirates reigns dry and hot weather. The air temperature in the afternoon on the Persian Gulf coast rises to 36 ... 38 ° C. At night, the thermometer column drops to + 22-23 degrees. Water in the Persian Gulf by the end of May is heated to 31 ... 32 ° C. Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Heima are considered the most hot resorts of the UAE at the end of spring. For a beach holiday in May it is better to choose Fujair on the shores of the Oman Bay of the Arabian Sea. The water temperature in the Indian Ocean is a bit cool, total + 29 ° C

Emirates in May.

In May, festivals, fairs, exhibitions are often held in the UAE, there are many entertainment. Experience and fairings of thoroughbred horses (at the men's half) and exciting empty toilets (in women) are particularly popular. Lovers of history and picturesque nature will be more interesting in Foodger. This is one of your favorite places for divers, snorkels and actual leisure lovers. The city employs two diving-center, training newcomers to swimming under water, for those who want to organize walks on yachts for remote islands.


Jordan in May.

In Jordan in May, ideal weather conditions for a beach holiday. Rain at this time does not happen. In the second half of the month, the termeter column rises to 30 ° C and although it is difficult to call cool, on the excursion to ride even comfortable. The coast of the air cools the light breeze. The temperature of the water in the Red Sea is the most comfortable for swimming + 26 ° ... 27 ° C.

Jordan makes it possible to beautifully relax on the spacious clean beaches of the Red Sea, to visit the most impressive city and historical places that are many religions saints.



Want to relax in May where the warmest sea, go to Thailand. The temperature of the water in the resorts of the Asian kingdom + 29 ... 31 °. However, it should be remembered that the rainy season begins in Maa in Thailand. In the phuket and the islands of the Andaman Sea together with the rains of the monsoon bring gusty winds. Often, due to the high wave, swimming in these regions becomes impossible.

In May on Phuket, an average of 19 rainy days. Usually showers go no more than 30-40 minutes, but their intensity is such that you begin to understand what "rain wall". Air humidity rises to 100% and at air temperature + 32 ... 34 ° adapt to the local climate is not easy.

In terms of high humidity, the population of bloodsowing insects is rapidly increasing and the danger increases with the dengue fever virus. In the late spring on the beaches of Phuket Islands, Kata, Karon, Patong, Nai Harn increases the likelihood of dangerous reverse currents.

In May, in Thailand it is better to rest on Samui island. At this region rains come much later. All May here reigns dry weather, strong winds do not happen, the sea is clean and smooth. Another place in Thailand, where in May is relatively comfortable - Pattaya. This is the most visited resort at a distance of just 145 km from Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Another advantage of the resort is low prices.

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Where to go to the sea in May 2021. Where heat and can be cheap.

In May, relative to the sea in Vietnam. The country has stretched from north to south along the coast of the South China Sea from China's borders to Thailand. In the Siamese bay on the island of Fukuok, there is the most southern resort of the country, and in Halong Bay, near the capital of Vietnam, the northernmost.

May the hottest month at the southern resorts of Vietnam. In Muin and on the island of Fukuchi, the air temperature from + 32 ° to + 34 °, in Wungtau to + 37 °. May is not the best time to relax in the south of Vietnam also because at the end of the spring, the rainy season begins here. Air humidity rises, and it becomes not only hot, but also very stuffy.

In May, choose a resting place on the coast of Vietnam the best north of Nha Trang. Here, summer heat is transferred better. In Nha Trang air temperature + 28 ... 29 °, and the sea is heated to + 27 ... 29 °. Another resort, where it is comfortable to relax on the sea in May - the famous Halong Bay. Air temperature in the resort during the day + 30 °, at night + 26 °. The temperature of the water + 26 ... 28 °.

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Zanzibar in May.
Zanzibar in May (Sourse: https://www.svoiludi.ru/)

The patient closure of most world resorts due to the coronavirus epidemic in the winter season 2020 - 2021 has contributed to the growth of the popularity of recreation on Zanzibar. You can go to rest on African Island Zanzibar and in May, the tourist season does not end here.

For a beach holiday it is better to choose the second half of the month. In early May, the rainy season dominates on Zanzibar, and the middle of the sunny weather is installed, ideal for a beach holiday. The air temperature is held at the time of + 28 °, at night + 24 °. The water temperature smoothly decreases with + 29 ° at the beginning to + 27 ° at the end of May.

In May, fans of marine fishing and diving come to Zanzibar. Also this is the best month for excursions to Serengeti National Park, filled with paints after the end of the rainy season.

Weekly tour in Zanzibar for May 2021 costs from 170,000 rubles

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Where to go to the sea in May 2021. Where heat and can be cheap.
Cuba (Sourse: https://viasun.ru/)

In May, beach holidays in Cuba in full swing, as, however, and at any other time of the year. In the late spring, the weather on the island of freedom is not the thinner. The rains go quite often, but the locals and tourists are only happy for them. Tropical livni is short and after them shines the sun again.

In May, on Cuba, the average air temperature during the day + 28 °, at night + 24 °. The temperature of the water ranges in the range of + 27.3 ... 20 °. Tourists admire rest in Cuba in May. Ideally clean sea, snow-white beaches, excellent service, many interesting excursions and entertainment leave an indelible impression about the island.

In May, fly together for a week to relax in Cuba in 136,000 rubles

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Where to go to the sea in May 2021. Where heat and can be cheap.

In May, in Mae, in Israel, you can choose one of the three seas - Mediterranean, dead, or red. The warmer on the Dead Sea, at the resorts of Neva Zohar, Ein Gedi, Ein Bokek. The average air temperature during day + 32 °. The thermometer column can rise to + 40 ° even in the middle of the month. The temperature of the water in the Dead Sea in a month rises from + 26 ° to + 31 °.

On the Red Sea coast in Eilat, the average air temperature in May + 33 °. The temperature of the water at the beginning of the month + 22 °, at the end of May + 25 ... 26 °. At the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Netanya in the first decade of May, it is pretty cool, total + 22 ... 23 °, and water temperature in the Mediterranean + 21 ... 22 °.

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China, Hainan Island

Hainan Island

In May on the Chinese island, Hainan beach season in full swing. Heat + 32 ° C, and the sea warms up to + 28 ° C. The precipitation during the month drops a lot - about 180 mm, but they do not interfere with the beach rest. Short-term rains with thunderstorms usually go at night, and in the afternoon there is excellent sunny weather.

The unique island and Hainan province is almost the only place in China, where the tropical climate prevails. This providing corner of nature in China is customary called the edge of the longevity. All beaches in Hainan municipal and perfectly landscaped. Everywhere there are sun beds, umbrellas from the sun and convenient locker rooms. Recently, China has established a visa-free entry for Russians to Hainan Island for a period of 1 month.

The Bay of Jalunvan and Dadonghai are considered the best resorts on Hainan. Yalunvan is the most elite resort on Hainan. Here are mostly five-star hotels. Almost everything is on the first line and well adapted to relax with children. The entire infrastructure is located inside the hotels, so the beaches are low, quietly and calmly.

Dudonghai Bay is more adapted for budget recreation. It is always crowded here, many bars, restaurants, discos open in the evening. Lovers of evening entertainment is better to relax in Dudunha.

At all resorts, Hainan, you can undergo a course of treatment in accordance with the subtleties of the ancient Chinese medicine, enjoy spa treatments with a Chinese bias, massage with organic herbs, phyto-baths and steam rooms. There are on-island and thermal springs with mineral water. Many tourists arrive annually on the island only in order to support their health bathes in the sources and taking therapy sessions from the specialists of Chinese traditional medicine.

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Beach Resort in GreeceIn May, the beach season starts in Greece. Air temperature during the day from + 22 ° to + 27 °, depending on the location of the resort. The coast of the country, located immediately in three climatic belts, is washed by five seas. In May, warmer on the islands Crete and Rhodes. The average air temperature is + 24 °, but jumps up to + 33 ° for May are also not uncommon. The temperature of the water at the beginning of the month + 21 ... 22 °, by June the sea heats up to + 25 °.

In Athens, the air temperature differs little from the warm resorts of Crete and Rhodes, but to swim in the sea at the beginning of the month it is unlikely to succeed. The water temperature barely reaches the mark + 18 °. But tourists in May are a little more, and tours to Greece are cheaper than summer at 15 ... 20%.

Cheap tours in Montenegro Search on sites Travel and Level-Travel Compare prices of all tour operators.

In Greece, they can not only swim by the sea. May great time for excursions. Historical monuments from the UNESCO World Heritage Site here at every step. And on the islands of Rhodes and Crete tourists are waiting for a trip to the spring nature, which enchants bright colors and honey aroma of flowering herbs.

Using the moment, while tourists are still small, and the prices are the lowest, many come to Greece to the health resorts of Chalkidiki and Loutraki to improve their health and go through thalassotherapy sessions.


Montenegro in May.
Montenegro (Sourse: https://sasha0404.livejournal.com/)

In May, in Montenegro, excellent weather for outdoor activities. If you are not a fan of daily immersion in the sea and many hours of reconnaissance on the hot sand, then this beautiful country will leave the most pleasant memories and bright impressions. In May, the average air temperature in the afternoon about + 22 °. At night at the beach resorts + 14 ... 15 °, in the mountainous areas + 4 ... 6 °. Bathing season begins only by June. The temperature of the water + 16 ... 17 ° in early May and 21 ... 22 ° at the end.

In May, Montenegro is fully ready for the arrival of tourists. All restaurants, bars, nightclubs, discos, hotels offer rooms for every taste. For tourists, the main occupation in May is a sightseeing program. Soft spring weather favors trips to nature, in the mountains, sea excursions to the island or independent walks with inspection of local attractions.

Cheap tours in Montenegro Search on sites Travel and Level-Travel Compare prices of all tour operators.

In Montenegro, beautiful nature, especially in the late spring, when the slopes of the mountains are decorated with bright colors of greenery and flowers. Mae popular hiking is popular with picnics on the shore of mountain lakes and waterfalls. As a result of such excursions, each tourist boasts magnificent photos of local landscapes. The historical monuments in the form of the ruins of the ancient cities and castles in Montenegro also enough and lovers of history have something to do during the rest.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic (Sourse: https://www.otzyv.ru/)

May in Dominican is the most rainy month. The level of drop-down precipitation is slightly less than 200 mm. Long-term, but abundant, tropical rains shed predominantly at night and the beach holiday does not interfere. Air temperature in the daytime holds at the mark + 29 ... 30 °, dropping away at night to + 25 °. The most precipitates falls in the area of ​​the resorts of Samana, Puerto Plata, Boca Chika, Maimon Bay. High humidity, or rather, the Duchot like not to all tourists and can harm people with chronic diseases.

May not only the most wet, but also the very windless month in Dominican Republic, wind speed does not exceed 2 m per second. The sea, clean and smooth as glass, attracts diving lovers to the Republic of the diving, who chose several places in the area of ​​Catalina Islands and Saon. Newbies can see an unusually beautiful underwater world and its bizarre inhabitants, having dipped with an experienced instructor.

On the island of Saon will be wondering not only diving lovers. Landscapes here as on advertising paradise life from glossy magazines. White sand, azure sea and huge palm trees. Those whom a duddy drive is driven by the popular tour of the waterfalls and to the Armando-Bermudes reserve in the vicinity of the city of Kharabaco.

One of the advantages of recreation in the Dominican Republic in May is the ability to save money on the price of the tour. Due to the occurrence of the rainy season, the flow of tourists in Dominican Republic weakens and vouchers are cheaper.

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Maldives (Sourse: https://rutraveller.ru/)

The beach season in the Maldives never ends. Coral islands are located near the equator and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, as a giant battery, support the constancy of the temperature regime. In May, the column of the thermometer on the atolls seems to be stuck, during the day and night being at + 30 °

The temperature of the water at the beginning of the month does not differ from the air temperature, and only by the end of the month it may decrease to + 28 °. The conditions for the beach holiday in the Maldives are ideal for almost all year, but it is in May that they worsen because of the arrival of the southern monsoon and the beginning of the rainy season.

In May, the amount of precipitation in the Maldives exceeds the level of 200 mm. Short-term tropical showers are predominantly docked at night, and from dawn to sunset almost always shines the bright sun.

For most tourists on the atolls, the disadvantages of May weather remain simply unnoticed, with the exception of people with chronic diseases or simply non-carrying stuffiness. In May, humidity in the Maldives reaches 100%


Mexican resort Cancun (Sourse: https://rutraveller.ru/)

In Mexico, they go in May not only for the warm sea and the bronze tan. There are many interesting and fascinating places in the country with traces of the legendary Mayan civilization. In her center there is one of the wonders of the world - Pyramid Kukulkan. The place where God's gods relate to the Earth is the Mysterious Ghost City of Teotihuacan and other archaeological complexes to the age of up to two thousand years. And where can you still visit the Mummy Museum?

For lovers of alcoholic beverages, it is possible to try in the original all varieties of real tequila, and they are only 300. Therefore, the tour must be bought for at least two weeks. Mexico produces the legendary brandy "Don Pedro" and many varieties of high-quality grape wines. All this can be disappeared with dishes of no less exotic mexican cuisine, seafood delicacies or dicker tropical fruits.

In May on the Mexican resorts of the Caribbean Sea, a slightly rainy weather. The amount of precipitation is approximately 100 ... 110 mm, which does not interfere with the beach rest. Air temperature all month about + 30 °. Wind speed 3 ... 4 m. / Sec., The sea is smooth and clean. Water temperature + 28 ... 29 °


Bali (Sourse: https://rutraveller.ru/)

May Great time to travel to Bali. In the late spring, a high season begins here. This means that the weather on the island is the most suitable for a beach holiday. The rainy season ends and the precipitation is no longer bother. Air temperature + 30 ... 32 °, and by the end of the month just below + 30 °. The water temperature is almost no different. The sea, heated at the beginning of May to + 31 °, gradually cools up to + 29 °. In a word, in May at the Indonesian resort you will find a full summer with the hot sun and the warm sea.

In May, besides great weather, Bali welcomes guests fresh harvest of tropical fruits. Pahoe mango, Duriana, Mangosteins, Rambutans and other exotic fruits Here you can enjoy plentifully for a penny. Fresh seafood and delicious delights of the National Indian, Thai, Chinese cuisine are also inexpensive.

Bali - Paradise for surf lovers. May The most appropriate time to practice this sport. Not trouble, if there is no experience. Surf schools here are encountered everywhere and experienced instructors will be taught to slide on a water chamber literally for 3 days. Attractions and special places to entertain Bali are also eliminated. You can ride on excursions to natural parks, to historic sights or having fun in water parks and on discos.

May is a month with a large number of holidays, which is why at this time of year the number of people willing to spend a short vacation on the sea traditionally increases. Take care of buying tickets and booking the hotel in advance. If organizational issues in February, you can take part in the early booking shares and save the budget. And you can wait for April and try to catch the burning tour, but this option is more risky. We offer to your attention a selection of ten best places where to go to the sea. When preparing the review, weather conditions and the cost of residence were taken into account. The flight transfer was not taken, because there are many factors on the ticket price.

Holidays at sea

Rest in May on the sea - where to go, the peculiarities of the resorts

With the arrival of truly warm days, I want to open the beach season, for this reason, the demand for tourist trips is increasing. However, in the first half of the month, it is far from everywhere you can relax on the beach and especially swimming. The climate on different coasts and in different countries is very different. Expect a truly summer heat is not yet necessary. In the northern hemisphere, Mai is considered to be a transition period, so the weather is still unstable and changeable. In the southern hemisphere, the climate is warmer, respectively, the beach season in Africa and Asia can be opened already in May.

Good to know! In some countries, May - the beginning of the rainy season, this can use and purchase a ticket with a good discount. You can travel to Thailand, the Dominican Republic and the Maldives.

Israel - Says and Heat

Climate Depending on the resort from +27 ° C to +40 ° C
Sea On different coasts, water is heated from +20 ° C to +27 ° C
Visa For staying on the territory of the country up to 90 days, the document is not required.
Accommodation From $ 18 (Guesthouses), from $ 100 (3 Star Hotel)
Food From $ 12 to $ 40
Beach holiday in Israel

In May, the average daytime temperature in Israel reaches +27 ° C, and the maximum - +30 ° C. The hottest weather on the Red Sea coast - +32 ° C, but the thermometer column can rise to +40 ° C. Throughout Israel, daytime and night temperatures rise to the beginning of summer, so the rest on the beaches are best in the second half of May.

Good to know! The precipitation in May practically does not happen. It rains, if they happen, most often in the cities on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is easiest to transfer the heat near the sea, but even here you need to have a headdress, sunglasses and cream to protect the skin.

Dead Sea

Israel is washed by different seas, the water in them warms unevenly. If you are interested in, where to relax on the sea in early May, choose the dead sea, where the water warms up to + 27 ° C or red, where the water temperature reaches + 23 ° C. The water of the Mediterranean Sea is cooler - + 21 ° C, and by the end of the month it is heated to + 23 ° C.

May Israel attracts and fascinates, a thick greens bloom. This is the best time when you can relax comfortably, go on excursions to the mountains, meadows and numerous attractions - historical, religious and architectural.

Jerusalem, Israel
  • Jerusalem is distinguished by a magic atmosphere, here you can visit many tombs, temples, basil, natural attractions;
  • Ramla attracts tourists in a park, which presents a reduced copy of Israel;
  • Tiberias are famous for the mountain of bliss, where the legend Jesus Christ said the sermon and chose 12 apostles;
  • Tel Aviv is the city of museums and night entertainment;
  • Eilat - Beach resort.

Diluted and fascinating in Israel nightlife, most clubs and bars are presented in Tel Aviv.

Interesting fact! Warm May is a good time to visit Israel in health purposes. Many tourists choose therapeutic complexes on Lake Kinerelet. However, the healing can be called the entire coast of the Dead Sea.

For more information about the weather in Israel, read in this article.

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Sunny Cyprus

Climate From +23 ° C in early May up to +28 ° C at the end of the month
Sea From +21 ° C to +24 ° C
Visa The electronic document is issued for a period of no more than 90 days.
Accommodation From $ 15 (Guesthouses), from $ 42 (3 stars hotel categories)
Food From $ 6 per person
Rest in Cyprus

In May, the rainy season ends in Cyprus, so at the beginning of the month from the trip it is better to refuse, because there is still a probability of precipitation. But closer to the beginning of the summer, warm weather is installed, without precipitation. If in the first numbers the daily air temperature reaches + 23 ° C, in the second half of May it becomes more heat - + 28 ° C. Nightly cool, so warm things do not interfere.

Good to know! In many sources to the question - where is the warmest sea in May? - It is indicated by the Mediterranean coast of Cyprus - +24 ° C.

Choose where to go to the sea at the end of May? Pay attention to Cypriot resorts, where the tourist season begins closer to June. As for the beach season, it begins with the middle of May, and closer to June the climate is truly summer.

Beach in Cyprus

Warm Mai in Cyprus is suitable for any tourist entertainment - excursion tours, attractions, active entertainment, parties. Fascinating walking routes are laid in Cyprus, allowing to enjoy rural species, natural landscapes.

Good to know! If you are planning to go to rest in the forest, beware of snakes, in the middle of spring they begin the marriage period. For walking in the mountains it will take warm clothes.

In the middle of spring, all the water parks, discos, summer cafes are opening, can be rented catamaran, yacht, water skiing. Youth prefers to relax on Ayia Napa, this place is called Cypriot Ibiza.

A foam party

In the spring there are many festivals, other interesting events - festivals, exhibitions, concerts. You can visit the Festival of Contemporary Dance, Rally Aphrodite. Music admirers are waiting for chamber music festival.

Interesting to know! The best places where you can relax on the beach, - Larnaca, Paphos, Protaras, Ayia Napa.

Find a good hotel in Cyprus

More useful information and nuances of rest in Cyprus - in this video.

Egypt - Sun, Beach and Diving

Climate From +27 ° C to +32 ° C
Sea +25 ° C.
Visa The document is drawn up on arrival in the country, the period of action of 30 days can be extended by 14 days.
Accommodation From $ 5 (Camping), from 11 $ 3 Star Hotel)
Food From $ 3 per person
Rest in Egypt

Of course, many tourists are interested in the question - where can you go to the sea in May so much to swim and sunbathe? In Egypt, the air temperature holds at +28 degrees, in the sun is hotter - +32 degrees. Be prepared for the fact that at some resorts, the thermometer column rises to +40 degrees, but it is extremely rare. Night warm - +23 degrees. The precipitation in the middle of spring does not happen, but it is impossible not to note that quite strong winds are blowing over Egypt. Hardwood weather only in cities, protected by mountains.

Good to know! Egypt is an absolutely sunny country, where the length of a sunny day in May is 14 hours.

Beach holiday in Egypt

The beginning of May is associated with a large amount of weekend, so many tourists are wondering - where is the warm sea at the beginning of May? Getting more comfortable in the Red Sea, it is warmer, water here heats up to +25 degrees.

With entertainment and entertainment facilities in the middle of spring in Egypt everything is wonderful. Fascinating, undoubtedly, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada. Many interesting in Cairo, Alexandria. For active tourists, entertainment such as surfing, diving, water skiing, catamarans, bananas, buns are presented. The coast of Egypt has space for snorkeling. If you like to relax your family, it is best to go to the water parks.

Snorcling in the Red Sea

Good to know! If you are interested in the sights of Egypt, choose group excursion tours. Egyptian resorts are not Europe, so it's easier to contact the excursion agency, where you will be offered a safari tour, a walk on quad bikes or a boat with a transparent bottom.

The most noisy and funny cities where the nightlife is boil, - Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh. Already in May, beach parties are held here, hookah are working on the shore. Safer and more comfortable to relax in large network clubs that will value the reputation.

Find out prices or book any accommodation with this form.

United Arab Emirates

Climate From +33 ° C to +38 ° C
Sea +28 ° C.
Visa Not required. A stamp allowing to stay in the country put at the airport by arrival, the period of action is 30 days, can be extended for 30 days.
Accommodation From $ 23 (hostel), from $ 30 (3 stars hotel categories)
Food From $ 8 in an inexpensive cafe, from $ 15 from one - in the restaurant
United Arab Emirates

Are you planning to relax on the sea at the beginning of May? Where to go where is hot and no rain? In the UAE, the weather forecast looks as follows - the air warms up to + 36 ° C, at night + 30 ° C. Get together more comfortable in the Persian Gulf, which is heated to +29 ° C to May. The water of the Omansky Bay is cooler - +23 ° C. Precipitation In the middle of spring, the probability of precipitation is practically absent, but a sufficiently high probability of sandy storms.

Interesting fact! The tourist season ends in May, so the number of tourists is significantly reduced, respectively, prices for accommodation and entertainment are reduced.

Skyscraper Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa.

A country with a rich history and modern resorts, where everything is for comfortable relaxation and entertainment. Many tourists note that it is best to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Arab Emirates in May. You can plan trips to sights, inspection of old places. About Dubai Beach in the UAE Watch this article.

Families with children must be visited by Al-Jazeera entertainment park. Popular in May rides on jeeps in the desert. And you can visit the Laguan Khalid, where to relax on the comfortable beaches. In the nightclubs, the UAE employs the best DJs from Europe, so youth will not be bored.

Holidaymakers on the beachOf course, the UAE is in the first positions among countries where you can relax in May on the sea, however, by the beginning of the summer it is more difficult to rest, because it becomes very stuffy and hot. The trip is better planning for the first half of the month. And in which hotel it is better to stay on the coast of the most popular in the resort - Dubai Emirates - see here.

See also: What to see in Dubai - top attractions.

Check prices for hotels in Dubai

Thailand, Samui Island

Climate +33 ° C.
Sea +30 ° C.
Visa Residents of Ukraine receive a document upon arrival in the country. Russians put in a passport printing, valid for 30 days. Residents of Belarus should issue a visa in advance.
Accommodation From $ 8 (hostel), from $ 16 (3 stars hotel category)
Food From $ 3 lunch per person for full
Beaches Samui

Asian tourist destination is in great demand among travelers. The experienced travelers to the question - where the warm sea in May - confidently recommend to go to Samui. On May, in Thailand there is a peak of heat, the air is spinning up to +33 ° C, and the sea - up to +31 ° C. At the same time, the heat is accompanied by strong (but short-term) rains and high humidity. It is best to plan a journey to the second half of May. Tourists who lived on Samui all month, noted that in early May, the heat is more difficult to heat. In the second half of the month, the wind is somewhat enhanced, which brings some coolness. By June, the level of ultraviolet decreases, respectively, heat is moved easier.

Good to know! Travelers choose May for a trip to Thailand, because at this time of the year prices for housing and entertainment reach their minimum.

If you believe the weather forecast, rains in May are at least 17 days, but in fact the situation may be much better. In general, the climate on Samui is distinguished by unpredictability.

Temple Wat Play Laem
Wat Play Laem

In May, the tourist season ends on Samui, so in hotels a little vacationers and quite calm. Of course, excursion trips to such heat are endured, so most travelers are engaged in water sports and prefer to go to entertainment show programs. What sights look at Samui on their own here.

The beach holiday comes to the fore, but, given the unpredictability of the climate, it is impossible to say unambiguously that it will pass flawlessly. In clear warm weather, the water is perfectly clean and transparent, but after the rain and the storm in the sea appears garbage, algae and branches.

Beach Lamai

Good to know! On Samui in May, tides are strongly pronounced.

On which beach Samui is better to rest on this page, and in which hotel it is better to stop, see this selection.

Choose a hotel on Samui

Vietnam, Nychang.

Climate + 30 ... + 32 ° C
Sea +28 ° C.
Visa With the invitation letter from the host, the visa is drawn up by arrival in Vietnam.
Accommodation From $ 3 (hostel, apartments), from $ 8 (3 Star Hotel)
Food From $ 1 for a full-fledged dish
City Beach in Nha Trang

Another resort, where the warm sea at the end of May allows you to enjoy the beach relax, - Vietnamese Nha Trang. In the late spring, the weather in Nha Trang, as a rule, is characterized by dry, the sea is calm and purity. Of course, precipitation can fall out, but mostly at night and short-term. Additional bonus - low prices for tours. We visit the best hotels in Nha Trang Tourist Reviews on this page.

The May Nha Trang is really drowning in the sunshine, in the afternoon the air warms up to +33 ° C, the night becomes slightly cooler - +26 ° C. The sea is warm - +28 ° C and this is the optimal conditions for the night bathing.

True Towers, Nha Trang
True towers

The trip to May opens up opportunities not only for beach relax, but also for excursion trips. Plan an examination of natural attractions in the vicinity of the city. The greatest interest of tourists cause waterfall Bakho and Beach Zocklet with white sand.

Beach Zoklet, Nha Trang
Beach Zoklet.

You can also plan an inspection of such natural beauty:

  • Cape Hon Chong;
  • Bay of Nya Fu, where the islands of ostriches and monkeys are located;
  • Moon Island, where all the admirers of underwater swimming are striving.

In detail about what beach of the Vietnamese resort to choose to relax, read in this article.

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Greece, Crete

Weather From +22 ° C to +25 ° C
Sea +22 ° C.
Visa Residents of Russia should issue a tourist visa to visit Greece, and the inhabitants of Ukraine in the presence of a biometric passport can travel without a visa.
Accommodation From $ 23 (hostel), from $ 26 (3 Star Hotel category)
Food From $ 3.50 per person
Greece, Crete

If you do not know where to go to the sea on vacation to the sea, consider the resorts and beaches of Crete Island. Greece attracts relatively low rates and comfortable weather conditions. Of all the numerous Greek resorts in May, it is preferable to choose Crete. In the middle of spring it is installed here in real warm, summer weather. Nevertheless, the trip is better to plan on the second half of the month, when the sea becomes warmer, and the amount of precipitation decreases.

In shallow water, the Sea warms up quite strongly, so they are comfortable even to children. The winds have almost no winds. In most resorts, Crete precipitation in May practically does not happen, and the humidity of the air holds at 77%.

Interesting fact! Weather in Greece in May are already quite stable, so rest can be planned in advance.

Infrastructure in Greece is more focused on adult tourists, so the children here may seem boring. It is recommended to go to Crete for sightseeing, visitors to local restaurants and taverns and taste national dishes.

Elunda, Crete

About one of the most popular resorts of Crete - Elunda - read here. About the beaches and attractions of Rethymnon, see this article.

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Indonesia, Bali Island

Weather From +30 ° C to +32 ° C
Sea +29 ° C.
Visa For a visit for a period of less than 30 days, it is enough to put a stamp on arrival at Bali. For tourists who plan to relax from 30 to 60 days, a visa will be suitable for arrival, draws up on arrival on the island.
Accommodation From $ 6 (hostel), from $ 12 (3 stars Hotel categories)
Food From $ 3 to $ 6
Holidays in Bali

Bali is another resort, where to relax in May on the sea and it is possible to plunge into exotics throughout the month. In the middle of spring, the dry season begins, because monsions change their direction. The climate varies depending on the geographical location. The most hot and the most dry region is Bukit, here a few degrees are hotter than the rest of Bali. In the south-east and southwest, the temperature is about +32 degrees, the air humidity is quite high. Rains here fall out for 7 days a month.

Good to know! You can relax on Bali with comfort even in the rain, the precipitation will bring relief. They happen mainly at night.

Volcano on Bali

Moderate climate in the plain regions of the island - daytime temperatures not higher than +30 degrees during the day and +21 degrees at night. There are no hills in the north, volcanoes, so the exhausting heat does not happen here.

Traveling to Bali full of surprises and exciting adventures. A huge selection of opportunities is presented here, during the trip, you can get acquainted with the culture of the tribes and peoples of New Guinea, admire the unique nature, to go to local attractions.

Pura Beschak
Pura besakih.

Undoubtedly, beach holidays is the strong side of Bali. The greatest luxury is the fact that the isois is washed at once with two oceans - quiet and Indian. On the coast of the Pacific Ocean, the Book Peninsula uses in great demand, its shores the water warms up to +29 degrees. Also here you can do diving and excellent conditions for diving.

Good to know! If you are planning to go to different corners of Bali, consider what darkens already at 18-00, before that time it is better to go back to the hotel.

Templar complexes and natural attractions are required (botanical gardens, biosphere reserves). Do you want unforgettable impressions? If you like to relax actively, go to the Safari jeep or rafting.

Rafting on Bali

In May, the Baldha's birthday and the day of the death of the Balay, the birthdays of the temples are held throughout the territory of Bali, each year. Every 210 days, local residents celebrate Galungan - a holiday dedicated to the victory of good over evil. For the month of the island there are events in honor of the crop rice.

Choose the best hotel on Bali
Weather From +21 ° C to +25 ° C
Sea From +20 ° C to +21 ° C
Visa Ukrainians can be in Turkey without a visa to 90 days, and residents of Rossi - up to 60 days.
Accommodation From $ 8 (Camping), from $ 17 (3 Star Hotel)
Food From $ 3 to $ 6
Alanya, Turkey

If you consider Turkey from the point of view of traveling in May, it is advisable to choose the second half of the month. Closer to June, the resorts of the Mediterranean coast are already warm enough and can be enjoyed for 13 hours a day. The afternoon thermometer rises to + 21 ... + 24 degrees, but in the center and in the west of the country is a little cooler. As for the wind, in the end of the spring it practically does not happen, if a light breeze blows, he only refreshes, however, in the evening it is necessary to wear warm clothes. Considering the lack of wind, the Turkish nights in May are not so stuffy as in the summer, and not so cool, as in April. Rating 18 The best beaches of Turkey, see this page.

Blue Lagoon Beach

It turns out to swim in the sea in May, although the water is still cool - from + 19 ° C to + 21 ° C. The May Sea in Turkey is suitable for snorkeling and diving, you can ride water skiing. If the sea is too cold for you, you can relax in the water park, there are quite a lot of them in Turkey - in Antalya, Belek, Kusadas, Marmaris, Bodrum, Side and Fethiye. More about the weather in the Turkish resorts in May, read here.

Tourists with children will be interested in going to Dolphinarium, Zirk Shapito, planetarium. Children's carnivals are held at Turkey resorts. May is great for excursion trips, as the exhausting heat has not yet begun and prices have not yet reached their peak.

Interesting fact! Among European tourists, the eastern part of Turkey is becoming increasingly popular. There are many cultural and historical monuments, palaces, fortresses, natural attractions.

Beach in Marmaris, Turkey

In May, entertainment places are opened, youth love to relax in bars, hookah, on disco. Nevertheless, in the Islamic state there are not so many such institutions. And learn the culture of the country is best in local mosques.

Review Beaches Antalya, see this page. About holiday in Marmaris Detailed information is collected here.

Compare accommodation prices with this form.

Spain, Canary Islands
Weather +24 ° C.
Sea +20 ° C.
Visa It will be necessary to place a visa: Schengen or National Spanish. For Ukrainians with biometric passport, the visa is not required.
Accommodation From $ 17 (camping), from 31 $ (3 stars hotel categories)
Food From $ 4 per person
Canary Islands, Spain

In the middle of spring on the Canary Islands is already warm, but not hot. In the afternoon, the air warms up to +24 degrees, but at night cool - +18 degrees. On vacation will necessarily need warm things. The water temperature is +20 degrees - you can already open the beach season, but it is better to do it by the end of May.

There are practically no precipitation, but in the first half of the month, the probability of rains is still preserved. The humidity level is moderate - 64%, the wind is rarely.

Holidays on the beach

Since resting on the beach in May on Canar may not be comfortable enough, it is necessary to consider where to go on vacation. Fortunately, interesting places on the island is a lot of natural attractions, architectural structures. May On the Canary Islands is considered to be the best time for excursions.

Interesting fact! In May, tourists can watch whales in the sea.

Volcano Tayida

The middle and end of spring is the period of festivals and holidays. The most famous is the day of the Canary Islands, it is celebrated at the end of the month. You can also go to Fireworks Festival.

Chery the Prices for Housing on the island of Tenerife

More details about the prices in Canar - in this video.

As you can see, there are a huge number of places in the world to go to the sea to spend your vacation in informative and comfortable.

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Have not decided to go to May? A good alternative to kebabs is a short beach vacation that charges energy for a long time. We list the directions where you can relax in May 2021 by the sea and even swim.

Coronavirus and quarantine . In this review, it is not described about where you can fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach directions for this time of year. See the current list of open countries. The cost of rest in the review is indicated for last year. When the borders open, we are waiting for similar or even lower prices. Look also, where it is better to rest in May in Russia - we know a lot of great places!

May holidays in Russia are an excellent reason for traveling. Despite the fact that by the end of the spring, the world map of beach resorts is complemented by European directions, the increased demand for tours, tickets and hotels during this period and worry about booking in advance.

Let's find out where you can relax by the sea in May 2021, where it is warm and sunny at that time!


In May, it is better to rest on the sea in Israel, at this time there warmly and sunny, the weather promises excellent beach holidays: in Netanya and Tel Aviv +25 ... + 27 ° C, in Haifa + 26 ° C, in Eilat +32 ° C and higher. Sea temperature in the Red Sea + 24 ° C, Mediterranean +21 ... + 22 ° C. Just perfect conditions for sunburn and bathing! But if in the first half of the month the resorts of the Red and Dead Sea are in great demand, then in the second half more comfortable to relax on the Mediterranean Sea. Read our article to choose the resort in Israel.

Where to rest cheap in May on the sea
Beach Village Beach in Eilat, Red Sea (photo: wikimedia.org / ludvig14)

In May, tourists are available all types of marine entertainment: diving, bananas, yachting and parasailing. In addition to the beach holiday, in Israel you can find a lot of classes: stroll through cultural places and the old town in Tel Aviv, visit holy places - Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, to enjoy the miraculous mud of the Dead Sea. Youth will be interested in resting in Tel Aviv, where the best nightclubs, shops and restaurants are located.

Useful articles for traveling to Israel: Prices in 2021, self-trip tips, receiving a visa.

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Beach holiday in May
Dead Sea, Israel (Photo: Magentad / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


In Greece, the beach season opens in May, however, it is not yet necessary to count on long bathing yet. At the beginning of the month, the sea is not very warm, off the coast of the Halkidiki Peninsula water + 18 ° C, on the southern islands + 19 ° C. In the afternoon, the air warms up to + 25 ° C, sometimes up to + 28 ° C, the evenings becomes cool, to + 15 ° C. In May, there may be minor precipitates, most rainy days are registered on the green island of Corfu, in Thessaloniki and the Halkidiki Peninsula. Dry and sunny on the Crete and Islands of the Aegean Sea. So if you are looking for, where to relax on the sea at the end of May, Greece is a suitable option.

Beach holidays on the sea in May abroad
Beach Shaitan Limanya (Chertov Harbor) on Crete (Photo: Anastoskol / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

The end of spring is the best time for excursions and sea cruises on the islands, moreover, in May, in Greece, there is a relatively inexpensive beach holiday, as the season is still just beginning. Tourists are still a little, weather conditions allow for a long time to be in the air, without fear of sunshine and dehydration, so it's good to relax with children. You can visit the Athenian Acropolis and the Theater of Dionysus, Mount Olympus, the Knos Palace in Crete and many other attractions. For a long time to swim in the water, it is unlikely to succeed, but it is possible to engage in diving or yachting as much as you like. The best places for dive - the Aegean coast.

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Where to rest in Europe on the sea in May
Athens Acropolis (photo: unsplash.com / @arthuryeti)


In May, the same heat throughout Italy, air during the day +21 ... + 23 ° C. Evenings are still cool: only +10 ... + 14 ° C, sometimes rains bring short-term decline in temperatures. The least precipitation falls on Sicily Island. True, the sea in May is cool, even in the south of Italy the temperature of the coastal waters is not higher + 18 ° C, off the coast of Sicily + 19 ° C, so it is impossible to call a full-fledged vacation: it is possible to sunbathe, but for swimming, perhaps it is still too early.

Where is the warmest sea in May
Cefalu, Sicily (photo: Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho / Flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license)

Italy in May is notable for unforgettable excursions: Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice, Vatican. Hope for the lack of tourists and discounts for accommodation in these cities is hardly worth it, but there will be many impressions. As for recreation in the seaside resorts, it is best to choose the islands or the southern coast of Italy, where the warmest sea and blooming landscapes. Be sure to need to taste local wines, cheeses and desserts, each region of Italy in this regard is unique. Do not forget about Shopping - the return of value added tax has not been canceled yet.

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Where is not hot on the sea in May
Basilica Virgin Mary Healing, Venice (Photo: unsplash.com / @canmandawe)


In May, it is very warm in Malaga, Alicante and Seville: during the day +24 ... + 26 ° C, at night +14 ... + 16 ° C, the sea + 20 ° C. Pleasant weather on the islands: in Ibiza + 22 ° C, in Mallorca +22 ... + 24 ° С, on the Canaries + 23 ° C. In Costa Brava and Costa-Dorada temperatures below: during the day + 20 ° C, water + 18 ° C. It is best to rest at the shores of Tenerife in May - there is the warmest sea (+ 20 ° C), and the coldest is on the north-west coast (+ 16 ° C). In the capital of Spain + 22 ° C, in Barcelona + 20 ° C.

The invigorating Mediterranean Sea is unlikely to allow for a long time to be in the water, although tourists are already attacking the shores: Malaga, Canary Islands and Majorca. But the famous club Ibiza at this time is semi-empty, the main contingent of holidaymakers - young people - tightens only in June.

Beach holidays on the sea in May
Sous Ilenets Beach in Mallorca (Photo: Gnomusy / Flickr.com)

Tenerife Island will delight with abundant blossom of exotic plants. Tourists are happy to visit Siam Park, Loro Park, Tadeid Vulcan, butterflies Park and other interesting places. Mallorca opens nightclubs and amusement parks. You can visit the Botanical Garden in Solver or Alphabia Gardens. In Malaga, it is interesting to see the ruins of the ancient Roman theater, the house Pablo Picasso and the Arab palace with the museum.

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Where the warm sea in May
Tadeid Volcano (Photo: Josevi11 / Flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)


If in early May the air temperature in Cyprus does not exceed + 23 ° C, then in the second half in some resorts (Nicosia, Kyrenia) reaches + 28 ° C. The sea off the coast of Cyprus warms up as quickly: from + 20 ° C at the beginning of the month to +22 ... + 24 ° C at the end, so it is one of the best options where to relax in May 2021 at sea.

Rest "All Inclusive" in Cyprus >>

May is good with its soft weather conditions - the whole area is open to the Sun, and in the summer it becomes too hot to explore the surroundings. And in Cyprus so much interesting: Orthodox churches, antique ruins, Troodos Mountains, and in May, all this can be seen calmly and without queues, so you can safely come with children. Water parks start their work, as well as nightclubs and discos, all types of water entertainment are available.

Maothers pass ambitious activities: the day of flowers in Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca, the Aphrodite rally in Limassol and much more. Of course, on the May holidays, the cost of tours is expected high, but in the second half of the month you can save up to 30% - the beginning of the season is rarely violent.

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Where to relax in May beach vacation
Beach in Ayia Napa, Cyprus (photo: Yakinodi / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


In May, the weather in Malta is increasingly reminiscent of summer - the close neighborhood of the African continent affects. In the afternoon + 23 ° C, in the evening + 15 ° C, water +18 ... + 19 ° C, dry and sunny, not more than 3-4 rainy days in a month.

Despite the cool Mediterranean Sea, there are quite a lot of holidaymakers in May - the beach season is already open. Cruises along the coast and through the islands are popular, divers explore the archipelago water management, and the "Landmarks" are architectural and natural attractions. According to some statements, Malta is the open-air museum, so many interesting exhibits from different eras have been preserved here.

On a small island, several hundred churches, including the oldest megalithic temples, medieval fortresses and palaces, the most famous of them - the Palace of the Grand Master of Master of Maltese Order. In addition, Malta has several specialized thalassotherapy centers and SPA complexes where you can get rejuvenating and wellness treatments.

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Rest on the sea in May
Azure window - a limestone rock, which, unfortunately, was destroyed by erosion in 2017. Gozo, Malta (photo: unsplash.com / @stijnswinnen)


Where to go to May 2021 for the sake of a beach holiday? If the moderate heat of the European continent does not attract too much, and the soul requires exotic, you can go to Bali. In May, dry and clear weather is installed on the island. The rainy season is over, in the afternoon, dry winds, bringing warm, at night there can be minor precipitation. Around everything on the peninsula Bukit, on average on the coast day + 31 ° C, at night +22 ... + 23 ° С, water in the sea + 28 ° C.

Where to relax abroad to the sea in May
Secret Beach, He Bias Tugal, Bali (Photo: unsplash.com / @alex_marchenko)

The season of bathing, surfing and diving begins. The best places for diving on the northwest coast, surfers prefer the beaches of Cute. Lovers of excursions will be able to please themselves with natural reserves, botanical gardens and temple complexes. Lovers of active entertainment try their hand in rafting and jeep safari on the jungle.

You will be useful when planning a trip to Bali: how to get cheap, Bali prices, the best resorts of the island.

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Beach holidays in May abroad
Buddha statue under water, Lemborgan Island, Bali (photo: unsplash.com / @jeremybishop)

First photo: GabrielMbulla / Pixabay.com.


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So, rest in May: We are looking for where to go and find out how much it costs. Where to relax over the weekend from the 1st to the 3rd? We tell - you are planning!

12 countries where to go to the sea in May 2021 - Beach holiday abroad

May means May holidays, and accordingly, and the appropriate period for the next trip to the summer. Of course, resting on the sea in May on the expanses of Russia is difficult to call the beach, and therefore the resorts where you can go relax and swim, are located only in the air accessibility.

How to rest in May 2021: From 1 to 3 May and from 8 to 10th. And where can you fly? Please note that we are told in the article in general about the areas where in May are warm and you can swim. The variable flights and tours for Russians are open to the following countries:

It is not necessary to explain that the beach holiday in May is a popular, and so buy a tour or air tickets should be in advance. To explore all possible offers from tour operators and compare prices for vouchers, look at:

These are our faithful assistants in the organization of budget travels 🙂 as well as 10 rules for profitable buying tour.

If you are going on your own - in the UAE, for example, or Egypt - Flights on Skyscanner and Aviasales.

Where to relax in May on the sea?

Tel Aviv, Israel

Where to spend a beach holiday in May 2021, so that a) the country accepted tourists, b) for a short one to fly, c) swim, and d) change the shade of the skin on the golden? To choose from Open coherent countries :

It is clear that the holidays are short, and to get a long time - the option is more likely for a full vacation. However, here Open distant countries :

Unfortunately, all habitual reflections on the topic where to go to May on the sea are now very limited - in the same Southeast Asia can not be excluded in May abroad and in European countries.

While closed :

  • Thailand (Pattaya or Phuket)
  • Vietnam (Nha Trang)
  • Indonesia
  • Greece - In theory, the country is open, but the entry is allowed only to 500 tourists from Russia per week + it is necessary to serve 7 days quarantine
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Tunisia
  • and Cyprus


For many of our compatriots, the answer to the question where to go to May does not require long delimony. Of course, Turkey, one of the leaders of the tourist industry both in Europe and Asia.

We went to Turkey in May in 2019, from 10 to 20 numbers. In front of the departure, that there is still no heat and a crowd of the people, and swimming, except in the pool, have to be postponed. What was in fact: cool in the morning and evenings (so that in jeans comfortable), roasting in the afternoon (to burn in the sun easily), the struggle for food and sun beds on the beach at lunch (i.e., there are no little people) and daily swimming in the sea (It turns out, + 21ºС in the baked is very well felt :)).

Rested in Side, in 4 * z Hotels Side Town. We liked the hotel, such a strong four. And if you need the Laksheri-five, then we advise Acanthus & Cennet Barut Collection, also in Side. There were 2020 in the fall, our feedback link.

On the weather. In May, in Turkey, warmer on the Mediterranean coast: Alanya, Side, Belek, Antalya, Kemer. On the street from +20 to +30 (but on average + 25ºС), in water - from +20 at the beginning of the month and up to +23 at the end.

  • Pros:

    + Country is open

    + Heat

    + lack of visa regime

    + System "All Inclusive"

    + Tours with departure from most cities of Russia - even in 2021


    - need a PCR test for 72 hours before departure

    - the desire of individual personalities to prove on tourists

    - low water temperature, only in the last numbers it heats up to + 24ºС

    About the resorts:

  • Tours to Turkey in May - from 50,000 rubles for two for 7 nights

Find a tour >>.


Tbilisi, city view

Georgia is a new Europe for 2021. In conditions of closed for tourists, Paris, Milanov and Barcelon, Tbilisi looks the best place for a short vacation. When I want to just exhale and plan anything - for a long time to walk, it is tasty, it is possible to drink a lot.

The desire to go adds the May himself: from everything available only in Georgia, the weather is pleasant at temperatures. In Tbilisi from + 15 ° C to + 23 ° C - After ten thousand steps around the city, you will put your first Hincale on the terrace for a long time on the terrace of a cafe, pushing the sun, even more appreciate the free movement and the presence on this planet Georgian cuisine. In Batumi from + 15 ° C to + 27 ° C - sunbathe by the sea, but you do not swim, still cool, help yourself to survive this situation, ordering real Khachapuri in Ajars.

In the current world order to meet Georgia, you need to prepare a little more diligently:

  • First find tickets with a comfortable docking - because there are no direct flights from Russia; Try to choose a transit through Istanbul on Aviasales;
  • Then book a hotel - the choice is unlimited, and the prices are low, as if at the requests of tourists installed (it is necessary to somehow return them to the country); Here you need to help the aggregator of hotels ROOMGURU;
  • Well, and the final stroke 1) to make a PCR test 72 hours before departure (it is necessary to present on the border on paper and in English), 2) then on 3 days in Georgia to hand over another test in the local laboratory (from $ 35); Or, if you put the satellite on the veins, show the original document on vaccination and its translation into English - and that's it.


In Dubai, we were in December 2019 and wrote about the trip a full review (by reference)

From options where to relax in May on the sea, the UAE stands out. First, because abroad, but fly for a long time (5 hours), secondly, temperatures there - the August Turkey will envy.

Emirates are better flying in the first half of May. More precisely, as soon as possible the hellish season, which begins in June. Imagine how the country is roasted, if in the early May in the air + 33 ° C, and in water + 28 ° C.

Where to go? The choice is a skyscraper Dubai, border with him, the capital Abu Dhabi, the budget Ras Al-Heima or a little less hot, but "on the backyards" - Fujairah.

  • pros

    + Country is open for tourists

    + relatively inexpensive vouchers (but so far it's easier to get yourself)

    + sea - favorite pair milk

    + royal dates, kebabs, safaris on jeeps and other Arabic flavor


    - need a PCR test 72 hours before departure and at Dubai Airport on arrival (but here at least free)

    - Weather on the verge "Do not hang out from the hotel to 6 pm"

    - big expenses in place

    - Alcohol will have to carry with you or buy in advance in the duty

    - Half of the month falls on Ramadan (until May 12)

    Useful articles

  • Prices for rest in May in 2021 in the UAE - from 60,000 rubles for a week round for two

Find a tour >>.


Red Sea in Egypt

It would seem that there is nothing to remember about Egypt and remember - the charters from Russia stopped flying long before the global suspension of aircraft. However, the pandemic played the country to hand: in conditions of a monstrously limited choice, where to go to the sea with a minimum sea, without quarantines and with a free move along the "Beach-hotel" route, Egypt is now one of the leaders.

In May, in Hurghada and Sharm-Ash Sheikh, it is one of the best months a year. The sea warms from + 24ºС to + 26ºС, and the air comes to + 30 ° C - the golden middle between the cooler turkey and too hot emirates.

To Egypt Better fly independently . And it is not more difficult than buying a tour: just instead of one site you need to dig at two (with air tickets and hotels). To help doubting we released detailed material on the personal experience about an independent trip after the opening of the borders. Be sure to read if, at the mention of Egypt, you have a light nostalgic or inquisitive tachycardia (text at the bottom of the button "independent there").

But in general, there are tours to the Red Sea. They are not cheaps (especially on May, from 90 000 rubles per week for two) and with flight to Cairo - and then it will be waiting for a multi-hour transfer by bus to the sea. For comparison: you can find a flight from Moscow and immediately to Hurghada or Sharma with a short dock in Istanbul. But then someone who is more comfortable and calmer - in the end, both options will be delivered to "all inclusive" and pyramids!

For tours here >> independent there >>


Tunisia Sousse

Tours in Tunisia in May please take tourists with its low cost - for 7 nights you can fly for 25,000 rubles per person.

In the second half of the month there is a real summer on the street. True, only in the south (Djerba resort) The water in the sea is heated to the middle of the month to + 21 ° C (which is already faster than in most other countries), and the beach holiday starts.

In Sousse, Hammamet, Mahdi Sea ranges from + 17ºС to + 20ºС. The tempered extremes bathe, and everyone else enjoy the warm sun and the Moorish exotic. I really want to see the Sakhara Desert, and I understood from reviews that the best month for this excursion is just May. Tunisia, wait!

  • Pros:

    + Universe!

    + operates the system all inclusive

    + Eastern exotic

    + Non-portable flight


    - You can fly - but only independently with a transit through other countries and upon arrival to pass 7-day quarantine

    - Not all hotels offer quality service

    - Small selection of sightseeing excursions

    - You can swim on Djerba, on the rest of the resorts - only legs to rush

    About the resorts:

  • The cost of tours for a week - from 55,000 rubles for two

Find a tour >>.


View from the hill, on which the church, on Protaras

Cyprus - Motherland Island Goddess of Love Aphrodite. It is not surprising that tourists fall under the romantic influence of privacy. Already in May, the sea in Cyprus is warm enough and comfortable, at the end of the water heats up to + 23ºС. There is both youth (Ayia Napa) and family holidays (pathos) resorts oriented.

Cyprus, like Turkey - the leader in the number of Russian resort workers, stretching at local beaches. And all because almost blessing and an adequate price tag for tours.

Not enough information? Read our separate article about Cyprus in May >>. Best hotels, resorts analysis and options than to do is all there.

  • Pros:

    + high service level, safety

    + favorable climate, lots of sunny days

    + Free visa made by online


    - While closed for tourists

    - Heavy prices for food and alcohol

    - To see the island, you need to rent a car

    What's better:

  • The cost of tours for a week - from 45 000 rubles for two

Find a tour >>.


Our trip in June to Rhodes / October - to Athens

The famous phrase "There is everything in Greece!" Absolutely fair to its resorts. In the country, many excellent places that offer all the possibilities for a beach holiday.

But in May ... the trip will not like every lover of the sun and sunburn. First, the sea: at the beginning of May, it's all over + 19 ℃, at the end - to + 21. Secondly, life in the resorts: We were on Rhodes in early June, and the island still "woke up" after the low season - some cafes, restaurants and hotels only opened. But then May is especially comfortable for excursions, on the street nice + 23.

  • Pros:

    + The country is open to Russian tourists, but only for independent and with a restriction of 500 people per week

    + Cheap tours and departures from many cities in Russia (irrelevant in 2021)

    + Clean Sea (but it turns out at the end of May)

    + Tasty local food (horses, meza, salads) and products (cheeses, olives, fruit oil)


    - on arrival it is necessary to pass weekly quarantine

    - Visa direction

    - the need to rent a car to get acquainted with the resort (or excursions)

    - often there are melonsive beaches

    About the resorts:

  • The cost of tours for a week - from 35,000 rubles for two

Find a tour >>.


Beach in Israel

All beaches in Tel Aviv free, but very well maintained - there are toilets, dressing cabins, canopies

Israel in May is the present summer. Even in the Mediterranean Sea, the water temperature rises to the mark + 25ºС, and the water in the Dead Sea is at all + 30ºС.

Beach holidays can be arranged in modern Tel Aviv - on the Mediterranean coast, in a tourist Eilat - on the Red Sea coast, and in a slightly pensioner Ein-Bokek - the most popular resort of the Dead Sea.

  • Pros:

    + Perfect weather conditions

    + Blossom of national parks and natural reserves

    + lack of need for a visa

    + Many local know Russian language


    - Country closed

    - Do not work stores / cafes / restaurants and public transport from the second half of Friday and until the evening of Saturday

    - High prices for all

  • The cost of tours for a week - from 80,000 rubles for two

Find a tour >>.


Embankment in Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​we were already 3 times, it is one of our favorite cities. We have an article and about the route in Barcelona, ​​and about how to get from the airport for 1 euro 🙂

One of the best countries on the Mediterranean! When we planned a holiday in Spain in May, we still stopped at Barcelona, ​​and not at the resort towns like Lloret de Mara or Salou. At this time, in Turzon, boring - the sea is cool, there are no rest, and half of everything is still closed.

But the attractions of Barcelona (as well as Malaga or Valencia) - the most looking in the spring, when there is still no stuff and unbearable heat. In the photo, in principle, it can be seen how things are going with the weather: In early May we went in a T-shirt and jeans, capturing a shirt or sweatshirt for the evening. In the air, on average, + 20ºС.

Well, and the beach holiday in May 2021 in full strength can be organized except on the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria), where the water temperature (+ 20 ℃) ​​more or less allows you to plunge.

  • Pros:

    + Barcelona is one of the mostst cities in the world (in our opinion :))

    + wonderful weather to walk a lot

    + from Barcelona can be cheaply flying almost to any country of Europe and not only (we flew to Portugal and Morocco)


    - closed for tourists

    - Active thieves on the beaches

    - Impaired sea

    - Visa

    About the resorts:

Flights to Barcelona >>


Our trip to Milan (Milan Cathedral + Gallery)

If you have not yet decided where to go to relax in May, but do not want to fly far, the optimal choice is Italian resorts. Italy is a country that is designed to spend an unforgettable vacation. Millions of tourists come here to enjoy the picturesque nature and wealth of attractions!

In May, warm, definitely, will, and with sea swims, the situation is not clear to the end. Only one thing is known - faster than all the sea is gaining the desired temperature in Sicily (at the beginning of the month + 17 ℃, at the end of + 20 ℃), and the resort is absolutely suitable for water procedures - this ischie and the like, with hot thermal sources.

  • Pros:

    + So many interesting places and regions, which is 10 times not to turn around, one Rome is worth it!

    + Pizzerias and Jelateria, Wines and Cheeses

    + Excellent shopping


    - Country closed

    - Caution, you can fall in love with the country

    - difficulties with obtaining a visa - Italians are harmful and not always approve the desired

    - Cold sea

  • The cost of tours for a week - from 55,000 rubles for two

Find a tour >>.


Our trip to Phuket in May

In Southeast Asia, I first found myself at the beginning of May - in Thailand in Phuket. I remember, I thought "H-yes, such weather is not for me." It was stuffy, hot, and even after the sunset in the air stood stickiness and some kind of heaviness.

Later, I learned that May on Phuket and Pattaya is the transitional period to the rainy season when the humidity sharply jumps. In words, such values ​​do not give, but going to Tai in February, I understood the difference as fresh can be on the street in a high season :)

About the rain: For 10 days, they went to five times at night and once in the afternoon - strongly, noisy, but just 20 minutes. It is possible to guarantee a quietness on the islands of Samui and Phangan, where the weather allows you to rest from February to August.

  • Pros:

    + tours are cheaper than in winter - we took our time for 62,000 rubles for 11 nights

    + good weather, livni do not often

    + From Taya you can fly to Malaysia or Singapore


    - Tha, as it were, open, but rather, for long-term tourists - on arrival it is necessary to pass the 15-day quarantine at his own expense

    - High humidity and o-o-chen hot

    - Long flight

    About the resorts:

  • The cost of Thailand tours is 10 days - from 70,000 rubles for two

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Where to go to May on the sea to be like in Thailand? Unlike the latter, the tourist season in Vietnam starts closer to the summer. We clarify that only in its central part - in the most developed Russians Nha Trang.

Weather - Typical for Southeast Asia: Air temperature is stable for + 30 ° C, the sea is heated to + 29 ° C. Rains rarely happen (and so you want).

In Nha Trang, do not bother - in addition to the beaches, in the Must-Visit, the program includes islands, excursions in Hanoi and Dalat, and - Best of Ze Best - Vinpearl entertainment park with a finish-sau-Say cable car (Sochi nearly stood) .

  • pros

    + Non-standard for Southwer in May Dry season

    + Each self-respecting (and money) Seller-dealers know Russian

    + Cool amusement park near

    + Low prices


    - closed for tourists

    - happens, the sea is dirty

    - Perhaps too-oriented in Russian infrastructure. Compatriots here are a lot, yes (we know that someone does not like this)

    About the resorts:

  • In 2021, Vietnam costs from 80,000 rubles for 10 nights for two. Rest in May on "All Inclusive" - ​​already from 130 thousand

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China (Hainan)

Batch tours from Russia to China are still suspended.

Hainan in May still "keeps". In the first half of the month, everything is good - and the weather is favorable, and the sea is calm and warm (+ 28ºС), and there are no rains.

The island is a worthy alternative and Vietnam, and Thailand. Plus, the direction itself is not such a "brought", and the visa is not needed. And if you consider that Hainan intends to introduce the "all inclusive" system in hotels in the example of Turkey, then it seems he seriously claims the title of Asian Resort No. 1. So, on only better and better!

  • Pros:

    + warm and dry ("wet" begins by the end of the month)

    + Asian flavor Skeins - hieroglyphs, incomprehensible food


    - closed

    - Long flight

    - little attractions

    - You can not go beyond the limits of the island due to the conditions of dismissal

  • Vouchers for 10 days on Hainan stand from 80,000 rubles for two

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Went to Nusa Penida, near Bali

For Bali, the reputation of the "Paradise Island" was firmly secured. This is one of the most acceptable vacation options abroad in May 2021 for those who like tropical nature with "wild" landscapes, elements and juicy fruits. Well, and of course, for those who wish to stand on the board (surfing)!

In May on the island starts a high season. There is no rain, in the air + 29ºС ... + 30ºС, the ocean is also heated to + 30ºС, but it is difficult to swim on Bali because of the big waves and the stony bottom.

The most expensive - fly to Bali (airlows cost from 35,000 to 40,000 rubles per person). And live on the island - cheap: you remove the room / villa on the Airbnb for ≈1500 rubles per day for two, eat in a cafe for 150-200 rubles per person, move on a bike for ≈150 rubles a day (if you rent for 2 weeks and more ).

  • Pros:

    + Good-natured local population (namely Balinese)

    + Stunning sunsets by the ocean

    + Cheap accommodation and meals

    + Rice fields, dozens of waterfalls and several volcanoes that should be climbed!


    - closed for tourists

    - Chaotic movement on the roads

    - Many all shallow (happens, and large) livery

    - Seismic region

    - visiting Yavantans - the past "Mafia", it is better not to conflict with them

    Our experience:

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Where to go to Russia?

Rose on rose farm

Do you always need to go abroad, as they say, for the thirty lands, at sea, if it is available at the side?

Some people think and where to relax in May in Russia, and they are absolutely right. Among the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory - Anapa, Tuapse, Sochi, Gelendzhik, Lazarevskoye, Adler - Beaches are already waiting for the first holidaymakers. It is a pity that only beaches, not water! It is still still cold for relaxed splashing, but you can replace sea swimming swimming in the pool, staying in the jacuzzi and saunas. Rest on the sea in May attracts tourists who pursue health goals. Numerous sanatoriums provide a variety of strengthening and massage procedures.

The column on the thermometer can do Pantzti and up to + 25ºС ... + 28ºС, enough to sunbathe and cool the couple of cocktails. But in the Russian resorts, the snag - water does not have time to warm up the same pace and beware of the brave, who decided to plunge.

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Rest on the sea in May - Weather

Excursion to Sima, Greece

Photo from our trip to Rhodes

The rest abroad in May 2021 is carried out in different ways. If plans certainly enters swimming, then you will direct flight to Cuba, Thailand, Bali, Israel . The latter, just that is closely located, also conveniently visit without a visa, as well as Turkey. Although the water near the Turkish banks is still not warm enough.

Going on vacation to Cyprus, to Greece, Tenerife (Canary Islands), you can count on a high level of service, well-kept beaches, visiting sightseeing programs and tons of local flavor. But even with warm sunny weather on the beaches you will, mainly sunbathing, as water is still cold.

Beach holidays in May at the resorts of Spain and Italy attracts tourists from different countries by the level of comfort and European quality in all areas, whether to felting on the sand or organization of excursions. The weather usually pleases the sunny, sometimes in summer hot, days.

Comparative table of water and air temperature in May

T air, ° С T water (in mid-May), ° С
Near East
Turkey (Mediterranean Sea) +27 +23
Tunisia +23 +19
UAE +35 +29
Israel (Mediterranean Sea) +28 +23
Cyprus +27 +22
Spain, Barcelona) +20 +17
Italy (Sicily) +24. +19
Greece (Crete and Rhodes) +24. +21
Montenegro +23 +20
Bulgaria +20 +19
Thailand +30. +30.
Vietnam (Nha Trang) +30. +30.
Indonesia (Bali) +30. +30.
China (Hainan) +31 +28
Anapa +21 +18
Sochi +23 +19

May: where to go without a visa?

Visa is not only a mutually / time / nervously (need to emphasize), but at least 4,000 rubles per person. Not very fun, especially if a family is going with children's children 6+.

Therefore, here is 8 Myski warm, but visa-free directions:

  • Turkey
  • Tunisia
  • Cyprus (online and free)
  • UAE
  • Israel
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia

Where to relax in May on the sea?

Of course, each of us would prefer inexpensive rest in May abroad. It should be noted that in each country there are both sponsored pathos and more affordable, but no less comfortable places. And for those who want to save well, there will always be last-minute tours.

Among the countries with budget, as far as possible, we will highlight holidays on the sea:

In all three you can already swim, which means you do not have to look for how to take yourself at least two hours a day 🙂

Where to go with a child in May

Holidays with children in Greece

Holidays with children in Greece

Pondering where to go to the sea in May with a child, parents should take into account the many factors: the duration of the flight, the features of the climate, the presence of conditions for a beach holiday with children. Resorts are answered to all these requirements:

But if you want your baby to be hidden in the sea and are not afraid of tiring flights, choose Thailand or Vietnam. Although in terms of service, the resorts of these countries can give up to Europe somewhat, this is more than compensated by affectionate water and tropical landscapes.

How to rest in May 2021

Already known how we rest on the May holidays in 2021. From 1 to 3 numbers - official weekend in honor of the holiday of spring and labor. And, of course, the day of victory is non-working days last from May 8 to 10.

Taking a little vacation / ration for a few days, you can increase the weekend in May almost up to 11 days and enjoy the beach barnance to the maximum. 🙂

Map of popular resorts in May

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